Moonshadow. Ninja Spy.Part 3

In the morning when Moon awoke, Snowhalk was still laying on his chest. He carefully tipped sideways and put her onto her own bedroll. Moon got up and went to the nearby lake. as he quenched his thirts he sensed Snowhalk sit up behind him.
"Moon?" She asked loudly.
"Over here" He could sense her relaxing again. I thought he left,thought Snowhalk.
"We still have half a days walk since we got sidetracked yesterday." Moon said. He painted a map for Snowhalk to memorize. As she was memorizing the map he carefully wrapped up his bedroll in which the sword that was concealed in there fell out. Snowhalk picked it up and then lunged it at him. Thinking this was betrayal he moved into combat stance, but the ftt of a shuriken hitting a blade filled the air. Snowhalk jumped up and threw Moon his own sword. Moon cocked his head listening. it was true, every bird in the forrest had stopped singing.

As Moon and Snowhalk held their swords up protectivly a figure stepped out from the shadows. Moon raised his sword and pointed it at the figure that was 8 feet away. The figure gave a chuckle.
"No need to be hasty" The figure laughed at him. Moon gritted his teeth. He just tried to kill him!
"No i didn't try to kill YOU, I was trying to kill HER!" he said, reading Moons thoughts. He heard Snowhalk gasp.
"Who are you?" She asked confused.
"Oh don't you just love reunions?"
"what are you talking about?" Snowhalk spat. The figure then lifted his hood. Then to their horror more agents stepped out of the forrest, surrounding them.
"Kill him, but take her alive!" The un-hooded person ordered. Moon cursed. There was NO way of getting out of this, they were defeated. Suddenly a man on a horse burst through the trees
"All for the Grey Light!" At once Moon knew him, his best friend Groundspider, and about 30 other men from G.L.O joined them.
" WE have no doubt this is over!" screeched the un-hooded man. And then they threw a smoke bomb so they could escape. After the smoke thinned out Groundspider walked up to them.
"Who's the girl?" He asked.
"Im Snowhalk"
"Gee can i call you Snowy?"
"yeah ok"
"Either she comes back or i don't go back" Moon interupts.
"gee Moon your pretty confident about that" Groundspider says in mock-seriousness
"Because i am"
"ok then get a horse" Groundspider pointed to 2 horses that were attatched to the others horses. Once they were one, they were on their way.
"how did you know we needed help?" Moon asked.
"Well we had to follow them, not knowing that it was you they were after kid"

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