My Slutty Teen Slave

My Slutty Teen Slave

Although this is not a sequel to my earlier story involving Katie, it is a continuation of my sexual adventures from that point.

Please note it is not necessary to read the first story before this one. But just so you know, Katie was a cougar that I met online and lost my virginity to. On with this story!


With that first encounter, I realized that my experiences with Katie had just begun. We met often, having sex in her room, my room, her car, and even a mall parking lot. However, over the next couple of years, I started getting serious girlfriends, and Katie was given more responsibilities at work. We met sporadically, enjoying each time, but knowing the next was a long ways away.

She had shown me what it was like to have a female in control. Katie often told me what to do during sex, and she enjoyed holding me down while riding my cock. I soon began to fantasize about being in control myself.

When I was twenty, shortly after I broke off my year long relationship with a girl named Natalie, I started to search adult chat sites for female submissives. I talked with a few, but none of them were quite what I was looking for.

One night, as I sat on the couch in my apartment, I pulled out my laptop. Within minutes I found a possible submissive, who listed her name as Jess18. I sent her a quick hello, and she replied, seeming flirty.

"So, I heard you're looking for someone who can hold you down and have their way with your helpless body? ;)"

It took her a minute to reply, but she said, "Ohhhh yes :) are you that guy?"

"Maybe. We'll see ;)"

We chatted for about ten minutes. I learned that her name was Jessica and she was a high school student on their cheer squad.

"Oh really? I'm James. Are you a senior?"

"Nope! A junior. I'm only 17. Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone here :)"

"It's our little secret. I'm twenty, by the way."

"That's cool! What do you do?"

I told her about my desk job, and how I had an apartment to myself (though I didn't tell her that my parents helped me pay for it). She seemed impressed, and told me that she lives with her parents in Ohio.

"Oh that's awesome! I live in Illinois!"

We continued talking until about 11:30. She told me she had to go to bed. But before she left, I said, "PM me tomorrow after school!"

She signed off, saying "Of course...sir :)"

I was about to turn off my laptop when I realized how horny I had become. Turning on some porn, I started to stroke my shaft. I came quickly, fantasizing about Jessica being my submissive slut.

The next day at work was tough. I got a lot done, but I kept thinking about Jessica, and if she would be my submissive. Finally, at 5 I got to leave. I drove home and turned on my computer. Sure enough, I had gotten a message from Jessica.

"Hey! It was fun talking with you last night! I think we need to talk more about this dominance thing. It's been a fantasy of mine to submit to someone. But I'll talk to ya later!"

I sent a quick reply. "Get on at 9 tonight."

Having nothing to do for a couple hours, I went to the gym to work out. As I sweated, lifting weights and running on the treadmill, I kept getting aroused thinking about having my own submissive.

I drove back home and took a quick shower. I made myself a quick dinner. As the delicious smell wafted from the microwave, I started to turn on my computer. By 9:06, I logged in. I was greeted by a message.

"Hey! Took ya long enough! :)"

Trying to sound dominant, I replied, "Well, good thing I make the rules and not you ;)"

"Alright, I'm fine with that!"

In almost no time, we got to talking about sex. It turns out Jessica was not a virgin--she had sex with her boyfriend when she was 15. However, he wasn't very good, and to this day no man had given her an orgasm. I told her about all the things I had done, and she seemed impressed.

There was a slight lapse in our conversation. To move it along (and because I was extremely horny), I sent, "If you were my sub, I'd tie you down and do what I want with your body."

"Mmmhmmm. I'd be a good girl and please you in any way I can"

We started to have an amazing roleplay, in which I tied her down and fucked her to multiple orgasms. My cock was aching in my pants.

At the end of it, I sent her my number, telling her to text me tomorrow. But, as I logged off, I received a text message.

"That was the best orgasm of my life. Have a nice night...sir. :)"

I turned on some porn, and masturbated, imagining Jessica being my personal fuck slut.

The next day, I went to work as usual. However, by 11 I had received a text from Jessica.

"So...can I be your submissive? :)"

Hiding my phone under my desk, I replied, "Hm...maybe."

I shuffled papers around, waiting for my phone to light back up. A couple minutes later it did.

"Pleeeeeeease? I'll be a good girl!"

"Alright, but that means you have to listen to, and do what I say."

Again, there was a little wait before she replied, "Oh yay! It'll be fun...sir :)"

"Rule 1: No texting in school. You need to get a good education. I'll have more for you tonight at 9."

"Okay see ya then!"

I was able to finish my workday, but my boxers were pushing uncomfortably against by hard cock. Again, I worked out, showered, and got myself food. I even had time to get coffee with an old high school friend.

But, at 8:45, I sat down on my couch to come up with different rules Jessica would have to follow. By 9, I had a sizeable list, though I was only going to tell a couple tonight.

I texted her, saying, "Are you ready for more rules Jess?"


"Rule 2: When you refer to me, you have to call me Sir, Master, or something of that sort."

"Okay Sir. Any more?"

"Rule 3: No touching yourself without my permission. Rule 4: Tell me if you're uncomfortable with anything I am telling you to do. And Rule 5: No relationships with other guys while you're my submissive. You should probably write these down. And there will be more when the time comes."

A couple minutes later she said she had written them down.

"Good, but you need to remember that this relationship is about having fun. And it is built on honesty. If you break a rule, be sure to tell me. I promise I won't get mad."

"Alright. But I'll do my best to follow them!"

"I think it's about time to send pictures, if you're comfortable with that."

The next text I received was of a beautiful brunette, probably about 5'2" with what looked like B cup breasts. She was wearing a tank top and yoga pants. I sent one back of myself.

"Man, I have a hot master :)"

"You're pretty attractive to Jessica."

We started to roleplay again. This time, I dictated everything that would happen, with her just following along. By the end, I was stroking myself, and I received this message.

"Master, can I pleeeease play with myself? I'm so horny."

I gave her permission, as long as she sent a picture of her sucking on her finger first.

I received the picture, with her finger sensuously sliding between her lips. It sent me over the edge and I came into my hand.

A few minutes later, she sent me, "That was another great orgasm sir :)"

"It was for me too ;) but it's getting late. Talk to you tomorrow!"

The next day, as I ordered, Jessica did not text me until after school. However, right at 3:15, I received a message, saying, "I was thinking of you all day master."

I told her I was still at work, and she sounded disappointed. However, I got the idea to have her play with herself.

"Alright Jessica. Since you're so eager to see me, go to your room right now and play with yourself, imagining me taking you at my pleasure."

"Mmmmm. Okay master :)"

"But, you must do it for fifteen minutes. After that time, you will send me some pictures. Only if they are sexy enough will I let you cum."

"Alright. I'm in my room now."

I didn't text her for fifteen minutes. I sat at my desk, trying to do work, but the thought of Jessica playing with herself while thinking of me kept entering my mind. At the end of the time, I checked my phone to find a picture of her tight pussy getting fucked by one of her fingers. Another picture came that showed her twisting and pinching her nipples.

"Send one of you licking your wet finger, and you can cum."

I got it, and my cock started pulsing in my pants. Her brown hair cascaded down her bare shoulders as her wet finger was slipped between her red lips. She was looking seductively at the camera.

Not long after, she said, "I came. It was tough to hold off for those fifteen minutes while thinking of you."

"I need to go. But I'll talk to you tonight."

That night, I texted Jessica, asking if she had a webcam.

"Of course! And I have Skype :)"

I sent her my Skype name, and turned on my computer to wait. I was soon greeted by a video call request, which I declined. Instead, I told her to call me back when she had put on the sexiest outfit she owned.

It took nearly five minutes, but finally the call request returned. I accepted, and saw her sitting on her bed, wearing a tight tank top and a miniskirt. I also saw myself, dressed in a polo with jeans.

"Hey master!" she said, quietly. "Can't talk too loud. My parents are downstairs."

"That's fine. You're looking extremely sexy!"

"Thanks, just wanted to please you sir!"

"Well, it's working." I sat there for a second, looking at the beautiful teen in front of me, before telling her to start playing with her breasts.

She gave me a sly smile, and her hands moved up her body to play with herself. Her fingers lightly caressed her breasts. Her hands started moving faster, pushing firmly against her breasts. They slipped under her tank top, pulling it up, and started playing with her nipples. She lightly pinched and twisted them, moaning slightly.

Her hands dropped, but she left her tank top pulled up past her breasts. "Was that good sir?"

I smiled at her. "Yeah. It was great. But we're not done yet!"

She looked at me, intrigued. "What else do you have in mind?"

There was my opportunity. I put on a mask of severity, and asked, "Do you know what you just did?"

" No sir I don't."

"You forgot to call me sir or master. You broke one of the rules. You need to be punished."

Her eyes got wide, and she looked excited. "What do I need to do, master?" she asked.

"You can start by taking off your clothes."

She quickly stripped, turning her computer so that I could watch. When she was completely naked, she sat back down on the bed to await further instructions.

"Now," I said. "Start playing with yourself."

Her fingers hesitantly moved up her thighs to brush against her pussy. They slid easily, since she was already extremely wet. Jessica started to moan as her fingers made little circles around her pussy.

"Use your other hand on your breasts."

She started to fondle her breasts, rolling her nipples between the fingers of her free hand. Her other hand continued rubbing her pussy, causing her to moan louder. I could tell she enjoyed having me tell her what to do.

"Finger yourself. Start off slow."

I saw her slip one of her fingers into her pussy, and her eyes closed in pleasure. She started to finger herself, first with one finger, but soon with two. They started thrusting faster, and she moaned ...

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