Midnight At The Zoo

It was about a quarter till midnight, and Doug still hadn't left his office. He had been eyeing the new caretaker for a few weeks now, and he had hope of getting his obsession over with tonight. He had made some cologne that was supposed to attract the opposite sex. He sprayed a little of this onto his neck and upper body, and then once onto his crotch. As Trish walked into the office, she saw Doug and waved, but left almost immediatly. Dissapointed, Doug threw the rest of the cologne into the trash can and left for the night.

Trish went to do her first round for the night watch. She had to check all of the animal cages and environments to make sure that they were all secure. She walked back to the office to take her break, and she noticed the bottle of cologne in the trash. She took it out and examined it for a few minutes before spraying it onto herself. She was confused when she couldn't smell anything, but she shrugged and put the bottle into her purse.

At exactly midnight, Trish went out for her second round, and she noticed that the animals were acting a little odd. As she walked past the wolves, the two males were pacing the fence, and she couldn't help noticing their cocks were rock hard. All of the other male animals were the same, trying frantically to find a way out of there cages. Nothing eventful happened until she got to the gorilla cage.

The only male gorilla was standing in the doorway to his cage, the door was on one hinge. She stepped backwards, only to find herself against a wall. The animal slowly lumberred toward her, and she saw his huge cock inbetween his legs. She tried to get away, but the gorilla grabbed her and tried to push her down onto his cock. He met resistance, because her jean shorts were pulled tight around her slim body. He pushed again, and then he started to get mad.

Trish decided to try to get her pants open, but her hands were being held by the animal. So she threw her legs open as hard as she could, ripping her shorts open at the crotch. Sensing something had changed, the gorilla tried to push her down again. Her small pussy tore and ripped from the size of the cock, but the animal kept going. When the cock was about six inches in, the gorilla started pulling out. just as his head was at the entrance, he slammed back into her. Trish cried out, partially in pain, but mostly from pleasure.

She was amazed ...

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