I knew I had to do something about the fact that my twin-sister, Tara, lost her virginity and was getting laid on a regular basis. The fact that I was totally in love with my sister and always had been just made it a lot harder. To me there was no more beautiful girl in the world, with maybe the exception of my mother, Holly. My mom had been a model before she married my dad and even after she had twins she still looked like a top notch model.

Tara was 5’6 and 120 pounds. She had long silky reddish-blonde hair which hung half-way down her back and gorgeous green eyes. Her figure had really filled out last year, her breasts grew to 36 C and her ass was the definition of perfect. Whenever I would see her nipples sticking out from her T-shirt, I would get an immediate hardon.

I myself am pretty handsome or so I have been told. At 6’2 dark hair with deep blue eyes, I had no problem getting pussy from any girl in my school but my cock begged to be thrust into Tara’s pussy. My dad was a very successful stock broker and he was a little taller than me but had that radiance in his face which made him seem like my older brother. I guess I have been born into a blessed family.

I put my clothes on and went downstairs taking a seat next to my dad. I greeted everybody and noticed that
Tara still didn’t come downstairs for breakfast.

“Good morning guys!” Tara said happily as she sat down next to me. “I am starving!”

“Good morning Tay…help yourself” I noticed what she was wearing and smiled to myself. She had a cut-
off shirt which barely managed to cover her large breasts and extremely short shorts which acted like her
panties. My mom also noticed this but didn’t comment, she gave up trying to convince her not to wear
these clothes at home. My dad loved my sister and whatever she did was right and whatever she said was
the truth.

“What are you doing today Jason?” My mom asked me as I finished my pancakes.

“Umm…Ben is bringing Jet Ski’s down to the lake and so I am hanging out him and Jamie …why?” I
asked her putting my shoes on.

“Oh just asking…what about you Tara?”

“Oh I am doing nothing…I would love it if Jason takes me with him to the lake…” She said looking at me
hopefully. I smiled at her and told her she could tag along with me. She grinned at me and asked me to
wait for her outside.

I waited for her to finish her breakfast and got in my Mustang, even though our parents were rich, they try their best not to spoil us. Last month, my dad gave me a thousand dollars and started teaching me lesson on how to invest in stocks.

“Let’s go…” Tara said cheerfully.

“Alright…” I got in my black mustang and Tara jumped in the passenger seat next to me. The drive was 15 minutes and it was amazing with the cold wind blowing in my face. I glanced at Tara and her hair was flying back making her looking a scorching hot model.

“Hey Jason? How come you never date a girl for long enough?” She asked me suddenly

I parked the car and we walked in silence, savoring the smells and sounds of forest until they got to the lake. Then a little further along the bank they came to a small grassy clearing under a big oak tree that overhung the lake.

“Jason?” She asked again flopping down next to the ground her arms flung wide.


“You didn’t answer my question…” She reminded me.

“I don’t know” I mumbled, glancing at her and seeing that the bottom her tits were now almost completely
exposed up to the edge of her nipples.

“So many girls want to go out with you…” She said “you are the hottest guy in school…”
I turned to my side so I faced her. She did the same and I could see the perfect view of her sexy cleavage. She looked so fucking hot lying there like that. I moved closer to her and smelled the sweet perfume she put on.

“Oh yeah?” I asked her and she nodded her head.

“Trust me I know…I tried dating some cute guys and none of them are even close to you…” She said smiling at me. I saw her cute dimples and couldn’t resist but laugh.

“Alright sweetheart…what do you expect me to do?” I asked her confused why she brought up this topic.

“I don’t expect anything from you…just wonder why you go out with so many girlfriends...-

“Why wouldn’t you want so many girlfriends…I never cheat…I am young and want to experience…” I defended myself

“Alright alright…” she said laying back, her hands behind her head.

Now her shirt pulled up so that her nipples were exposed and I watched as they crinkled and screwed themselves into hard knots. Her feet were flat on the ground about shoulder width apart and I could see where the material bunched into her crotch. I wasn't certain, but I thought that maybe she wasn't wearing any panties.

“Jason? Can I ask you something?” She asked me. I held up my hand called my friend Ben and told him where we are. He said he will be here in twenty-five minutes so I hung up.

“What is it?” I asked her and she bit her lower lip as if hesitating to ask what was on her mind.

“Why do people think my breasts are fake?” She asked placing a hand on her breast and squeezed it to emphasize.

“Don’t worry about it…your breasts is perfect and they are not too big or small…lot of guys like your breasts…” I told her and placed my hand on her thigh “But they are kind of big…almost as big as moms”

“No I think they are bigger…here feel them…” She took my hand and placed it on her breast. I swallowed; I
had a major hardon by this point and tried to cover it up as best as I can by rolling over. I gently started
fondling her breast through her shirt and looked at face. She had her eyes closed and bit her bottom lip
forming the sexiest face on the planet.

“They are big…but I can’t be certain…I mean I know some girls who put tissues underneath their bra…” I
said. I did know some girls who put tissues underneath their bra to make them look bigger. She pouted at
me and then took off her top in one quick motion letting her gorgeous tits hang. She had dark nipples
which were quite hard, I pushed her on her back and cupped them in my hands. Never in a million years
did I think, I would get a chance to play with my sisters breasts.

“Ohhh…” She moaned when I pinched her nipple and tugged at it with my forefinger and thumb. Normally I
wouldn’t hesitated to suck a girls nipple but she is my sister and if I did that…I would crossing the line.
Fuck it! I already crossed the line!

“Oh Jason…oh god” She moaned lightly as I started kissing the outskirts of her breast. I gently squeezed
her breasts lightly and kissed down the middle. I edged closer to her nipple and breathed over her nipple.
She was clutching the grass tightly as I gently ran the tip of my tongue around the areola and let it glide
over her nipples lightly.

“Oh fuck…” She jerked and a soft moan escaped from her lips. I hardened my tongue and flicked her
nipple back and forth and finally took it into my mouth. I started to suck and nibble on her nipple
simultaneously. I moved to the other nipple and did the same. She was in bliss as my tongue worked its
magic on her.

“Jason…” She gasped. I licked the area between her breasts and continued licking the base of her
breasts. This was too much for her. She grabbed my head and pulled it u roughly so I was staring into her
deep green which were filled with lust.

I cupped her face with my hands and grazed her lips with mine. I finally kissed her warm lips and felt her
melt into my body. I softly stroked her hair and slid my tongue into her warm mouth. She moaned as our
tongues wrestled with passion and explored each other. I pressed her tongue down and ticked the roof off
her mouth with the tip of my tongue. By the time we ended our kiss, my toes were curled and I held her
warm body against mine tightly.

“Fuck Jason…that was amazing…I know why girls like you so much…” She said finally. I laughed and
gently pulled her shorts down. “I want you…I want you so badly…”

I was excited that she had no panties on and gently rubbed her clit in slow circles. She moaned in delight
and held on to my shoulders. I felt a firm little bud pressed against my thumb and heard a moan when I
grazed it with my finger tips.

“Did you ever get your pussy eaten out?” I asked her and she shook her head “What!?! You got to be
kidding me…what kind of guys are you sleeping with?”

She laughed at that and I moved between her legs gently spreading them. I glanced at her gorgeous
pussy which was neatly shaved to a triangle. I took off my shirt and placed it underneath her ass.

I began gently licking her vagina from its entrance up to her clit. I gently moved my tongue from her inner
lips to her outer labia on one side. I gently pulled her lips into my mouth and softly massaged them with
my tongue. She was going nuts by now and grinding her hips into my face. I sucked on her lips once more
before moving to the other side, I did the same thing to the other side.

“FUCK OH GOD THIS FELLS SO GOOOOOOOD” She gasped. I thrust my tongue into her sizzling cunt and
explored it aggressively. “I AM GOING TO CUM I AM GOING TO CUM!!”

“No don’t hold it till I tell you to…” I said quickly before I shoved my tongue back in her and explored her
insides. I used the tip to circle her clit and flicked it over and over relentlessly. I used the flat of my tongue to
cover every more ground. Her legs were trebling now and I held them tightly.

“PLEASE PLEASE!?!” She begged me and I told her no. I grabbed her clitoris in my mouth and gave it quick
little sucks and enveloped it in my mouth momentarily before releasing it.

I started French kissing her clit and used my fingers to rub it at the same time. I sucked her clit into my
mouth and penetrated her cunt with my fingers as I repeatedly thrust into pussy. She squirmed and

“I AM GOING TO FUCKING CUM!” She screamed at the top of her lungs as I softly massaged her G-spot.

“Cum for me sweetheart…cum for me” She squirted at least a gallon of her pussy juices and I drank as much as I could. Her sweet nectar tasted amazing and I lapped away all her juices. I leaned forward and gave her a deep kiss.

“Oh my fucking god…of my fucking god!” She said dreamily “You are mine! If you date anyone I will fucking
cut off their tits!”

“Don’t worry…I don’t want anyone except you…I wanted you for so long…” I confessed. She looked at me
confused and cocked her head to a side.

“YOU wanted ME! You got to be kidding me…I masturbate every night to you…why would you want me when you got girl begging to kiss you” She asked me and I laughed.

“You are beautiful…the most beautiful girl…” She blushed

“Can talk to you about sex?” She blurted out and I raised my eye brow “I mean…I love sex…I love it and everything but the guys…all the 5 guys I have been with…don’t like going down there…and they just can’t satisfy me…they fuck me for couple of minutes or so but I can’t cum…”

“Yeah?” I asked her. I grabbed my shirt from underneath her which was completely soaked..

“I mean…is that all normal and everything? For wanting more and more sex?” She asked me innocently looking into my deep blue eyes.

“That’s exactly how I feel…” I grabbed a water bottle which was next to me and washed all her juices from my face. I still had a ragging hardon and Tara noticed this.

“Let me help you with that…” She said rubbing my shorts.

“They are here” I muttered. Tara quickly put her clothes on and we pretended to lay there just talking as Jamie jumped on me. Jamie was Ben's sister, who was my best-friend since kindergarten. She straddled my chest and stroked my hair. Jamie was dressed similarly to Tara. Jamie was a cute girl about 5'5 with fiery red hair which was in a ponytail. She had slightly smaller breasts than Tara and her stomach was flat. She moves like a dancer with her large ass which she loves to shake it in front of my face.

"Hi hunk..." She greeted me before softly kissing me on the lips. She smelled somewhat like flowers and tasted like strawberries. I tried dating her couple of years ago but it didn't work out. But for some reason we still act like a couple. "And hi slut!"

"Hi sweetheart..." I said as I tried to get up. She pushed me back on my chest and cocked her head to a side looking giving me a sexy smile. "What's the hurry?"

"Fuck you bitch!" Tara kicked her playfully and tackled her so both of the girls were on top of me with their breasts pressing tightly against my face. They weren't much but I looked to my right to see Ben jumping on top of them.

"Fuck!" I gasped as all the weight choked me. Ben was a little bit shorter than me but he was stocky. He was the wide-receiver for my football team and the co-captain, where as I was the captain. He has red hair and couple of freckles on his face and cheeks. Unlike me, he tends to have long relationships but recently stopped dating. ""

Ben finally decided to get off me and I gasped for air when all the weight was removed. He gave me a hand and helped me up. We were all really close since our dad's were best-friends. Like my dad, Ben's dad was a stockbroker and earns a lot of money.

"What are we doing now?" I asked Ben and he pointed to the two Jet ski's he got. I grinned and we all took off running to see which one of us get to drive. I quickly grabbed the black and red one. Ben grabbed the other one, both the girls were panting when they got there. I put mine in the water and turned the engine on. Without warning Jamie jumped on it and I felt her tugging at me shirt. "What?"

"Take off your shirt..." She said and I looked back at her see find her topless. My eyes immediately ran to her large breasts as I drank in her beauty. I have fucked Jamie before and seen her naked numerous times but every time I see her breast, they look new. I quickly took off my shirt and threw it on the sand next to us. Without warning, I took off on the jet ski and Jamie yelped in surprise and grabbed on to me tightly, her breasts crushed between our bodies. I felt her nipples trying to pierce my skin and grinned as the cold water sprayed our faces. I turned back around and waited for my sister and Ben.

Tara took off her shirt too but Ben didn't take it off, probably because he didn't want my sister to see his zit covered back. They soon caught up to us and I glanced at my sister's body admiring how perfect it was. She saw me staring at her and winked at me.

"Yo Ben!...I'll race to that bridge and back...loser buys us lunch" I challenged him and he nodded his head. We both got in position and Jamie held on to me tightly as Tara counted.

"One...two...three go!" Tara screamed and I took off in a flash. Our jet ski’s were RXT and were insanely fast. I took it easy on them but was trailing only couple of feet behind them. Jamie squeezed my chest in emphasis to go faster and I quickly took the turn and headed as fast as I could. It was me who was in the lead now.

"Yeah baby!" Jamie screamed in delight. I looked back to see the Ben didn't make the turning and now he was trying to get back on it. I laughed and sharply took a turn. Jamie who wasn't holding on to me as tightly was suddenly thrown in into the water.

"You bastard!" She screamed at when she surfaced. I was laughing my ass off now, this was just two damn funny. I helped Jamie back up on the jet ski while I was still laughing. This pissed her off and she got me in a head lock and threw back in the river. Let me tell you a little bit about Jamie, she might be a girl but she is one of the strongest girls I know. The water was freezing and when I surfaced, the jet ski was nowhere to be found. I looked at the spray of water at the end of the bank and groaned. Now I had to swim all the way to the bank. By the time I reached to the bank, I was exhausted as fuck. I slowly made my way up the small hill and collapsed on Jamie, who was lying on her back.

"I" I gasped. All three of them started laughing and I chuckled with them. Jamie stroked my hair and I rested my head on her breasts. I just fell asleep like that.

"Huh?" I woke up startled. I looked at Jamie who was still underneath me but she was on her phone texting someone. I got up and looked for Tara and Ben who were talking near the tree next to us. "I am fucking starving..."

"I know...let's go to Wendy's...make Ben pay for it..." Jamie giggled as she jumped on my back. We all walked back to our cars and drove to Wendy's. After a nice long meal, we went to watch a new movie which came out a couple of weeks and said our good-byes. Tara got in the car with me and instantly fell asleep. After parking my car in the garage, I got out of my seat and scooped Tara into my arms and took her inside.
"Hi! She must be really tired...we made pizza and it's in the oven if you want some" My mom offered as I took Tara to her room. I tried to drop her on the bed but she had her arm around my neck tightly so I lay her on the bed and tried to get out of her tight embrace.

"Hmmm..." She said pulling my face into her. She kissed me deeply before letting go. She then turned to her side and brought her blanket. I still can't wrap my mind around it. I talked to my parents a little about the scholarship I got for football and watched some T.V. I wasn't sleepy but I went to my room and stripped naked before entering my warm bed.

I don't really know when I fell asleep but I certainly knew when I woke up. I felt a pair of lips wrap around my cock and quickly bringing me to an erection. I looked down to see Tara eagerly sucking my cock. She was completely naked except for a pair of panties. I grabbed her and pulled her up, as I kissed her passionately. She melted into my embrace and I ran my hands through her soft hair, she moaned in response as I rubbed my thumb in circles over her pussy.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her innocently smacking her ass loving how it jiggled. She gave me back the innocent smile and moved closer to me.

"Well...we have some unfinished business...we didn't complete our romance at the lake..." She whispered in my ear and licked my earlobe with the tip of her tongue making me shiver in excitement. I pushed her back on the bed and pinned her arms over her head, she looked at me greedily as I leaned down to kiss her rosy lips but just before making contact, I pulled back. She leaned forward to kiss but each time I would lean back making it harder for her. She tried to grab my head but I had her hands pinned down tightly. "Kiss me..."

My erection was rubbing against her clit and she withered beneath me. I was going make her burn, burn with desire. I leaned forward and kissed her rosy lips zealously as I pressed my body tightly against hers. I broke the kiss and attacked her neck as I grabbed her flesh with my lips and then my teeth. She arched her neck giving me more access and I gently trailed upwards reaching her earlobe.

"Ohhh..." She moaned in delight as I sucked her earlobe gently. I stuck my tongue into her ear and kissed her lips once more. “Stop!

“What?” I asked her and she pushed me off her and got on top of me.

“It’s my turn…” She said. She ran her hands all over my chest and smiled at me sexily. She got between my legs and stroked my cock to its full 8.5in. “Oh my…”

I got a pillow and put it behind my back so I can get a clear view of her making love to my cock. She started stroking and smiled at me sexily. I groaned as her small hands gripped my cock tightly.

“Jason…you like that? Like that huh? Like your sister jacking you off…” She said in a sexy tone which turned me on immensely. She moved closer to my head and blew over my purple head. Her warm breath made every part of my body shiver with excitement.

“Do you fantasize about this Jason? You want me to wrap my lips around your cock…” She asked in a husky voice. She leaned down and licked my shaft with her warm tongue. I ran my hands through her hair and held it behind her so I can see her face. She got between my thighs and licked my balls quickly.

“Oh fuck…” I groaned as she continued licking my balls. Before I knew it, my cock was covered in her
saliva. She finally took my head into her mouth and twirled her tongue around it while jacking me off. This
was pure pleasure for me, I urged her to take me deeper which she did without delay. Her tongue was
presses tightly against my shaft as my cock hit the back of her throat.

“Oh god oh my god…” I moaned and expected her to pull back. She kept on going and closed my eyes and opened my mouth as her throat choked my cock. I felt her face pressed tightly against my stomach as she
gulped. Then she suddenly started humming, the vibrations were insanely pleasurable.

“Mmm…” I groaned as she took my cock out of her mouth and started jacking me off. She moved towards me and kissed me softly while jacking me off. She went back to my cock and took my balls into her mouth and gently sucked on it while rolling her tongue. She sucked on my head as hard as she could and started bobbing her head back and forth.

“Of fuck…I am going to cum” I grunted as I felt my balls churning and my cum building up. She kept on sucking me off and took me deeper into her mouth. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, I
grabbed her head and pushed it completely down on my cock and fucked her face.

“Arghhhh” I moaned as I shot load after load of hot cum deep down her throat. As she swallowed, I kept on
cumming and it seemed like I came forever. I finally released her and collapsed on the bed. “That was the
best blowjob I ever got…”

“Awww…thank you Jason” She said hugging me tightly and giving me a long kiss.

“Maybe ...

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