Mountain trip, Interrupted

INTRO: This story is rather more soft and shorter than my previous contributions.
I hope You still enjoy the narrative!

The story took place on my home island a beautiful spring day some years ago. The sky was blue
and the sun would come out later for a quick visit. It was still a bit nippy, the morning
temperature at 12 deg C (54 deg F) and the day temperature not exceeding 16 deg C (61 deg F).

I would not let such an appealing day go amiss and had planned my trip to the mountain the
previous evening. I had prepared a small backpack suitable for a day's walk on the low mountain
(500-600 m/1600-2000 feet) nearby my village. No drive was needed, I just walked out the door
and was on my way in my warm mountain dress and fur hat.

To reach my selected climb up to the mountain range, I had to walk inwards a valley for almost
an hour, the path following a small river. The walk was easy and peaceful, I usually never
met anyone else so early in the morning and there was no human noise from any traffic etc.
The only sound to be heard were nature's own; bird singing, wind blowing and water flowing.

Imagine my surprise when I came round a turn of the trail and heard a soft voice coming from nearby.
I could not see anyone, but when I kept on walking, a camouflaged tent appeared on a small river
bank, close to the path. No one could be seen, but there were more than one person behind or in
the tent. I considered just walking quietly on and let whoever were camping here in peace, but as
luck would have it, a heavenly creature came out of the tent just as I was passing.

The creature turned out to be a female goddess, a young, voluptuous nubile, maybe 17 years old.
Her body was covered in thick winter clothing, but I still could tell she was a gorgeous hottie.
She smiled warmly as she saw me and greeted me in a foreign tongue. Fortunately I knew a few
foreign languages, not all fluently, but manageable. So I immediately could tell she was of French
descent and greeted her back as polite as possible.

"Vous parlez francais?" she said, obviously excited to meet someone who knew her native tongue.
"Oui, un peu." I replied, still taken aback by her stunning beauty. Upon hearing voices outside,
two more heads popped out of the tent, another equally stunning female and a hunk of guy.

Now is a good opportunity to tell a little about myself: I am a 35 year old, small bloke, 5'7" and
well proportioned, meaning my pride and joy only reach 6.5" on a good day. This has never been much
of a problem, though. I've never felt inadequate and only a few large women have made objections
to my willy, but that is before we end up in the sack! I have a few tricks I use to make sure
they all forget about size once the action gets going.

The second girl, also around 17, was slightly thinner than her friend, but her smile and appearance
was just as welcoming. The guy, who could not be much older, looked like a model with long, curly
hair and being clean shaven. He would also set up a welcoming smile as he appeared outside.
None of them was very tall, around 5' 8" all three.

The first girl gave me quick embrace, stating "Je suis Marielle et ceci est Laura et Henri."
pointing at her friends. "Je suis Ed" I said as Laura came to embrace me and Henri shook my hand.
"Que diable faites-vous ici dans ce nature sauvage eloignees?" I asked curiously.

Their reason for setting up camp in such a secluded spot so far from the main tourist route was
simply a chance meeting with an island native the year before back in France. He had met the
company in their home town and had hinted about his beautiful home island and the abundance
of quiet nature, open for anyone to explore. They had thought about it and later decided to
go camping the following spring. Being botanical students they managed to get a grant to go
to Norway and start up a two month project for a wildlife study.

They were very excited to show me some of their findings so far and invited me inside their tent.
Having served in the Norwegian Army, I recognized the tent from countless exercises out in the
cold wilderness up north. It was quite large, some 15' times 20', with enough headroom to stand
erect inside. In the middle an old woodburning oven, with a pipe extending thru the roof, gave
enough heat to give an impression of comfort.

From the three bunks standing around the tent walls, I gathered they also stayed overnight here.
And besides a bench and a table, the tent was almost full with crates, containing food and tools.
Not exactly Hotel Hilton, but the three friends seemed very pleased with their accommodation.
When I entered the tent, I removed my backpack and jacket, and felt quite at ease.

Being quite fond of Mother Nature myself, I was quite interested in what the young students had
collected for their project. But I also have to admit I was very intrigued by the intimacy the
cramped tent offered to all of us. When I was offered a seat on the bench, Marielle sat next to
me on one side and Laura on the other, their warm thighs hugging my own, making my manhood jump.

As the French often do, both girls were constantly touching my arms and letting their hands
rest on my thighs, seemingly to emphasize an argument, but making me more and more aroused.
Luckily, my wide trousers gave plenty of room for my expanding dick, which soon were at full mast.

Henri stood on the other side of the table, collecting and replacing items to show me.
All three were explaining the findings and they seemed all very skilled in their subject.
After more than two hours of "lectures", any thoughts of climbing the mountain was totally gone.
So when they invited me to stay for lunch, I accepted without thinking twice.

I had packed my own lunch, but they insisted I join them for a French speciality, "baguette",
"foie d'oie" and champagne; no match for my dry sandwiches! They put plastic plates and cutlery
on the table and even had plastic wine glasses for the beverage. Except for the cold outside,
and the rather spartan environment, we could almost be at a French bistro.

The conversation during lunch was warm and lighthearted, and the champagne gave us all a bubbly
feeling of joy. The food was soon consumed, but we continued to talk about this and that.
All the time both girls were stroking my thigh, getting closer and closer to my genitalia.
Henri also had sat down next to Marielle, increasing the intimacy on the short bench.

He had his arms around her shoulders and would nip her neck every now and then, making her sigh.
His other hand caressed her thighs and occasionally she would turn to him for a soft kiss.
The sexual tension was so thick one could cut it with a knife, and soon Henri's hand reached up
and cupped Marielle's breasts, kneading them thru her thick sweater.

Meanwhile, Laura put her hand in my crotch and fondled my balls very tenderly. She then turned
my head towards her and went in for a soft kiss, but soon became more passionate. Her hand now
had my cock in a tight grip, squeezing it and making me gasp.

Henri had kept the fire going all thru lunch and we were now all sweating good. He rose first
and quickly had all his clothes off, keeping his boots on. Marielle and Laura followed his
lead and soon they both were naked sans boots.

My first impression of Marielle proved to be correct, her body curved like an hourglass,
her bosom proudly presented her 34DD tits and her ample butt would wiggle sensuously.
Laura was more pear-shaped, her bosom reaching 32C and her butt slightly smaller.
Both girls had shaved their cunts and Laura even had her clit pierced with a gold ring.

Now, keep in mind I'm usually straight, but seeing Henri's muscular body and ample 8" cock,
made pre-cum flow from my own rigid member. His butt was rock hard and his uncut manhood
presented itself proudly to all of us. He was totally cool with being naked in front of
another man, while I was more reluctant. The girls however were very convincing and I soon
had my chubby body on display.

Marielle led me to her bunk and ordered me to lie down on my back. She then straddled my legs
and bent down to take my dick in her hand, gently licking up and down the shaft. She would take
each ball and suck into her mouth, making them wet and eager to shoot their content. I managed
to hold back, even when she licked the head of my dick and took it in her mouth.

Henri and Laura were at it in another bunk, him going down on her twat. All I could hear was
her moans and his sloppy sucking and licking her cunt. Laura would caress her own tits and lift
her ass to meet his attack on her clit. He would bite on her clit ring and lift it, causing her
to gasp and lift her ass higher still. I could see her clit getting big and red by his hard
cunnilingus and his face was wet all over from her fast flowing juices.

My own juice was beginning to stir deep down in my balls as Marielle was going deep down on my cock,
penetrating her throat. Her tongue on the other hand went wild all around my shaft and balls.
"AH! YESS! I'M CUMMMING!" I yelled when I felt my cream erupting deep in her warm and moist mouth.
She just kept on sucking my cock and swallowed every drop as soon as it spurted inside her.

Lying with my eyes closed, weary from my first orgasm, I was surprised to feel someone else's lips
around my cock. I was almost shocked to find out that Henri had my deflating cock in his mouth,
sucking and licking it back into full capacity. Normally, I would have gone all limp from having
a man sucking me, but his expertise was too good to be ignored.

His next action surprised me even more, as he turned his body around so that his rigid member
were right in my face, bobbing hard on my chin. Not wanting to be ungrateful; he really gave a
good head; I took his cock in my hand and reached out my tongue to gently lick his shaft and head.
I even let my stiff tongue enter his piss hole, knowing how good it makes me feel, and his moan
confirmed he also enjoyed this. He was not fully content though and would soon roughly push his
cock inside my mouth, forcing it all the way in, making me gag.

I tried to push him off me, but his strong thighs kept my head in a vise-like grip and he kept
forcing his cock down my throat. His balls were ...

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