Oh How Love Has Sharp Claws Pt. 2

Sorry I took so long to get the second part up. 1. I was on vacation for awhile. 2. I made the story a lot longer. 3. I got a little of a writer's block from being on vacation. Sorry sorry. Well without anymore apologizing from me here is the next part. Enjoy!!!

We stood there frozen with his pulsing cock still inside and the female teacher was still there with a disgusted look plastered on her face. She repeated her demand, “What the hell do you two think you are doing in this closet?! Get dressed and follow me to the dean’s office!”
Darren pulled his cock out of me plus was still completely naked, but when he was facing the teacher all of his clothes were back in place as they had been. Without warning, he was only a few inches from her with a hand on the side of her face, and terror filled her eyes at how fasted he had moved. He rubbed her cheek gently as he said, “We were making love like most people would. I was claiming him as mine to have for the rest of my time on this planet. You would do the same with your lover if you had the chance. So why not just let us go, and forget you every show two guys fucking in a closet. If you are asked about what the scream was all about; say it was just two guys horse playing around and one got a little hurt.”
I watched as she slowly nodded her head with a glazed look on her face, and she replied, “I didn’t see two guys fucking in the janitor’s closet. I seen two guys wrestling around and one got a little hurt. No one was doing anything bad, so I let them go.”
Darren smiled at her reply, but I was shocked that she just agreed like that. Before I could say anything, Darren spoke to her again, “Now you are going to tell us to have a good day and to stay of trouble. If you ever come across me and him again doing this, I will make you join in our fun. You won’t remember that I said that last part, but you will avoid us like the plague if you know what is good for you.”
She just nodded her head more quickly this time as she replied, “I will avoid you two like the plague. Hope you two have a nice day and please do not let me catch you fight again. Stay out of trouble, or next time you will not get just a warning. Good bye.”
Just as she had come, she left just as quickly, and I continued to stand there with shock spread across my face. Darren stood in front of me waving a hand back and forward in front of my face until I looked at him with fear filling me. I said trying not to let the fear leak into my voice, “What are you?! Are you going to control me like that when we are bonded?! I don’t want that! You aren’t going to control me like you did that woman! Just stay away from me!”
I watched as a hurt expression spread across Darren’s face, but I wasn’t going to listen to whatever he was going to say. Instead, I just walked away leaving him there standing there still hurting from my words.
Time seemed to pass by slowly as I sit in my classes, yet all my thoughts seemed to be on him. He roamed aimlessly in and out of my daydreams as I just sit there wondering what he was to me. At first I thought he was a complete stranger, but then I had this feeling deep down he was someone from my past. Darren was someone that I knew all too well from my dreams that I have had for years, yet I would deny it for the months to come.
When my last class ended, I did not look for him, but went straight to my car to avoid the feelings that I had gained towards him. As I reached my car with my keys in my hand, I am pushed against the vehicle, and held firm against it. My attacker was stronger than an average person because I would have had a fight chance if that were the case. I felt their breath on the back of my neck as they leaned closer to say in a male voice, “Stay away from Darren. If you bond with him, I will kill him first for you to watch, and then you will die slowly. Of that will be after I make you into my bitch. This is your only warning, so be wise about it. What will you do Lukus Mark?”
I laughed at his words as I replied, “Now that you have threatened me, I think I will bond with him, and we will have many wonderful nights together. You will have to kill me before you ever lay a hand on Darren. Me, be your bitch? Ha! I would rather die than let you stick your nasty diseased cock in me!”
He turned me around to face him, and I meet a handsome man about 6’3 with platinum blonde hair. I looked into his sea blue eyes and knew he meant ever word he had spoken. A glare was plastered on his face as he raised his hand to slap me, but it never hit me. I had taken the opportunity to push him off of me which caused us both to fall to the ground. My car had made a great spring board against his weight, so I wasn’t going to waste my gained time just on anything. As I managed to sit up on top of him, I punched him hard in the face several times, but that seemed to have little effect on him. Suddenly, I was flat on my back with him standing over me however he didn’t stay still for long. His boot kicked me countless times in my left side, and all I could do was block his attacks with my hands. I got lucky with one of his attacks as I managed to catch his boot and knock him off balance. Quickly I rolled to my feet as he was still unsure of what had happened; I took the opportunity to land a solid kick to this throat. Without a second glace back, I retrieved my keys and got in my car thinking I was safe. As I was about to start the car, a hand snaked out of nowhere and cover my mouth with a cloth soaked with chloroform. I can’t remember what happened next except for my only thought being, “I’m screwed.”
At the feel of cold liquid hitting my face, I slowly opened my eyes to an unfamiliar place that was dimly lit room that looked something like what I would imagine a torture chamber would look like. Then I spotted platinum blonde entered with the guy I assumed was the one in the back seat, yet he was completely different from blonde. He had raven black hair with sky blue eyes about 6’5 muscle bound body however the look in his eyes scared me as he came towards me. Without warning he backhanded me, making my head spin slightly as he said, “You have insulted my soul mate, and I will not stand for that. I don’t care who lover you are going to be in the future. You will be punished for that rude shit you said.”
I nearly cry out from laughter as I replied, “You mean you are going to punish me for his rude ass behavior? He threatened me first! Your lover told me to stay away from Darren, but I am not going to listen to his crap since I love Darren! Plus he started beating the shit out of me, so how the hell was I rude?!”
Raven haired looked at blondie with disbelief before he grabbed the front of blondie’s shirt tightly. He hissed out his words at him, “You did what?! The prince is going to fucking roast our asses if he found out that you hurting Lukus! We were told to just threaten him, but never lay a hand on him! You have to be punished for this, Talman! Take off your clothes and bend over to expose your beautiful ass for our guest! Lukus, please fuck Talman as a way of payment for his rudeness! Plus if you feel that I have done something wrong then you can punish me too!”
I just stared blankly as he released me and they both started to strip down to nothing. As they both bent over to expose their asses, I slowly lowered my pants not sure if that was the ...

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