My hot little sister part 3

After what took place that day, things really changed for all of us, my sis became sex addict, she always had that problem she just developed more after she had sex with men, she was being her self totally open, to have sex who ever come a cross, I did not care about that, we kept playing ours games. Our mom got really sick and she die of cancer, my dad and sister they kept having sex every time he want it, my dad was open with me he told me one day he told me, I know you aware of what going on with me and you sister and she told me about you and her, a won’t say anything if you do the same thing, and I answered dad I don’t care is her life, he said to me that the answer the I a want to hear, now tell you sister to come to my room, she was watching TV in the living room, I went to the living room and I told her, she had smile in her face and said ok, she got up went to the his room and couple minutes later she came out the room I was in my room, she got in our room with gift bag and I asked her what is that, she answered a gift from my dad I told her to show the gift to me, a was see trough baby doll and sheer G-string bikini, and I asked her does he want you to wear that now? She said yes, he told to go to his room to night, he is drinking now he doesn’t to be bother and he is doing that white powder, and he gave me a bag of that white stuff to snorkel, oooh really I answered let me see the bag contains the powder, We both begin snorkel the cocaine a was a big fat bag of powder and I brought a bottle of whisky, we both were really high and drunk she was drinking the whisky like water and hour later, she begin do so much, she was behaving strange, her sexual desire a was coming out she didn’t care nothing a was watching her, she got two big line of powder and went to bathroom after, my dad and the meantime he was in his room door close, 5 minutes later she came out of the bathroom she was really fuck up, she sat on the edge of the bed and she said give me another line and I gave her two fat lines, she was wearing a small short and white tight top no bra I could see the shapes of her nipples, all sudden my dad was calling I could tell he was already drunk by the tone of his voice, she answered him back, ok dad I going, she ask to help her she need to change her cloth and wear the gifts he gave earlier, so I helped her she was too drunk and high she could not do it by her self, she sat on the edge of the bed I took her top off and her short off, she put the bottom of the bikini and the black baby doll she look hot butt chicks amazing!! She left, got in his room and my dad slammed the door and he said to her is about time bitch, I couldn’t see anything the door a was close, I hear noises coming from his room, I got out of my room and trough the window and went to back yard to look trough back window to his room, the ceiling light a was off the lamp on the night table a was on, the curtain were open, I could see him he was on the bed drinking and on the phone but could not see my sister, so moved around to see were she was, she was a cross the room sitting on small sofa wearing only the baby doll her bikini bottom a was gone playing with a dildo a my dad a was watching her, he hang up the phone and kept of looking her, dad got up and approached her he took her baby doll off and blindfold her and tie her up on small square table she was laying on table with her arm tie on two of the legs table and her legs on the other two legs table facing down, all sudden someone a was knocking the door, a was friend of dad he let him in, he ...

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