Mrs. Huggins, my slave neighbor

“What do you want?” I asked.

“You cock,” Mrs. Huggins replied.


“In my asshole,” she purred. I sat in an armchair in her bedroom, the lights turn down low, and stared at her. She was on all fours, naked, on the bed with her fat ass directed at me. She stared at the headboard, instructed not to turn and look at me, and was still. Even in the dim light and through the moderately dense curls of hair I could see her pussy glisten.

Two weeks ago I had raped her. It was an animalistic, merciless act. And she loved it. A week after she had begged for me to come see her, to give her more. That night I snuck out of my parents’ apartment and into hers. We talked for a long time that night about what happened, how we felt, and where we’d go from there.

Mrs. Huggins talked at length that night about her life with Mr. Huggins. They had some great sex, which I already knew from years of overhearing the romps, and for the two years since his death Mrs. Huggins had been awfully lonely. What really struck me was her description of their sexual relationship and how I had so inverted Mrs. Huggins prior notions. As it turns out, Mrs. Huggins had been something of a bitch to her husband. Sure they fucked a lot, which is more than many married couples can say, but she had always taken advantage of his desires to manipulate him and give herself a sense of power. Mr. Huggins only used blowjobs as foreplay, never deep throated him, and only gave up her ass on very special occasions.

Now I was here, the first man in her life that wouldn’t take no for an answer, and Mrs. Huggins discovered she loved being subjugated.

“Show me how bad you want it,” I commanded. Mrs. Huggins slid her left hand over her ass and went straight for her hole. Her middle finger swirled the rim a few times before plunging in.

“Ooo, baby, I want it in my ass!” she cooed.

“One finger? Sure doesn’t look like you want it that badly.”

“Fuck, yes, I fucking want it,” she shouted as her first finger joined her middle. Her ass easily accepted two, making me wonder if all those years she was withholding anal from her husband she had been secretly exploring it by herself.

That night, a week ago, before our talk I had plowed Mrs. Huggins’ throat. Twice. The first time I simply walked into her apartment, grabbed a handful of her hair just as she tried to move in to hug me, forced her onto her knees and went to town. Now, though she may have been playing with her ass on her own free time for all those years, her throat was truly inexperienced, and she struggled as I stuffed it. She gagged, choked, spit, coughed, heaved, and cried and each time my balls slapped her chin I could hear the sloppy sound of her raw throat hole being forced open. The second time I fucked her throat that night, after our talk, I had told her I wanted to taste her pussy. I laid on the couch and she mounted me, giving me full access to her delicious folds, and eventually she leaned down into 69 and began loving sucking my cock. Abruptly, I grabbed the back of her head and forced her down, burying myself in her. With my free hand I dug fingers into her ass, penetrating all of her holes at once, as she squirmed. The first load I’d fired into her that night had drained down her throat, the second poured out of her abused mouth and drained onto my balls. I made sure she cleaned every inch of me with her tongue before I left.

“C’mon, either show me you fucking want it or I’m out of here,” I said, lying of course.

“Awww, fuck!” Mrs. Huggins exclaimed as her ring finger pried its way in with the others. She began to gyrate her hand, making circular motions within her ass, and chanted “I want your cock in my ass!”

I leaned forward and smacked an open palm down on her right ass cheek. I watched the seismic quakes ripples through her ass, jiggle her stomach, down her legs, and even set her heavy tits into a gentle swinging motion. Mrs. Huggins had some weight on her but it was so fucking hot. Her tits were enormous, her ass was mind-boggling, and I wanted to devour every inch of her soft flesh.

“Your ass is so fat, fuck, I love it!” I couldn’t help myself.

“Fuck, Johnny, please!”

“Tell me one more time just what you want.”

“Your cock!” she urged.

“Say it right.”

“Ahhh, I want you to jam your fat cock into my fat fucking ass!” she shouted so loud I knew that neighbors had to hear.

My cock agreed with her sentiment and I stood up. I shed the necessary articles and pointed my cock at her beautiful ass. She removed her hand and readied herself.

“Did I say you could stop!” I shouted, slapping her ass so hard she fell prone on the ...

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