My Black Lesbian Traveling Companion

My Black Lesbian Traveling Companion

Chapter 1

Sue is a woman in her early 50s, and single, she has had several intimate relationships with men, but has always had an interest, although subdued in other women and secretly her fantasy is to be used and sexually abused by a young black woman! . She is an attractive “Full figured woman” with incredibly large 38” DDD tits and looks a bit younger than her age. She had recently been hired as an advertising agent which in itself was quite remarkable for this time in her life, but this was mostly do to her female bisexual friend who was the wife of a principle in the business. One of her first assignments for this couple in the business, was a trip to the states and to the big city of Chicago.

She had packed her clothing and the required things to attend this advertising seminar, and a few personal items. Had put on some “Bright red lip gloss” and decided to wear what she thought was a reasonably modest short pleated skirt with a white matching top, and “No bra”!. This modest skirt on on a 5' 6” tall full figured woman that had a round shapely bottom and big breasts, with no support, would not be so modest after all! . She had worn the shoes, a present this couple had given her, they were a new pair of “Shinny bright red 3” heels”, and in a color that matched her glossy red lips!

The top and especially the heels made her feel, attractive sexy, and younger. A bit like a “Slutty call girl” as her large “Breasts with her big nipples” plainly showed through the tight thin fabric! Sue had never considered herself attractive, more of a plain older woman. But this couple along with several of her female friends and especially some of the “Men at the adult arcade”,a place where she had been taken a number of times had shown her, that a “Naked or nearly naked submissive woman even an older one” could be more than appealing and attractive!

One of her favorite things in the arcade was a kind of “Tit glory hole”! She would be taken to one of the booths stripped naked bound and blindfolded with her big tits sticking through two holes that placed them out in the hall way so that when customers would walk by on their way to the other booths they “Could play with and abuse them”! This couple would then take selected customers in to the both both male and female and let them play with Sue's bottom and pussy while she was bound and could not see, this had always made her so wet and randy!

She had decided to wear her mac so it would cover her where she went to and from the plane. That way in Chicago or if she had to go anywhere on the airport, to her hotel, her thin top and short dress would not be so obvious or much of a problem.

Someone had told her that Chicago could be much like the “UK was rainy and wet a lot of the time”, so with this coat, she would be ready? With all of her things packed and, as an after thought she decided to bring her “Modest pocket rocket”! This was her favorite vibrator and had been a close and very intimate personal friend for some time especially when she was by herself, the two had become quite inseparable!

But where to put it? She was in public normally, a reserved older woman , and this being her first trip out of the U K had no real world experience about air travel on an airliner or even what kind of security measures would be in force at the airport. She had heard that some sort of X-Ray machine was used to inspect the luggage for bomb threats. But was unaware that most airlines and airports also had all sorts of security measures in place such as scanners, and metal detectors that checked everyone, some even required a body search! So she reasoned that all the things in her suitcase would not cause a problem, but her pocket rocket, now that was another matter, where would she put it?

She had decided to “Just stick it up her pussy”, once past her mature pelvic opening it would slip right in, and pretty much stay there! All she had to do was wear a tight fitting thong that would hold it in just in case? Once the vibrator was up inside her, it was mostly rubberized plastic and she thought it would not be a problem?.

Besides, she had done this before while sinfully and adventurously playing around in the different adult arcades another thing this couple liked to do with her. The buddy booths were her favorite and they delighted in having her strip then would “Turn it on stick it up her pussy” and then hold her hands behind her back and march her around the dark halls of the arcade in front of others where they could watch “Her helplessly orgasm” and play with her! She especially liked the places they took her because other woman and “Occasionally a black woman” not just men loved to sexually abuse her!
She had used it in the past when she wanted to “Get off “, and pleasure herself while watching a certain perverted movie or in the company of other “Kinky women”. She had also done the very same thing when she was on her way to flash someone in the park, walking in the lanes or at the train station!. It had worked well before, had caused little problem and no one seemed to notice? Besides it was a real shock for others to see an older woman like her openly expose herself, and it made her feel oh so sexy.

So, she thought that on the long plane trip she could fantasize about her most perverse sexual feelings, and pleasure herself by just putting her folded mac over her lap! She had already started to think about all sorts of kinky sexual pleasures and the results the rocket could help provide.

This couple had taken her early that morning to Heathrow to see her off and wish her well. Sue had been to the ticket counter check in, the flight was a British Airways 747 direct jet service from London to Chicago, She had checked her one bag, her female partner had hugged and kissed her goodbye, and had left her in one of the long lines that everyone has to go through for a personal security check! She had her purse with the usual girl stuff lip gloss make up spending money, along with a zip up business folder, her passport and hotel and travel arrangements.

She had not brought any carry on luggage, and had removed her red hi heels as instructed , then placed them along with her purse folder mackinaw in the security tray. She was then guided through one, of several metal detectors “That promptly went off”!

This was a normal thing that happened quite often, and at first no one paid much attention, but after the third time through with more and more people held up behind her, “Obviously something was wrong”, and a rather large crowd had gathered to watch! This had made Sue already dressed in a rather skimpy outfit the center of “Embarrassed attention”. The security agent had told her to hold her hands up high over her head each time she went through. There is just something about an “Attractive large breasted woman” even an older one wearing no bra in a tight fitting top and short pleated skirt. The fact that she was wearing only a “Thong” under it, and with her hands in the air this along with the bright red lip gloss seemed to attract more than just casual “Attention”! This scrutiny had left her fair milk white British skin quite flush!

It was pretty obvious to all who were watching, that the thin white top, and what they could see of her tiny thong, had left a lot of her bare bottom showing especially with her hands up, and the short skirt was now higher than ever. This provided little in the way of modesty, much less was able to hide something more sinister under it. Whatever was setting off the detector, “Pardon the pun” apparently was more than just skin deep! Things became even more embarrassing as in her twisting, turning and the tightening of her pubic muscles, as she went back an forth through the detector, had somehow “Turned it on”!.....

The results were predictable, as she squirmed around with her big breasts and bottom giggling obscenely! At first she just tried to “Squeezed her thighs and pubic muscles together as tight, as she could”! She of course, was unable do this for very long, and the fact she was already horny from her erotic thoughts along with being helplessly stimulated, embarrassed, and now close to orgasm in front of a large crowd of strangers? All were looking at her most intently, as if she was having some sort of mild erotic seizure! “This perverse display had culminated only moments later with a trembling spine tingling orgasm”!...

One of the female security agents obviously sensing she had some sort of female trouble?.. At first asked her,.. “Lady,.. lady,... are you all right”? Sue as she “Gasped” for breath was barely able to speak still shaken said yes, she was okay,.. just fine! This woman now sure that there was a problem, had led her away from the crowded security area and into a small and more discrete room off the concourse where full body scans and intimate searches were conducted!

Once in the room a less than friendly big black matron of a security agent had told her to remove her “Clothes”! Sue still trembling from the helpless orgasm and scared to death with the vibrator still doing its thing, hesitantly did as she was told! This woman then took a body scanner and proceeded to run it over Sue's naked body.

Nothing happened until it reached her bare bottom. At this point the device started to hum, the woman told her put “Your arms up and turn around”! When Sue did this, her big breasts were even more sinfully exposed! The woman then stuck the scanner directly on the small triangle patch of her thong! As she did so the scanner went “Nuts, squealing and warbling” as if it had hit some sort of perverted gamblers jackpot!

She, then pushed her towards a desk and told her to bend over ! With several other black male security guards looking on she hooked her fingers in the waist band of the “Thong, and unceremoniously jerked it down, easily ripping it off”, leaving it in several pieces!

This was followed by Sue having another embarrassing shameless muscle squeezing “Orgasm as she stood bent over trying to hold it in, now naked and in front of everyone”! This big black woman with a satisfied smirk on her face now watched Sue's “Vibrator still buzzing intently” slowly squeeze out of her, now very wet and over stimulated mature full lipped pussy! She grabbed the offending item and expertly shut it off apparently having seen one before! She then gave Sue several very painful bare handed “Whacks on her milk white bottom” and scolded her like a young school girl that had been caught masturbating! Then was told to get dressed and was handed her now silent vibrator along with the remnants of her very wet thong! Both were now safely wrapped in a clear plastic bag!

With Sue rubbing her sore bottom the woman in a booming voice, that could be heard out in the terminal concourse said that she, Sue would have to hand carry this item on board the plane and through every security inspection point, and present it for close inspection to any agent that asked! Followed by, you are free to go! Sue now even more embarrassed, and beet red was escorted back to the security line and with no thong or the offending item to cause trouble, as both were now safely in the bag on the tray with her purse, folder and mac! Headed through the x-ray machine, and visible to anyone that cared to look! This time she easily went through, the now silent detector!

Once through security, was worried she might miss her plane as she hopped along. Her “Big breasts still unrestrained” were something to see as she skipped from one foot to the next slipping on her new red heels, and then hurrying along down the concourse with the purse and folder in one hand, and her mack and the plastic bag in the other. Her “short skirt was flying” and barely covering her now totally “Bare bottom” as she went, much to the enjoyable delight of any male or female that was directly behind her! She had barely made it to the departure gate, and the British Airways agent had, after checking her boarding pass reopened the ramp to the aircraft entrance! All of the passengers were already seated and the plane was ready to push back for departure.

To those watching she was the the older revealingly dressed woman, the one who had caused all of the considerable commotion earlier! So all eyes were on her, she was most certainly under dressed in this rather revealing outfit, that clearly accented the “Nipples “of her big breasts, she finally made her way to the assigned seat in coach.
Her seat was in the middle between a young attractive reddish haired black woman setting next to the window , and a young man, probably in his early 20s that had the aisle seat. In coach class this left everyone close and seated tightly together. It also had required Sue to practically climb over him! He was young, and “No gentleman,” making no effort whatsoever to move, get up or easily let her by!

He though, was more than surprised when she had little choice but to stick her bare full figured bottom directly in his face as she attempted to wiggle passed! Once by, she had reached up, and opened the overhead storage bin that was already crammed full! She had tried to stick her purse folder and the plastic bag in, and then latch the door! After struggling with it, one of the stewardess's tried to assist, and as she did “The bag popped out”! The stewardess “Grabbed it” and with big eyes at the discovery of what it was, quickly handed it to Sue! After which the stewardess was able to latch the overhead, the planes engines were starting, and with the push back procedure complete, was told to set down! Sue had tried to “Protest”, with the bag and its obvious content now in her hand,and visible to everyone, but the stewardess would have none of this, and told her again even more sternly to “Set down, be quiet, and buckle up”!

Sue was now more “Embarrassed “than ever, although the young man did not seem to have any idea what was in the bag? Her thong now folded up inside along with the vibrator, had made its true function a bit less apparent! The black woman with the most beautiful green eyes, gave her a “Knowing smile” as she looked her straight in the eye. Sue was wondering, did she just “Wink at me”,..and.. was not sure as she looked back at her for a moment and then quickly away?

The aircraft's take off departure and climb to its cruising altitude was uneventful. She relaxed a bit with her folded mac now on her lap and under it the bag, still “Tightly clutched in her hand” ! After the seat belt sign was turned off and the announcement made she was able to relax even more, but was still wondering what in the world she was going to do with it? The young man after his initial shock did not seem to be bothered at all by what had happened, had ordered a head set donned it and had promptly gone to sleep!. It was going to be a long flight about 8 hrs depending on the jet stream and the weather over the North Atlantic!

The following is what Sue later described about her plane trip, to her female friend and business partner as to what had happened to her on this flight and while in Chicago!

. The attractive black woman with reddish colored hair and the beautiful green eyes was looking at me again. I think she told me her name, and said that I was a very attractive woman and that it was very nice to see one that was not afraid to dress so revealing and to show that older women could be sexy attractive and desirable!

But it was the way she said it that even I somehow knew its true meaning and that this woman was being more than just friendly! I don't remember what she said after that or what we talked about, I Just sat there saying little staring straight ahead. I was speechless by what she had said and the fact that she was so beautiful!. She had asked for a drink as the stewardess took orders, saying that it helped calm her nerves and relax when she flew as flying always worried her!

When the drinks arrived she had slipped her hand under my mac and had placed it quite firmly on the inside of my bare thigh as she leaned over me to get her first drink. She apologized, as one of her firm young breasts brushed against my face!

I tried to give her some room, “But her hand did not leave my thigh and apparently had no intention of doing so”? The conversation continued as she asked my name, and where in the states I was headed. I told her, still wondering about her hand, but made no effort to push it away? She then commented on what a “Charming English accent I had”, and went on to say that she had been in England on business and was returning to Los Angles with a stop in Chicago. Commenting offhandedly that I had caused quite a “Stir,” as she characterized it. An enjoyable one at that, she said and a diversion in the normally dull and busy airport terminal. Her hand still hidden under my mac “Squeezed my inner ...

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