My love for nicole part 2 mom gets hers

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My mother stood there glaring at me and my younger cousin, her with jizz on her face and me with my weiner quickly deflating. I starting trying to explain what happened, but a hand across my face quickly shut me up. I began to cry and rub my face with my palm, I looked to Nicole and she was frozen in place. My mom was furious, her face was red and she was shaking badly from pure anger. She raised her hand again and this time I knew it was coming. The second sting across my face was worse than the first. Now what happened next I don’t think anyone of us expected.

As the sting of the second blow wore off, I snapped and rushed my mom. I struck a quick blow across her face causing her to stagger back (at 13 years old I am already 5’10 and weigh 190, also mainly muscle.) Before she could even regain her balance I used my karate skills to deliver a quick punch to her abdomen and a swipe kick, knocking her to the ground. Still caught in this rage I decide that this bitch was going to pay for hitting me. Now my mom is 5’6 and weighs around 120 with 34 C’s. Even not having any sexual experience, except with my cousin, this was not going to slow me down at all. I began to paw at her tight shirt, trying desperately to get her titties free from the shirt.

She kicked me in my chest knocking the breath from me. She flipped over and began to crawl towards the door. I slammed my foot into the middle of her back causing her to smash into the floor. I blew past my cousin who stood totally shocked and unable to move, to grab a pair of scissors and towel. I cut the towel into long thinner strands, and used them to bind her feet and hands. She was a sight, her hair was a mess from struggling, her face was red, maybe from anger, but there was a look in her eye I have never seen before.
“JAMES STOP THIS THIS INSTANT OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!!” she said. “No mother it’s you who is going to be sorry.” I used the scissors to cut through her shirt and the front of her bra. She began to thrash around wildly. “Mother it would be a shame if these scissors were to slip and slice you up “I said “She looked at me with pleading eyes, but I did not care at all, I was in a stage of pure incestuous lust. I finished cutting the remains of her shirt and bra off, and the most amazing site I have ever seen was revealed to my teen eyes. Her breasts were so amazing I had to have a taste of them.
I leaned down and sucked a nipple into my mouth, causing a moan from me and my mother.

This sick bitch was enjoying this, well when my scissors find their way through her shorts and underwear I will give her something to really love. I looked at my cousin and she was rubbing her thighs together, she was liking it to. I put the scissors up to one of the pants legs and before I could start cutting, mom began to tremble. “Please don’t do this I am your mother, just untie me and we can forget all this.” I heard her words and there was no authority or conviction in them, she wanted this I know she did.
I ignored her pleas and cut through her shorts and then removed them. The crouch of her panties were completely soaked. I leaned down acting out what I saw in porno once. I licked her crotch covered pussy causing a moan to escape her lips. I picked up the scissors and cut her panties off and laid them to the side of her.

There was her pussy with no hair on it except what they call a landing strip. I stood to reveal my fully hard dick to her. I was in shock I had never seen my dick so big it had to be five inches now, I was never good with measurements at all.
Well my mother seemed to like it, because there was a large ...

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