Mr. Make - Belief

I stood there inhaling a long needed drag of my cigarette, across from a drunken misfit who was desperately trying to pick me up with sad pick up lines.
“ See this scrape, I got it when I fell in love with you” he mumbled while pointing at the recent gash on his face caused by another drunken man who got a little to angry. He started laughing while making other jokes. I laughed trying to make him feel as if he was actually funny but I was deeply feeling bad for him, knowing he will not remember anything that happened come morning. As I headed back inside the bar I felt a hand grab my arm tightly. This arm started pulling me away roughly and as I stumbled backwards, This uncomfortable arm grab was suddenly tightening and making my arm very sore.
“ Get your hands of me you dirty son of a bitch” I hissed through my teeth. Still not being able to see the face of the stranger who was trying to take me. I started to panic. My heart started to race and I couldn't think of anything I could do physically to stop this from happening. Who was this person I had asked myself, still hearing the drunk man laughing, his voice fading as the distance increased.
“ Help!!” I screamed loudly. “Help! Please Help!” I said starting to hyperventilate. I caught a glimpse of the stranger who was pulling me. He let go throwing me to the hard pavement. At that sudden moment this stranger fell to the ground. Standing behind him was a tough looking black man, who had the face of an angel. His dark eyes shined and he kneeled down, his hands gently touching my face and wiping my tears.
“ Here, Let me help you up.” he said cautiously in a husky deep voice, making sure I was alright. He lifted my body in a sweet embrace, helping me until I was safe on my own two feet, he escorted me out of the dark alley, He then hailed a Taxi-cab. He came along for the drive, and as we got out he walked me to my door.
“ If you ever need me. This is my number. My names Tyrone” This tall dark stranger said in a soothing way. With a strong accent. He smiled at me and gave me a warm loving feeling inside. I couldn't resist asking him to come upstairs, he was a little shy to say yes. But I did owe him for saving me. What would of happened with out him.
As we got to the third floor, I unlocked my door and entered my warm apartment. Tyrone halted at the door. Looked at me and smiled for acceptance into my place, I understood what he was saying to me without even talking. I walked over to the door and locked it. I smiled up at him and I turned around, sexily peeling pieces of my clothes off. I walked to the bathroom flaunting my bare round tight ass, and my hair fell to my lower back covering all of which clothes were no longer hiding. I turned on the shower and peeked out the door at this man, who was stripping his clothes off, he had the perfect build. I glanced at his shoulders, chest, stomach, then his fast erecting penis. As he pulled his boxers off my eyes widened to see this penis, It was the biggest I have ever seen. He smiled and made his way towards me, checking out my body in the process. I seductively held out my hand for him to come join me in the shower. He gently held mine and we climbed in. The hot water was so soothing, after all that had happened. He stood behind me hugging me, and kissing my neck. As his raging cock grew ever harder, when I thought it wouldn't get any harder it did. I turned around in the shower to face him.
“ My names Kara--” I said surprised to find Tyrone kissing me. He hugged me ever tighter, I lowered myself out of his tight embrace, I got on my knees, I took his big boss in my hand, gently stroking, using my thumb to tease the head of his stiff cock. When I leaned forward to lick just ...

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