Mother teaches daughter

Let me begin with a little background. I’m a 36 year old woman. 5’6” 120lbs, Long brown hair and blue eyes. I have a 36c bust , have a clean shaven pussy. My ex left me years ago for another woman after I gave birth to my now 18 yo daughter who looks a lot like me but a little shorter with a 34 B bust. We have been very close over the years but have gotten a lot closer since that night a few months ago.
We live in a 2 bedroom one bathroom apartment. I have a very good job that sometimes makes me work overtime. This past week seemed like it would never end but Friday finally came.
I was really tired and decided to take a nice warm bubble bath. My daughter was going out with friends so I new I’d have time to relax alone. I got undressed and looked in the mirror admiring my still hot body. I filled the tube with water and put in the bubble bath soap and got in. I had been in for not more than 5 minutes when I heard my daughter come in. I heard her approach the bathroom door as she said “Mom, are you in there? I really have to take a pee. Not being shy I let her come in. She came in pulled down her shorts and panties and sat to pee. (A little about the bathroom. The toilet is at the opposite end of the tub so you can look at each other. )
While she was peeing I could see her hairy pussy. I admonished myself for looking and asked why she was home so early. She said her friend’s car broke down so she decided to come home. We started talking about things that mothers and daughter talk about.
After a while I noticed she was looking at where my pussy would be. I looked at my self and saw that the bubbles had disappeared. She was staring so intently she jumped a little and asked her what was up. She said: “Mom, you have no hair on your pussy? Why?” I was a little taken aback but kept my cool and said: “Because, it makes me feel sexier when I’m with someone having sex.” She continued to stare and gulped al little and said “Wow. I wish my pussy looked that good.” Taking the queue I asked her if she would like me to shave hers. She paused for a second and said: “Really?” I said yes and we can even do it right now. (At this point I could feel my nipples get hard but didn’t think anything would come of it and figured I was just teaching her how to groom herself)
Go to my bed and get undressed and lie down on the bed with a towel under her. She left and I got out of the tub. I dried myself but figured that I’d not where a robe since she was going to be naked to make her feel comfortable.
I had sex with women in college but didn’t think I would ever do it with my daughter. So I put it out of my mind and got the scissors, razor and shaving cream.
I walked into the room and saw her laying there totally naked. I couldn’t help but think that here was my baby and she was just as hot as me. I tried to maintain my composure and said don’t even think about it she’s your daughter.
I got on the bed and took out the scissors. “ok baby I’m going to trim your pussy first then shave it” She smiled and said “cool”.
I moved it close and began to trim. There wasn’t a lot of trimming to do so I was quickly done. While trimming I noticed at her clit begin to pop out. I tried to ignore it and put on the shaving cream. I thought I heard her moan a little as I put on the cream. “Ok baby, hold still so I don’t nick you.” I pushed her legs a little further apart and began to shave her pussy.” After few strokes I saw that her clit was poking out even more. I began to feel myself getting wet but tried to ignore it. I said to myself “She’s your daughter even though she was fucking hot” I moved around to shave her and my pinky brushed her clit. I heard her gasp and moan a little. I tried to ignore it as I was finishing up. While I was getting ready to clean off the remaining shaving cream, I looked close to make sure she was completely ...

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