My Neighbors Ch.2

It had been 2 days since my encounter next door. I had asked my husband to feed the neighbors dogs yesterday since I wasn't sure what would happen if I went back. It was early afternoon and he was at work today. I had a job where I could work from home and I made excuses that I needed some time alone today.

I was in our bedroom standing in front of the full length mirror. I was naked and was looking at myself. I was in my late twenties I thought I looked pretty good. I'm about 5'5” with shoulder length dark blond hair. I had put some highlights in it but I needed to get those redone. My waist is slim and my stomach still pretty flat. My hips have gotten a little wider but not too bad. My ass hasn't fallen and still looks good in jeans. My legs are and still have some tone in them from my sports days. I look between my legs. My bush is darker then my hair. It's full and thick and very curly. I had trimmed it before but had since let it grow back to where my husband likes it. I have full outer lips and they are hairy too. The only thing out of place are my boobs.

I still think they look way too big for my body. They are teardrop shape and look heavy because they are. I could swear my areola are twice as big as before since I stopped taking the pill. My nipples stay erect all the time which can be embarrassing. I picked them up feeling their weight. I rubbed my thumbs across my nipples watching them spring back and get even harder. They are still a little sore from the workout the puppies gave them.

As I stand there breathing in I smell something. I sniff again and I realize it's me. I haven't taken a shower since the evening with the dogs and that's been 2 days. I smell like sweat and something else. I spread my legs a little wider and I know where the source is. I reach down between my legs and run my hand across my pussy. It feels damp and a little sticky. I bring my hand back up to my nose and inhale. It's a different smell then I normally have. It's powerful and I suspect it's heavy with pheromones. It's the smell of a female in heat, namely one that's ovulating and fertile.

Why was I wet? Why hadn't I taken a shower in two days? I knew why. I still couldn't get the thought of the big male Doberman's cock deep inside me out of my head. My scent had turned him on. Was I trying to do that again? As I stood there looking at my naked body my breathing increased and my chest flushed pink. I was falling into a sexual fog.

I shook my head and told myself to snap out of it. Mike and Sue were our neighbors and I couldn't get all worked up every time I was around their dogs. I decided to just get dressed and go over there and feed them like I promised I would. I would just ignore any feelings that started. I slipped on some cotton shorts and an old t-shirt. I didn't put any underwear on because when I got back I was going to shower.

I walked across the lawn to their house in the warm sunshine. The t-shirt I was wearing used to fit fine, but now it was stretched tight across my boobs and my nipples were poking out. I was ready to put my arms across my chest if I ran into anyone. I didn't and soon I was inside and headed to the backdoor. The puppies saw me first and all eight of them ran and tripped over themselves to get to the door. I decided I would let them all inside for a moment to play with them. I opened the door and the mass of puppy bodies rolled in.

They were all jumping on me so I bent down and picked one up. It was the runt of the litter, a little female. I held her in the crook of my arm and looked down a the others. I felt and noticed something odd. Where my t-shirt was stretched across my nipples were two wet spots. They were spreading a little and I knew what it was. I was leaking milk. The sounds that the puppies were making had cause my breasts to spontaneously leak. I was looking down at them not believing what I was seeing when the puppy I was holding sniffed the air and turned it's head so it could lick one of the wet spots. It's little tongue was raking across my nipple and it was nuzzling into my soft breast trying to get to the source of the milk. I sighed to myself and I gave in.

I set the puppy down and reached to pull my t-shirt off. When it was off I could plainly see the droplets of milk forming at the tips of my nipples. I moved toward the backdoor where the was a rug and laid down on my side. I positioned my breasts so both of my nipples could be accessed by the puppies. There were eight of them so they would have to take turns. Two of the larger males wormed their way in first. They latched on to my nipples and went to town. I could feel a warmth inside my breasts spread through them traveling down to my nipples. My milk flowed like nature intended. It didn't matter that this was canines nursing from human. This a a Mother giving her nourishing milk to her babies.

When each one would get full they would let go of my nipple with a pop and another would take it's place. I guess their Mother had fed them earlier because they were not taking as much as the other night. Soon they were finished. I was a little sad that they were already done because I knew that this might be the last time I got to do this. I stood up to let them back out. They all went out and found various places for a nap.

As I held the door open I saw him. The big male Doberman was in the middle of the yard looking at me. I was frozen staring back at him with just my shorts on. I could see him sniff the air and then cock his head to the side which meant he was interested in something. I saw him sniff again and his ears picked up and he shuddered a little. Could he smell me? Was he still interested in this human female? I had to know so I took off my shorts and tossed them over to where my shirt was. I stood there with my legs slightly apart. I was breathing hard and my breasts were heaving a little. The ceiling fan in the room was on and I could feel a little breeze blow past me to the outside.

The big Doberman must have got a good whiff of me because he stood up and I could see the bright red tip of his cock start to poke out of his hairy sheath. He slowly started to trot to the house, to me. I could see his powerful muscles ripple beneath his short fur. He reached the door and I stood aside to let him pass to inside the house. What ever I was planning on doing with him it wasn't going to happen in the yard in broad daylight.

He was in the house now and he sat in the room panting. His red cock was more visible. He was waiting for me to make the first move. On shaky legs I went over to a big chair they had and sat down. I sat there for a moment looking at him wondering if I really wanted to do this again. I saw his wet tongue hanging out and remembered how good it felt on my pussy. That would be harmless enough, just to let him do that. I leaned back in the big chair and spread my legs, scooting my butt to the edge. Sue had a big mirror in this room, to give it more space she said. I could see myself plainly in it. My legs were apart and my inner pussy lips were very red and swollen. They were sticking out well past my outer ones. I could see they were wet and the hair around them was wet too. I had never seen myself like this. Totally aroused and ready for sex.

I guess he got the message because he walked over to me sniffing the air as he approached. He stuck his nose right between my legs and took quick sniffs at the source. His long tongue snaked out and he licked me from asshole to clit. I leaned back and groaned. He loved my smell, but he loved my taste even better. He couldn't get enough of it. His tongue was finding every inch of my pussy as he searched for more. He actually got a few inches up inside me. Of course the more he licked the more juice flowed out of me. Since I was ovulating I was producing a lot of the sticky slippery stuff. I was lost in this feeling and when my orgasm hit it was a surprise to me. My pussy clenched and my hips came up off the chair. I could feel a gush of fluid come out of me which he lapped up. I leaned back breathing hard as the spasms in my gut subsided. I noticed he had stopped licking.

Just as I looked up, he put his front paws on the chair. They were on either side of my waist and he ...

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