My first time with Robby, chapter 3

As always, comments appreciated. The ending to this chapter Has more sex in it then the precious chapters, but it is also alot longer.

I heard a huge clap and suddenly the room was lit up by the lightning. I jumped, screamed and ran towards Robby's room. I am a baby I guess, because thunder storms scare me. I ran into Robby's room and climbed under his blanket. We had just Yesterday really started to understand how much the other meant to us, and we had yet to start sharing a bed, though the last day I had spent much of my time in it. I cuddled up against him, and felt safe. I drifted off to sleep again. 
It was 6:30 a.m. Before I was woken up by Robby. "okay babygirl, I know it stormed last night, but you still have school today." I got up, went to my room, got my cloths ready, and went to the bathroom to take my shower. As I undressed, for the first time I actually noticed my body. I went to the floor to ceiling mirror, and started checking my body. I looked horrible. My hair was a mess, I had a flat chest, and I have no hips. Anything a boy would find attractive, I lacked. I sighed, and climbed into the shower. I turned the water on, and was hit with a horribly rude awakening. It was freezing. I turned the cold water all the way off and turned the hot water all the way up, but it stayed cold. I sighed again, today was going to be a horrible day. I finished my (cold) shower, and dressed myself, then went to the dinning area. The dinning area was just the island in the kitchen, Robby had gotten this house as a cheap temporary place for himself, and then I got thrown into the mix, and that had made living here a lot less comfortable. I again felt horrible, I must be a huge burden on Robby. I looked over towards him, and promised myself that I would take as much stress off of him as I could, in whatever way I could. he was busy cooking, something he hadn't done until I had moved in, and even then, he wasn't very good at it. I decided that's something I could do, I was a great cook. Robby cursed under his breath, and I smelled smoke. He started to get really angry, and threw the pan out the door. "Robby, it's okay I can eat at school" I said sheepishly, trying to keep him from getting to angry. "ugh, I'm sorry baby. I wish I knew how to cook. Here." Robby said, then he kissed me and gave me a $20 bill. "Robby I don't need all of this, isn't it the money you need for lunch today at work?" I said, trying to give it back. "it's my own fault for burning what you were going to have. I will be fine. You better hurry or you will miss the bus baby." Robby said. I decided it wasn't a good idea to argue with him, even though Robby had never vocalized his frustrations, I knew I got on his nerves sometimes. "bye Robby I love you!" I yelled as I ran out the door, and got on the bus. "have a good day at school, I love you too!" Robby yelled. I put in my earbuds, and started listening to my music. Robby has gotten me an iPod touch, even though I knew he didn't think I was responsible enough. The bus ride was lame, until my best friend Zoe got into the bus. I was always a bit jealous of Zoe, when I was reading my books, she was getting asked out. I would be stuck at home, and she was at some party. She was always more popular then me, but  we had been friends forever, and it never mattered who was cooler. She treated me like a human, and that's probably why I hung out with her. "hey Zoe. I got so much to tell you." I said. "okay but you will never guess what me and my brother did last night! Don't tell anyone okay?" Zoe said. I told her everything that happened between me and Robby, and then leaned back, letting her take it all in. She leaned closer and said, "you little whore you. Well guess what? Me and Tom did almost the same thing last night. That's crazy that we both lost our virginity yesterday isn't it?" Zoe said. Now it was my turn to look at her in disbelief. She had actually had sex with her brother! They were twins too, which made it even worse. I leaned close and said, "at least the boy who took mine isn't related to me you dirty slut!" I said. We both burst into laughter at this, and I was happy she had understood that it was a joke. We both knew that we were in love with he ones we were now fucking. "well, how was robby? He must have felt huge! He's so much older then us, too. Oh, have you asked him about birth control? My moms being really understanding. She knows me and Tom are having sex, so shes taking me to get this implant in y arm that will keep me from getting pregnant for 5 years. Isn't that great?" Zoe said. "oh my god, I didn't even think about that! I was so busy loving what Robby was doing to me, I barely even thought about where his sperm was going. You don't think I got pregnant do you? I said. "probably not, I looked it up and unless your have had your period, you probably aren't ovulating. So you can't get knocked up. But talk to Robby about birth control! You don't want to take any chances. A baby would ruin your figure." I though Zoe was just being nice, but r was still nice of her to say. We got to school and got off, Zoe went to hang out with her other friends, offered to take me with, but I denied as always. I was going to practice my violin playing. Whenever I had a recital, Robby would come. Even when he was younger, he put that as his highest priority. I smiled a bit, and went down to the bottom floor where the gym, music room, health room, and art rooms where. I hated being down here, because the band room was right next to the boys locker room, and it stunk. I went into the band room, and said high to our hippy band teacher. She wasn't really a hippy, but she looked like it. Tie dye and everything, even the flower in her hair. She gave me my violin, and I started playing thunder, as written by Nuttin but Stringz. My favorite band ever. After almost 20 minutes, I couldn't figure it out, and lost my temper. I threw the bow, snapping it, and set the violin down. No matter how mad I was, I never hurt the violin. It was Robby's, and I couldn't disappoint him like that. I left the band room and I was still fuming. As I walked past the boys locker room, I heard a giggle, a laugh, and then I got hit in the back of the head. "hey, how ya doin? Wanna go to the bathroom with me?" Joe, the school bully, and an 8th grader, a ear older then me said. "go away, just leave me alone!" I yelled. Joe had picked on my the entire time we were in the same school, and he did it just because he is a jackass. "don't talk to me like that bitch!" he yelled, and pulled his hand back to hit me. I flinched, ready for him to hit me as he had done many times. Then I heard him, and the three boys behind him, all gasp, then screaming in pain. I opened my eyes and there was tom. Tom was Zoe's twin brother, he had a pupitary decease and so he was huge compared to everyone else, including the security officer. Tom had Joe pinned to the wall by his neck, and had joes feet above the ground. The three boys all were sprawled out on the floor, and it looked like they had fat lips starting. "you will not hit her or anyone else ever again, or I will break every bone you have. Got it?!" Tom screamed, his face inches from Joe's, and his fist pulled back, ready to hit Joe at the first sign of resistance. "yea I get it. I will leave the bitch alone." Joe said with a smug look on his face. Tom spat on Joe, then punched him hard in the face, which seemed to great a large black ring around joes eye. "ouch!" Joe screamed. "serves you right, jerk!" I yelled. I had wanted to do that to Joe for a long time, since the first time he hit me in 5th grade. "are you alright destiny? Zoe said you were going down here, and I got worried when I found out what Joe had been doing. I needed proof, and now I have it. Every time I see his hand go back to hit anyone, I will black his eye. Sorry you had to almost get hurt destiny." Tom said. "it's fine Tom, thanks for helping me at all. Your a good friend." I hugged Tom, and then he walked me to class. About 10 minutes later we heard the loudspeakers go off and toms name was yelled through it. He was in trouble. He laughed at the principal, especially since his dad is a judge. He wound up with community service, on account of the fact that he had a very good record. Normally he was a gentle giant, but hitting women was something you didn't do. Or so he said. The rest of the day was boring. I got on the bus and started listening to my music and rode home. When I got out, Robby was waiting on the small stoop in from of the door. "come here. I have a surprise for you." Robby said as he picked me up and carried me into the house. "okay. Heres the first surprise. We are going on vacation. We can either go spend 2 weeks in a cabin in Alaska, or we can go sightseeing in Hawaii. Which do you choose? I had to think about this. They both sounded fun, but I was more interested in getting alone with Robby. Spending 2 weeks alone with Robby in a little cabin sounded like the best way, and then I could watch Robby work, which had always made me wet. "are we going were I choose?" I asked. "yep, I can't decide, so I will let you since you are going with me this year." Robby said. "well, can we go to Alaska for a week and Hawaii for a week?" asked him. "nope, I can only afford one." Robby said sternly. I kinda figured that, he was saving a lot of money with his choices, taking this crappy house, basic satellite, a pay as you go phone, a crappy dialup internet, and one laptop between the two of us. He was originally living by himself, so it worked. But when I moved in, he spent a lot of money to make me comfortable. I wasn't aware of it at the time, but he had bought me a whole months worth of clothes, which I hardly even used. "okay Alaska. But you gotta carry me to the cabin. It will be like a honeymoon" I said seductively, grinding my hips against him as I had figured out that was one of his turn ons, and I liked the feeling too. "you realize, that over vacation, your pussy is mine. oh, Seth and Lexi are coming with us, they are gonna stay in a cabin near ours, that way if something happens, someone will be there to help. That okay with you baby?" Robby said. I was a bit upset. It was supposed to be me and Robby alone, not with those two coming along. Then I remembered that Lexi and Seth both knew about me and Robby. "okay, but do I have to hide what we have from them?" I asked. "nope, they are okay with it. Seth wanted to watch, but I told him to get his own." Robby said. The idea of Seth watching us, gave me mixed feelings. On the one hand, seth was a huge pervert and I didn't want him near me. On the other hand, having someone watch us have sex somehow made me get wet. "okay, that's gross. I'm not letting him watch me get violated" I said jokingly, Which got me a light spanking. "Ooh your gonna have to do that later baby. But when are we going?" I asked. "well, that's the next part of your surprise. I'm taking you to the mall, we are going to find you two weeks worth of clothes, since we won't be able to do mug laundry there. We can go now if you want." Robby said, as he picked up his keys. I had forgotten to put panties on this morning, and so my pussy had been rubbed pretty raw by the tight jeans I had on. "can I go change real quick? These pants are hurting me." I said. "okay, throw them out here so I can get rid of them okay baby? Hurry up though, we have to go soon to make it on time." Robby said. I did as I was told, throwing the pants out, I heard Robby throw them out to lopsey, the pitbull he had since he was 15. I took off my shirt and bra, and looked at myself. Somehow my boobs seemed bigger today then yesterday. I put a new bra on, and put on a pair of super soft panties, with pink frills on them. They said "hot stuff" on the back, and I realized that robby had bought these by accident, shopping for little girls underwear was probably embarrassing. but they looked really good, and more importantly, they didn't rub against me too much, so they would be fairly comfortable. I looked through what clothes I had that were clean, all jeans and one miniskirt, which I had tried to wear last week but was immediately sent back to my room and told to change. Then I saw this cute dress, and decided I would wear it. I put it on, it really showed off my body, but in an innocent way. I pulled up the dress a bit, and pulled the top down a bit to show off my boobs. As I walked it I yelled Robby's name. He turned around and looked at me and his jaw dropped a little. "babygirl, I hope your changing the dress on purpose, cause otherwise you need to go change." Robby looked almost disappointed when I let go of the back of the dress and pulled the top back up. Like this, it hung off of my shoulders, and was down to the middle of my shin. "okay Robby I'm ready, let's gooooo" I whined. "alright let's go." Robby said and then picked me up and carried me to his car. A red 2002 caviler, with dents in the doors, but it was a really good car, and had never given him Any trouble. He put me in the front passengers seat, which he had ne'er ever let me ride in. We rode down listening to the mix cd I had made him a long time ago, which bs always had in the cd player. I loved every song on it, they all had special meaning to me. Bleeding love came on, and I looked at Robby, who was focusing intently on driving. Though he wouldn't admit it, he had drank and smoked pot a lot, and he had quit only when it started to affect his driving. He pulled into the malls parking lot, and parked near the opposite end of the lot. I started to open the door, but he said, "don't you dare Missy" and I stopped. A few seconds later, Robby had opened my door, unbuckled me, and was carrying me across the lot. "why did you park so far from the mall?" I asked. "so I could get one of these before we got in." Robby said and then kissed ...

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