Our new neighbors

My name is Sam and I am 18. I live with my step mom Amy in a quiet neighborhood where nothing much happens. My dad died when I was 15 and my step mom who is about 32 years old continued to take care of me. We didn't look much like mom and son, but I love her a lot. She was good to me from the start of the marriage when my father married her at the age of 25. So I could say she is like a sister more than she is a mom. She is smoking hot to look at the height of 5ft 6, with curves that turn guys’ heads. Although I hate to think of her as a hot mom, its hard to stop my class mates from making fun of me about my hot mom. Her breasts are 32D cups and her figure resembles an hourglass shape with rounded buttocks. She tends to cover her cleavage when she goes out but I have had glimpses of her valley of comfort as I secretly call it. Her face is pleasant with fairly widely spaced eyes and a n heart shaped face. Her hair is usually worn up to her shoulders.

Since she doesn't date men, I ended up hanging out with her a lot. She had a couple of friends she spends time with going out shopping and doing the usual girl stuff.

It goes without saying that like any other teen; I was used to watching porn and masturbating. I had my own room with Internet, a web cam and computer that made things easier. I didn't date much since I had my step mom to hang out with, much to the chagrin of my potential admirers. I did get caught red handed a couple of times when she walked in on me rubbing my cock while chatting. She smiled and walked away and didn't talk about the encounters at all. I wondered how she ever managed to manage without sex and I found out soon enough when I came home early from school. She was hugging two pillows while she rocked against another rubbing herself against a dildo which was stuck under the cover of the pillow. I stood there watching her ass move rhythmically while she made cute little noises that sounded very much like moans of pleasure.

After that encounter I thought about her often. Although I would have liked to have seen her full body, I didn't wait long by the door. I sneaked out of the house before she knew I saw her and came back making more noise than an elephant on a rampage. She met me at the door of her room, her face flushed crimson and looking guilty as if she had cheated. I pretended not to notice. Friday evenings were spent mostly at home with us watching a movie. To my surprise, the Friday following my little voyeuristic episode, she cuddled next to me while watching a movie. This made me a little excited. I put this action down to the romantic nature of the film. After the movie she hugged me hard and I could not help feeling her D cups against my chest. I pushed back a little so that she didn't feel my hard cock.

Things changed a little when the house next door ended its month long vacant state and became noisy. I was curious to see our new neighbors and they turned out to be a mom and a daughter. The mom Kate was in her 40's. She was a fitness instructor and had a nice body. Her daughter Sara was 20 and petite with what I guessed to be C cups. She was no more than 5 feet that gave her a teen appearance. Her mom was much taller and her slim but powerful body gave her a sexy look. She didn't have much of a chest, but she made up the gap with her blonde hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous shapely butt that made me quite uncomfortable around her. We visited them almost immediately and all through out the conversation I could see both mom and daughter checking me out. Mom was her usual talkative self explaining about dad. However, she didn't mention that I was her step son. She didn't usually do that unless someone asked about the age difference. After an hour of conversation and glances we went back home.

I felt suddenly horny after seeing 3 hot women and crept into the shower and started to masturbate. They say that when you are being watched, you know somehow. I don't know what made me look up but I did just that. I caught Sara looking down at me. At first she seemed to start to move away but then she looked away. I was amused. The previous tenants never used the balcony before and I never realized that someone could see right into my shower. After wondering what to do, a strange thought occurred to me. Being watched by a girl made me excited. I purposely turned towards her and started to rub my cock. The 2 houses weren't too far apart and I knew she could see me well.

She seemed surprised at my action and then she rushed back into the house making me disappointed. But she was back in a few seconds. I was shocked to see her wearing sunglasses. Now I couldn't figure out where she was looking. I went on with my display until I came hard. It was surprising to find how the mind enhances your experience when you change the circumstances of your sexual experience. My masturbation in the shower went on like clockwork. Sara got bolder and didn't use sunglasses anymore and on the third day she started to rub herself. This made things hotter and like all good things, it came to an end when she was caught by her mom. She was shocked to see her daughter's hands in her shorts and as she realized that she was peeking on me. I was shocked but I could not meet her eye to eye when I met her on the street or at the mall.

She broke the ice one day and spoke to me at the mall.

"Hey Sam, how are you doing?"

"Uhmm, I am doing OK Kate," I stammered.

"Well I have been meaning to talk to you about what happened the other day. Sara had no right to watch you like that. She is grounded for 2 weeks."

"Oh I am sorry too since I should have discouraged her," I said my eyes looking into her eyes, my fear and shame taking a back seat.

"Well its not your fault!"

"Well it kinda is my fault. I did it cos she was watching me."


"Yeah, I should be punished too."

I suddenly ...

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