old boss blackmailed young wife 1

young wife blackmailed by old boss

Would like comments please.

Things had been very tough with the financial situation. We owed for our house,in debt with the credit cards and our 5 year old son Pete needed fitting out for school.My husband Dave was clinging on to a part time job,but it was'nt keeping our heads above water.There was an Accountancy firm in our town and I heard they needed a clerk. It rang alarm bells as rumours about how staff were treated had gone round,but the pay seemed ok and we were about to get a foreclosure on the house. I called and sent a letter.
A few days later a letter arrived inviting me to interview. I did'nt think I would get the job as I had only basic typing skills. I got to the office in good time and when I was called in I realized that the accountant was a man called Sharp who had played at the same golf club as Dave,when we had been able to afford things like that.I had met him at some dinners and always had the impression he could see right through my clothes.He was a balding man with glasses,getting overweight and about 30 years my senior,probably in his mid 50's.My strongest recall of him was his whispering voice and his bad breath. He obviously recognized me as I walked into the office and I was again aware of the way he seemed to undress me with his eyes. The interview was short and I wondered why I had bothered to go,but 2 days later a letter arrived,offering me the job as Mr Sharp's secretary.Dave was so relieved and immediately called about our debts,to put a hold on the foreclosure.
The following Monday I put on my old business suit,which I was pleased still fitted great,despite the 6 years since I had last worn it and the arrival of baby Pete.I had walked alot and with the housework,I stayed in good shape and was pleased with how I looked in the mirror. The first morning I spent catching up with a backlog of typing and hardly saw Mr Sharp, who was seeing clients.
Later in the day he called me in and went through my employment duties and things he needed to do about my contract.He was very professional and after that the first few weeks were fine. I was learning alot,but had hardly any idea about the accounts and finances. I began to think I had misjudged Mr Sharp as apart from feeling his eyes on me as I walked about the office,he was very quiet and spent most time in his inner office. After a while Mr Sharp began to increase my responsibilities,instead of just typing, he would get me to countersign accounts and even if I had no clue about the papers I reognized the names linked to them.They were some of the most powerful men in town including the Mayor and top police officers.Mr Sharp got me to sign things and go to put money in the bank.I felt very important and in a different league. Our family is catholic and we had never had money but had always been regular church goers and I knew I had a totally respectable reputation as a good wife and mother.Dealing with all these top people and knowing I was trusted to keep confidential made me very proud.
Everything was fine for about 2 months and I actually was enjoying the job. I was in and out of he bank several times a day depositing money and signing papers for Mr Sharp.
One Monday Mr Sharp buzzed for me to go into his office. I went in and he asked me to sit down.I picked up my note pad and thought he would dictate a letter but instead he picked up some papers from his desk.He looked at me and said.
"You are in lots of trouble Mrs Dixon"
I looked at him confused and off guard.He picked up a sheet from the desk and said.
" I have lots of evidence here that you have opened accounts and embezzled large amounts of money from our clients"
I stammered and took deep breaths and blurted.
"There must be some mistake Mr Sharp.I have not done anything"
He said.
"Look here and here and here"
For the first time I really looked at the papers and to my horror I realized I had signed papers to open bank acccounts and looking at more saw that lots and lots of money we in them. I kept picking them up and looking and putting tem down,then suddenly burst into tears.I was aware of Mr Sharp getting up and coming round the desk.He stood beside me and said.
"you have been having lots of money worries have'nt you"?
I said
"Yes but I am not a thief!"
Mr Sharp said,
"Well these say different. I would think you are looking at a good spell in prison for this ...

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