My virginity

Me and my brother are super close in age and relationship. When I was 15 and him 16 we had a experience that changed our relationship for the better. At 15 I am done growing. I am 5'4 blonde with brown highlights I am in gymnastics so I kept fit and was about a 36 C in bra size. I noticed around when I turned 13 that boys had dicks or cocks and girls pussy or snatches. Growing up me and my bro took baths together until I was 12 but we had to hide it from our parents. I first paid attention to his dick at age 13 when I walked in on him wanking it was like nothing I had ever seen but I freaked and ran out before he saw me.

At age 15 I was still a virgin. My parents had done well for themselves and in result to that they were almost never home that's why we have a full house staff. Me and my brother had the complete basement to ourselves it was heaven but also hell cause not only had I had to hear the stories I heard all the girls he fucked.

One day I was outside tanning and our house is surrounded by trees so you can't see which is why I was naked. I had the entire house to myself like normal Fridays I knew my bro wouldn't be home soon so I took my time. It had been a hard day at school and let's say I was sexually frustrated . I was to lazy to walk inside so I started fingering dreaming it was my brother's. I got so hot thinking of him coming in to my room late at night and rubbing my tits. Then he traces his hand lower and rubs my clit softly at first then harder and harder until...... I was coming hard and fast. Once I travelled down from my euphoric high I notice my sun was being blocked I peeked open my eyes and ho behold my brother and his two best friends Tommy who was 6'1 like my bro but had brown wavy hair and James who was 6 feet exactly with jet black hair that showed his Loren ethnicity and finally my brother in all his beauty at 6'1 he was pure gorgeous with his dirty blonde hair that leans farther to blonde and green eyes to match mines were filled with a mixture of lust and confusion.

I reached for my towel only to be stopped by my brother he unbuttoned his pants and popped his dick out it was huge maybe 9 or 10 inch. cut and I know from stories from my friends that he's ...

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