Night of the Lesbo Wolves – Part 1

The forest was dark and creepy too. The sun was nearly gone, staining the milky blue sky with swaths of pumpkin orange. Kyra felt pinecones crunch under her feet, the last rays of the sun stung her eyes.

Was this the right way she asked herself? Alexis had clearly gave directions to the secret sleepover in a text: take 1st walking trail S of gas stat and follow path until you cum to lake & take trail up the hill to Sexy Secret Sleepover the cottage.

Kyra stood still in the middle of a clearing, clutching her small overnight bag, with her change of clothes and underwear, nail-clippers, nail file, toothbrush, toothpaste, lip-gloss, ipod, ear-buds and cell, although there was no service out here in the woods. She didn’t want to get too close to the trees. Who knew what kind of disgusting, might be lurking inside them.

The dusk was turning into dark and Kyra wondered if she should head back to the highway. If she got lost who would even know where she was. She lied to her mom saying she would be at a sleepover at Alexis’s house in town, and if she didn’t show up at the cottage would Alexis even miss her. She would just think she had chickened out.

I mean why wouldn’t she, wasn’t she considered a charter member of the geeky girls club. No matter how much her mother spent on designer glasses, they still looked a bit on the dorky side. Kyra body wasn’t like Alexis’s, mature, and curvy. Kyra considered herself to be the owner of a flat chest, although the truth was her tities were beginning to blossom. While she hadn’t yet develop rounded hips, her ass was perky, round and sexy. Kyra did her best tonight to look attractive, by wearing a short jean skirt, and a white stretchy tank, no bra underneath. She was even wearing one of only two hot thongs she owned, the second was in her overnight bag. Yet she didn’t feel sexy, or hot, she felt like a fish out of water.

The truth was that this was the first time the “Cottage Girls” clique had given her any real attention. Kyra had heard rumors of wild girl’s only parties, that were so secretive, the Kyra’s geeky friends started calling Alexis and the others, “The Covenant” as if they were a circle of witches.

Kyra had a total girl-crush on Alexis, the most popular girl in Junior High, blonde, beautiful and a body that screamed teen dream. Alexis had real boobs, that were barely contained by her sports bras. Kyra had chosen to admire Alexis from afar; checking her out in gym class, in the showers and on the volleyball court where Alexis was captain of the Jr. High Team. Those tight shorts, the way they rode up Alexis’s ass and crotch, drove Kyra wild. She had a series of Alexis fantasies and carefully chose one or two each night to pour over her eyes closed her fingers buried in her tight thirteen year old cunt. Kyra always came hissing, “Alexis, oh yes fuck me. Make me cum, Alexis!”

The undergrowth rustled. The wind, no doubt, but Kyra wasn’t going to be couth without protection. Unzipping her bag, she pulled out the nail file. She held it out in front of her daring any animal to come within a yard of her. She didn’t see any
Ferocious beasts, but Kyra knew herself well enough to try not to let her imagination get the better of her. She tightened her grip on the nail file making practice jabs in the air. She told herself she had it all under control.

A small smile skittered on Kyra’s lips, as she pushed her designer glasses up her nose. She wondered what Alexis would think if she saw her now. She would likely laugh at her. Then again she would too, if it were someone else, lost in the deep, dark woods with only a nail file for protection.

Something creaked behind her, and Kyra whirled, file at the ready. She positioned it like a dagger, rough surface glittering. Eyes darting she searched for the origin of the noise.

The brush shook slightly, and she heard a huffing sound, like a dog…or a wolf. Kyra’s mind was racing, and her heart was suddenly pounding in her throat.

“Get away!” she shouted, brandishing her weapon, “Stay back!” her voice quavered.

Something came out from under the leaves, something canine, wolf like, with yellow yes and large ears. She heard a growl, though it sounded almost human. Kyra jabbed the nail file in its general direction, yelling at it to go away.

A mouth opened revealing awful teeth, the growl grew louder. Panic pulsed through her young body, making her nipples stiffen and the hair on her arms stand on end. Kyra screamed. Then she ran.

She wasn’t an athlete, like Alexis, but her PE teacher would have been amazed to see her now. Her feet were thudding the ground in time with the blood pounding in her ears. Was the beast following her, what did it want with her?

Her breath came in small gasps now and she felt a stabbing pain in the muscle under her ribs. She glanced quickly over her shoulder, nearly hitting a tree. In the dark she didn’t see a large root. Her food caught, flinging Kyra face-first on a bead of dead pine needles. Pain shot through her legs where she had landed against the roots and her back ached from the fall. Oh my god she thought, my glasses, my bag and my nail file, how will I find them in this darkness.

She let out a cry of pain and frustration then instantly regretted it, for the sound was barely out of her mouth when she felt some beast, some animal pounce on top of her. The same growling filled her ears and out of the corner of one terrified eye, she saw the wolf ears, the teeth bobbing in the air, but to her amazement she saw in the shadows, two breasts nearly hidden beneath the fur. How could that be, but without her glasses she couldn’t be sure of anything. Then from behind the tree another beast appeared pressing its paw on her head grinding her face into the sharp pine needles.

Kyra closed her eyes and screamed in pain and anger, ”Get the fuck off me!”

This elicited a series of grunts and growls from the ...

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