Money is Power (Part 8) reformatted

Mindy is having the worst day of her life. For this weekend, Mindy is my very reluctant sex slave. Today is Saturday, 6 PM, and I’ve just finished whipping Mindy with a riding crop, violating all three of her orifices, and finished by cumming in her mouth. With my orgasm compete, I made her show me the jizz, before she gulped it down.

Why would anyone put up with this, you ask? Well, Mindy, over the course of a couple years, stole $30,000 from her church building fund. The church books are to be audited on Monday and Mindy will be busted. In addition to worrying about jail, Mindy was only able to take the money because her boyfriend/fiancé is the church treasurer. He will be disgraced and certainly dump her. Mindy is twice divorced, with two kids, and is certain this is her last real chance for love. She really wants this money problem to just go away, and then she can begin living without the fear of going to jail or losing her man.

OK, so how is getting butt fucked by me, helping with any of this? Well, up until a week or so ago, it wouldn’t have. But, I just received a 1.75 million dollar check. My wife of 25 years was killed by a pharmaceutical error, and the company really wanted to avoid a messy, public lawsuit. My lawyer was able to negotiate a large settlement, even after he took his cut. Co-worker Mindy figured I might just give her the money. I figured Sexy Mindy might just use that very fine body of her’s to earn what she needed. I told her the pain and humiliation would teach her a lesson about gambling. Gambling is where the money went, and why she is in this predicament.

So, now that you’re caught up, we find Mindy is now sobbing, naked on our hotel room bed.

“I want dinner. Go pull your self together, and let’s go get another steak.” I said.

Mindy looked at me with bewilderment on her face, but becoming more in control.

“ can you be so…so.. nonchalant? How can you be so mean?’ she whined through her last sobs.

I beat her very shapely ass, partly because I enjoy it, but mostly because she wounded my male pride. Petty? Ya, so sue me. It’s my $30,000 and I’ll enjoy it, my way.

“Mean? Do you remember why you are here?” I countered, with no anger, as sex with Mindy had drained it all way.

Mindy looked down, and had stopped crying. But, she did not answer.

“Answer me.” I said raising my voice just a little, but without any edge.

“Because I need the money.” Mindy replied softly, immediately knowing the direction this conversation was going.

“Why do you need the money?” I asked.

“Because I gambled it away!’ She snapped. “Why do you have to keep bringing that up?”

“Because, maybe if I do, and if this is unpleasant enough, it will stick in that pretty little head of yours and you won’t gamble away your chance for happiness. Does that sound mean?” I replied with just a little edge to my voice.

I answered with more conviction that I felt. I didn’t really care about what she would or would not do about her gambling. Mindy is a big girl, and can make her own decisions. But Mindy is also hot as blow torch in an Arizona summer. This play on her conscience is hopefully making her more pliable and respective to the worst I have to offer. If she thinks it’s for her own good, she’ll put up with it.

“So, don’t hate me? You don’t think I’m a filthy whore, for doing all this for money?’

She was rationalizing now, but that worked for me.

“No, I don’t hate you. I’ve always liked you. And, I don’t think you’re any kind of whore.” I started

“You’re just making a huge sacrifice to save your relationship and atone for your sins. All the pain is just payment for what you have done, and would do to John, if your sins are discovered. You’re just paying your debt to society” I answered, quite sincerely.

I have always liked Mindy; she is very easy on the eyes. And “whore” is a word that is overused in my opinion. Women use sex to get things of monetary value or to manipulate men all the time. Some are called whores, some aren’t. I like to think Mindy and I are just making an arm’s length business transaction, like any good American consumers would. The atonement part is sincere enough, although it might be a stretch to think I should be the one collecting on her debt.

“You like looking at me” she said with the beginnings of a smile.

“You are a handsome woman, and I like poking you even more. But, I’ve always and still do, respect you, really. I don’t think you’re a bad person; just a good person in a bad situation, that you are trying to fix. Now, go get ready, so we can eat. I’m hungry”

She brightened, got up, and I admired the sachet of Mindy’s shapely ass, her long tan legs, and the criss-cross of red marks the riding crop had left on her bottom. It really got me hard when I spanked her. The feeling of power and domination sent blood rushing to my groin. There was nothing like a woman begging for you to stop inflicting pain; knowing that she can nothing but beg, and you alone control her and the situation.

I was starting to get hard again. I really was going to write that letter to Pfizer.

Ten minutes later, Mindy came out wearing heals and a simple pull over sun dress. It looked great on her, but did not come close to the slutty outfits she had worn for me before.

“Ohhhhh” I whined “What happened to the slutty clothes I have come to know and love?”

She gave me a nervous, half grin, and then said, with trepidation

“I wasn’t sure if I should.” She started, and then added with a tone implying both excitement and worry.

“You got upset with me, because I suggested I knew what you liked.”

“I know. But, feel free to dress as slutty as you want. That will always put me in a good mood.” I said and then added

“How’s your butt?”

“It hurts, but the marks aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be. I think they will be gone tomorrow. I don’t know how I would explain them to John. It’s not like I could say I fell down.” She said matter of factly.

“I guess you will just have to be a sluttly, little angel, now won’t you?” I replied

Mindy didn’t reply and we left the room and got on the elevator. I decided to check her ass for myself. I put my hand under her dress and traced Mindy’s bare thigh to her bubble shaped bottom. I felt her tense, but she did not shy away. I had not hit her any where near as hard as I could, but the thin reed still could leave a welt. I could feel the raised lines on her bottom, and I gently caressed her abused butt.

“Thanks” she said. I gave her a raised eyebrow.

“For not squeezing by butt cheek” she replied and then added a few seconds later

“…and for helping me with my money problem and my gambling issue.” She paused and then continued.

“You know, we are in the biggest gambling mecca in the world and I haven’t thought of playing the slots even once.”

The elevator announced the ground floor, and we got off.

“I have kept your mind, and all the rest of you, busy.” I offered.

“True, but I just don’t feel the want anymore.”

“You can thank me later” I winked at her.

She rolled her eyes at me.

We made it to the restaurant and were seated. We got the same waiter as before.

“Hello, Sir. My name is Brian. Welcome back and thank you for the generous tip, yesterday. If there is anything, anything I can do to make your evening more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to ask”

I wasn’t sure what he meant with the second anything, but he did give a sideways glance to Mindy. We ordered our drinks and meal, and settled in.

“C…Can we talk about the spankings” Mindy began very tepidly.

“What about them?” My tone making it clear she was treading into dangerous ground.

“Please don’t get mad and, and hear me out, OK? She began quickly.

“If I go home with marks, John is going to ask questions I can’t answer without confessing everything. If I do that, then all I have gone through will have been for nothing. I might as well quit and just go home, now” She added. I did not respond, so she kept going on, with a little more confidence.

“If you promise not to spank me, anymore, I will…”

“You’ll do what?” I cut her off, with a bite to my words. “You already have to do everything I want for another day. What else do you have to offer?”

“I’ll give you another day.” She spat it out like she was worried it would burn her tongue

“Didn’t I paddle your ass once for this suggestion? I’m not dumb. Once you get the money, you are never going to even talk to me again, much less let me touch you.”

“Y..yah. You did. But, I promise. Really I will do it. You pick another day, give me enough notice to get away, and I’m yours for another day, back home.”

“And, exactly how would I enforce this bargain, if you back out? I queried

‘I…I don’t know!” she said exasperated. “Please, I promise. I just can’t go home with my butt looking like it has been whipped!”

“You’re trying to make a deal with the devil. I really enjoy fucking you and another day sounds very appealing. But, if you back out, I have 1.75 million ways to figure out how to get what I want. That could cause a variety of damage, you know. Be sure about this. I will not accept an excuse.”

“Does that mean you’ll do it? She added with a restrained emotion

“Another full day; Mindy is my sex slave; just like we are doing now. In exchange no more spankings. Right?”

“No more spanking here or back home” she countered.

“No more spankings here or back home, except with my bare hand”

“No more spankings here of any kind, back home, hand only, and I’ll come up with a special treat for you tonight.”

“Deal. You ass is safe from spankings; but grabbing, pinching and fucking it are still on the menu” I added.

“Uh, I know” she said, probably feeling how sore her ass still was.

Our steaks arrived and Mindy made a point of downing a lot of booze. She had the waiter bring two shots of Jack Daniels before dinner, (she did not even offer to share) nearly a full bottle of wine with dinner, and another shot of JD right as we were leaving. I was wondering if she was going to be conscience for this special treat she was planning.

We finished dinner, after which I left another c-note for Brian. I was leading Mindy back to the room when she stopped me and said.

“For my special treat, we need to go the store to get some things, OK? It will be worth it, I promise.” Mindy said, not slurring her words, but her cheeks were pink and her tone bubbly.

What the hell, I thought. We had the valet get us a cab, and Mindy got with the driver and told him what she needed. We hopped in the back, got on I-15 and headed north.

All the action was on the strip, so I asked,

“Where the hell are we going?”

“Patience, stud. You have to indulge me” Mindy answered.

“No, I don’t.” I replied

She turned to me, wrapped one arm around me, and pulled me into a deep French kiss. At the same time her free arm reached for my lap, which I assumed meant she would be fondling Bruno. Bruno was disappointed, as she found my hand, and moved it to her round, C-cup breast. I liked that. I could feel her nub through the thin dress, as I kneaded her melon. She broke the embrace for long enough to ask in a slow, pleading voice;

“Pleeeeeeease, it will be worth it”

I nodded and she squealed her delight and went back to her wet kisses. She must have noticed Bruno was being neglected, because as I was feeling her up, she went to work on my cock, rubbing it through my pants. I was rock hard and trying to get comfortable, in just seconds. I was about to have the driver find a secluded spot, when he exited on to Charleston, and we were soon in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

“Could I pretty please, with lots of sugar on top, have a few hundred dollars?” she asked in voice syrupy enough to put on pounds.

I raised my eyebrows, but Bruno was telling me to give her the damn money and hurry this along. He had been stroked to full attention and wanted to come out to play. So I gave her the money.

When Mindy walked off she said

“Now you boys behave.”

I was wondering if she meant me and Bruno, or me and the cab driver. Snapping back to the present, I had to admire her body as she walked away. Mindy is 37, but passes for 10 years younger. She had brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and is about 5’ 7”. I love when she is in heels, as they make her long legs look like they go to the moon. Not quite, they only go to her very shapely bubble butt. She does her leg exercises, and it shows. She has full, C-up breasts, with nipples that protrude about half an inch, making them look chronically erect. When she goes without a bra, which has been this whole trip, she gets constant stares and plenty of dirty looks from other girls. More than one staring guy has been slapped back from fantasyland by his woman.

I made small talk with cab driver, watching my money tick away for about 30 minutes. My hard on was long gone, and I was getting irritated. I wanted some of Mindy’s body. She got back in, kissed me, and cooed;

“Don’t be mad at me. You gonna like this, really”

Then she leaned and whispered, so our driver could not hear

“The thought of what I’ve got planned has me excited.”

She guided my hand under her dress, and sure enough her cunt was nearly leaking out onto her dress.

“Driver?” Mindy asked. “Where is the nearest hotel?”

“The Stratosphere is just down the road a bit” he answered

“Perfect. Take us there, please” she said

Now we’re talking; I thought. Let’s get Mindy in a room and I can stuff her ass full of cock. She seemed to be thinking the same thing, as she leaned over and began to perform mouth to mouth. That succeeded in bringing Bruno back to life, and soon we were wrestling around in the car. I was going to do her right there, when all to quickly, we pulled in the valet area of the Stratosphere.

“Now go get us a room, take this upstairs,” she began and handed me one of her two bags

“..and then come back down. We’re almost there, K?” she finished brightly

“K, my ass.” I was thinking and about to object, when Mindy beat me to it, by saying.

“There is a ping pong paddle in that bag. If you aren’t pleased with my idea in 30 minutes, I release you from your end of the bargain. You can spank my butt until it’s black and blue, and I will still give you your day back home”

A bit stunned, I got out and went inside and got a room. They weren’t busy, so I was back in 15 minutes. Then we were off, back the way we came. About five minutes later, we pulled into the packed parking lot of a strip club called “Little Darlings” I looked at her, puzzled.

“We are going to go watch strippers?” I asked cautiously.

“It’ll fun, don’t you think? Please, just go in and get us table. I’ll meet you there, in a few minutes. I have to go to the ladies room. ” she explained. “Oh, and you should probably pay our driver to hang around.”

Completely befuddled, I gave the cabbie a $100, as an advance on our fare, and asked him to wait. I was expecting grief, but he had a big grin on his face; maybe he was in on it. So we went inside, paid the cover, and Mindy swished off (love that ass) to find the ladies room. I decided to sit at the stage. If Mindy wanted to see strippers, we might as well have a front row seat. I was looking forward to seeing her blush.

I got my chair and a pretty girl brought me a soda. Little Darlings is a pop shoppe. The girls get completely naked, but the blue laws don’t allow alcohol served in a place that goes all the way. Kinda dumb, and I really could use a beer. I’d only had one at dinner.

As I sat down, a 20-something dancer was just exiting to more applause, from the back of the room, than I thought her body, and what little of her performance I saw, deserved. Who am I to judge?

Cee Lo Green started singing Fuck You, which has a nice beat, but might not be the best message song in this situation. The two 25ish guys sitting a few chairs to my left seemed to really like the new girl that was coming out to dance. She was blonde, pretty, slim, smallish boobs, and wearing a cheerleader’s outfit. Always a favorite of mine. She danced and skipped around to all the guys, paying a lot of extra attention to the two youngsters. I decided to get the party going, and I threw out a $5.

By this time she was in the middle of the stage, sliding up and down the pole, giving it a nice shine with her panties, but little else. She was pretty and all, but she didn’t really know what she was doing. Beside me the boys were hooting and hollering like she was doing a donkey on the stage. There was another table behind me doing the same.

“You got no shot, grandpa!” one of the kiddies laughed and motioned to my tip “She’s going home with us.”

Grandpa? I thought. I was close to twice their age, but I’d bet I could still kick their ass. Well, one at a time, anyway. I just looked over and sang along with the last of Cee Lo, as he finished his ballad to his gold-digging ex. The boys didn’t see the humor in that, but didn’t push it. They turned their attention back to the stage and our little blond cheerleader.

She began her second song, dancing to some rap number I was not interested in. I was starting to get a little bored with this. She wasn’t any good, and when she took her sweater off, I saw that she was covered in tattoos. What a fucking turn-off. She should have lit up a cigarette while she was at it. She danced with enthusiasm, and got completely naked, so I offered up $10, for the effort. I also was hoping to draw a little attention for my somewhat bruised ego. No luck. She hardly acknowledged me, and was dancing enthusiastically for the two boys, who had offered up a buck each. What the hell is going on. These girls work for tips. Tweedledee and Tweedledumb started in on me again.

‘Told you, Pappy! She is all ours!’ and they laughed the whole time

Mercifully, the song ended. At least I was going to get to paddle Mindy’s ass. I was not having fun.

“Thank you!” blared the DJ “That was Rah-Rah Raquel, showing all she’s got at amateur night here at Little Darlings! Next up is….. wait,….. line-up change……Here we go! Give it up for, Miss Priss!”

“Amateur Night?” I thought.

Well that explains the shitty dancing and why I got ignored. She probably was going to bang them tonight. And speaking of banging, where the hell was Mindy? I was about to get up to go find her when the sound system started blaring the start of Motley Crue’s Girls, Girls, Girls; a strip club classic and my all time favorite. My mood bottomed out, and started a climb the other direction. I decided to sit through one more song, and hope this girl was at least tolerable.

I looked to the girl coming out. She was back lit somewhat, so I couldn’t make out her face. She was older than the last girl, more pronounced curves, more weight, but definitely not fat. She had a nice figure, and when she turned profile, I could see she her tits were definitely acceptable. Straining my eyes, I thought I could make out nipples. My hopes were rising.

She was wearing conservative cloths, which I immediately recognized as the naughty librarian look. She had a white blouse that buttoned in the front. It was tucked into to a mid-thigh skirt, which hugged her hips and thighs. Black high heels completed the ensemble. Her brown hair was pulled up into a bun, and she was wearing black rimmed glasses.

At the motorcycle intro for the song, Miss Priss started to skip across the stage, parallel to me. Mick Marr’s familiar chords rang in and then Vince Neil let loose informing all that it was Friday night and he needs a fight. I was liking the way this girl skipped. Her bra tethered tits were bouncing right along to Nikki Sixx’s base. She had great legs; long, tan, and the tone of a runner. She had a nice bubble pooch, under her skirt where her ass was currently residing.

Something was tickling my sub conscience at the ...

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