Night Time Delight

My youngest son is attending the University of Tenn., he called telling me about his new girlfriend who was also attending the University of Tennesse, Kayla is age 20. My son asked if she could stay with me while she was in Dallas for a month in connection with summer classes at the University of Tenn. Kayla arrived at my Turtle Creek penthouse, she is initially very shy and distant. Kayla is a beautiful 20 year old young woman, with long black hair, she is 5' 8" tall petite body, her breasts are 32B. We had dinner at 8:00 and then soon she went to bed around 9 pm. I entered her bedroom and sat on the bed. " Shhhh," I whispered to her. I cup her face with my hand and give her a deep kiss. Long, languorous, full of feeling and passion. I look into her eyes and say," Your not going to tell my son about this. I want you, now." Kayla is anxious and fearful, her pussy quivers and squirts gently into her panties. " You've wanted this too, for a long time. You're dying to feel my hands caress your firm breasts, my tongue on your throbbing pussy, my cock inside you, exploring your most secret of places. My son is young and want a real man to make you a woman." I kiss her deeply again, slowly bringing my tongue into her willing mouth. She moans softly against my mouth as my hand caresses the inside of her thigh. Her nipples are very hard, poking out of the front of her nightie, demanding attention.

Kayla takes my hand from her thigh and place it against her heaving breasts, gasping softly as my fingers grasp her swollen nipple. I gently pinch the nipple, making her pussy gush and throb in anticipation. I close my eyes as I touch her breasts. I savor the moment, taking it slow so she can feel every kneading with my hands. My cock is already rock hard and making an outline on the outside of my pants. Kayla sees it and gasps. Her hand reaches down and slowly starts stroking my hardness through my pants, making it twitch and sending a wave of pleasure through my groin. Kayla looks at me with wide eyes, " Your huge compared to your son." She said. " Yes, both my sons have small cocks." Kayla is aroused, as I slowly remove her nightie, kissing the skin, I get to her small beautiful breasts, I nuzzle her cleavage, kissing it, licking it with my tongue, my hot breath running between your breasts, making her shiver. I get greedy, squeezing her breast, seeing her nipple throbbing with extreme arousal. I kiss it gently, then harder, taking it into my mouth and sucking it. Kayla's hands are running up my hairy chest down to my belly button. She gently runs her hand down the front of my pants, my cock is throbbing painfully inside. With some difficulty, she undoes the button on my pants and unzips me, my cock straining against my briefs as it pops out from my pants.

Kayla's eyes grow wider in amazement as she gets her first look at my monster penis. It's the bigger then she expected; Kayla is now fearful of having me inside her. She notices every detail--my bulging veins, the big head, the graceful upward curve and the knot at the base. She takes it in her hand and gently strokes it as she stares at it in fascination. My sucking on her nipple, making her utter an anguished moan of pleasure, I switch and start rubbing her pussy against my hard cock. Then I lean down rolling my tongue and use it to penetrate her folds. Kayla moans uncontrollably as my tongue explores inside her vagina, and she cums again very hard, hot juices rushing against my tongue like a waterfall. I savor her delicious taste; it's like nectar of the gods.

As I slide my hand between her legs, I let out an appreciative "wow," and simply said, " That was only an appetizer. The best is yet to come!" Kayla is still shocked at seeing the size of my cock. My god, she still can't completely comprehend that it is a reality. Kayla knew it was wrong to allow me to touch her the way I did, she can never tell my son that I suduced her. She has never met a older man as charming, as sophasiticated, as intriguing, and as smooth a talker as me. In her frame of mind she made the only decision that seems even remotely viable. As soon as she stood up from the bed is to give into me, I knew right then that I was in total control...that she would do anything I asked. Now, it is just a matter of how far reaching, how imaginative my actions could take us. She nodded numbly, we went to my room, and I dug it out from where I had hidden it and she put it on. She had to admit my taste was excellent. It looked really nice, being a very thin, almost gauze like light green material that tied together several times down the front with some little ribbon ties. Underneath is a very abbreviated transparent bra and thong that is of a darker green color. When she came out, my eyes told her all she needed to know about my approval. Leading her, I had her sit down at one end of the huge bed and I took the other end. She is totally infatuated with me. I knew it and is now wanting to dominate rather than just seduce. " I know that the past 24 hours has taken you totally out of your known world, and that I have taken advantage of you. What you need to know is that you have telegraphed sensuality ever since we've met. I'm sure I'm not the only man to pick up on it and won't be the last. I'm just the one that took a chance and moved on it. You've proven to me that, without a doubt, I was right." " Kayla , you want my cock in the worse way."

Kayla blushed under the bold statement. It is bad enough that it is stated so bluntly. It is even worse that it is true, and we both knew it. " The reason that I wanted you to experience foreplay and see my cock is to let you know that sex with me is not easy, but when it works it is something that you will never experience with another man, no matter how much you love or want him. The other reason is I wanted you to see how attracted I am to you and how much you excite me. My sons are not hung like me. I intentionally had sex eariler to drain me so that we can start new. It will allow me to stay hard for you for a longer time." There is a quiver between her legs as I spoke softly. She isn't too sure if it is from my honest talk, anticipation, or fear! What is she suppose to do? Nod in agreement? Say "wow?" She remained silent and stared straight at my eyes. Then I quietly looked at her and said, " So, are you willing? Do you want me as bad as I think you do and as badly as I want you? I don't want you to feel forced."

Her prolonged silence must have been answer enough. If she hadn’t been turned on already by our foreplay, my tongue would have done it anyway and although I'm now fingering her it is my tongue that her pussy is remembering. I suddenly turn her around in my arms and said “ You sexy bitch, I’m going to give you one right here and now!” and with that I push her onto all fours on the floor. Kayla pulls her panties down leaving her bare ass exposed and as she looks behind her, I pull my trousers down, my nine inch hard cock sticking out towards her. She opens her legs in anticipation as I start to move behind her. I kneel down and lean onto her back. My arms gripped her sides and I thrust my groin into her ass. “ Get off me; what are you trying to do?” She shouted.

Kayla feels my hot hard very wet cock bumping against her ass, her pussy and her thighs. Her whole groin area is absolutely dripping wet. As she struggled to push me off I reached down behind her and guided my cock so that the tip is pointing between her pussy lips and as I did so it is spraying precum. The next thing Kayla knew is that on my subsequent thrust I drove my cock into her. She cried out in shock and horror as I thrust a massive amount of cock into her. It is burning hot and huge, much longer and thicker than my son's and it is reaching places no cock had ever been. I'm now gripping her hard with my arms and thrusting into her faster than anything she had ever known, pumping in and out driving my cock ever deeper and I seem to be coming continually. My searing cock is making her pussy feel on fire and she can’t help herself, she instinctively starts to push back against my thrusts and almost from the moment I entered her, she had started to cum. In seconds I'm fully embedded, she feels my groin hard against her pussy lips, but she is so aroused that she begins pushing back onto me as hard as she can, instinctively trying to get as much inside her as possible and actually grinding her pussy against me. All at once I push my groin into her – God it hurt! Whatever it is it is that had entered her is huge and as it went in my cock seems to push up into her stomach. Whatever I had pushed into her quickly started to grow and grow inside her, forming a bulge that had expanded inside her pussy. God, it is so painful but the pain starts to go almost immediately as her pussy quickly adjusted, she had never imagined being so full.

As the bulge grew my thrusts slowed to a stop as whatever it is inside her locked us together and I stood up, my legs which are outside of hers, hunched over her back just holding myself deep inside her. She feels every inch of my burning cock and it seems to reach up into her stomach. Her mind is completely dominated by the feeling coming from her pussy and from my huge cock. It is jerking and throbbing deep inside her and just seconds later I start to shake and shudder and then I came! I seemed to have been coming from the moment I entered her but now it is as if a scalding hose had been turned on inside her, there seems to be bucketful being emptied into her womb, it went on and on and on, ...

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