Next door neighbors

Michele was an incredible beautiful 16-year old. She had dated in school but felt strangely attracted to her 13 year-old brother Mike. Last week she caught him masturbating in the bathroom. She went in her room and Masturbated thinking she would love for him to fuck her. Michel lost her virginity to a dildo but she wanted Mike inside her.

After school, they were alone and Mike got in the shower to clean up. Michele thought seriously about stepping in the shower with him but thought better about it put on her bikini and went swimming in the back yard pool. Not long after that Mike got in there with her. Mike desperately wanted to see his sister naked and the bikini she was wearing came close to that. He put on his swimming trunks and stepped in with her.

Coming back from that lap she came up next to him. Michele was 4 inches taller than Mike but he looked in her eyes and said, “Michele you are incredibly beautiful” Michele said, “Thank you for saying that Mike.” “Would you like to see my breasts?” Mike said, “Of course I would Michele you can take it off I won’t tell.” Mike could not believe his luck to look at her breasts. “Can I touch you nipple Michele.” Michel said, “Mike you can suck on it.” Mike could see his luck and went up to her licked her nipple and sucked on it. He backed away to see the nipple stick up. Michele embraced him in a passionate kiss.

Mike had his arms around his beautiful sister. When they got out Michele asked, Mike would you like to help shave my pussy. Mike said, Of course I would Michele. Mike got a razor and shaving cream and brought it to Michel who was sitting naked on top of the toilet. Mike did not help much but he got a good look at her pussy and vaginal entrance. When she was done Michele said, “Mike would you like to taste me down there?”

Mike got to know all about Michele’s clitoris and put his finger in her giving Michele an orgasm from someone other than herself. They did not realize that their mother was looking on.

Michele put her bikini back on and Mike got his fist ever blowjob from his mother. She pulled down his trunks to put his penis in her mouth only thirteen he soon ejaculated in her mouth. Joan said, “Mike you got sex education 101 now up close.” “If you want to fuck a woman let it be me first” Mike looked at her realizing where Michele got her good looks. “ Joan said, “ “I will shave my pussy for you and will be naked in bed for you.”

Mike expected to be permanently grounded or punished in some way but he never thought he would be invited to fuck his mother. She was 35 years old looked younger. She was about the same height and weight as Michele but did not look like she was 19 years older than Michele.

Mike went in his room aroused by what his mother said. He stripped down to his underwear and walked into his mother’s room. She was stark naked sitting on her bed. She had breasts only slightly larger than Michele’s and smooth flawless skin and she did shave her pussy. She leaned over and pulled down his underwear. “Mike I want you to do to me what you did for Michele.

Using his tongue and fingers he able to give his mother an orgasm in about 5 minutes and she invited him to get on top her and fuck her. Mikes beautiful mother was under him as her pulled in and out of her vagina while facing her. She voiced to him she had another orgasm and he kept on going finally ejaculating inside her. She rose to kiss him on his mouth using her tongue on his in unfamiliar with him. Mike will you please sleep with me tonight. He turned to his side and she put her arm around him. “I love you Mike and I love what you did for me tonight.” “Your father is on business trip for week and he can no longer get it up for me but you can.” “Please never tell him of this affair.” Keep it all in the family and don’t send me to jail for this.” “I would never tell of this to any one especially dad.” “Mike thank you for making love to me tonight” “Some would call it incest but I call it love.”

In the morning Joan got up to make breakfast and Michele was in the bed giving him a blowjob after telling him to cum in her mouth. She was still naked as she sucked on him. After he cum in Michele’s mouth she said, “Mike you can make love to mom tomorrow night but then after that you can come to bed with me and make love to me without worrying about making me pregnant.

Mike and Michele showered and got dressed for school but Joan served them breakfast still naked. Mike was in the eighth grade and Michele was sophomore in high school they were both strait A students. Both schools were walking distance from home.

Once she was alone Joan skinny-dipped in the pool She was still proud of her body. After a short swim she dressed in sports bra and shorts for her morning run where she covered six miles every morning. It made her feel good to be able to run for twenty minutes strait. She could still run the six miles slightly faster than she did in high school. Joan stripped again when she got home. It was hard to believe her not yet 14-year old sun was better lover than her husband. He may grow another several inches but his 5-inch penis was longer when hard. He was very smart and already knew more about pleasing a woman from this personal experience. She could only hope he would keep it all in the family. Joan felt a little guilty seducing him but it was worth it to her. He gave her a lot attention using his tongue and fingers and he did that for his sister Michele. She had grown into beautiful young woman and she was more comfortable with her experimenting with sex here than in some unknown place with some unknown boy.

It was hot day and Joan put the thermostat at 80º to keep it comfortable to be naked. She could now feel the stubble from shaving her pubic hair last night. She liked the looks of naked pussy now that she had shaved it using a mirror to get every hair. Joan was now comfortable being naked in front of her kids. Before they got home from school she again shaved to it be smooth. Joan was not concerned with pubic hair until she shaved for Mike and now liked the naked look for her own. She put some batteries in the vibrating dildo she had and gave her self an orgasm.

Michele came home seeing her mother naked took off her own clothes. When Mike got home he saw his mother and sister naked. Seeing all this nudity he took his own clothes off but showed his arousal with ...

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