My Little Rag Doll

It's the middle of the night, and you've made the mistake of leaving your bedroom window unlocked. I slowly slide in through the window, and admire your sleeping form under the sheets for a moment, enjoying the last truly peaceful moment you'll know. I slowly make my way toward you and, in one quick motion, pull the sheet away from you and pin you, face down, onto the bed. Before you know what's happening, I have your arms pinned behind you and bound with duct tape. You struggle, but I grab you by your hair and roughly push your face to the bed, suffocating you. I pull your hair hard enough to make you cry out, and you realize that there's nothing you can do to get away. Turning you over, I remove my knife from its sheath and cut away your nightshirt, revealing your young, firm breasts. I can see that you're about sixteen, with a near-perfect body. I've chosen well.

You continue to struggle, but I smile and hold the knife to your throat. You gasp, and suddenly you grow very quiet. I promise that if you struggle, I won't kill you, but I'll cut you so that you'll wish I had. The look of dread in your eyes changes to one of fear, then terror, as you look at my eyes through the ski mask and fully realize what's going to happen now. I lay the knife down on the bedside table, in very easy reach should I need it. I then stand up beside the bed, releasing my physical control of you, so that I can take my pants off. I lock eyes with you,'re too afraid of me, of the knife, to move. You know I'll cut you if you do.

As I stand above you, I remove my pants, showing you my 9" cock. I ask you which hole you want me in first, and all you can say is "please", in a pitiful little whimper. "Please", you say, as I laugh humorlessly, wrap my fingers in your hair and force my cock down your throat as far as it will go. Your legs are still free, and you think for a moment that maybe you could bite me, struggle away, but you're bound by fear. Sensing your thoughts, I hold your hair tighter and fuck your throat, ignoring your gags. You try to pull your head away, which only makes me push farther down your throat. You can't breathe; my cock is cutting off your air, and your eyes grow wide as you struggle for breath. As you start to struggle more, involuntarily, I suddenly pull my cock from your mouth, allowing you to gasp for breath.

As I take the knife from the nightstand, you try to move away, but I grab you by the throat and force you down again. I lock eyes with you, lower the knife and cut the crotch of your panties with one quick swipe. The knife is very, very sharp. I bring it up, look at it admiringly, and again place it on the bedside table. I look back to you and follow your eyes, ...

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