Ordeal of the Twins. Part 1:Betrayal

This story is a piece of fiction. There is no connection between the characters and events any any real people or place. This is just a fantasy.

Katie jumped at the sound of someone knocking on the door. She glanced over to Alex her twin sister in surprise. Alex shrugged slowly, as surprised as Katie. The knocking started again, this time it was more insistent. Katie got up and walked across the flat towards the door. It was not their flat, but that of their elder brother Adam. The sisters often came round to be away from their parents or just have time with Adam. When she reached the door Katie hesitated. She was not sure if she should answer it or not.

“Well open it then, it might be Adam. He could have forgotten his keys.” Alex said to her, Katie still was not sure. Adam had said he was not getting back until later, after the pair were in bed. Katie supposed that maybe he might have come home for something. Possibly he had realised he had left his keys behind. Slowly she opened the door and glanced round to see if it was Adam. Three men she had never seen before stood in the small hallway outside the door. When she saw them Katie instantly tried to close the door, but it was already too late. The nearest man on seeing the door open slammed into it hard. Katie staggered back as the door swung open, ending up falling to the floor in front of the door. The three men barged into the room quickly, shutting the door behind them. They spread out looking around the flat. The one that had pushed Katie to the floor stood over her looking down at her.

“Where is he?” He snapped sharply.

“Who?” Katie asked in a frightened voice.

“That fucker Adam, he owes us a load of money. He was supposed to pay us tonight.” The man snarled.

“He’s not here, he went out over an hour ago.” Katie told him as she scrambled back away from him. Something about the way he was staring at her sent a shiver up her spine. She reached the sofa and clambered up to sit by her sister. As she did the other two guys returned to the room.

“Nothing, he ain’t here.” They both said to the questioning looks of the first man. He turned to look at the two girls.

“Where is he?” He asked again.

“I told you, he went out. I don’t know where. He won’t be back for hours he said.” The man swore angrily.

“Great now what the fuck are we to do.” One of the others said. The first man shrugged then turned back towards Katie and Alex.

“I think I know a way to get the money out of him.” He said slowly as he stared at the girls. Katie felt the shivers shooting up her spine and a sense of imminent danger grew in her stomach. She could almost read what he was thinking as he looked at her and her sister. Here were two young teenage girls, both pretty wearing nothing but nighties. Katie knew enough to realise how much trouble the pair were in. The other two men turned to look at them with equally calculating looks. Katie took a deep breath ready to scream for all she was worth. The first man was faster.

He dived across the room, not at her but at Alex. Grabbing her he pulled her up to her feet, wrapping one hand around her throat. Alex froze her eyes going wide. The man looked over at Katie his eyes dark and angry.

“You make a sound and I promise you’ll watch your sister here die. I can snap her neck like a twig girl.” Katie let her breath out, certain that he meant the threat. “Smart girl, now get up. The pair of you are coming with us. And don’t try any fun stuff. I’ll have my hand on your sister’s throat all the time.” He warned as he nodded for Katie to head to the door. Reluctantly she went as she could not see anyway out of this. The men led her down the stair and out the back door. They were both bundled into the back of a white van. Two of the men climbing in with them, the third heading round to the driver’s seat. The doors slammed shut and the van drove off.

The journey was not too long, only about a quarter of an hour. The two girls crouched together, Alex clinging to Katie in terror. Katie’s mind was working trying to find someway out of this. Unfortunately she could not see any, the three men were just too strong for them to over come. The pair were bounced around as the van pulled off the road. A minute later it halted. The back doors were opened and they were pushed out by the three men into a building site. It looked like the buildings had been left half built. Katie could see no signs of any vehicles or other obvious builder stuff. The men dragged them into a small temporary hut in the middle of the site. Inside it was empty apart from a single broken chair.

“You sure this place is unused.” The one man asked the driver of the van, who nodded.

“Oh yeah, the builders went under about six months ago, no one has brought the plot yet. Hell there’s not even a security guard. We won’t be disturbed at all.” As he explained Katie felt her heart drop as she heard the words. She and Alex moved as far away from the men as they could. Both of them huddled in the one corner of the hut. The men stood around for a while just chatting. Soon however Katie spotted them looking over at the two girls more and more often. The looks in their eyes showing their thoughts. Katie shivered again, but not from cold.

Unfortunately she knew all too well what they were seeing. The pair were identical twins, the only difference between them were two small freckles on Alex’s left cheek. The men now had two fourteen year old girls at their mercy. Both had the same long dark hair, the same brown eyes, the same pretty round faces and small noses. Each had the same slight overbite that just marred their beauty enough to make them seem within reach. Each had the same figure, with small but not too small breast. Round, firm globes of flesh, as well as slender waists and long shapely legs. The girls had been preparing for bed when the men had turned up. So they were in their thin nighties, with their hair down. All of this was working against them now. Katie could see it in the men’s eyes. She hoped that somehow Adam would find out what had happened. Had the men phoned him to say they had the twins. Hopefully he was even now rushing to rescue them.

“It seems a pity to have two hot girls over there and not do anything about it.” Katie heard the one guy say finally. She tensed her senses on full alert now. Would the one who she had figured was the leader agree, or not. She watched him, breathing quickly in fear. If he did she was sure she could tell what was about to happen to them. For her it would be bad, but at least she was not a virgin. Alex was too sheltered for this. Katie knew full well that she had never done more than kiss a boy before. It was the one difference between them. Katie had always been the more outgoing, experimental of the pair. She had started dating two years ago, had lost her virginity a few months ago. Alex had only just started dating, and was still at the holding hands and kissing stage.

“I don’t know if we should.” The leader said slowly. Katie held her breath, maybe they would be lucky. “We might be able to get more for them untouched.” He said unsure of himself. Katie was now confused, what did he mean.

“Oh come on, does it matter. After all we all know what’s going to happen to them.” The other man said, the third nodding in agreement. Katie was suddenly even more afraid, more was going on that she had thought. Unfortunately now Alex was hearing the conversation.

“What do you mean, what’s going to happen to us.” She demanded before Katie could stop her. The three turned to look at the pair.

“Alex, sit down and be quiet.” Katie hissed at her. Reaching up to pull her down again, but her sister pushed her away.

“Let us go, what are you doing holding us here.” She demanded in a loud voice. Katie gave a silent shudder at the looks the men gave each other. Oh Christ, here it come. She was right, the three men moved quickly down the hut towards them. Katie pushed herself to her feet. Maybe she could put up a fight and allow Alex to escape. Strengthened by her desperation she charged into the men. Lashing out as she shouted for Alex to run. She managed to catch the one man on the side of the face. Knocking him away, Alex took a fatal few seconds to react. By the time she did it was too late. The leader of the three had caught Katie’s arm, pinning it behind her and pushing her into the wall of the hut. Out of the corner of her eye Katie saw Alex make a dash for the door. She never got close, the third man easily tackling her to the floor.

“Oh no girl, you don’t get away that easy.” He said as he pushed Alex down. Katie struggled to get free, then froze as she felt the man’s hand rubbing against her ass.

“You’ve got fire girl, I think I’ll do you first.” The leader hissed as he ran his hand down between Katie’s legs. She clamped her legs together to block him. He forced her feet apart with his own then pushed his hand between them. Katie gasped as she felt his finger pushing against her. Then gave a sharp hiss as he pushed two fingers into her. Behind her she heard a ripping noise as Alex’s nightie was torn off her. Alex sobbed loudly as the man rubbed roughly at her breasts.

“No, do me, you can all do me.” Katie hissed, wanting to save her sister from the horror to come.

“Oh don’t worry Katie, we will all do you.” The man holding her said. For a second it crossed Katie’s mind to wonder how he knew her name. Then the feel of his fingers pushing into her drove the thought away. Katie fought against him, trying to break free from his grasp. He was too strong for her pinning her against the wall. Pushing his fingers in and out of her. She felt his other hand sliding up to paw roughly at her breast. Behind her she could hear Alex sobbing and gasping as the one man did something similar to her.

In desperation Katie lashed out with her foot. Kicking him hard in the side of his shin. She heard his hiss of pain. His grip loosened slightly and she thought she had managed to really hurt him. Her hope was dashed almost instantly. He grabbed her by the shoulders and flung her down to the floor. Katie grunted as she hit the metal floor of the shed. Her head bounced off it and everything went black for a moment. As her vision cleared she heard the sound of fabric tearing. She opened her eyes to see the man pulling the tattered remains of her nightie off her.

He moved quickly between her legs, forcing them open. Katie struggled to clear her head, to try and stop him. As she felt him fumbling with his trousers she sensed that there was no chance. Still she tried, lashing out with her fists. He grabbed her arms, pinning them down above her head. The third man suddenly grabbed her hands, pinning her and allowing his friend to finish undoing his trousers. Katie struggled, but was unable to move as his weight pinned her down. She dimly heard Alex begging nearby.

“Please, no, oh no.” Her sister said, the words coming between sobs of tears. Katie grit her teeth, she was not going to cry. She froze as she felt his cock sliding up her leg. Then it was pressed against her opening. She bit her lip, closing her eyes and forcing herself to relax. It made no difference at all. His cock ripped into her as he thrust upwards. She gave a sharp cry of pain, arching her head back. He grunted and thrust into her again. Katie cried out again, then heard Alex screaming in pain. It made it worst that she could do nothing to help her sister. As it was it was becoming harder not to start crying herself. The pain of the man thrusting into her was too much. It felt as if he was stabbing her in the stomach. She felt tears trickling down her cheeks.

Alex screamed again and again as she was being raped. Katie grunted, cried out in pain, then finally she could keep in the sobs no more. She began to cry, mewing sharply each time the man rammed into her. His cock felt so thick inside her, it seemed as if he was tearing into her.

“Oh god, please stop.” Katie gasped, he ignored her. Continuing to ram into her hard. Her body rocking with each thrust. “On god, please, please.” Katie grunted again, he snarled at her and rammed in harder. She screamed, thrashing her head from side to side at the sharp pain. His thrusts grew faster, harder. Katie squealed loudly, struggling under him but having no effect on him. Then he rammed in one long hard thrust. Katie grunted, then gasped as she felt him cum inside her.

“Oh god, no, god.” She said as she felt him pumping into her. She was not on any contraception, her ex boyfriend had used condoms the times they had done it. Now here was this man cumming in her, what if she got pregnant. She bit her lips, sobbing hard as the thought filled her mind. The man held himself inside her until he had emptied himself. Then he climbed off her slowly.

“God girl, you’ve got a hot cunt.” He said to her, “and I don‘t think that was your first time.” He added, Katie turned away from him. He laughed, an evil twisted laugh. “Thought not, damn and I was hoping you’d be a virgin.”

“This one is, or was.” The guy still raping Alex said, his voice raised over Alex’s screams.

“Well lucky you for getting the virgin.” The first man said. “I’m having her next then. Before she gets too sloppy. So don‘t take too long with her.” Katie looked over at her sister. She was pinning to the floor, her hands trapped by his hands. Her body jolted each time he rammed into her. Her cries had got lower, now they were more sobs than screams.

“No worries, I’ll be cumming inside her cunt soon enough.” The man on top of her said. Alex’s eyes flashed open in horror. She began to buck under him, trying to get him off. He laughed then gave a sharp groan. Alex froze for a moment, her mouth opened in a silent scream of terror. Katie looked away as the man came inside her sister. She could not watch that. After several seconds she heard the man climbing off Alex. Katie looked back towards her sister. Alex was trying to curl up in a ball. She looked round at Katie, her eyes red from crying.

“Why are they doing this.” She asked Katie.

“Cos we fucking can you little whore.” The leader of the three said.

“My sister is no whore you bastard.” Katie snapped up ...

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