My encounters with Brooke

This is actually Brooke's story, but she asked me to ghostwrite for her.
Some parts are actual events, but most are plain fiction. Enjoy!

I'm a caucasian male, 51 years old, 6'1", 180 lbs, and try to keep fit in the gym on a daily basis.
I run a male escort agency, based in San Francisco, but operating throughout the West Coast.
Mostly for female clients, but we also have some bi-escorts, who will deal with both genders.
We specialize in "Rape for hire", where the client asks to be raped or have a third party raped.
Either by one or several of our escorts. The client has to sign a contract stating his/hers
or the third party's agreement to the action, in order to ensure no court case will ensue.

All my employees are above average, both in fitness and endowment, it comes with the trade.
And comes in handy, when we need to handle an unsuspecting "victim" in a convincing way.
Myself, I sport a thick, uncut 9" cock, which is one reason most clients wants to use our agency.
Another is the excitement they get from being molested and raped, not knowing if it's the hired
escort or just some random rapist performing the act. In order to keep our client in suspense,
we usually state a 6 month duration for a contract. This means our service will take place
at an unsuspected time and location, unless the client wish to set more specific details.
The suspense of not knowing when or where the mission will occur is almost killing our clients,
but is also our best selling point. More and more clients find out about us, and I have had
to hire new escorts almost on a monthly basis, the total today being 21, 18 straight and 3 bi.

Marvin found me thru an ad in Craigslist and called me one day to hire my services.
His undisclosed intentions was to have his 19-year old stepdaughter, Brooke, punished for being
a constant tease and slut to all of his clients at the law firm, where they both worked.

Brooke always wore short, low-cut, see-thru dresses with only a thong or G-string underneath.
She would "accidently" brush her hard, pierced nipples up against anyone she met, her hand
casually touching their crotch. She also made sure everyone got a good look at her rear, whenever
she bent down, her dress slipping up and uncovering her racy ass. She even managed to let her
gorgeous 36D tits slip out of her dress, seemingly inadvertently and with pretend perplexity.

Lately Marvin was being greatly embarrased by her actions, so much that his superiors had to
call him in to explain what the hell was going on. He assured them he would deal with the problem
and have her behaviour corrected in no more than a week, so that she could retain her employment.

When Marvin called me, he explained his 19-year old stepdaughter wanted help to find a decent,
respectable man who would introduce her to the joy of sex, claiming her virginity as his trophy.
She wanted some rough treatment, and Marvin supposedly agreed to help her by paying for my service.

I explained the details of our business and the options he might choose from and the costs
involved in hiring our escorts, ranging from 10K to 100K, depending on the type of service.
Marvin opted to have Brooke and himself meet me at a hotel room, on the pretence that I was
a client of his and Brooke would be needed to assist in a contract discussion.
We would enjoy some small talk with drinks and I would then give the little slut an
"adventure" she would not easily forget, Marvin hoping it would improve her ways.

The following friday I had booked into a suite at the best hotel in Marvin's town, well ahead
of their expected time of arrival. I had showered and dressed casually, but refined.
An easy to open white shirt, no tie, with gray slacks, equally easy to shed.

At 3 pm a knock on the door warned me of their arrival and I let them in, almost gasping!
Brooke was an ebony beauty, with thick black hair, teasing brown eyes, round, smooth shoulders.
She wore a dark red cotton dress, which did not pretend to hide any of her curvacious figure.
She wore no bra, her bosom clearly showing off her nicely rounded, 36D natural jugs, with
thick, long and pierced nipples. Her hips was wide, but nicely curved, her abundant butt
wiggling slightly as she walked past me. Her stature was almost like an ancient Greek goddess!

We all sat down around the coffee table, me not able to take my eyes from this stunning maiden.
Brooke seemed a bit self-assured and smiled coyly at me, pushing her bosom plainly in my view.
Marvin had explained to me she was still a virgin, which I somehow doubted! She would have had
lots of horny guys running after her, some of which would surely have slipped his dick inside her?
Anyway, I served us drinks and some light snacks, preordered from room service earlier.
The conversation was light hearted, I asked about Brooke and her life, she answered, quizzically.

After our fourth drink, Brooke's speech was getting quite slurred, her eyes swimming.
Marvin now gave me a nod, and I grabbed her by her waist, and carried her to my bedroom,
Brooke kicking her legs and trying to scream. Her voice was luckily almost inaudible and
she had no strength in her, due to the alcohol. The deal was for Marvin to wait, patiently,
until I had fucked over his stepdaughter several times.

I dropped Brooke on the king-size bed and in no time had shed my clothes, standing in front
of her with my manhood on half mast. She went wide-eyed and tears ran down her cheeks.
The slut seemed to have met her master and was no longer so cocky, whimpering she drew herself
to the back of the bed, looking scared at me, "Please! Don't hurt me!".

"I'm gonna give You the time of Your life, bitch!" I said hard, with a quick tug ripping her dress
off her delicious body, leaving her with only a G-string. "NOOOOHHHH!" she cried, but I silenced
her promptly by crawling onto the bed and shoving my limp cock in her mouth. I held her head with
both hands and felt my cock growing rapidly in her warm and luscious cave. Her eyes widened.
"NNNNGGGGHHHH!" she mumbled, and when my cock finally was at full mast, I thrust hard inside her.
My cock met her throat and she started to gag, so I retreated, only to slam into her once more.

With a pop, I felt my cock enter the back of her throat, her throat muscles vibrating intensely
around my dick head. Brooke tried to scream, but my cock suppressed any air coming from her lungs.
I retreated completely from her mouth and saliva ran in streams down her chin. She looked relieved.
"Take a deep breath, then inhale thru Your nose!" I urged her. "I CAN'T TAKE IT!" she cried.
"YES, You can and You will!" I told her and held the back of her head with one hand, leading my
dick with the other. I heard her breathe deep a couple of times, and entered her again.

Holding her head with both hands, I went all the way down her throat, till her nose was buried
deep in my crotch. Her eyes bulged and I could feel her desperate attempts to fill her lungs.
Then I started a gentle fucking in and out, keeping the dick head inside her throat, but giving
her a chance to recuperate. When I felt her heaving stopped, I increased the speed and fucked
her mouth harder and harder. Not having my balls emptied for several days, I could not hold on
to my churning lava long, and my potent cum soon gushed out my cock, straight down her gullet.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH! YYYYEEEESSSSS!" I lustfully grunted and dropped Brooke down on the bed, my cock
plopping out of her mouth. On it's way out, some of my cum plastered her tonsils, giving her a
first taste of my delicious cream. A few spurts spewed over her face and chest, glistening on
her flawless ebony skin, increasing her slutty attraction. She looked absolutely divine with
my cum all over her.

Keeping my mind focused on the task, I removed Brooke's G-string and straightened her onto her
back and had her legs open wide. I then kissed her warm mouth deeply, tasting my own cum,
biting her lips, then licking her neck. Her breasts were still shaking from her hard breathing,
and I cupped them and began licking, kissing and pulling on her pierced nipples. Her breathing
changed pace and she started to moan.

Marvin had told me about her pierced nipples, so I had prepared a little treat for the slut.
Reaching in my bag by the bed, I found a chain with two special clamps on either end.
The clamps had holes in them which would fit the stud on each nipple, lifting the piercing and
then squeeze beneath the stud. This gave a double effect in pain, the ripping effect from the
stud being lifted and the pinching effect on the bottom of her nipples.

"AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH! IT HURTS!" she yelled at the top of her lungs and arched her back.
When I tugged the chain hard a few times she yelled in even more pain, and I let the chain go.
Moving further down I came down to her furry pussy. "You need to do something with this forest."
I said to her, not bothered too much. "I can't see the good stuff for all the thick bush!"

Parting her immature tight outer labia, I reached her clit and dove down, licking and flicking it
with my tongue tip, her loud cries changing into softer moans. Meanwhile I stuck my middle-finger
inside her tight, wet cunt, making sure she was really getting thoroughly aroused by the action.
I circled my finger inside her pussy and to my amazement felt her virgin barrier intact.
"Aha! So You really are a virgin?", I said, amazed to find this hot bitch still untouched.
"YYYEESS... I've only been with a few girls." she stammered. "A lezzie slut! Or Bi?" I thought.

"Well, You're not gonna be virgo for long, trust me!" I told her. She gasped as I finally found
her G-spot and kept rubbing her there, while I nibbled her clit. Adding another finger inside her,
I plunged my tongue inside her cunt and tasted her sweet virgin nectar. I felt her body stiffen,
then erupt in heavy convulsions, her cunt attempting to suck my tongue inside.

"I'M CUMMMMMING! AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!" she howled, filling my mouth with more of her tasty cream.
Her face was glowing and she looked totally satisfied. Her apparent calm changed rapidly when I
removed the clamps from her tits and stroked her swollen nipples. "AAAAAIIIII!" she whimpered.

I rolled her over on her stomack, found a table tennis paddle in my bag and gave her ass some good
spanking with it, red marks building on her ass. "Aaaaauuuuggghhh!" she cried, but softly.
Her ass wiggled sensuously on every stroke I gave her, and I kept on paddling her till her whole
ass was red. I then bent down and parted her ass cheeks licking down the crack of her ass, rimming
her ass hole, entering her pretty ass with my stiff tongue. "Mmmmmm" she murmured. I was now
straddling her legs, keeping them tight together.

With a good grip on my drooling pecker, I moved forward and rubbed my cock up and down the wet
entrance to her virgin cunt, making my manhood slick with her girl juice. Grabbing her hips I
began to force my way inside her. I felt her pussy lips yield and open as I pushed inside her.
Once my dick head was inside, I rammed her cunt hard and felt her virgin protection split as
my manhood forced itself deep inside her.

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH! MYYYYY GOD!" she screamed and tossed her head high. "YOU'RE KILLING ME!".
My cock was completely hosed down by her virgin blood, and I paused inside her, letting her
get used to the invasion of my massive beast. Her breathing finally returned to a normal rhythm,
and I dropped back till only my cock head was inside her cunt. It glistened red from the mix
of blood and fuck juice, including a decent quantity of my pre-cum.

"AAAAAAAIIIIIII! OOOOHHH GAAADDDD!" she screamed when I again shoved my stiff manhood inside her.
This time I kept a slow steady movement in and out of her now womanly cunt, and soon her cries
changed to whimpering and soft moans. The tension on my dick from her tight vaginal walls was
excruciating, and I had to work hard not to cum prematurely. The position I held her in added to
the pressure and I always enjoyed fucking women this way.

"You're enjoying this, bitch? Aren't You?" I asked her. "NNNNNNNNOOOOOOO!" she groaned, but her
moaning told a completely different story, and the contractions inside her cunt added to my
conviction that she was having a good time, which in essence was what this "rape" was all about!
She played her part as "victim" good, though....?

I had her change positions and raised her onto all fours, with my cock still inside her cunt.
Her legs were forced wide open, and I moved myself between them and continued my steady screwing.
Having her in this position, meant I could easily reach her gorgeous bouncing tits with both hands.
I cupped her tits, massaging them and then pinched her nipples, stretching them down by the stud.
"OOOOOOHHHHH!" she yelped and tossed her head. Her nipples were still sensitive from the clamps.

Reaching for my bag, I fished out a bottle of anal lube and sprayed a decent amount on her ass.
Dipping my fingers in the lube, I inserted first one finger inside her ass hole, circling her
insides with the finger tip, then redipping and inserting two fingers. Brooke would burst out in
a short yelp each time I entered her ass, but her sphincter was getting more and more relaxed.
She would moan when I frigged her ass with my fingers, wiggling her ass damned enticingly.

When I felt her ass was ready for me, I drew back from her cunt, making Brooke release a loud sigh.
With a good grip on my cock, I pushed the head inside her ass, the lube making this an easy task.
Her sphincter still squeezed hard around my cock, and Brooke was gasping loud from the intrusion.
With the head inside I pushed hard till my balls slapped her cunt, Brooke arching her back hard
and gasping "OH! OH! OOOOH!". I grabbed her hair and held her arched, when I began my rough
plowing of her ass. The tightness in her rectum was incredible, and even with the excessive lubing,
the friction on my cock was massive. Still I managed to hammer my cock in and out of her ass with
ever increasing brutality. Bliss!

Brooke seemed to accept the anal invasion, and began to meet my pounding with reverse thrusts.
Her cries again changed into moans, and I felt her hand moving back and rub my balls, then her
clit and she even inserted a finger in her cunt. Soon I felt her cunt starting to quiver, sending
shivers down my spine and my balls churned. "I'M CUMMMMMMING! AAAAHHHH! OOOOHHHH!" she yelled and
I increased the force of my thrusts, feeling her ass trying to hold me in a vise-like grip,
her whole body trembling hard. This was too much for my own stamina, and my cum erupted deep
inside the bowels of my luscious ebony slut, "AAARRRGGGHHH! TAKE MY CUM, YOU FUCKING BITCH!"
I groaned and felt spurt after spurt filling her ass completely.

With a plop, I released my cock from her well-fucked rear, streams of cum and gore running out
of her orifice and down her legs. I slumped down on the bed next to Brooke, who seemed both
well satisfied by my activities, but also stunned by being forced and losing her cherries,
both vaginal and anal. I embraced her, letting her head rest on my shoulders, stroking her hair,
while she started to sob. "You ok?" I asked her. "Pleased with my performance?"
"Your performance? You raped me!" she angrily responded, tears erupting from her eyes.

"What! You mean to say this was not Your secret wish, to be 'raped'?" I worriedly replied.
"No...." she croaked, sobering almost completely and realising her stepdad had set her up.
"Ah! My stepdad must have organised this wanting to humiliate me!" she pondered.
"Fuck!" I exclaimed, causing Brooke to send me a smile "We already have!".

Brooke and I lay in bed, contemplating our predicament, still in an affectionate embrace.
She gazed deep into my eyes and asked me "So You're not a rapist? Simply a hired escort?".
"Yes! Normally I try to avoid direct contact with my clients, so this is a novel experience."
"Hmmmm!" I heard her brain going full speed. "Will You help me get even?" she asked.
"What do You have in mind? He's still a paying customer, You know." I tried to persuade her.

Moments later she hit the showers and I entered the suite's living room, wearing nothing but
Brooke's G-string, which barely covered my flaccid cock. "Mission complete!" I stated, trying
to act nonchalant. Approaching Marvin, I asked him "Have You ever tasted Your daughter's pussy?".
"No, of course not! She would never let me!" he replied, but looking curious at my crotch.

"Do You want to smell her?" I had my crotch right in his face, stretching the G-string out.
He went down on his knees, leaned in, sniffing the silk and stuck out his tongue to taste the
cunt juice on the material. This is when I grabbed the back of his head and forced my slimy cock
inside his open, unsuspecting mouth. Well inside, my cock started to swell and I drove my cock
all the way down his gagging throat, holding him in a tight grip. Marvin seemed no stranger to
cocksucking and he soon stopped gagging, his tongue going wild around my cock.

Being pretty straight, I still had to admit Marvin was an expert at giving head and in no time my
cock went completely stiff inside his warm and moist fuck-tunnel. I was moving in a steady rhythm
in and out of his mouth for a while and he seemed very eager to please my cock.

Then he heard the shower go off and his eyebrows suddenly raised in alarm. He let go of my cock
and pleaded "Please man! Not in front of my daughter! I don't want her to see m. l... t...".
Not bothering if his stepdaughter found him in this humiliating position, I ignored his plea,
held his head with both hands and again forced myself inside his mouth. I then continued my
steady pounding of his piehole, until Brooke entered the room, still naked, carrying my bag.

Marvin ogled her with eager eyes as she entered the room, obviously turned on by her delicious,
naked body. His stiff cock had made a tent in his trousers and Brooke could not avoid noticing.
She sat down on the couch, watching me fucking his kisser, yelling abuse at the "poor" man:
"YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKER! You like having a dick stuck down Your throat? HOPE YOU CHOKE ON IT!"
Marvin went redfaced and tears began to form in his eyes.

"Come here, bitch!" I ordered her. She complied and boldly kissed me, scorning her stepfather.
She reached down, grabbed my cock and began jacking me off, aiming my manhood at Marvin's face.
"Spray Your cum all over his face! Cum for me, make him my personal fucking cocksucker!"
she hissed in an evil voice. Soon a gallon of my jizz covered his face and hair, ruining his
suit and shirt. Being a natural cocksucker, Marvin tried to catch as much of my cum as possible
and swallowed the lot, with a happy grin on his face.

He was rather less pleased when we tied him to a chair, naked and with his mouth taped shut.
After I had a quick shower, we got dressed, Brooke borrowing a t-shirt and a pair of trousers
from me. Just before we were ready to leave someone knocked on the door and I had a good idea
who it might be. Earlier that night I had met with three Korean businessmen in the lobby.
We got into a pleasant conversation and I ended up inviting them to my room later that night.

I had promised them some kinky entertainment, but fortunately had not specified with whom.
When they entered my room and saw Marvin sitting naked and tied up, they all beamed with racy
gayness and rushed over to his side, speaking Korean at high speeds among themselves.
They whipped their cocks out and let Marvin free, only to make him their cocksucking slave.
The last thing we saw as we exited the room, was Marvin being fucked in the ass by one guy,
sucking another and getting a blowjob from the third. He was both moaning and crying out loud.

Rumours I later heard, told of a hotel orgy in my room, both female and male staff participating!
And Marvin being the center of attention and star of the "show". It was said he had to suck off
at least 12 cocks and some 8 pussies and got fucked by all 12 guys at least once in his ass.
The Korean businessmen sent me a videotape from the fucking spectacle along with a hefty check.
The video showed Marvin being ass-whipped and fucked good in both holes, totally enjoying it!

The room was prepaid for one night only, so we took the elevator straight down to the parking
level and went to my car, a vintage metal-red Porsche 911, a stylish two-seater sports car,
recently converted to electric drive on my orders.

As always I travelled light and dumped my only bag in the small luggage space of my tiny car,
before opening the door for Brooke, welcoming her into my fun little car. She smiled at my boyish
charm and accepted my hand when I guided her down in the passenger seat. Well inside the car I
asked her "Where to next, babe?". She hesitated, then said "Home. I need to pack some clothes."

With a soft humming from the electric motor, we exited the parking garage and headed for the road.
Brooke gave me exact directions, and in no time we entered the front yard of her home.
I parked the car just outside the front door and we went inside, heading straight for her room.

Once inside her room, I asked her "Why are You packing? And where on earth do You want to go?"
"San Francisco!" she whispered. "What? Am I to understand that You will accompany me back home?"
I asked her. "Nice! How would I cope, having such a minx living with me?" my mind went racing.
"Only if You would take me? I just need to get away for a while. What that cocksucker did to me,
is unforgivable." she almost began crying. I comforted her as best I could "Of course, You can come
and stay with me as long as You like!". She wept softly in my arms, but soon regained her composure.

While Brooke was packing I sat down, thinking about the incredible events I just had enjoyed.
My memories of her naked full breasts made me ask her about the piercing and how she got it.
She hesitated and I could sense a feeling of remorse hit her.
She then started to tell a rather distressing story.

"It happened when I was only 16. One day, when I was walking the streets downtown, a latina beauty
called out "Hello!"" and stopped for a chat. I recognized her as Marica, a sales woman from one of
the car dealerships I recently had visited. She complimented me for my nice bosom, her hands
caressing my breasts through the thin material of my dress. I was both aroused and appalled by her
actions, but my horny feelings won over me, and I did not stop her. She suggested I should come
with her for a good time, and being a slut already then (e.g. no bras!), I willingly went with her
to a rather run-down building, into a sleazy shop of sorts."

"It was a tattoo studio and once inside I noticed they also performed piercings. I immediately
felt alarmed and a chill went down my spine. Behind the counter stood a tall, dark latino
grinning wide as we entered the shop. Marica went straight over and kissed him on his mouth."

"'This is my brother, Raul, he's just out from prison and is an expert with the piercing needle.'
I started to back out and leave, but Marica would have none of that and grabbed my arms hard.
'You got to have those nice tits pierced!' she told me in a forceful voice. I was too afraid to
object and they soon had me naked on my back on a massage table, my head hanging off the end."

"Raul got his gear ready and stood in front of me. I closed my eyes and prepared myself for the
inevitable pain. What shocked me however was hearing his zipper open, then sensing his cock on
my lips. I opened my eyes in horror and saw this nasty, cottage-cheese filled uncut 7" cock
sliding inside me, forcing me to suck on it. The pungent taste on his cock almost made me puke,
but somehow I managed to contain myself. Marica was also making her move and I could feel her
going down on my cunt, licking and sucking on my clit."

"All their abusive actions actually aroused me and my swollen nipples stood proudly almost an
inch high. Raul of course expected this and used the opportunity to swab my nipples with alcohol,
stretch them even higher and, with an agonizing pain to me, push the piercing needle thru my nipple.
'AAAAAIIIIIHHHHH!' I yelled, knowing he would soon repeat the process on the other nipple.
After he had inserted the studs, the pain subsided a bit and having Marica's expert tongue on
my clit of course helped immensely."

"All thru the procedure Raul had thrust his cock in and out of my mouth in arhythmic motions,
stopping every now and then. I kept on sucking him, my saliva and his pre-cum leaking out and
almost choking me when it ran into my nose. When he had finished the piercing job, Raul focused on
his fucking and slammed harder and faster inside me, the dick head forcing it's way down my throat
again and again. In between his oral fucking, he would slap my tits hard, bringing me severe pain."

"I then felt his dick swell and he thrust his cock deep inside my throat and held it there,
completely choking me. His warm and salty cum spewed directly into my stomach. He drew back
his cock and the second shot hit my tonsils and my tongue, the awful taste causing me to gag,
then withdrew completely and shot the rest of his disgusting cum all over my face and chest."

Brooke was done packing and sat down beside me, not pausing her thrilling story:

"Marica kept on licking and sucking my clit, fucking me hard with two fingers, which made my
body respond with heavy tremors and a steady amount of sweet nectar running out of my cunt.
She lapped up my delicious juice, caressing it in her mouth before swallowing it all down.
Her expert cunnilingus gave the anticipated result, I exploded in a heart-stopping orgasm,
yelling obscenities, filling her mouth with more of my cunt juice."

"When Marica had licked all my juice off my cunt and thighs, she moved over and began to lick
Raul's sperm off my chest and face, lifting my head and kissing me in a crushing embrace.
I could taste my own juice in her mouth, making my crotch even more wet. I almost forgot the
pain from Raul's work on my nipples and his disgusting oral rape. But then she too slapped
my tits and pinched my sore nipples, making me scream loud in total agony."

Tears were running down Brooke's cheeks and I held her to me, stroking her hair and back.

"Raul had disappeared into a backroom, and Marica helped me get cleaned up and dressed.
'Come by the Honda dealership soon, You just earned Yourself a good deal on a brand new car!'
she said nonchalant. She then led me outside, gave me a peck on the cheek and sent me along.
I was still a bit stunned from their abuse and forgot where I was or where I was heading.
Somehow I managed to get back home and stood in front of my mirror, horrified by the sight
of my bruised nipples and tits. My hair was in a mess and I desperately needed a shower."

She hid her head on my shoulder and I kept stroking her, trying to comfort her, all the while
thinking of ways to make Raul and Marica regret their exploitation of her.

In less than an hour we were once more on the road, this time heading for her friend Carrie's home.
She just needed to say goodbye to her, she was a close and dear friend. Of course, I didn't object.
Carrie lived only a short distance from Brooke, and in no time we knocked on her door.

Carrie, the same age as Brooke, was a friend from high school, who Brooke actually had turned gay!
This happened at Brooke's home, where the two girls were playing together most weekdays.
Brooke's stepdad had supplied her with a wide range of sex toys, and she had taken upon herself to
introduce the naive, white-bitch Carrie to the pleasures of raw girl-on-girl sex.

Carrie had been a bit reluctant at first, being naked with another girl and even play with each
other's erogenous zones, but soon she drowned in Brooke's persuasive powers. Carrie now was a
full time lesbian and sometimes she and Brooke met up to reenact their past sexual delights.

Carrie lived her mother, Beth, a 43 year old single-mum, who Brooke always would tease when she
was over at Carrie's place. Beth was the one opening the door for us, and I was immediately
overcome with sexual desires. The woman was stunning! A little taller than Brooke, and much
more voluptuous and chubby, but her stomach was firm and her natural 38DD tits stood proudly
out from her chest. She wore no bra and her nipples were clearly bigger than Brooke's.
Her round hips were abundant, and her ass even more so!

Beth immediately hugged Brooke and held her close, even giving her a good kiss on her mouth.
Talk of a warm welcome! She took my hand when Brooke introduced me and held it firm, looking
straight into my eyes, obviously curious as to where this white hunk fitted into Brooke's life.
Her gaze was warm and friendly, and made me feel very much at ease. She even gave me a peck
on my cheek, when she let me in. My member now stood at half mast and I was glad to get past her.

Beth called out for Carrie, who came down in no time to hug her good friend, and gaze at me.
Brooke introduced us and said something about "knight in shining armour". I would have blushed,
if Beth had not come and invited us to sit down for a drink. Carrie and Brooke were lost in
their own world, and soon excused themselves and went upstairs.

I was left with Beth and would have no reason to regret this for a second, she turned out to
be a sweet and interesting creature and the time just flew by. She would often lean against me
and touch my arm, seemingly to emphasize an argument, but making my blood flow faster.
And if I was not totally mistaken, her nipples were growing even more rigid!

I started to sweat, and she also seemed somewhat flustered. She suggested we perhaps should
retreat outside on the patio, where a cooling breeze would work wonders. She also got some
cold ice-tea from the fridge and served me, once we sat down.

I was sitting in one end of the upholstered bench and she snuggled next to me, almost in my lap.
Her dreamy eyes were getting moist and she kept glancing down on my crotch, for obvious reasons.
My dick were now slowly waking up and the tent in my trousers were evident for all to see.

Not sure how to progress, I decided to test her out, sat down both our ice-teas and drew her to me.
I planted a soft kiss on her mouth and luckily got the reaction I sought, she kissed back with no
hesitation. We kissed deeper, nibbling on both our lips, and soon she opened her mouth to let my
invade her inner sanctuary. She let her tongue duel with mine in passionate eagerness.

I could hear some moaning noise from upstairs, but was too absorbed with pleasuring Beth.

Beth turned out to be one hell of a hot mama, and when I cupped one of her tits, she put her hand
on mine and began to massage her breast, her moaning increasing slightly. She turned and straddled
my lap, almost squeezing my manhood in the process. She ground her bosom into mine, giving me a
good feel of her hard nipples. I ran my hands all over her back, enjoying her round and perfect
ass, while our kisses grew stronger by the minute.

"Maybe we need to continue this inside?" I asked her in a husky voice. She agreed, and we went
inside and upstairs to her bedroom, still holding hands. Halfway up the stairs, we both could hear
what undoubtedly were cries of passion coming from Carrie's room. Both being a little intrigued,
we went to their open door and peeked inside. The sight was incredible!

Lying on her back, Carrie shook in the aftermath of a major orgasm, her eyes closed and soft moans
emanating from her mouth. Brooke was face down in her crotch, lapping up Carrie's cum juice.
Beth and I stood in the doorway, just enjoying the girl's sensual show. Finally Brooke turned
towards us, and smilingly said "Hi! Why don't You come and join us?". I looked at Beth and since
she didn't seem upset or about to protest, I entered the bedroom, dragging her with me.

I was in for a treat, having three wild foxes in bed, all intent on giving me and each other the
time of our life. I reached behind Beth and began unzipping her dress, peeling it down over her
shoulders, letting it and her panties drop to the floor. I noticed Beth had her genitals shaved,
her labia and clit arousingly visible. She wore no bra, so I cupped her tits and began to lick
and suck on her giant, swollen nipples. She moaned and held my head, forcing me to go harder
on her soft, natural tits, almost choking me.

Pushing Beth down on the bed between the two hot vixens, I shed my clothes in no time and
dove for her pussy. Brooke and Carrie were already caressing her tits, licking and nibbling
on her nipples, in between kissing each other, their hands grasping each other's head.
Beth was not slow getting into the action with her fingers deep inside the cunt of both girls.

I started on her mons, letting my tongue play down to her labia, then all the way back to her anus.
I bent her legs up towards her head and let the girls hold on to them. This lifted her ass and gave
me much better access to her womanly paradise. I feasted on her sweet tasting erotic regions,
playing with her clit, sucking on it, kissing her labia as well as sticking my tongue inside her
wrinkly ass hole. The taste were somewhat acid, but arousing just the same.

Licking on my middle finger, I circled her sphincter, teasing it to accept my intrusion.
Beth seemed to enjoy my finger, relaxing her muscle and welcomed me inside her ass.
I played inside her, till my finger needed more moisture, withdrew and asked the girls if they
had any lube laying around. Carrie was quick to reach for a bottle standing on her night table
and gave it to me. "Thanks!" I smiled at her, Carrie giving me a warm grin in return.

With the lube in hand I let some drop on her anus, rubbing it on her rim, then inserting two of
my fingers in her warm brown cave. Repeating this a couple of times till I was certain her hole
was sufficiently lubed, I drew Beth to me, placing her ass on the edge of the mattress.
I then rubbed my cock against her butt hole, Beth watching with eager anticipation.

"OH! AH! GIVE IT TO ME! I NEED THIS SO BAD, BABY!" she squealed, when my dick head forced it's
way past her sphincter. I moved slowly till my balls rested on her butt, pausing for a moment.
"COME ON, HONEY! FUCK ME HARD!" she urged me on, and I readily complied, reaming her faster and
faster. Her rectum was tight, not as much as Brooke's, but I was glad I had her lubricated good.

As I was pounding Beth's ass, I leaned over towards Brooke and gave her a long kiss on both lips,
then nibbling on them. She kissed me back, throwing her arms around me, letting Beth hold
her own legs. Carrie meanwhile was down on Beth's tits, caressing them with all her expertise.
Not sure how she would react, I leaned further down and met Carrie's lips on Beth's tits.
She seemed to withdraw, but lifted herself slightly and met my kiss, a little reluctant.

I knew she was a bona fide lesbian and my kiss was very gentle and I soon let her go, regrettably.
Carrie was a tiny girl, thin, but with a womanly shape, small tits, short hair, beautiful eyes.
Her lips were soft and I would have loved to kissed her some more, maybe she would warm up to me?
She did not totally reject my advance, but I did not push the issue further.

I continued my assault on Beth's ass, constantly rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt.
"OH MY GOD! I'M CUMMMMMING!" she yelled, her sphincter squeezing and releasing, milking my cock
in the process. I did my best to continue hammering her ass, but she shook and wiggled extremely,
and even with a good hold on her hips I just had to wait for her to stop shaking.

Deciding it was time for a change, I slipped out of Beth's ass and urged Brooke to move over and
treat Beth to some good female oral administration. Having Brooke on all fours in front of Beth,
I gripped my still slippery cock, let some spit drop on her butt, then plunged into her ebony ass.
"OH! AH!" she yelped into Beth's cunt, wiggling her ass delicately, when I rested deep inside.
Brooke knew what to expect and welcomed my imminent hammering in and out of her tight rectum.

Carrie had moved to sit on her mother's face, Beth holding on to her daughter's ass with both
hands and licking like a pro. Carrie was caressing her own small tits, totally enjoying herself.
"I wonder if she'd let me do that? Or maybe let me fuck her tight, virgin cunt?" I pondered.
Carrie was soon having another explosive orgasm and slumped down on the bed, totally spent.

My balls was also ready to fire, and I warned Brooke "FUCK! I'M CUMMMING! YESSS!". She responded
by thrusting hard back into me and I had to deposit my warm and abundant cream deep inside her
rectum, filling her bowels to the point her stomach started to swell. I managed to shove my cock
in and out a few more times, this and my constant frigging on Brooke's clit, made her scream
"OH YEAH, BABY! YOU MAKE ME CUMMMM!". I slipped out of her with a plop and just sat on the carpet.

Carrie, having regained some strength, moved to Brooke's behind and began lapping up the mix of
cum, some ass juice and plenty of cunt nectar. She seemed to enjoy the potion, making Brooke beam.
Poor Beth was now unattended and she raised up from the bed and joined me on the carpet floor.
I hugged her, kissing her softly, whispering sensual compliments in her ear. She grinned and
stroked her hand down my chest, abdomen and upon reaching my crotch, took my cock in a firm grip.

Naturally, my manhood was tired by now, but her stroking nevertheless made it come alive, once more.
Beth leaned ...

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