My Gal Sal, wanton and wantin'

It is something new for me, this feeling; is it the stirrings of love?

My gal Sal, one weekend of pure pleasure, I’ve never experienced anything like her, this is how it started.

“Hi, you seem to have had a bad day, lose a case? I asked.” (In her tight Navy blue suit, white blouse and sensible black pumps she looked like an attorney).

“Worse or maybe better than that, I’ve lost a husband.”

I feel like I’m stealing from an old Kenny Rogers song, “In a bar in Toledo,” well. I wasn’t in Toledo, I was in Orlando, Florida but Sal was there, she was alone and she needed comforting; she’d just had it out with her husband, she was teary and lonely.

She is five years my senior and yet almost virginal in her sexual ignorance, I was to learn. Yes, of course she’s now a soon to be divorcee but her ex to be knew one position; missionary and knew only one time frame for his escapades; about two minutes. The poor girl had never; may I capitalize that, NEVER, experienced the exquisite pleasure / pain of an explosive orgasm. They had no children. Medical tests indicated that his sperm production was negligible; for which she was now most grateful.

I let her tell her story. They’d met in college, she was a freshman and a virgin he was a junior with one sexual experience, a fumbling effort with a high school sweetheart. The first time he and Sal were together, in the backseat of his car he blasted all over her belly before he could even get it in…just as well, he didn’t have a condom and she wasn’t on the pill. Next time at least he brought a raincoat but, like she’d mentioned earlier, it really didn’t matter; he was firing blanks.

To shorten a long story, they married as soon as he graduated. She continued her schooling after the marriage and took her degree in library science two years later. She’s a librarian with the city library system and he's in a management with an information technology company. He’d begun seeing one of his co-workers and wanted a divorce. Sal was more than happy to give it to him, she realized they were just marking time, the marriage was over.

I bought her a couple more drinks and let her talk; she had my interest. Sal’s cute, petite, only five feet tall and about a hundred and ten pounds. Blonde hair worn short, cut in a bob with a cute little pug nose and sparkling blue eyes; she’s small breasted, a 34 B but she makes up for it with the sweetest bubble butt
you’ve ever seen. Being an ass man myself, I was enthralled.

I asked her to dinner. We walked to an Italian restaurant that was only a block away. Over pasta and wine we got to know one another better. We were sitting side by side in a booth; I put my hand over hers, squeezed, smiled at her and gave her a little kiss. She returned the kiss then pressed her thigh against mine, reached down and stroked my leg. I returned the intimacy. Her skirt had ridden up and my fingers were stroking nylon; she opened her legs slightly. I continued upward until I found flesh; she was wearing thigh highs. I continued my exploration finding her hot and moist, a veritable rain forest, even through her panties. She accepted my invitation to my apartment for a nightcap; but needed to visit the ladies before we left. I stared at her from behind as she walked to the facilities, nearly salivating as I admired her perfect posterior.

When we reached my apartment I took her jacket off and hung it on my rack as I admired hers. Like I mentioned, she was small breasted but they were so very very pert, standing out proudly; even displaying protruding nipples through her brassiere and blouse. She came to me and kissed me passionately, crushing her breasts against me. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom, unbuttoning my shirt as we went.

Once in my room I unbuttoned her blouse, took it from her shoulders and tossed it onto my overstuffed chair. Her bra was white trimmed in lace, I unfastened it as we kissed then lifted it off. Her small breasts were magnificent, nearly alabaster white capped with dusty rose nipples. I kissed them and sucked each nipple as I maneuvered the zipper down on her skirt. As it fell to the floor I stepped back for a moment to admire Sal. Topless, she was attired in only her white lacy panties and navy blue thigh high stockings, a vision of sexual beauty. I slipped out of my slacks, knelt before her and guided her panties down and off. I liked the thigh highs and decided to leave them on.

As I led her to the bed she began to tremble.

“Sam, I’ve never done this before; Harold (her ex husband) is the only man I’ve ever been with.”

Without a word I curled onto the bed bringing her down on top of me, feeling her firm breasts pressed against my chest as we kissed.

Then, then she said the words that could totally wreck this evening.

“Sam do you have a condom?” She asked. “I’m not on any birth control; I didn’t need it with Harold.”

Damn, damn, fuck shit hell and damn I thought. Most of my lady friends were on the pill or had IUD’s, I usually kept some rubbers on hand but I’d used the last one a week or so ago and hadn’t re-stocked; I was fucked or, more realistically, I was not fucked nor was I going to be. I thought fast, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Sal really had me stoked. If we didn’t get it on tonight I might lose the opportunity entirely. Honesty, the best policy I thought.

“No, Sally, I don’t; so just let me make you feel good, I’ll pick up some tomorrow.”

“Sam, I’m scared, I don’t want to get pregnant,” she pled.

“Sal, I promise anything we’ll do tonight won’t leave you with child; trust me lady.”

I pulled her to me; she was still quivering in a mixture of fear and anticipation as I kissed her while caressing her breasts. As she started to respond, kissing me back and sharing her tongue while beginning to gyrate her hips against my thigh, letting me feel her wetness. I rolled with her, placing her below me then kissed over her ear and down her throat.

Nipples already swollen, I sucked in one as I massaged her other breast, I nibbled on her letting her experience just a bit of pain; how would she react? She thrust her chest forward and I bit her harder. I slid a hand between her legs; she was liquid.

“You like it a little rough?” I asked.

She whispered in my ear as she bend forward, “I don’t know what I like Sam, teach me.”

Oh my God, that was an offer I couldn’t refuse and I knew what I wanted but that was for a little later.
Slowly I kissed down over her slight body; pausing at her cute little innie bellybutton to ream it and then down to her mons veneris. On her mound her hair was fine, blonde and sparse; I tongued down until I found her slit. I opened her with the tip of my tongue and licked between her lips.

“Sam, what are you doing? That’s so dirty; stop that, stop that!” Sally moaned.

I’d forgotten, she was one man removed from virginity; she had no experience and certainly hadn’t experienced oral sex before. I didn’t want to hear her bitch, I wanted to hear her moan, I really wanted to explore all of her tasty wares but her complaints required other action; I took her clit between my lips, sucked it in as though it was a nipple and sucked while I teased her pearl with the tip of my tongue.

When her hips started to buck and her words went to a squeal of, “Sam, Sam, Sam,” I knew I had her attention.

Slowly I eased down, opening her lips as I licked along her velvet slit. Her taste was exquisite; light, almost virginal. I slipped a finger into her vagina, she was unbelievably tight; God Dammed I wanted to visit her inviting grotto, but that was for another time; I had the same concern that she did; I wasn’t ready for fatherhood. I let my hungry mouth wander downward until my tongue could touch and tease her tight little rosebud. When she felt my attention she wriggled.

“Sam, what are you doing?” She breathed with both fear and excitement in her voice.”

Not wanting to reply directly I responded, “Why, am I hurting you?”

“No, I don’t know what you’re doing but stop doing it, it’s not nice.”

Those were her words but she was grinding her tight little bottom against my face; she liked, no question but we’d wait; I slid back up her slit.

I ran my tongue along her sweet slit and sucked on each of her labium, tugging and nipping until she let me know that I was causing a little pain. She’d moan when she felt me nipping too hard but she’d thrust her hips toward me, inviting more each time she moaned. Finally I settled on her clitoris; I wanted to get her off. (Remember, she’d never had an orgasm).

I pushed forward, using my shoulders to raise her legs and pushing them back toward her chest.

“Hold them up like that,” I told her as I dove in burying my tongue into her tight sweet vagina. I licked each and every centimeter of her luscious vulva then teased her clit until she was quivering, shaking and bouncing under me attention, trying to pound against my mouth and, at the same time trying to escape. I kept on her until I’d reduced her to tears as she pled for escape and relief, then I slid up the mattress and held her.

“You liked?” I asked.

“God Damned you Sam, what did you do to me,” she spat at me, “I feel like a whore after what we just did.”

Why, you didn’t like?” I asked with a smirk.

“Bastard…yes, bastard…I did like…bastard.”

“Wanta do it again,” I smiled.

Unh Hun, I do.”

Wanta start with a kiss?” I teased.

It was intentional, I wanted her to taste herself on my lips and tongue, to experience scents, flavors and feelings that were heretofore alien to her. Momentarily she turned away then she spun her face to me and greedily sucked my tongue between her lips.

When she broke the kiss she breathed out, “God Sam I’ve never felt anything like that, do it again, please.”

With pleasure,” I answered as I slithered down her sexy body.

As we’d talked I’d reached over to my nightstand. Like any well-appointed bachelor bedroom a jar of Astroglide was part of the décor. I’d dipped a bit onto my hand.

Again, I laved her vulva, taking the time to appreciate her soft redolence and slightly acidic citrus flavor then I worked downward, across her perineum until I reached her anus. Her earthy fragrance was heady and inviting, I rimmed her.

Sally was objecting with what I was doing her but it was lip service, her body was giving her away, she was pumping her pelvis and grinding against my face as I moved my lips upward, replacing them with my lubricated fingers.

Her clitoris was red, swollen and sensitive; I batted it with my tongue, tweaking and teasing while my other hand circled her tight bottom ring, lubricating her.

Sally was already quaking in sexual anticipation as I took her clit between my lips and suckled on her, tugging like a nursing baby as my tongue flicked over her jewel. When her orgasm hit, her tummy rippled and contractions clenched her uterus, vagina and anus. The pad of my index finger was gently pressed to her rosebud, as her contraction relaxed I slid into her.

Sal was verbalizing her pleasure, a succession of, “Oh, oh, oh,” accompanied the thrashing of her body as her climax flooded her, my intrusion brought forth a low, throaty, “Oooooooooo.”
t was over five minutes before Sally had recovered, she was sweaty, her hair was stringy but her face was aglow and smiling. I came up onto my knees and edged between her thighs then sat back, lifted her legs, resting the back of her legs on mine and pulled her to me. My cock slipped along her vaginal slit. I took it in hand and rubbed up and down against her.

“Sam, no, we agreed.”

“Yes, Sally, we agreed, you’re safe, you won’t get pregnant.”

As I talked I’d reached and picked up a pillow. I folded it in half, lifted her hips and slid it under her, elevating her pelvis.

“Sam, what are you doing?”

I scooted forward; my hard-on was enormous and straining.

“I want in you,” I answered as the head of my cock rested against her tight ring.
Her face grimaced in shock and fear as she realized what I was going to do. She wriggled her hips trying to move away from me but I pushed her legs up a little higher and pressed tighter against her.

“No Sam, please no, don’t do this to me,” in a terrified, little girl voice.

“Sal, push down when I push against you, it will make it easier,” I whispered as I inched forward.
I felt her push, following my instructions; relaxing her sphincters. I flexed my hips forward and was in her. I paused.

As I entered her Sally moaned, “Noooooo,” then changed to, “Oooooooooo, oh, oh.”
Her ring was pulsing, trying to eject my invader; there was a tear glistening in one of her eyes.

“Just try to relax beautiful,” I counseled as I massaged her hips and bottom. “Relax,” I repeated.
Then I moved forward going deeper. Her tunnel was hot and so, so tight as I eased into her depths until she had taken all of me; I rested again letting her grow accustomed to her feelings.

“Sam why did you do this?” She asked.

I poked forward as she ended her sentence, probing further into her. She punctuated her question with an, “Ungh.”

How do I answer that? Here I am with one of the cutest asses I’ve ever seen wrapped around my cock and, instead of fucking my brains out I’m having a conversation.

Truthfully, I replied to her. “Sally you have the cutest ass I’ve ever seen and I lusted for it.”

“You hurt me you know.”

“I’m sorry, am I hurting you now?” I asked.

“No, not hurt but it does feel strange. I feel full, like I need to use the bathroom and it’s giving me a little cramping.”

“Sam I didn’t know you could do this like this.”

I didn’t understand, “What do you mean?”

“I’m on my back, I thought to do this I needed to be on my tummy.”

“We’ll get there but right now I want to be able to see your face, your breasts and your fantastic body.”

“You like my body?”

“Sal, I like all of you and I think your body’s spectacular,” I answered as I began to slowly and gently pump into her.

I reached up and began to massage her breasts, tweaking her nipples. They became swollen and engorged. She closed her eyes and thrust out her chest, asking for more attention. I gave it to her. After several minutes I allowed one of my hands to wander down her body, massaging her hips and belly before sliding lower, through her blonde pelt and between her lower lips until I found her clit.
In rhythm with my strokes into her I stroked her clitoris, flicking its tip. Sally began to respond, raising her hips to meet my fingers. After several moments I took her hand and brought it down to replace mine. She started to pull it away but I held it in place until she was massaging herself, I went back to her breasts letting her attend to the clitoral stimulation. I began to stroke her harder, faster and deeper.
Her fingers were flying and she started to tremble as she brought herself toward orgasm. Her body stiffened, her muscles taut as her organs and orifices contracted. I thought her sphincter was going to emasculate me she squeezed so tightly; then she eased and, again she tightened as wave after wave flowed through her. I rode along; enjoying the ride and the show. When her orgasm started her face pulled into a rictus of pain/pleasure. I took my hands from her breasts and gripped her hips, pulling her to me, giving her as much cock as I could. I wanted her to equate a full bowel with the pleasure she was experiencing.

“Whew, that was intense,” Sally said.

“You liked?” I asked.

“I’m not sure like is the right word. Some of it hurt and some of it made me feel like I was flying, but whatever, it was an experience.”

I was still in her and still hard. I withdrew then leaned forward and kissed her before gently turning her and guiding her over the pillow on her tummy.

“Now?” She questioned.

“Now,” I replied as I petted and admired her perfect bottom, before placing a knee outside each of her hips and moving forward.

I parted her cheeks with one hand while the other guided my turgid cock. Making contact with her opening I continued to press forward, burying myself in her, impaling her.

Sal let out a low guttural moan as I gave her my entire length; I began to pump her. I loved the sound, as I bottomed out ...

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