New to swinging

My wife Allison and I were sitting on our deck, looking at the ocean, just six steps up from the sand. We were finishing our third bottle of wine while we talked. It was about 10:00 on a moonlit night. The porch light was off because it attracts bugs. The beach looked deserted.

We were on vacation and we were a little drunk. I asked my wife "If we were to have a wife swap, who would you consider as the other couple?"

She looked at me and smiled. After a minute she said "I think that I would want you to tell me who you want me to have sex with." I hesitated before saying "I think Rick would be my first choice. I've seen the way you've flirted with him." Looking into my eyes she said "We know each other too well. I've suspected for a long time you wanted his wife by the way that you look at her. Isn't it true?"

She pulled out her cell phone and said "Should I text Cambria and see if she's interested?" "I'll text Rick . . ." I started to get hard thinking about watching Rick with my wife while I was with Cambria.

We received responses fairly quickly. Allison said that Cambria was willing to "think" about it. Rick said "HELL YES!"

We got excited and she stood up, slipped out of her bathing suit, in the open, not worrying about someone seeing us. She said "Rick, do you like what you see?" "Oh yes Allison! You look wonderful!" "Would you like me to suck on your cock? Show it to me." Without getting off of my chair I pushed my trunks down to release my erection. "Please. . ." Was all I said.

She was staring at my erection as she dropped to her hands and knees. She slowly came towards me and when she was in front of my cock she slowly licked my balls. Then she used her fingers to just graze the skin of my penis. My dick began to twitch. Then she sucked one of my balls into her mouth, using her tongue to accentuate pleasure. This was the first time she had used this technique.

She stopped sucking my balls and without looking anywhere but my dick said "Oh Rick, I want to taste your come!" Then she took me into her mouth and began to suck on my cock like never before. She was taking my cock deep into her mouth and into her throat. I don't remember her ever being this turned on! I had my hands on her head and gently managed the timing of her sucking of my cock.

I noticed a guy just beyond our deck looking at us, surely seeing my wife's ass and pussy, with his hand in his pants. I imagined he was stroking his cock while watching her sucking me. It made me think about how I would feel if I was watching her with Rick. He looked up and down the beach. It must have been clear because he undid his pants, pulled down the zipper and let them fall to his feet. He was stroking himself in rhythm with Allison sucking me. He had a look of lust and I expected him to come up and try to join us.

I used my hands on Allison and made her speed up. His pace matched hers. Then I saw him spurting onto the sand and I came in her mouth. He quickly pulled up his pants, gave me the thumbs up and walked away. I hadn't come in her mouth for quite a while. She swallowed and looking up said "Thanks Rick."

She stood up and sat down on her chair. I said "Cambria, would you like me to make you come?" "Yes please." was her reply. I was on my knees and could see that she was really wet. I licked her lips and she moaned. Sucking on her I worked my way to her clit and found that it was erect. I inserted my middle and index fingers, palm up, and did the "walking man" technique on her g-spot. She used her hand and was pressing down on her mound just above my mouth. I then used my tongue tip ever so lightly on her. The climax she had was bigger than any I could remember. She said "Oh Rick, that was the best I've ever come."

She obviously liked our little role play, as did I.

The next morning we were having our coffee on the deck as the sun was rising. The beach had the usual morning walkers strolling hand and hand. "Good mornings." were exchanged as was normal, and one couple stopped to chat. I recognized the man when he asked "How was your evening? I trust you slept well?" When they left I told Allison that he had watched us last night and came while I was coming in her mouth. She blushed and went inside to refill our coffee cups.

My phone pinged and it was a text from Rick. It read "Cambria just received a text from Allison saying that after sobering up she has changed her mind. I've had a hard on since we received your texts yesterday. What happened?" Allison came out with our coffee and sat down. I showed her the text.

She said "I had such a great time last night. I'm afraid of what might happen to us if we went through with getting together with them. What if we enjoy it as much as we did last night?" "Would that be so bad? Wouldn't you like to experience that again? Maybe doing it for real will be even better than the fantasy we experienced last night. We'll be back home next week. Just think about it until then."

I texted Rick when she went in to get our coffee refills. "Don't give up hope. . ."

A week later we invited Cambria and Rick over for drinks. I was hopeful for a wild night as Cambria was wearing a shirt that showed that she was braless. I've always wanted to see her tits. They are not saggy and twice as big as Allison's. She had on a pair of leggings that showed off her camel toe. I could see that Rick was having a hard time hiding his stiffness under his gym shorts.

I shook hands with Rick as the girls hugged. Then we switched. But this greeting was different the previously. Rick had his hands slide down to cup Allison’s ass and then he kissed her. Not a usual friendly kiss but a greedy passionate kiss, and she responded in kind. Cambria willingly accepted my tongue and sucked on it.

When we broke Rick had his arm around Allison and he followed Cambria and me. I had placed hand towels around the room hoping that some clean up would be necessary and so far it looked like that was going to be the case.

We sat opposite each other in our family room. I poured the wine and thought that I could lower any inhibitions by raising everyone's alcohol content. Allison began by asking them how they have been. I watched Cambria ...

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