Oh What a Feeling II

The night after we made love, I wasn’t sure how I felt, he told me he loved me and he dressed and had to leave before my parents arrived back home from a school function with my sister. I lay in bed that night thinking about how his body felt on top of mine. It was the most incredible experience of my life. My concern was that the next day when we got to school he would never speak to me again.
Upon waking that morning, I dug through my closet to find my tightest jeans they were a pair I had gotten as a present on my 16th birthday. I pulled out a pullover that had a low neckline and my ample breast spilled over the top. I threw my hair up and put on some make up and out the door I went to catch the bus. I waited worrying anxious that when I got to school Zach wouldn’t even remember that I was alive. My bus pulled in I saw him immediately standing with a red satin jack on and black jeans. He was the most handsome guy I had ever laid eyes I. I saw his face light up as my bus pulled into it’s spot to unload the passengers. I waited my turn and stepped off the bus, before I realized what was happening he threw his arms around my waist lifted me off the bottom step and sat me down and put his lips softly to mine. He smiles at me and called me his baby. The day progressed quickly after every class he was waiting for me. That afternoon I climbed into his truck that waiting in the school parking lot. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going but he did keep eyeing my low cut shirt. I felt my face get hot when I realized that he was staring at my breast. We road to a deserted road by the river. He turned the car off, and turned to look at me. He told me I was beautiful and I started down at the my hands, I felt him getting closer to me. I looked up and he was an inch from my face I leaned in to kiss him, his tongue explored my lips and my mouth. Every time I tried to kiss him back he was hold up his finger and tell me no. Finally I was very still, he took his tongue and ran it slowly over my top and bottom lip and then into my mouth where my tongue was waiting for him. Once I was breathless over this kiss I felt his lips on my neck, he kissed slowly and gently down my neck. I felt his hand reach into my shirt and his fingers found my nipple he began to gently pinch and pull. I felt my pussy starting to throb and get wet almost immediately when he touched me. He whispered quietly in my ear to get in the back of the truck. He lay the seat down and we climbed into the back. He kissed me harder this time, and we both became breathless, he pulled me up and took my shirt off and began kissing my neck, one hand reached behind my back and unsnapped my bra, he pulled it off of my chest exposing both of my round firm tits. He moved his mouth from one to the other. I could see his cock starting to harden in his jeans. I was unsure what to do exactly since this was only our second time together. I felt the urge in him to go further faster. I stopped him and told him not to move. I raised the hatch up on the back of the truck and climbed out. It was just starting to get dark there was no one for miles around. I turned around facing him topless. He had the music on I asked him to turn it up, some Van Halen song was playing on the radio. I ...

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