Miranda Cosgrove On A Lesbo Sex Spree

Miranda Cosgrove unhooked her seat once the plane was in the air. With a quick, yet full motion, she smoothed her wrinkled dress over her flat belly. The young TV star was not at all disturbed that her short dress left most of her tanned, slender thighs bare in fact she let it slide up a little higher.

Miranda was on her way to LA to meet with the sexy Anne Hathaway. The night before Miranda had downloaded all of the up skirt Anne Hathaway pics that had just hit the internet. There it was for the whole world to see, Ann Hathaway’s lovely cunt. Miranda was so hot from seeing Anne exposed she rubbed her young pussy until she creamed all over her satin sheets.

Miranda was turned on by the idea of having her own up skirt experience. She was been quite aware that her dress had worked up her hips so that more than one pair of eyes had rested upon her partly exposed panties. Two of those eyes, belonged to a very pretty flight attendant, who had stared long enough for Miranda to part her lovely legs to give her a better view of her see through panties. Miranda of course was clean shaven so the lovely Sindy, the flight attendant got quite a view.

“You are even lovelier than you are on TV,” Sindy sighed.

“Then why don’t you bring me a vodka and orange and maybe I can show you something really hot.” Miranda flashed the flight attendant her sexiest smile.

“Aren’t you underage…I’ll have to serve that drink in the flight attendant washroom. You will follow me won’t you Miranda?”

“Absolutely, Sindy.” Miranda said licking her lips.

Miranda waited and followed Sindy into the washroom at the front of the plane, a few minutes after she had entered Miranda was surprised at how roomy it was.

Sindy was sprawled on the counter, her legs very wide, the tight crotch band of her panties molding the sweetness of her cunt, her pussy lips outlined. Her dress had been pulled to her small waist, and she slumped with her hands at her hips, breathing raggedly as she waited for Miranda.

The flight attendants’ eyes were alive with passion as she looked at Miranda, “Fuck you are the sexiest young girl on TV, I love watching iCarly with my 9 year old niece, on my lap, feeling her hot little as rub against my clit. And all the time I’m thinking, fuck I want Miranda. “

Miranda lifted her hands and pressed the heated inner thighs against her face as she looked up at Sindy. The attendent’s dark auburn hair seemed to have coppery highlights, and her moist lips were parted slightly. Miranda moved her palms up and down her thighs. Miranda saw the fine hairs on the Sindy’s thighs up near the tight panties. It was not surprising to Miranda that she felt a tingling heat inside her own pussy.

Her fingers, caressing the slim thighs, traced the edge of the lacy panties.

“Sindy,” she murmured.

“Miranda,” came a soft, throaty reply.

“Do you ever touch your little niece…” Miranda said suddenly placing her head between the Sindy’s thighs, kissing halfway up from a dimpled knee.

“Oh yes, Miranda, I show with her, and I rub her puffy little cunt till she creams all over my hand…” Sindy was breathing hard now.

The flesh was hot, but Miranda had not expected the sugary taste of Sindy’s thigh. “Oh fuck that is hot …and ohhh, you’re sweet, Sindy!”

Miranda felt Sindy’s exquisite thigh quiver beneath her lips, and she kissed it again. This time, Miranda parted her lips and sucked very gently on the flesh, sliding her tongue back and forth. Her hands, tracing the edges of Sindy’s panties, slipped underneath to cup the succulent cheeks of her tight ass. The celebrity felt Sindy’s asscheeks writhing in her palms, and she squeezed into the taut, yet softy flesh. Sindy moaned softly, wiggling her ass slowly.

Even though Sindy’s features were twisted now with passion, there was no mistaking this young twenty-something was hot. Her blue eyes were wide set, and she had a fine, straight nose. Those parted lips were pouting in a sensual way. The long, graceful neck was creamy, and a pulse could be seen beating there. Beneath the light uniform blouse rose a pair of firm tits that made Miranda’s mouth water. Sindy’s tits rose now, swiftly, as Sindy breathed with eager passion.

Miranda fondled Sindy’s writhing ass, feeling those warm thighs scissor lightly, urgently. She inhaled a clean, fresh scent that came from Sindy, and it caused her own breath to quicken. The twitching of her cunt was becoming more pronounced, the crotch of her panties almost soaked. She lowered her gaze between Sindy’s thighs. She saw the slight mound of Sindy’s cunt and her cunt hair.

And Sindy’s panties were moist.

They were wet where the fabric was sucked into the flight attendant’s cunt lips.

Miranda licked her lips, turned her mouth toward a creamy thigh, snaking her tongue out. She licked at the sugary sweet thigh flesh, running her tongue up… up… to the lacy edges of Sindy’s panties.

A shudder went through Miranda.

Longed to feel the softness of this hot cunt, and taste the sweetness of a silky haired pussy. Miranda closed her eyes and pressed her lips against the moist heat of Sindy’s panties. She felt the wetness against her lips as she kissed, at first gently, then with more pressure.

Something burned deep within her own cunt, and her clit was painfully swollen. She wanted to adjust her panties, but she didn’t want to turn loose of Sindy’s tight ass. Those asscheeks seemed to fit perfectly in her palms, and the heat against her hands was exciting.

With her mouth pressed against Sindy’s panties, Miranda began to whimper. The sound of her whimpers were those of a deep, fiery desire… a desire to kiss, to taste, to suck, to lick…
Her ...

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