My life part 4

Me and mom reached the airport a little late. The plane had already arrived. We went straight inside the lounge. It was filled with people from almost all the places I can name. We sat at one corner of the lounge waiting for the passengers to be dislodged. "Why don't we give him a surprise hon?" Mom asked me as we were eating a ham. "Whatever you say sweetheart. But what kind of surprise?" i asked. "You hide behind some people and watch me and holmes greet. Then you follow us as if you are a girl following him. Then we can give him a good surprise when we climb the car. ok?" "sounds nice hon. Ok." i said. As we sat eating the announcement was made for the dispatch of the passengers. We stood up, and i went a little closer towards the gate. then i saw him. a dashingly and heavily built, gorgeous looking guy, coming out the gate. i was so awestruck by his physique that i didn't notice that my mom had already begun to walk towards him. as i looked around, i saw almost every girl staring at him, his body. he was at least 6ft now, with blonde hair, blue shining eyes which even i can see from the stands, 10" biceps with a broad arnold chest, and what was that? my god!!!! my eyes widened to their limits when i saw a huge bulging under his pants. My mom was now standing before him, looking him up to down. then after sometime they broke into a passionate french kiss, which lasted for almost a minute. And i could clearly see my mom massaging the bulge under his pants. I got so hot that i went to the ladies loo. As i entered the lavatory, a lady ran past me and entered the only box which was vacant. I was burning from inside. i needed something inside me. I walked slowly along the box doors. My mom has said, that you can judge a lesbian from the way she behaves. I knelt in front of each of the loos. and to my great dismay, none of them were lesbians. It was becoming late as none of the ladies were ready to come out, so i just controlled the wriggling of my body and started towards the exit. just as i entered the parking lot, i saw the two of them standing beside the car, talking. I could see my mom's eyes searching for me. I thought to play a little trick. So i went ahead , and started to seduce Holmes. as i slowly approached them, my mom saw me and gave a slight wink. I stood beside holmes, with my eyes as sultry as possible. i looked up at him, and before he could say anything i kissed him hard. thankfully he returned my compliment. as my tongue continued to fight with his inside our mouth, i started rubbing his hardness. we broke ...

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