Old Gus

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'Up there,' and Gus pointed to what appeared to be a row of large mirrors on the first floor, 'are the viewing rooms.' He smiled at the young woman's frown. 'They're one-way glass,' he said. 'Not mirrors.'
They were standing in a large arena; one of two on the farm of which her father was half-owner. It was called Green Groves and some of the best thoroughbreds in the world came from it. Casey and her dad had come down from the city for the day, and he, knowing that he would probably be in meetings most of the day, had entrusted the nineteen-year old girl to Gus, the farm-foreman. He'd known Gus for almost twenty years, and knew the man would take good care of the girl; show her everything worth seeing on the property.
They'd taken a couple of horses and had been out in the fields for most of the morning before returning to the house, which also served as offices and Gus' quarters; had just had a light brunch in fact, and after making sure her father was going to be busy for at least another three or four hours, Gus had brought the girl to the arena.
'Why one-way glass?' Casey asked.
Gus smiled. 'Horses are a lot like people,' he said. 'The mares get bred here,' he waved a hand at the arena in general, 'and we don't want them to feel uncomfortable, do we?' He smiled again and Casey thought he probably was a very handsome twenty or twenty-five years old once. He was around fifty now, but still handsome with short steel-grey hair and very little fat. Around six foot two, which was a couple of inches taller than her own already tall six feet exactly.
'But come,' he said, taking her arm and heading for the steps. 'I've got a surprise for you.'

The room wasn't big. Maybe three meters by three meters. Painted eggshell white with a beige carpet and a door which Gus closed behind them. He took Casey's arm and led her to the large window. There were chairs for them who preferred a soft seat, he said, but most people preferred the window seat; pointing at the wide windowsill and thinking how soft the girl's skin was.
Down below, two farm-hands were leading a beautiful dapple-grey mare into the arena. Her coat was brushed to a shiny sheen and she was shivering and prancing and shaking her head, knowing what was about to happen. After all, it would not be the first time. They stopped in the centre of the ring and just stood there waiting.
And then came the stallion. Huge and black with a white blaze between his eyes. All quivering muscles and shining and strong and fighting the two big men pulling on his rope. And rearing up and pawing the air with a high-pitched whiney of frustration when they wouldn't let go. And then he smelled the mare and a few seconds later Casey gave a small little cry of fascination, for between his legs hung the largest phallus she had ever seen; in real life and in pictures, and it was still growing. Thick and black and blunt and pulsing.
The stallion's handlers led him to the mare and allowed him to snuffle and smell and poke his nose into the mare's swollen sex. She shied away and gave a half-hearted back-kick which he easily dodged, and then stood with her head hung low in resignation, trembling and waiting for what she knew was inevitable.
When the stallion mounted the mare, the girl gave a breathless little sigh, and seconds later gasped as the animals thick organ was fed into the mare's swollen vagina.
Gus put one hand on the young woman's back and he felt her tremble. He looked at Casey and couldn't help thinking how beautiful and young and fresh she was. Dressed in a short white and purple flower-print dress, she had curly blonde hair and sky-blue eyes; high cheek-bones and a square chin. A strong nose - just like her father. She was breathing fast and had a line of perspiration dotting her forehead, and jerkily nodded when he asked her if she was all right. She also didn't move away from his hand which rested on her lower back.

And then divine madness took hold of Gus, and despite there being a thirty year difference in their ages and the girl being the daughter of his employer, he softly began kneading her back; while both of them watched the stallion's huge organ pumping in and out of the now squealing mare. And when Casey gave a little moan when the horses swollen penis flopped out of the mare and a second later was driven back in, he lowered his hand to just above her ass.
And kneaded again, and softly rubbed and when she didn't move or said anything, moved his hand down another inch, to the top of her ass-crack. And after waiting a few more seconds and still not receiving any objection or a moving-away, stroked his middle-finger softly up and down the valley between her cheeks.
He could not believe he was doing this. Seducing a girl thirty years his junior and the daughter of his boss to top all of it! But she seemed not to complain - or simply not ...

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