Moonshadow. Ninja Spy Part.2

On his first misson he gets the plans but 'Yuki' another spy has fallen for him...

Moon lay on his back with his hands behind his head. He could still feel her lips on his and wish he haden't pulled away. What was he thinking? He was only just out of the monastry! At the age of 5 he had started training untill now, 10 years later. He groaned a 15 year old shoudln't have to put up with that. He rolled over and looked at her. He had to hand it to her, she was gorgeous. Big eyes with long eyelashes. Short black hair that came just to he shoulders. Her lips were medium sized, and her skin pale white like most people. He reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She smiled and snuggled closer. Moon thought about moving back a bit but instead he let her.

When the sun was low in the sky then next morning Moon awoke, he expected Yuki and his plans to be gone but she was sitting looking outside. She smiled warmly.
"Good morning" Moon patted his chest where the plans remained.
"Don't worry i didn't take the plans " she said and stuck her toung out at him. Moon nodded and started to fold up his bed roll.
"Come on, Edo is still a whole day away. We better start walking" Yuki smiled at his idea. And as they started walking down the hill Snowhalk wondered if she should tell him about her?, her real name? She sighed, better not.

As they reached the town there was alot of comotion. Market day. There where stands everywhere, selling fruit, clothes, lucky charms, and a weird stall that read 'Dr.Fish Magic Young Water' a woman put her hands into the water and she flinched twice as little bubbles swarmed around her hands.
"Tiny little fish" Yuki whispered"that eat the dead skin off" Moon nodded. When they reached a nearby well a bunch of kids were standing next to it. 4 kids were surrounding a smaller kid. Moon groaned Bullies... The biggest kid pushed the smallest kid. So that must be the leader Moon thought.
"Everyone in OUR town can fight! Can you or are you stupid?" Yelled the 'leader' to the smaller kid.
"stupid..and dumb!" said another one with a squeaky voice.
"It's fighting thats stupid." said the smallest one who was fighting back tears.
"we shouldn't get involved" said Yuki but its sounded like she did.
" I must, or all my teachers have wasted their time" Moon said as he strode foward to stand in front of the smallest kid, looking at all the bullies.
"Who are YOU?" asked the leader."what do you want?"
"Im saving my friend" The bully read up and down his shirt sleeves that read 'Bound for Edo'.
"you are from Edo, he is NOT your friend" the bully spat.
"he is today" Moon replied calmly.

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