Mom Agrees to Help Chapter 1 & 2

Chapter 1

Brenda was a proud mother of two living in the suburbs of Chicago. Brenda and her husband built a great home with a pool in the back yard that came complete with a pool house and a guest house. Her son, Jason, was the younger of the two. He was a rather quiet kid. Outside of the home he was introverted and wasn't very good with girls. Brenda's daughter, Amy, was just finishing high school and most of the time was out partying with her friends. Brenda's husband was a very busy man who left the house early in the morning and came home late at night. He loved to barbeque with his family or take them to the beach when he wasn't to busy working. Brenda worked part-time at a bank down the street and usually drove Jason to school early in the morning, picking him up right after work. Jason had always been very close to his mother and could tell her absolutely anything. She was one of the few friends he had in his life and she knew it.

The pool in the backyard was surrounded by a small woods that tucked it away privately. When Jason's friends weren't over, he would stay in his room. One day, Brenda decided to drag him out to the pool. She wore a one-piece bikini because she did all her tanning in the tanning bed in the basement. Jason looked bored just lying there poolside and looked at his mom wondering why she was the only one wearing a one-piece, so he just blurted, "Hey mom, why don't you wear a two-piece, like every other woman in the world?" Brenda was kind of surprised by his comment and put her tanning lotion down for a second. "What do you mean? Only girls who like men looking at them wear those. I'm an older woman and it wouldn't be appropriate for me to wear one of those. Besides, I find that comment highly inappropriate." Jason felt he shouldn't have said anything and apologized. "Sorry, mom. How are you going to get a tan on your stomach, though?" Brenda answered. "Sweetie, that tanning bed in the basement doesn't just sit there, collecting dust, you know! Why do you want to look at my stomach, anyway?" Jason made a goofy face and started laughing. "You're the only girl here and there isn't anyone around. Don't worry, I won't be staring at you if you put on a two-piece." Brenda began to worry about her kid now and asked him about girls. "Honey, don't you have a girlfriend? I mean, there's gotta be some young girl out there just wanting to show off her body to you. I know what you're doing here and it's quite inappropriate, I must say." "No, mom. I don't have a girlfriend, and no, I've never had one." Brenda's anger turned to sorrow for the poor kid and she thought to herself, it wouldn't be such a big deal to throw on a two-piece with a nice top. Maybe she could even get his lazy ass to do some work around the house as a bargain. "Jason, honey, how about this? If you wash my car tonight, clean your room, and take out the garbage, I'll wear a two-piece tomorrow after school when we get home. Okay?" Jason smiled with excitement and said, "Of course, Mom! I'd love to do some work for that," and smirked at her, making Brenda regret what she had just said a little bit, but a deal's a deal. The next morning, Brenda was in such a hurry, she ran into her son's bedroom to wake him up wearing only a bra and a skirt, her hair still wrapped in a towel. "Wake up, lazy bones! We gotta go!" Jason opened his eyes to the sight of his mom almost topless and, since he always felt comfortable around her, he commented, "Wow mom, what a sight to wake up to!" Brenda covered herself with the towel, realizing she was in her bra, and in a somewhat serious tone, said, "Jason, stop horsing around! We're going to be late." During the ride to school, Jason kept glancing over at her legs as her skirt slid higher and higher up her thighs. Brenda's frustration grew worse sitting in a traffic jam. She noticed his glances and pulled her skirt down. Jason blurted out, "I can't wait to see you in that bikini today, because you know I did everything you asked!" Brenda sighed, a little bit annoyed. "We'll see. You have to behave on top of it all and don't push your chances with me, young man." Jason was getting more comfortable talking about her body with her. "You know you have very nice legs. You should wear heels more often." Brenda took a deep breath. "Wow, my son is a leg man, huh? I would have guessed differently, the way you looked at me this morning." Jason kept it up. "Tell you what mom. I'll wash the dishes after school but you have to wear high heels with your bikini today by the pool." "Honey, you're lucky you're getting me into the two-piece to begin with, so just stop pushing this." Brenda sat there, thinking. She felt sorry for her son, who had never even touched a girl before. Maybe if she treated it like a game, she'd feel more comfortable with it. "Sweetie, if you wash the dishes for the rest of the week, I'll put on some heels for you, okay?" She snickered a little. She dropped him off and kissed him on the cheek, after which Jason's palm accidentaly rubbed her breast while he was grabbing his bag. She slapped it away and took off.

After school, Jason did everything he said he would do and was relaxing by the pool. Brenda came out in a white bikini and her daughter's heels because she didn't own a pair of her own. Jason looked at her with a kind of uneasy facial expression and that's when Brenda finally realized he was turned on by this. She sat by his chair again, concerned, with her heels on and legs closed tight. "Honey, I'm sorry that you've never had a girlfriend, but you have to realize, I'm your mother, and looking at me in this way is something that I think could be illegal." "I'm sorry, mom, but I've never even kissed a girl and I'm so scared to even approach one. You are the only girl that I feel relaxed around and I feel like you understand me." Brenda smiled and hugged him. A warm feeling took over. "Tell you what, kiddo. I'll let you put some tanning lotion on my back." Brenda got up and walked over to her chair and laid on her tummy. The whole time, Jason's eyes scanned up and down her mature body. She was worried enough about her son that she was willing to participate in his game and help him become more relaxed around women. She didn't want her son to go through life afraid of women! Brenda's top was the kind that went up around her neck. She sat up on her chair and told Jason to come to her. "Don't be scared, silly! I'm your mom, remember? I'm not gonna bite you like the other girls at school. Now untie the knot behind my neck." Jason stood up with an erection, which Brenda noticed right away, but figured it was only natural. He walked over to her and sat behind her. His hands were shaking. He took one tie and pulled it, releasing the knot. Brenda grabbed her breasts, holding the top from falling off, stood up, and turned around. Jason just sat there, looking at her. She smiled and said, "Get up. I have to lay on the chair, don't I?" Jason got up as Brenda laid down on the mat. He took some tanning lotion and rubbed it on his hands. Brenda got comfortable and instructed him, "Don't be scared, honey, and, before you start, you have to promise me you won't tell dad that I let you put suntan lotion on my back. Deal?" Jason knodded and started rubbing her neck. Brenda's bottom was nothing like a thong, but it was tight enough around her butt that it showed off her curves. She kicked her heels off and said, "This is what you wanted, right sweetie?" Jason responded, "Yea, Mom. Thanks for letting me rub lotion on your back." Jason put some more on her lower back just above her panty line and spread it out to the sides. He then did her right arm, then her left. Brenda asked him about school. "How was school today? Did you do anything fun?" Jason responded, "The only fun thing we did was play basketball in gym and we also played cards during science class because Mrs. Heffner was out sick today." Brenda was becoming uncomfortable. It was starting to feel to good to her. Jason asked if he could put some lotion on her legs. "No, that's okay, honey. I think my back is enough for today. Thanks, though." Jason went to his chair and laid back, watching his mom lay there. "Honey, will you please tie my knot again?"

Twenty minutes later they were back in the house and Brenda started making dinner. Jason was now very anxious around his mother and wasn't sure about how to start a conversation after the awkward massage by the pool. "Mom? When was the first time you kissed a boy?" Brenda turned around, weirded out by the question. "Oh honey, I don't remember. It was such a long time ago." Jason took a bold step. "Mom? Would you show me how to kiss? I've never done it before and I don't want to be embarrassed the first time I kiss a girl." Brenda turned around, took her apron off and sat next to Jason. "Honey, looking at me in a bikini with my heels on is one thing, but a son kissing his mother intimately is completely different and I just can't do that. I'd love to teach you how, but I would be weirded out by it and it's just wrong." Jason put his head down, ashamed that he had even asked her. "Can I at least watch you get dressed in the morning, mom?" Brenda responded, "How is that any different than what you saw today by the pool?" "Well, the bikini completely covers everything and I already know what a bikini looks like, but I've never seen what's under the bikini." "Honey, that is no different than kissing me. I'm sorry, but you'll have to find yourself a girlfriend pretty soon because this has to stop. You're getting out of control." Brenda turned around and put her apron back on and returned to cooking. "Mom? Can I please see you? I swear, I won't tell anyone." "Stop hassling me, Jason! You're getting on my nerves!" She stood there in silence for a couple of minutes and then started feeling bad for yelling at him. Jason kept bugging her. "Please, mom? I'll do anything around the house. I'll clean up the garage and wash dad's car and your's again! I'll even straighten out the attic and mow the lawn." Brenda replied with shock, "You're gonna do all that just to see me naked? I can't let you see me naked, sweetie, but I'll let you see me in my underwear. Will that calm you down a little bit?" "But that's just like the bikini. You'll have to do something more than just stand there in your underwear." Brenda couldn't believe she was negotiating with her son. She just wanted to get it over with and agreed to it. "Okay. I'm going shopping today. I'll let you come into the dressing room with me. Okay?" Jason responded, "And will you let me see your breasts? You can keep your panties on." Brenda responded with a sarcastic laugh, "Oh, wow. Great. You'll let me keep my panties on, huh?" Jason smiled and Brenda started smiling too. "I'll let you take a quick glance at my breasts, after which you will clean up the garage, wash both cars, and the mini van, straighten out the attic, and mow the lawn, and you've got a deal." She couldn't believe she was going to do this but she also wanted to get Jason to feel more comfortable around the female form and to not be so wound up and introverted around girls. They got into the car and headed for the mall.

Brenda wore a fairly long sundress and a matching button-up shirt. Jason kept glancing over at her and asking her to pull up her dress so he could look at her legs. Brenda refused silently, but Jason wouldn't back down. About twenty minutes into the ride, Brenda got tired of his incesant nagging and stopped at a light. She scooted back her seat so she would have more room and pulled her dress up over her thighs. She pulled it up until the dress reached her panty line and stopped there. Jason said, "Please leave your dress up like that. You have beautiful legs!" She saw no harm in it because he had already seen her legs by the pool and in her bikini. Jason's cock started to grow in his pants as he became aroused. They finally got to the mall parking lot and got out. First they stopped by the Baby Gap store to get some presents for Brenda's sister's newborn. They also got chinese on the way. As they browsed the stores, they came across a beautiful dress at a more classy place. Brenda was all about it and wanted to try it on. While the sales lady was getting a smaller size for her, she whispered to Jason, "What are you waiting for? Go into the ladies dressing room and wait for me at the last stall, so they don't see us go in there together. They'll think we're part of some sick cult or something if they see us. Jason got up and did as he was told. He went to the very last stall, which was also the biggest. There were women's clothes all over the place. His mom knocked quietly and he let her in. She started unbuttoning her shirt and quietly whispered under her breath, "You better do everything you said you would." She slowly took off her shirt and exposing a lacy, black bra, covering her perky breasts. She unbottoned her dress and let it drop to the floor. Jason could see her nipples through the black bra, but could not make out her bush. Jason boldly asked her, "Mom? Do you shave?" "Of course. Every woman shaves." "No, silly, do you shave your vagina?" Brenda answered. "Since I'm already almost naked in front of you, I guess I can answer that question. Yes, I do shave, but not completely. Just enough so that the bush doesn't grow outside of the panties. Every woman who wears small panties like me shaves." "How do you do it? With a razor?" "It's none of your business how I do it. Now stop looking down there and look up at what we agreed on. " Brenda then slowly took her bra off, as her mature breasts fell out of it. She felt them with her hands. "There, see? No big deal. It's just a pair of breasts." "Wow, mom! I've never seen breasts before. This is a pretty big deal to me." Brenda noticed his penis getting hard in his pants. "Mom? Could I feel them, too? Just for a second." "Okay, honey, but I'll hold your hand. I don't want this to get too inappropriate." She took his hand and put it on her right breast, massaging her breasts with his hand. "You okay, baby? Do you want to stop? You look a little pale." "No, mom. I'm fine." Brenda was worried now. "That's enough, honey. You've done enough." She stood up, put her bra back on, and put the new dress on. She looked at herself in the mirror, liking what she saw. "I'm going to buy it." They went outside, paid for it, and started walking towards the car. "Mom? Is there a certain way to kiss a girl, and when I'm kissing her, is it okay to feel her breasts during it?" "Most girls love to have their breasts played with while they're making out with a guy." "Did you like it when I felt your breasts in the dressing room, mom?" "Well, honey, I can't get excited when my son touches me like that. I only did it to give you some experience. It has to be your dad that touches me like that for me to enjoy it sexually." "So, if you didn't enjoy it sexually when I touched you, there really isn't anything wrong if you teach me some more." "Yes, baby, but you're excited and that's what makes it wrong, you see?" "I'm not excited about you 'my mom,' I'm just excited about you 'the girl.' I mean, you're a girl and you just make me excited! It's only natural, mom." "I don't know about the kissing thing, baby, but I'd hate to see you discouraged and mess it up the first time you kiss a girl, so I'll tell you what. If I'm going to teach you how to kiss, you will have to start doing some more work around the house. Homework is to be completed by 8 pm and only after you finish your work will I consider showing you anything, and me taking my panties off is absolutely out of the question, okay?" "Okay, mom. Thanks. Can I touch your breasts now, mom?" Brenda gave it a thought for a second and realized it was dark out so nobody could see inside the car. She dimmed the lights and said, "Okay, sweetie, but be gentle and dont touch my arm. I'm trying to get us home in one piece."

Brenda put her right hand down and held the wheel with her left hand to give him easier access. "Mom? Can you pull down your skirt too?" "Don't push your luck, sonny." Jason smiled and put his hand on her tummy. He didn't have experience with girls but he had tons of experience with watching porn and somewhat knew what kind of fondling was sexy. He rubbed her tummy and went down to her hip. Brenda: "That's too low. Get that hand back up." Jason slowly went over her panties and went back up to her left breast. He palmed it and started to rub it very slowly and sensually. Brenda put the radio on like nothing was going on. Meanwhile Jason went back down under her shirt and back up over her bra. He then grabbed her right breast and started looking for the nipple with his thumb and forefinger. He twisted it and pulled on it. "Mom? Can I suck on them?" Brenda would usually say no but it was dark and nobody could see, so she agreed. "Just on the right one. That's the one you nursed on most when you were a kid." Jason put it in his mouth and started tonguing it. He sucked on her breast and kissed all around the nipple. She was starting to sweat and put her right hand on the back of his head and started running her fingers through his hair like she was combing it. Jason kept sucking and kissing her nipple. He then went over to her left one and licked it once. "No, sweetie. Stay on the right side. I'm still trying to drive, remember?" Jason knodded and went back to her right breast. He put his head up and started to kiss his mother's neck. Brenda knew it was enough and decided to put a stop to it. "That's enough, I didn't say you could kiss my neck, baby." "I'm sorry, mom. I just wanted to see how that would feel." "It's okay, honey." While they were talking, Jason still had his palm on her breast. They pulled into the driveway and Brenda put her clothes back together and told Jason to straighten out. They came in and John was sitting at the table, eating dinner. "Hey, sweetie." Brenda walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek."What's up, sport? What have you been up to today?" Brenda hurriedly answered for him, "Oh, not much. We just went to the mall and did some shopping." John got up and streched. "God, I'm tired, honey. Why don't you come to bed. I'll see you tomorrow, sport. Have a good time at school tomorrow." Brenda kissed Jason goodnight and said "Go to bed, baby. you've got school tomorrow."

at 7 am the next morning, Brenda burst into the room, waking Jason up. "Up you go, sleepy head! You've gotta go to school." In the car on the way to school, Jason turned to his mother and said, "Mom? When are you gonna teach me how to kiss?" "Kissing is very intimate, kiddo. You've gotta give me some time to get ready for that." "Can we do a quick one before I get out of the car?" "We can't right now, baby. All the kids are going to see us." "Aww, come on mom. You can park right here before you get to the schoolyard and do a quick one." Brenda thought to herself, 'what good is it to me.' "What do I get out of this whole kissing game?" "Whatever you say, Mom. I'll do anything for that. Please, please?" "Okay, I got a good one for you. You're cleaning the pool this week. We're going to give the pool guy a week off." "Mom? Do I get to feel your breasts during it?" "Sure, why not?" Brenda pulled around the corner and found a parking spot on a side street where kids weren't walking by. She shut the engine off and pulled her seat back. She leaned over Jason and pulled his seat back, too. "Okay, honey. Now lets try just a regular smooch on the lips." Jason leaned forward and closed his eyes. "No, silly. You have to keep your eyes open and look at me, like this." She leaned forward, looking him in the eyes, and planted her lips on his. Jason's penis was now fully engorged. She slightly parted her lips and licked his lower lip, sucking it for a half of a second, then backed off. "See? Now you can't be all shy like that. You've gotta relax if you want the girl to enjoy it. Now let's do a french kiss." She leaned forward, planting her lips on his and their tongues started twirling. Brenda liked to hum while she kissed. Jason's hands found their way to her breasts. He went under her dress and palmed her left breast as they continued their kiss. Jason's saliva was running down Brenda's chin and she backed off. "That's all you get for now, baby. Now go and try to concentrate in class today." Jason got out of the car with a raging hardon, not saying a word. In school, Jason couldn't get the kiss out of his mind.

After school, she came and picked him up. When Jason came in, she said, "I gave it some thought and I think it would be okay for you to see me with my panties off. There's nothing wrong as long as you don't touch me. Besides, what goes on inbetween a woman's legs should be something you're familiar with." "Wow, mom! You're really going to let me see your pussy?" "Now, since you were born I never allowed that kind of language in my house, and I won't allow it in my car either, so watch your mouth. Yes, honey, but I'll only take my panties off. And you can't tell your father about this because he wouldn't understand." "Okay, mom. Whatever you say, I'll do the dishes and the lawn and wash the cars. Whatever you want me to do, I'll do it." "Well, I appreciate the enthusiasm, honeym but this is for educational purposes. We're not making a bargain here." "Okay, mom, but I'll help out more around the house anyway.

That afternoon they were both lying by the pool. Brenda had her new peach bikini on and a pair of heels she recently bought at the mall that looked perfect on her pretty little feet. As she lay there on her back, working on her tan, Jason looked at her body. He was very anxious and couldn't wait for his mother to take her panties off. Jason finally blurted out, "Mom? Can I see your breasts again?" Brenda responded "I wanted to work on my tan, anyway." She sat up and turned her back to her horny son. "Why don't you untie the knot on my neck again, please?" Jason did it slowly and before he untied it, he grabbed her right breast. Brenda took his hand off and told him to behave. Jason took her top off and threw it on the ground next to them. Brenda relaxed and laid back, enjoying the sun topless. She took the suntan lotion and started applying it onto her breasts, clueless as to what she was doing to Jason. She went on for what seemed like forever, until her breasts shimmered with lotion. Jason couldn't hold out any longer. "Mom? Can you take your panties off now?" Brenda replied, "Did you wash the dishes?" "Yes." "Did you mow the lawn earlier?" "Yes." Brenda stood up next to Jason with her heels still on and slowly started to pull her panties off. She pulled them halfway down to her knees. Jason was speechless. Her mound was completely shaved. Her pussy lips were tucked in and Jason couldn't get a good look at them. His mother towered over him in the nude, with her bra laying on the ground next to them, and her panties pulled down to her knees. Jason was dying for his mom to spread her legs for him. "Mom? Will you spread your legs so I can see in the middle, there?" "No, sweetie, I think you've seen enough for today." She pulled up her panties and laid back down on the chair, leaving her bra on the ground. "Mom? Can I kiss you?" "Alright. Come here." She put her head up, supporting herself with her elbows, and let her long hair fall back. Jason knelt next to her and put his right hand on her tit. He brushed her hair off of her breast and Brenda smiled, saying, "You really love looking at my breasts, don't you?" They started kissing, which seemed to last long for both of them. Jason's hand wandered down her tummy close to her panties. Brenda took hold of his hand and angrily broke their kiss. "Jason, do you want me to stop this?" "No, I'm sorry, mom, but I'm so interested in seeing between your legs and it's killing me." Brenda got up and put her bra on. "Touching me down there when my guard is down is no way to go about it." Jason put his head down as his mother walked away, pulling her panties over her exposed asscheeks.

The next morning in the car on their way to school, Jason was getting bolder and bolder. "Mom? Didn't you say earlier that it didn't get you excited" "Yea, do we have to talk about this so early in the morning?" Brenda was wearing tight jeans, so she thought to herself, if she let him feel her, it wouldn't be that bad because she would barely feel it on her pussy. Jason kept asking her, "Mom? Can I just touch your legs, please? It has nothing to do with your vagina." Brenda kept driving without answer. Jason's pleading continued throughout the ride until Brenda finally agreed. "Ill let you touch my inner thighs, but please be gentle and don't ask for anything more. Jason was now the happiest kid in the world. He put his hand on her right thigh and started caressing her. He immediately went up to her crotch and felt over her mound. She slid down the seat to give him more access. She didn't expect to feel anything through the thick denim but she definitely felt pressure on her pussy. Jason continued caressing her and thought of a different idea. He told his mother to pull over to the same old side street where they could have a little privacy. "Mom? Since you won't let me see you down there, can I at least smell you? Brenda immediately responded without hesitation, "Absolutely not." Jason then said, "Mom? If you let me do this, I won't ever ask anything else of you." Now she was finally getting somewhere. She could finally shut him up about all of this and decided on a new idea. "Now I won't let you go near me down there with your face, but I'll let you take my panties to school with you." Jason was dumbfounded. Brenda got out of the car and got into the back seat of the minivan. She closed the door and now nobody could see her through tinted windows. "Don't look at me!" She screamed at Jason. She slipped her panties off under her dress and tucked them in a backpocket of his bookbag. "There! Now you can smell them all day if you want, but don't lose them. Those are my favorite." Jason jumped out of the car happily and ran off. On the ride home after school Brenda tried to avoid the conversation about her panties and, instead, simply asked, "You have them?" "Yes." She was a little irritated at herself and the whole situation. "Give them back." He pulled them out of his bag and gave them to her. She threw them in the back seat. "So, how was school, honey? Find a girlfriend yet?" "Actually, there is this one cute girl that asked me to go skiing this weekend with her and her family." Brenda thought to herself, maybe all these lessons she'd been giving him helped a little bit.

Saturday came and went. Sunday morning, Jason was still at home. Brenda didn't want to comment on anything but she could tell he was hurting. Jason explained to his mom that the trip wasn't going to happen and refused to go into detail. Brenda was now bummed out as well. "Sweetie, your birthday is coming up. Is there anything I could get you to help you get over this?" Jason just sat there, saying nothing, with his head down. "Honey, there's gotta be something that could cheer you up." Still no answer. Brenda sat down next to him. "What if I let you see my vagina the way you wanted to earlier? I'll spread my legs so you can get a good look. How about that?" There was finally some kind of response. "Mom? Will you let me touch it too?" She had a skirt on that rode up to her knees and an apron over it because she was in the middle of cooking dinner. She finally spoke. "Fine, but we'll do it my way. I'll guide you through it and no funny stuff." The second she finished the sentence, her husband, John, walked in, threw his bag next to the couch, and sat at the dinner table. "So, what's all the chattering about tonight?" Brenda's heart was beating faster. She was hoping her husband didn't overhear their little conversation. "Oh, nothing, sweetie. We were just talking about some birthday presents for our young man, here." Jason smiled at his mother and she smiled right back. "How nice." After dinner, John turned on the TV and focused all of his attention on it. Brenda cleaned up the table and put the dishes away. Jason decided to get up and help her. When they went into the kitchen, Jason felt her breasts. Brenda was shocked he would do this with his father in the next room. She took his hand away and whispered in a half angry tone. "Stop that right now!" Jason wasn't convinced of her anger and grabbed her ass. Brenda was now really angry, which Jason noticed, so he stopped. In a way, she was happy that she finally got her son cheered up and that was all that mattered to her.

The rest of the week, Jason was checking out his mother every chance he got. He couldn't wait to unwrap his birthday present. His birthday party was no big deal; just close family and a few of his friends from school. They had a poolside barbecue that his father organized. It was quite a day. Jason was happy about all the presents he got, but couldn't get the one his mom promised him off his mind. The next morning, the pool area was a mess. It was going to be a long clean up session. John was upstairs, sleeping, while Jason and his mom were cleaning up all the pop cans and garbage. When they finished, Jason looked at his mom and asked her politely, "Mom? Can I unwrap my gift now?" "Not while your father is in the house." "Oh come on, mom! You know dad's so asleep that nothing's going to wake him." Brenda knew that her husband was sound asleep, so she told Jason to wait for her in the basement while she went upstairs to put her robe and underwear on. Jason sat down on the couch. His palms were sweaty and he was shaking a little bit. His mom walked down the steps in heels and a bathrobe. Under the bathrobe, she had on only a bra and panties. Jason stood there, his jaw dropped. Brenda walked up to him and told him to relax. She undid her bathrobe and sat next to him, crossing one leg over the other. "Now, honey, you have to be gentle and, if you want to stop, just say so. I don't want this to get weird." Jason just knodded. Brenda leaned back against the couch, lifting her hips up, and pulled her panties down all the way off, putting them on the couch next to her. She put one leg over the other again and looked at Jason. "Are you sure you still want to see my vagina, honey?" "Yes, mom. I'd really like to touch it too." "Okay, sweetie. One thing at a time." She was now sitting next to her son, naked from the waist down. Brenda uncrossed her legs and told Jason to lean over. "Give me your hand." Brenda guided his forefinger to her and lightly went over her slit with it. She leaned back a little bit to give Jason better access to her whole pussy. "See, honey? That's my butthole right there." Jason took his finger and felt over it. "It's okay, you can put your finger in my vagina, but remember: do it slowly." Jason took two of his fingers and started to push them in and out, slowly. He could feel her wetness. "Mom! You're wet down there." "Well, honey, I'm only human. You're fingering me!" Jason kept it up and picked up the pace a little bit. "Mom? Can you take your bra off?" Brenda unclasped her bra and let it fall to her thigh. Jason knelt in front of her, spread legs, and started fingering her faster. He stopped for a second, which surprised Brenda. "What's wrong, honey?" "Can I put my little finger in your ass, mom?" "What have I told you about cursing in this house?! Nothing is going up my butt, understand? She stood up. "Pull your pants up and go wash up before breakfast." She walked over to the sink and put the towel in warm water, soaking it. Jason ran upstairs and waited for his mom at the kitchen table. John came down soon after. "What you been up to, kiddo?" "Not much, dad. Just cleaning up after last night." Her husband's kiss on her neck and slap on the ass freed her of her deep thoughts. Their 18 year old daughter, Amy, walked into the kitchen in her bikini. "Why don't you put on some clothes, honey? We're not at the beach." Amy wrapped herself in a towel and sat down to eat. "Who wants to go to the beach today," Brenda asked upon seeing her daughter's breakfast attire. Jason kept glancing at his sister's breasts. "Sure, I wanna go to the beach." John: "Awesome, Jas'! Why don't you go help your sister load the van." "Dad can we bring the umbrella?" "Yeah, that's a great idea. Put the second row seats down and put all the stuff behind my seat."

Forty five minutes later, Jason and Amy finished loading up the van. The second row seats were down and full of beach stuff. Towels, tanning lotions, a couple of tents, beach balls and an umbrella, that was completely blocking the rear left seat. The only seats left were the driver's seat, passenger's, and the rear right seat, which was now behind a mountain of blowup floats. Amy yelled, "I'm sittin up front!" Brenda: "Alright. Me and Jas' will sit in the back." John: "What are you two gonna do back there?" Brenda: "I'll just have Jason sit on my lap." They got into the van and took off. John looked into his mirror "You guys okay back there?" Brenda: "Yeah we're good." About 5 minutes into the ride, Brenda turned to Jason. "Honey, my right leg is asleep. You've gotten very heavy in the past few months." "Do you want to switch, mom?" Brenda whispered: "Okay, but no funny stuff now. Your father can see us in the mirror." They switched and Brenda was now sitting in Jason's lap. His erection was at half-mast, but she could still feel it. Her knee-long skirt and low-cut shirt that covered her bikini top weren't helping much either. Jason tried to take his mind off of his mom's ass, so close to his crotch. John looked in the rear-view mirror at his wife. "Honey, did you bring my tanning lotion?" "Yeah, it's gotta be somewhere in this pile. "I wanna get a good tan today, so I'm not even gonna put any lotion on." Brenda could feel Jason's erection getting firmer and the pressure on her thigh was growing. "Well, you'll burn without lotion. Have you heard about the rise of skin cancer? At least put on SPF 15." "Okay, mom. I'll do that." Jason whispered to his mom. "Dad can't see your breasts, mom. Can I feel them?" Brenda shook her head 'no.' Jason wasn't convinced that she meant it, so he put his hands on her hips. She took her hands off the seat and put them on his, prying his hands off of her. "I can't believe I even considered that this morning. No more fondling, especially around your father." She whispered back at him. Jason's prick was now at it's hardest as the road got bumpier. He put his hands on her hips again. Brenda thought he was just trying to keep her balanced. He kept sliding his hands up and down her hips. She thought nothing of it and didn't protest. Jason's hard cock was right on her pussy. Brenda moved to the side as she became aware of her wetness. She couldn't believe she was getting wet. It was a while since she and John had had sex, so any friction easily caused her to get wet. She was so ashamed, she got up and scooted a little bit lower, trying to avoid her son's hard cock. she was about to slide off Jason's lap, so she leaned back onto her kid. Her juices were now soaking her panties. "This was a bad idea, Jason." Jasons hands moved higher up her sides. He reached her tits and squeezed each from the sides. "No, honey. Not now! I promise, I'll let you, later." "When, mom?" "I don't know, when we get home." She didn't feel right, letting her son touch her breasts in this aroused state. Her belief was to let him learn and have fun but it would be wrong if she let him do it while she was aroused. The time flew by for Jason, but for Brenda it was the longest ride of her life. "Were here!" John yelled. Brenda got off of her son's lap, turned around, and whispered to him, "Stay in the car until you calm down a bit." she glanced at his penis, indicating that was what she meant. "Okay, mom. I get it." "What's all the whispering in the back?" Amy asked her mom. Brenda ignored the question and Amy looked at the two of them with a smirk. They all grabbed the stuff from the van and headed for the beach. Amy had on a yellow bikini and high-heeled sandals. Brenda turned to her, "Sweetie? Don't you think that's a little inappropriate?" Amy responded, "I'm 18, mom. I'm not a little kid anymore." "Fine, honey. If your father's fine with it, I'm fine with it too. They situated themselves on the beach. Amy lied on her belly right next to her mom. John opened up the newspaper and that was it for him. Jason went into the water. Amy turned to Brenda. "Mom? Will you put some lotion on my back and then I'll do you too? "Sure, sweetie. No problem. Brenda knelt down next to her daughter. She untied her top straps and let them fall to the side. "What are you doing?" Brenda: "It's okay, honey. You don't want tan lines, do you?" Jason was coming out of the water to a hot scene. His mom was putting lotion on his sister's back in a massaging motion. After she finished, Amy got up and did the same to her mom. Jason couldn't get enough of this. "Mom? When ...

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