Money is Power (conclusion)

My cock had softened quickly, and I felt it ooze out of Mindy’s back door. Tiffany got down, so Mindy could get up. I was expecting tears, as that had become the norm, but her eyes were dry. She looked haggard and frazzled, like she been in a fight. Her hair was wet, and tangled. She got up and came to me.

“Are you alright?” I asked tenderly, as I embraced her in a tight hug and kissed her gently on the lips.

“My ass hurts. You’re gonna have to register that thing as a deadly weapon” she replied as she grabbed my cock and smiled.

Mindy was going to be fine. I had been worried about her. Mindy is here with me, as my sex slave. Yes, I know that kind of thing only happens with people you don’t know or on television. But, when you are suddenly given close to 2 million dollars, strange things happen. Mindy needs $30,000. We made a deal. A weekend in Vegas, where the word “No” is not in her vocabulary, and she gets the money.

Mindy stole the money from her church building fund. The books are being audited tomorrow, and Mindy will be found out. The worst of it is she got access to the money through her live in boyfriend/fiancé, John. John is a born-again Christian, and the church treasurer. Mindy is a self described, 37 year old-church-going-soccer-mom. She has two kids, and a body that stops traffic. She has also had terrible luck with guys, being twice divorced. She is convinced that if she blows it with John, true love is lost forever.

Mindy started out with a very reluctant attitude towards this. Understandable, but she has gradually come around to actually enjoying herself. I was concerned because the way she talked it sounded like guilt over enjoying it, was going to eat her up and ruin her life. I wasn’t comfortable with that. I’m not a monster after all.

My goal was to enjoy her body in as many ways as I could think of. I had done a pretty good job of it. But now, after our ménage a trios with Tiffany, we are done. Well, that is not quite true. She still owes me 24 hrs of slave duty back home. It’s 1 PM on Sunday, a full 7 hours before the plane leaves, Mindy has fulfilled her obligation to me and there will be no more sex. As soon as I start to think more about that a little more, I’m going to be depressed. That’s the Reader’s Digest version, so here we are.

I released Mindy from our hug, and turned to Tiffany.

“You were fucking awesome.” I said as I gave her a hug and a kiss.

“You know, I had a great time” she replied like she meant it.

Who knows, maybe she did. I could tell this girl had a head on her shoulders, so I am sure she knew how to drum up repeat business.

“Can I offer you a shower?” I asked Tiffany.

“Oh, you’re such a sweetheart” she said appreciatively “But, I need to get going. Besides, I have a feeling you two want some alone time.” Tiffany answered

What the hell did she mean by that? I wondered. She found her dress pulled it on, checked her hair in the mirror, and was in my arms for a good-bye hug.

“Look me up, if you’re ever in town again.” She said as she walked out my door.

“I liked her.” Said Mindy

“I could tell by all the screaming, you did” I said with a wry smile

“Shut up!” she said with combination of annoyance and mirth.

“Are you OK?”

“This is all so much, so fast. I’ve never lacked for guys who wanted to have sex with me..” she started, and then glared at me when I gave her the “Duh” face.

“But, some bad anal sex and giving a quick blow job is as erotic as I’ve ever gotten. But, this weekend…..It’s been so much. I’m not sure how I feel. I’m almost numb.”

“Yeah. But, now it’s over. You’re a free woman.” I said with genuine sadness in my voice.

“It is. And I promised myself when this was over, and I had the money, I would call you every name in the book. I would spit in your face and maybe kick you in the nuts.” She said with a bit of fire, and then continued.

“But now, I don’t know. I know I don’t hate you. I’ve had the best sex of my life and I’ve learned a few things about myself.”

“Like you enjoy having your pussy eaten by another woman?” I asked baiting her. I was expecting attitude out of her, but she didn’t even raise her voice.

“Yeah. Maybe. I definitely liked what Tiffany did down there, but I don’t know about it being because she was a woman. It didn’t gross me out, like I thought it would.”

“You know, you’re no fun. I’m trying to bust your balls and you’re getting all analytical on me. That’s my job.” I said. Mindy was silent. Thinking.

“Now what?” I asked “We have five hours until we should be at the airport. Any thing special you would like to do?”

Mindy got a mischievous grin. If that grin had been on my face, we would be having sex in the immediate future. But, I didn’t think that was what she was up to.

“I never got to show you my bikini” she offered “Let’s go to the pool!”

I was game. In addition to Mindy, I imagined the pool would be filled with nubile young ladies, wearing almost nothing.

“Shower, first?” I suggested.

“Good idea. I’ll go first.” She said, and then saw my dejected look.

“Now, Now. A deal is a deal, right? We’re all done.”

“Yes, dear” I said sourly

Mindy got her suit out of her bag and headed off to wash our love making off her body. She was done in 15 minutes. I had changed into my trunks and was waiting for her when she opened the door.

Mindy had a wrap around her waist, concealing her butt and one hip. The other hip appeared to be bare, suggesting the lower half of her swim suit was of dubious size. Her top lent support to that theory, as it’s maker had not been hampered with the task of support. He had barely been constrained by the task to conceal.

Mindy’s nipples, and almost nothing else, were covered by two strips of cloth that started out narrow, at the top of her round, full, breasts. Those strips widened just enough to cover the areola, as they bisected either boob, and then retreated back to thin strips. Those became a string that looped around her neck. There was another that encircled her below her bust line, to hold the bottom of the strips. I had heard of the micro bikini, but I had never met anyone brave enough to wear one. Mindy’s chronically erect nipples only added to the sensuality of the garment.

“There is no way that is your daughter’s and there is no way you bought that for yourself!” I exclaimed in disbelief.

Mindy smiled confidently and spun around for me to see the back. Her wrap effectively hid her heart-shaped and bubble like ass, greatly disappointing both me, and Bruno, who had awaken to take a look for himself. She was barefoot, but her tan legs still looked great; the occasional definition of her calves and thighs making itself known as she moved.

“John bought it for me as a joke. He bet me a $100 I wouldn’t ever wear it.” She said, as I wondered where her blush was.

“Well, gimme your phone and we’ll send him a picture! What does the bottom look like?”

“Nah. That would be cruel to show you.” Mindy said as she picked up a towel.

“Coming?” she asked, starting towards the door,

Coming, I thought. I wish I was cuming. Jeeze, how am I going to go back to normal now?

I sighed and followed her out the door. We walked down the hall, called the elevator, and I attempted to squeeze Mindy’s ass, as I’d done so many time before. She swatted my hand away playfully and said.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! You can look, but you can’t touch.” She had the most self satisfied look I had ever seen.

We made the trek to the pool area and found it almost overwhelming. The Bellagio has five pools, and acres of room. I saw that they had cabanas, and I was looking around to figure out how to snag one, when I spotted Brian.

“Brian!” I yelled.

Brian was in work clothes and came right over.

“Do not tell me you are working over here, too” I said, offering my hand

“No sir, making a delivery from the restaurant. Service is our middle name.” Brian almost sang.

“Tiffany just left and she was everything you said she’d be” I said as I reached for my money clip.

“Here’s a little something in appreciation.” I said handing him a $100.

“Sir, you have been very generous already” Brian said, but he took the bill.

“Perhaps you could steer us towards the person who can get us in one of these cabanas” I suggested.

“They are reserved 24 hrs in advance, sir” said Brian disappointed. “But, I can certainly check to see if maybe something is available.”

With that he disappeared. I scanned the water looking at all of the other bikinis around. It was a hot day, and there was plenty of bare skin to behold. Mindy noticed and asked

“See anything you like?” with a hint of sarcasm.

“I see lots that I like. But, what I want to see is what’s under that wrap.” I said motioning to her lower half. She just smiled knowingly and a took a step back out of my potential reach.

A man walked up to us and offered his hand.

“My name is Carl, sir. Brian tells me you would like a cabana?”

I took his hand, noticed the grip was a tad sweaty and limp, but answered in the affirmative.

“This way, sir. I have one available”

Carl got us all set up, I tipped him well, as I imagine Brian had spread the word and Mindy and I got settled in.

“This is nice!” Mindy said as she admired the amenities.

There were four loungers immediately outside, to lie in and soak up the sun. Immediately behind them was the cabana itself. Inside that was a table and chairs. On the table rested a nice plate of fresh fruit. Behind that was a small kitchen area, with sink, a stocked refrigerator, and an ice bucket. Above the kitchen was a flat screen TV. Finally to the right of the kitchen was a small, enclosed changing area.

“I would have been OK, just lounging by the pool.” She said with a touch of awe in her voice.

“A woman like you should have a place to retreat to. A place to avoid the crowds and enjoy a respite from the rat race. A place where everyone can see how special you are.” I said.

I did want to treat her special. I’ve always treated my ladies well, as far back as high school. But, that statement was a bit over the top. What the hell has gotten in to me this weekend? Money might not buy happiness, but it appears to ooze confidence. The I noticed Mindy was dabbing at her eyes.

“Are you crying, again?!” I asked in shock “What did I say?”

I of course thought I had insulted her somehow. Women.

“That’s the most originally nice thing anyone has ever said to me.” she said

“Uh, Thanks. What does “originally nice” mean?” I asked.

“I’ve gotten compliments on my looks most of my life. Guys are always telling me how pretty I am. I even get a few compliments on how smart I am. But it’s hard to take those seriously, as the guys always seems to be talking to my boobs”

“They are noteworthy” I interrupted and leered at her.

Mindy giggled “That’s what I mean. No one has ever said my boobs were ‘noteworthy’ before.”

And then turning more serious

“And no one, other than John and now you, has ever tried to show me that they thought I was special.”

“In their defense, I do have a little cash at my disposal. It’s not like I’m straining here.”

“But, that’s just it. You’ve already had your way with me. And in everyway I can think of, yet you’re treating me like you haven’t got to first base. That is just so sweet.”

“Maybe I just want to see what’s under that wrap.” I said as I ogled her body.

“I told you. It would be too cruel to show you. You would be over come with lust, and then you would walk funny the rest of the day.” Mindy said impishly.

I sighed

“But, you can rub lotion on my back.” Mindy offered.

“And your front!” I said with a flash of hope, that I knew would be dashed.

“I can handle the front…..and my legs”

Dejected I took the bottle and warmed the lotion with my hand, as she got into a lounger face down. Mindy’s wrap effectively hid her lovely ass, but it could not hide the flare of her hips, her narrow waist, or her gorgeous toned legs. Damn. I was hard again, and this time I would have to take a cold shower.

I got even more aroused as I leaned in and began to rub the lotion into her shoulders and upper back. I enjoyed the feel of her soft skin, and firm muscles. Her bikini top hid nothing on her back, and her wrap enhanced her sensual appeal as much as it hid her shapely bottom. Then the coconut smell of her sun-tan lotion hit me. You memory has a strong recall for smells. Memories of many barely clad women and my lust for them was stirred up by that scent. I was so hard, I was aching.

“Ohhhhh. That feels good.” she purred.

That helped. I thought sarcastically.

I spent much more time on her back than I needed, but Mindy did not chase me away. She did stop me as my hands wandered to the fabric of her wrap. By this time my cock was trying to punch a hole in my shorts so he could rip Mindy’s tiny clothing off.

When I finished with her back, Mindy took over and began her front. She almost seemed to be putting on a show. Because of the size of her top, she had to hold her breast still with one hand, and then slowly rub the lotion on. First one breast, and then the other. She was extra through, rubbing both sides, the top, and even underneath. I watched as each nipple hardened under the nothing covering them. It was frustrating to watch, and impossible to turn away.

She paused a few times, pointed her chest at me to ask if she had missed any spots. Fuck. I actually caught myself with my mouth open, as I stared. When I looked around to see if anyone had seen me, I wasn’t surprised to see that any eyes directed this way were on Mindy.

Mindy and I bounced from lounger to cabana, for the next hour or so. The pool didn’t seem necessary. It had been a long winter in Colorado, and enjoying the 80 degrees of Las Vegas, was more soothing than the water. My hard on had retreated to stand by mode. But I could not take my eyes off of her. She was so sexy in that barely there top. Each time she would roll over, it was like seeing her for the first time. And each time my hormones responded. I could have sworn she was doing it on purpose. Torturing me, probably to get even for what I had put her through. Finally she spoke.

“Do you want to do my legs?” she asked lazily, holding up the lotion. “I think they could use more sunscreen.

Hell, yes I wanted to do her legs. Then I wanted to do the rest of her.

“But, no higher than the tops of my thighs” she warned.

Fuck I thought “But, I had made my bed and I would honor my promise.

Her calves were firm and well muscled. Mindy’s skin was soft and smooth. Even just the feel of this part of her body was getting my back to granite status. I finished, and put the lotion down.

“Good?” I asked

“Perfect. Are you ready to go back to the room?” she asked like she was bored “We’ve lost the sun.”

It had gone behind the clouds, but it had been doing that all afternoon.

“Whatever.” I said, wondering why I just rubbed in more lotion “I suppose I can get on-line and check e-mail”

She got up, grabbed her things, and walked past me. Then she abruptly stopped, reached back and cupped my groin. I started and jumped back. Mindy giggled and said

“ I just checked my male. It’s still there.”

I shook my head and followed as she led the way back to the room. The walk back and ride on the elevator was marked by constant stares, from men and women alike. Mindy seemed oblivious to it all. I was not. All of those eyes feasting on Mindy only increased my appetite. I had taken her before. I was the only man in the city that had tasted her fruits. I am the only man who had a chance to do it again.

We made it to the room, and the cool air hit us. My eyes went to Mindy’s chest and I was rewarded with the sight of her nipples constricting into tight points under the two tiny strips protecting them from my stare. I was so hard my cock hurt. I took a step to the bathroom. I needed relief and jacking off in the shower was sounding pretty good. But Mindy skipped in front of me, looked over her shoulder, smiled, and lifted the back of her wrap and flashed about half of her ass. If she was wearing anything under that garment, you could not prove it by me.

“Me, first!” she said as she danced in, and closed the door.

Fuck! I thought. Her ass looked so good. Mindy was playing with fire. I might be a man of my word, but Bruno was not. He was offering some most ungentlemanly suggestions.

Mindy was out in just a couple of moments. Strange, that I did not hear the toilet flush.

“What do you think?” I turned and as my eyes found her, she let the untied wrap fall to her feet.

This was cruel. The bottom part of her suit was as tiny as the top. Around her waist was a single thread that served but one purpose; to hold snuggly the thin piece of material that dove between Mindy’s legs. It was maddeningly narrow, only wide enough to cup her labia, and nothing more. She turned slowly to show me the back. There was nothing there. Mindy’s two swells had swallowed whatever material there was, leaving her looking naked from the waist down.

I swallowed. I was speechless.

I wanted her. I walked closer to her. I inhaled the muted musk of her arousal, her subtle perfume and the lust instilling coconut smell of her sun tan lotion.

“Don’t toy with me, Mindy. You’ve got me too close to the edge.”

She smiled, closed the distance between us, looked me dead in the eye and whispered two words that almost buckled my knees.

“Rape me.”

That was the last thing I expected to hear and I hesitated. So she repeated her command, in that same lustful whisper, this time with an encouraging nod of the head and an eager smile

“Rape me.”

That broke the spell and I took the final step towards her.

“No!” Mindy yelled with fear in her voice and panic on her face.

I was on her before I finished that last step, reaching for her head, grasping her hair and pulling her into me for a kiss.

“No! Stop!” she said as my mouth covered hers, and tried to push me away. I stabbed my tongue into her mouth and muffled her pleas for me to leave her alone.

My free hand quickly moved to find the small piece on cloth covering her pussy. Mindy immediately turned her attention to that area, but my hand was already between her legs. Even through the cloth I could tell her pussy was ready, almost pleadingly wet. I jerked on her hair, pulling her head back, and startling her for an instant. My fingers jabbed the small cloth of her bikini bottom into her pussy, and the air was instantly filled with her musk. It’s effect was like gasoline to a fire.

“Noooo! Stop! That hurts!”

I pulled her back into a kiss, with her pounding on my chest, and trying to push me away. I still controlled her head with one hand and my free hand withdrew from her cunt, and found one of Mindy’s barely covered breasts. I grabbed and squeezed it hard, sending a flicker of pleasure through my body, and a jolt of pain through Mindy’s

“Owwwww! Nooo! Don’t” Mindy exclaimed as she tried to wrest my hand free of her firm melon.

With a flick of my hand her breast was bare and her gumdrop nipple was exposed, waiting to be taken by me. I wasted no time and inhaled her breast, and feasted on the hard jewel. It felt like a cherry on my tongue so I sucked on it greedily, trying to extract juice from the forbidden fruit.

“Nooo. Please. Don’t do that! Leave me alone! I don’t want this!”

I mauled her breast and I rose to kiss her deeply as she struggled to keep me at bay.

With no warning, I threw her backwards. She lost her balance and tumbled on to the bed. I dove on top of her, getting in between her splayed legs, which were hanging off the bed.

“No! Please don’t do this!”

I caught one wrist as she tried to hit me, and pulled it across her body. I took my free hand and slapped the side of Mindy’s exposed breast, hard.

“Owwwwwwww! She screamed and tried to cover up.

I caught her other hand, transfer both wrists into my left and yanked them above her head. With her breasts now completely unprotected I attacked them, mauling the left one while I sucked on the right. Her tits were still firm, even at her age, and the feeling of squeezing one, while I suckled the other gave me only modest relief from the wave of lust trying to break over me.

“Noooooooo! Owwwwwwww! You’re hurting me!” she yelled as I twisted one nipple.

I was becoming drunk with the power I could exert. Mindy was mine for the taking. She had spent the afternoon teasing me, daring me to take her; daring me to violate her without consent. It was time for that to happen. I could wait not a second longer.

I startled Mindy, by releasing her hands, backing out from between her legs, and then attempting to flip her over. She fought back trying not to expose her tender ass, and barely covered pussy to what she knew would be a relentless pounding. But, she was not strong enough. I captured both arms and held them behind her back while I release my throbbing cock.

“No! Please! Don’t do this!”

I released her again to remove the tiny covering, and she tried to scramble away. I pulled the bikini bottom down revealing all her glory and she continued to kick and fight. I yanked hard on her legs spreading them and noticing that her bunghole was oozing a clear gel. She had lubed herself up!

‘Bitch! I’m tired of this!’

I said as I pulled her hard to me, her legs going on either side and opening up her cunt. I grabbed both hips, aimed, lunged and felt myself sink deep into her pussy. I felt goose bumps appear as the tightness and heat enveloped my cock and the exhilaration of knowing I would be empting my seed shortly overcame me.

When I breeched Mindy’s orifice, I expected a scream, but instead heard a deep moan.


“You want this don’t you, you little bitch.” I asked.

Mindy was silent as I began to pump in and out. She was not fighting anymore, just laying there, relaxed. She was a prisoner to her own pleasure. She would fight now, but only to gain her own release.

I pulled her hips up to gain a better angle and Mindy moved with me. My hands had a firm hold on her hips as I sawed in and out of her. Mindy gradually raised her ass higher and higher to make my assault more pleasurable.

“Ohhhh. Please.” Mindy moaned again.

“Rub your wet cunt, bitch!’ I said in a sharp voice.

Mindy complied immediately, getting up on her knees, and sticking her ass up high enough that I now had to kneel on the bed. This opened her cheeks wide and her lubed rosebud was begging for my attention.

“You want it up your ass, don’t you?!” I said

“No.” Not there.” Mindy moaned out the words, making it clear she was only just still able to keep up the charade. She wanted her ass filled with man-meat.

That was all the invitation I needed. I pulled out, pushed her flat onto the bed, and spread her ass cheeks. My cock touched her sphincter and I plunged in with one motion. I felt her ass tense and try to squeeze my cock in two as she screamed.

“Nooooooooooo!” Mindy wailed.

I am sure it hurt, but I was past caring about anything now, as I started to pump her ass. The tight sensation around my dick as my hands were filled with Mindy’s ass was electrifying. My hips would collide with my own hands and her butt, adding to my arousal. I released one cheek and dug my hand under Mindy’s chest to find her tit and I squeezed it, trying to coax another ounce of pleasure from this moment.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh” Mindy moaned, betraying that her pain had been pushed into a corner by the lust that filled her mind and soul.

I moved my hands to Mindy’s hips, as I began to pound into Mindy’s ass, trying to make her scream, in pleasure or pain; I did not care which. But then I heard her say in a labored voice.

“Please. Please turn me over. Do my ass from the front.”

I was not so deep into my bloodlust that I could not stop. But it took the thought of violating Mindy’s ass deeper to make me want to stop. So, I reluctantly did. As soon as I was out and clear of Mindy, she immediately turned over, pulled her legs back and offered me her still distended anus. I was back in her bowel in an instant, with Mindy’s legs now draped over her shoulders. I was able to get so much deeper and I was burning with the desire to unload.

Mindy’s motivation was her own release, as one hand was now working her pussy as I pounded her asshole with every bit of energy I had left. Her breasts was complete free and bouncing to the rhythm of my thrusts. I reached in, captured one, and mauled the orb; trying to make it spurt the orgasm that was building in me.

Mindy moaned louder and then started to voice her pleasure.

“Yes! Fuck my ass! Harder! I’m almost there!”

I could not go any harder, so I settled for pushing her legs up higher, and pounding deeper into her ass. I release her breast and fought to get her ass up higher and to stab harder and deeper.

“Ohhhhh! Yeah! Keep going!”

And then she tightened and stopped me dead. It hurt to try to push. I could only make micro thrusts as Mindy yelled

“Yessssssssssssss! I’m cumming!’

She writhed as her orgasm took control. When she relaxed, I had come down from the brink, so I pulled out and buried myself deep into Mindy’s cunt. While not nearly as tight, it was much more wet with arousal, as the lube in Mindy’s ass had broken down. I was now able to fuck her unrestrained, and I took full advantage.

Almost insulted that she had not gotten me off yet, she grabbed her own legs and pulled them back until her knees were to her ears.

“Fuck my pussy! Make me hurt! Harder!” she yelled

It took only moments to ramp me back to the brink, I felt myself approach climax, and at the penultimate moment I released her hips, grabbed both breasts and squeezed the orgasm out of me.

“Yawwwwwwwwww!” I yelled and bore my hips into Mindy, trying to poke my cock through her back and flood the room with my cum.

I opened my eyes and saw Mindy looking at me with a grin.


“Uh, huh.” she said, as I released her breasts and she dropped her legs.

I fell on top of her and kissed her tenderly.

“Did I hurt you?”

“I’ll live. I just hope my boobs don’t bruise. That’s some grip you got there” she grinned at me as she rubbed her tits.

“You’re ass?”

“It hurt before. I’m OK” she said kissing me.

“If it hurt, why did you practically beg me to fuck it, by lubing it up?”

“I kind of thought I wouldn’t have a choice. You really like it up my butt, and I thought if I worked you up again, you might forget and rip me in two.” she said, pulling me down for a hug.

“Probably right.” I relied matter of factly, and then turned slightly edgy as I asked “Now, you want to tell me what that was all about?”

“Didn’t you like it?” she said with a girlish pout to her voice.

I just raised my eyebrows and gave her the Get-on-with-it look.

“You have your fantasy and I have mine.” she said plainly

I shook my head as I responded.

“If I’d only known. I’d have raped you years ago and saved myself a lot of money.”

Mindy playfully slapped my shoulder.

‘I figured this was my chance. My fantasy doesn’t include having the man I love turn into a rapist, so I could never ask John. Plus, what would he think of me? So I teased you, seduced you, and then got what I deserved.”

“So, you used me.” I said with a grin

“Yeah, How does it feel being on the other end?” she asked accusatorily

“Kind of like you have felt for awhile now; I liked it” I threw back at her.

Mindy got a introspective look on her face and just sat silent. Her eyebrow raise accompanied by a shrug gave me at least part of the answer to my suggested question.

We got up and took a tour of the shower again. This time we did it together; much to my delight and surprise. She was acting like we were a couple. I was fucked out, so there was nothing but a little mutual soaping going on. I was wondering what was going through her pretty little head of hers. I decided she was just coping, and as we were so close to the deadline I didn’t really care.

Check out, taxi, airport security were not only boring, mind numbing and de-humanizing, but they had the effect of further punctuating the fact that my fantasy was coming to an end. I was a bit depressed and as tired as I had been in years. Sure we had slept, but I had had more sex this weekend than the last half year with my dear wife. I loved her, but I should have slapped her silly for telling me what we had been doing all those years was sex. I had no idea what “normal” was now going to be from now on.

We had “A” boarding passes on Southwest, and I wanted to sit up front and beat the crowd. But Mindy drug me all the way back to the last row and we took an aisle and the window; daring someone to sit in between us. I usually like the aisle seat, so I have a little room, but Mindy playfully nudged me across. I got buckled in and settled back feeling fatigue start to take me over.

When I would open my eyes I noticed that Mindy seemed a little anxious and was keeping an eye on the crowd filling the plane. When I tried to reason out what was going on, I came up blank. Our companion row was empty, and so was the entire row in front of us. Maybe she was worried about crying babies.

Mindy got up and went to the restroom behind us. I hadn’t noticed her being a nervous flyer on the trip into Vegas. She came out, tossed her purse on floor, and headed up to the front of the plane. I saw her talk to what looked like the senior flight attendant, motion in our direction some, and then come back to her seat with a cat-canary grin.

“What?” I asked

“Never you mind. Just sit back and enjoy the flight.”

Then she scooted into the seat beside me.

“Get your ass, back in your own seat” I said. “It’s tight enough over here”

But, Mindy ignored me. Instead she leaned over kissed me, and took my left hand and put it on her chest. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Then her hand was in my lap, feeling me up through my shorts. I thought ...

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