My first nudist experience with my aunt - Pt. 1

My first nudist experience with my aunt - Pt. 1

Hello everybody, my name is "Tom" and the following is the story of a nudist experience that happened a couple of years ago when I was 14.

Well let me begin by introducing myself. I am very athletic with dark skin, brunette hair and brown eyes. I don’t' consider myself to be very attractive but I have sex with some girls from my high school so I guess I'm not too ugly. I am also very friendly but slightly shy, I enjoy talking to people and it is my passion to help everyone.

I am the only child to the best parents in the world. They care for me, they treat me well and I grew up to be spoiled; though I hate admitting it. My parents run their own business. They own a travel agency and they make money. Fortunately for us we have always had plenty of money to go around so money has never been an issue.

It was a hot summer day in the middle of my school break when I woke up to my cell phone ringing. It was my mom. She explained to me that she and my dad had to go to Ohio on a business trip ASAP. The problem was that they had not planned for the trip, it came as an emergency that Friday morning and they had to be gone by 3pm in the afternoon and they were not going to come back until Sunday. They did not want me to be by myself 3 days and so they had to call the only babysitter that was available: my aunt.

My aunt was always very kind to me; she is basically my second mother as she is always looking out for me. She also spoils me and treats me as one of her kids so I knew that she would babysit me.

Mom told me that my aunt Elisa was going to come pick me up in just a few hours. She told me to get my stuff ready and to pack swimming trunks as my Aunt had already planned to take my cousins to go camping.

At around 11am my aunt arrived at my house. She came in by herself and asked me if I was ready. I told her that I was ready to go and she asked me if I needed help. All I had was a backpack and a small duffle bag with all my stuff so I didn't need any help. We headed out the door and got on her black SUV.

Before going on let me explain that my aunt is very attractive. She has curly brunette hair, brown eyes and thick lips. I always thought she was very attractive. At that time she must have been around 37 or 38 but she looked damn good. She had two kids: Brianna and Terry. She was a single mother who took care of both Brianna and Terry ever since she divorced my uncle for being a drunk.

Brianna was the oldest daughter at 15 and she was also very attractive. She looked more like her that but that doesn’t mean she wasn't pretty. Terry on the other hand was the exact replica of my aunt, she looked almost identical to her and of course she was very pretty as well. Terry was only 12 at that time.

Well when I got into the car I noticed that both my cousins had long faces and I felt awkward as if I had ruined their little party and didn't feel welcome. It was weird because both of them were like my sisters, we had grown up together and we were always happy to see each other.

My aunt told them to stop being rude and to say hi to me. They both said “hi” in an unmotivated manner and my aunt just started the truck but she didn't go anywhere. Instead she started explaining me that they were upset because they thought that I wouldn't want to go where they were going.
I told her that I enjoyed going camping and hadn't gone this summer. My aunt then explained to me that this place was a little different as it was a nudist colony where most people where always naked; but they didn't have to. She explained to me that they enjoyed going by themselves because they liked being naked.

I felt a bit nervous, awkward and turned on at the thought that they all got naked in the outdoors and just walked around like that.
I didn't know what to say so I just let out an "OH" but I told her that I didn't mind and that I wouldn't stare or I would go to somewhere else if they didn't feel comfortable.

My aunt laughed and started heading towards the main road. My aunt asked if I would be offended but I assured her that I wouldn't. She asked me if I minded her being naked and got even more turned on but kept my cool and told her that I didn't mind. My heart was racing now. She told me that she didn't mind me seeing her naked and that if Brianna and Terry were embarrassed then it was their problem, they brought swimsuits anyway so they could wear them. Terry said she didn't mind and she was going in naked anyway.

When we finally got to the camping spot
I started sweating hard at the thought of them getting naked in front of me. My aunt asked me for help to take the cooler and some chairs to the beach and we headed down there. It was actually a cool place with trees everywhere and a big lake just past the trees. We headed into the little forest and kept going until we reached the beach. The beach was just about half a mile from the parking lot. When I saw the actual beach I saw dozens of people walking around in the nude, I noticed specially the girls that were naked, some of which were wearing nothing but tiny thongs and I got an instant hard on. It was so sexy seeing mature women being casual about their nudity, exposing both their breasts and genitals.

We found a spot and laid down our stuff.
Once we had the chairs and everything set up, I just sat down to try and hide my erection. I acted normal as if everything was OK but then I saw Terry taking off her clothes. She took off her blouse first and then she took off her bra. Her tiny nipples were now exposed and I tried not to stare but then she put her hands on her shorts and took them along with her panties and her smooth slit was in my view. Her pussy was really pretty, she had only a little bit of hair and her pussy lips were a bit puffy. She caught me staring but she just smiled and I felt a bit embarrassed.

My aunt then put a chair right in front of me and she started taking off her clothes. She took off her white blouse and she wasn't wearing a bra which meant her breasts were exposed in front of me. Her breasts were really beautiful, not awfully big but round and big enough that they hung from her chest. Her nipples were big and slightly browner than the rest of her skin. I tried to act natural but my penis said otherwise, it was so hard now that it hurt. My aunt then took off her skirt in the same manner as Terry had done and her pussy was in my view. Her pussy was only shaven at the bottom where her slit started and completely
Smooth at the bottom exposing her darker pussy lips. She had only a slightly thick bush on top, it was the first mature pussy I had seen in my entire life and I liked it a lot. She acted normal as if she wasn't even naked and just sat down in front of me. When she sat down she reached into a bag that was between her feet and she spread her legs allowing me to see more clearly some of her pussy. Her breasts hung left and right with every movement of her body. She reached into the bag and pulled out a hand-sized tube of sunscreen. She opened it and proceeded to rub some on her shoulders and moved down to her arms and then her breasts. When she did her breasts I could see her hands slightly sinking into them because they were so soft. It was so erotic seeing her rub her own breasts and I wanted to masturbate right away.

She then stood up and started rubbing lotion onto her legs and moved up to her hips. She was facing me which let me see her pussy really well but she did not turn around when she rubbed sunscreen on her butt.

When she was done she called Terry and told her she needed sunscreen as well. So my aunt poured some of it on her hand and started rubbing it on my cousin's naked body. My aunt then squatted to rub some lotion on the lower parts of my cousins and when she squatted her legs spread naturally and I got a good view of her pussy, I could make out the shape of her pussy lips and I could see her clitoral hood. I saw all of it and I still masturbate thinking about how my aunt rubbed sunscreen all over my little cousin’s naked body while her pussy was exposed.

When she was done she sat down and my little cousin said she wanted to go use the restroom. So my aunt told Brianna to go with her while I helped her set up the tent in the woods, I turned around to see Brianna and saw that she was already wearing her bikini, it was a blue and white bikini. She was wearing a bikini because maybe she felt uncomfortable being naked in ...

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