Pam the most incredible dream girl

Pam the most incredible dream girl

Pam was angry with Kevin for taking her for granted after promising not ever take her for granted by getting angry for Pam’s suggestion to trade her next weekend. She thought he also angry at Dennis for ever moving here and being competitive with Kevin. Pam felt he was keeping her as piece of his personnel property never to be questioned after honestly describing to Kevin how good Dennis was as a lover. Kevin had started to us the word fuck or fucking as universal adjective while Dennis never did this. Pam hated to be referred to as a fucking whore instead of just calling her Pam. Dennis and Kristy were gone to work now or she would go there herself and offer him to be another one of his mistresses. All of them loved Dennis and Pam’s good friend Kristy was engaged to marry Dennis in the spring. It was refreshing to learn that Kristy was a quarterback for her high school boy’s football team. Pam saw Kristy do 11 pull-ups when Pam could do only one. Kristy helped Pam get one more pull-up by holding her and pushing up. When Pam and Kristy kissed they really meant it. Pam and Kristy both have academic scholarships at UCLA. Kristy will try out for the woman’s track and field team before classes start with hopes of making the Olympic team in 18 months.

Pam walked into the bedroom with Angie, Nancy and Christine. Pam said, “I now am no longer Kevin’s fianc?fter being called a fucking whore instead of my name when I told Dennis being great lover last Sunday.” “Kevin slapped me in the face.” Nancy said, Dennis never says anything like to me or anyone I am aware of.” “Has Kevin ever apologized for doing that?” Pam said, “I told Kevin I was not a fucking whore but my name is Pam.” “Kevin told me you are no longer Pam but my fucking whore.” “I said do you want me to go to Dennis next weekend he told me go ahead fucking whore and stay their forever.” “Kevin was agreeable to the swap on Sunday but when I said something good about Dennis he blew up.” Nancy said, “Pam you are very intelligent and extremely beautiful.” “You are not any fucking whore but you are our Pam.” “We all love you.” “It is hard to figure out why Kevin would throw you away.” Pam said, “When I said Dennis was great lover it seemed to me that he does not like Dennis and he no longer wants me for being with Dennis after saying something good about him.” “I was engaged to marry Kevin and loved him until he called me a Fucking whore and never referring to my name.” “When I asked him to apologize he told me to come here forever fucking whore.” “Kevin decided to throw me away” “Kevin has always used profanity from time to time but never like he did to me.” “Kevin saw me walking away and did nothing to get me back.” “Kevin could come this door and say he was sincerely sorry for what he did but he did not.” “Amy and Lyn heard him and I believe he will sleep alone tonight.” “I am not happy about this because I loved Kevin and looked forward to marrying him.” “Does he think Kristy is a whore for coming to him on the trade on Sunday” “I am sure Dennis would never call her a whore if Kristy said something good about Kevin.”

Amy came in and said, “What came over Kevin because he just called me a fucking whore when I asked him about calling Pam that.” “I asked him to take it back or he would sleep alone tonight, he told me he would not mind sleeping alone because he did not need any fucking whores.” “Kevin will never find another woman as good as Pam because she was so devoted to him and was so intelligent and so beautiful.”
“If I were you Pam I would never go back to him for truly vile things he said to you.” “He was so loud me and Lyn could easily hear every word.” “Now he is now taking it out on me and Lyn.” “We own this place and we are nothing more than fucking whores.” “When Pam asked for an apology he told her never to return calling her a fucking whore for about the seventh time.” “I hope Dennis can talk some sense into his head.” Pam was crying because she loved Kevin and now he now he no longer cared about her. Pam sobbed and said, “If he calls Kris a fucking whore she will tell him where to go and it will not be the dinner table.” “ I don’t know any girl that would sit next to him tonight.” “He is not the Kevin I fell in love with.” Kevin suddenly became like his is when I told him Dennis was a great lover.” “That did not mean Kevin was not a great lover but he seemed to think that.” “Kevin never hit me before but he slapped my face and it hurt as much as being called a fucking whore and go away and never come back.” “This showed me a side of Kevin I never will trust to never come back.” “I am done with Kevin.” “An hour ago I loved him deeply and I thought I would spend the rest of my life with Kevin but when he hit me hard in my face and suddenly become this vile person that I was afraid off. I suddenly became a fucking whore and never used my name again but only called me that fucking whore.” “Kevin said to go to Dennis and he never wanted to see me again.” “Living in the same house I cannot imagine not seeing him again” “I can only hope he would change back to the old Kevin to treat everyone good but I will never have him because in a lifetime of marriage I would very likely see him like this again and it could cost me my life.” Amy said, “I now understand Pam why you justify leaving Kevin.” Amy said, I was once engaged to Kevin but when he saw you Pam you were much more beautiful than me and he went for you Pam. Who would ever guess the youngest daughter would become the most beautiful and the most intelligent.

Dennis and Kristy came through the kitchen and saw Kris on the floor in pool of blood but still alive and saying “Kevin did this.” Krista called 911 and gave the address and said. There has been a stabbing and she is alive now but bleeding need an ambulance and the police Dennis had his hand on her wound to stop the bleeding and Check on others here. Kristy went too her room and heard them in the next room. “Kris has been stabbed and said it was Kevin.” Amy ran to her room with Lyn and she was on the floor and said, Help me Amy Kevin stabbed me Amy shouted, “Lyn has been stabbed and said it was Kevin. Amy went to the bathroom and got a towel and folded it help Lyn stop the bleeding. Pam could not find Kevin anywhere. Pam ran past Kris and looked in the garage and came back and said Kevin’s car is gone. He stabbed Kris and Lyn and left. Kris said, “Kevin said I was nothing but a fucking whore who does not need to live.” Two ambulances arrived and Kris and Lyn were taken to the hospital.

Pam said, I was talking to Kevin about being with you Dennis and told him you provided great sex and Kevin changed and slapped me hard in the face and said I was nothing but a fucking whore.” “I told him my name was Pam and he said now you are nothing but a fucking whore. I was afraid of him now and said Kevin you need to apologize to me for calling me that. He said fucking whore I want you to leave here now fucking whore and be gone forever. I gave his ring back and said our engagement is off and he said fucking whore leave here now or I would kill you. I wish you were here to talk some sense into him because I was very scared of him and as I was walking away he said good by fucking whore.
I was worried about no girl setting next to him at dinner never dreaming he would stab Kris and Lyn. I told Amy if Kevin got back to normal I still would not to want him because I did not want to risk him going back to this state in our lifetime in marriage and afraid he would try to kill me. Kevin was normal one minute and suddenly all he could say was fucking whore. Amy told me he was very loud and when Amy confronted him she said he would be sleeping alone tonight and he told her he would rather sleep alone than with fucking whores. When I said you Dennis provide me with great sex he transformed into something scary as if he could not provide great sex and every female here was a fucking whore. Dennis said, “Police have his license number and close description of his car.” “When they find him he will be charged with two counts of attempted murder.” Pam said, “One minute I loved Kevin deeply and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and in one second something changed in his brain to make him like this.” “Kevin always had some profanity salting his speech once in while but not like this.”

Dennis and Pam prepared dinner for the other girls tonight. Dennis looked at Pam and the tall beautiful girl that was only 17 at the time. Pam saw him looking at her and embraced Dennis in a passionate kiss. Pam said, “I belong to you now Dennis” “Please use me as you wish.” “You can take me to the bondage room tie me up and leave me there all night.” “I feel guilty for what happened to Kevin.” “I feel guilty about what happened to Lyn and Kris” “If I had stood there instead of walking away and let Kevin beat me or choke me to death he would have left without hurting Kris or Lyn.” Dennis said, “Pam that reasoning doe not make sense.” “Kevin may have had some kind of stroke that altered his perception and suddenly all naked girls were all fucking whores.” “I have no idea what happened to Kevin but it may be something like that.” “I love seeing all of you nude Pam and I think Kevin did too but he somehow he changed. Pam said, “Kristy is lucky to get you Dennis” “I wish I could have you now and I will become your mistress.” “You can tie me up or take me to bed with you.” “I will do all I can to please you and Kristy.” “When I told Kevin you were a great lover he meant it to be he was not a good lover and he changed into something scary. Kristy said, “Pam you can be our mistress.” I will share Dennis with you.” “I will become your personal trainer Pam” Pam said, “I love you Kristy for becoming my trainer and letting me become your mistress.” Dennis and all watched as the two beautiful blond girls kissed passionately.

Dennis answered his cell phone as Kristy and Pam were kissing. Dennis said, the found Kevin’s car at the hospital. He drove there because he had an artery expand in his brain and they were preparing him for some risky surgery. He did not go there to finish off Kris or Lyn. He went into the ER and sat down holding his head and shouting obscenities at people until nearly passed out. They did brain scan on him and found this artery about to burst. Kevin has insurance there and is registered as tissue donor. They could not give me any more information because I am not family and you are not either Pam. Pam said, “I was not agree at Kevin but he felt angered by me and everybody else.” “Kevin is only 24 and telling you his it is risky surgery and he is a tissue donor is not good news for him.” “It is terrible shame he has to die this way with people judging him by his last acts leaving him with so much anger when he was so nice before.” I will miss Kevin and I will now love you Dennis.

Dennis started his effort to please Kristy and Pam sitting next to each other with Denis’s fingers in each one driving them to multiple orgasms. Dennis then leaned down and picked up Pam smoothly lifting her to where she would cross her legs behind his head and sitting on his shoulders and using his tongue and fingers from one hand to create numerous powerful orgasms for Pam who not hiding her reactions to an orgasm. Kevin lifted her again lowering her vagina over his penis and working her up and down until she one more orgasm and set her on the ground and they embraced each other and kissed.

Pam said, “Dennis you are the greatest at doing this for me. I really wish I could be your second fianc?ecause I love you. Dennis said, Pam will you please marry me. Pam said, “Yes I really will Dennis.” She kissed him again. Dennis said, “I can have two fianc?but only one wife.”

Dennis lifted Kristy the same way and she enjoyed the multiple orgasms he gave her using his tongue and fingers during this 15 minutes of extreme pleasure. Dennis then lowered Kristy to where his penis was inside her and lifted her few inched up and down until she had one more orgasm and ejaculated inside Kristy. She then stood and kissed Dennis passionately Kristy said, “I love you deeply Dennis and now you have two fianc?I am proud to be one of them “ Kristy walked to Pam and they kissed before getting to bed on each side of Dennis.

In the morning Kristy got up to dresses for morning run to on some bacon and eggs for breakfast with some toast from the bread Kris made to soak up the eggs and Pam allowed Dennis to fuck her until she had another orgasm and ejaculating inside Pam. Pam kissed Dennis before they both put on the running outfit and shoes before going to breakfast. Amy, Nancy, Christine and Angie were there for breakfast along with Kristy and Pam who were holding hands.

Pam said, “Dennis we have a plan.” Lesbian marriage is not strictly legal in California but it would mean it to Kristy and me would take it seriously because we love each other and we both love you Dennis.” “That way you only need to marry Kristy or me to get both of us.” Dennis smiled but did not say anything yet.

Pam and Kristy ran out front and Dennis was just behind them watching the two blondes’ long sexy legs and midriffs. They both were beautiful young women and the prospect of having both was interesting. After the 13 miles they were single file with Kristy out front and Pam just ahead of Dennis. Christine and Angie came home earlier and let everyone into the house.

They all jumped in the pool after coming home to cool off from the half-marathon distance all but Christine and Angie did every morning.

After the showers Dennis and Kristy dressed for work and put the leather over it for the motorcycle ride to work. Pam put on her blue miniskirt and white blouse to visit Kris and Lyn at the hospital and to check on Kevin she put on some 4 inch heels to feel very tall. Being only 17, being extra tall would help make up for being so young.

Kristy never thought she would welcome another woman into her marriage with Dennis She love Dennis and she loved Pam. Last night she smiled as Dennis asked Pam to marry him. Kristy was deeply in love with Dennis and Pam.

The ring on Pam’s finger was from Kevin but she would pretend it was from Dennis. Pam was beginning to love him deeply she also loved Kristy and wanted to share Dennis always. When Dennis asked her to marry him she suddenly thought she would marry him and loved Kristy who said she would share Dennis. Dennis never use profanities and made point not to. She would always remember the sexual pleasure she got from Dennis.

The fist thing Pam did was inquired where Kevin was and she was told he passed away last night. The neurologist left a message he wanted to talk to Pam about the symptoms he may have shown. Pam left her cell phone number and said she would be visiting others her I the hospital for at least the next hour and would be available to talk to him any time in the next hour.

Kris still had an IV in her arm but she was awake after minor surgery to patch her colon after being stabbed. Pam said, “You are looking better than yesterday Kris. Kris said, “Pam I am glad to see you here.” “I have never seen Kevin so angry and called me a fucking whore that does not deserver to live.” Pam said, “Kevin came to the emergency room and was shouting at people because he had an aneurysm in his brain that killed him before any surgery could be done.” “I will remember him from what he was not what he became so suddenly.” “He became a tissue donor.” Kris said, Kevin came into the kitchen and took a knife and backed me against the wall and stabbed me saying I was fucking whore who did not need to live.” “I thought he was going to kill me.” The doctor told me I was lucky he missed any large blood vessels and he thinks I can go home tomorrow. Pam wrote down her cell phone number and gave it to Kris. “Just call me when you need to be picked up.” “I can get here in about five minutes.” Goodbye mom, I will see Lyn now.

Lyn’s room was just down the hall and she was up watching TV. “Hello Pam it is good to see you here.” Pam said, “I came here to see you and mom” Mom is going home tomorrow. Lyn said, “That is what the doctor told me.” “I have never seen Kevin so angry and he said he was going to kill me because I was fucking whore that deserved to die. He stabbed me twice in the back striking bone each time but I lost a fair amount of blood. Pam said, “Kevin came to the emergency room here and was shouting obscenities at people because he had an aneurysm in his brain that killed him before any surgery could be done.” Pam said, I was talking to Kevin when he suddenly changed to an angry person who called me fucking whore.” “I want to remember Kevin as the man who proposed to me and not the man who was affected by the aneurysm in his brain.” “Kevin carried a card saying he would be organ donor that would save lives of others from his organ donation,” Lyn said, “You are an extremely beautiful girl Pam and you will find some good man that is attracted to you.” Pam gave Lyn her cell phone number if she was discharged when Pam was not here.

Pam was starting to leave when her cell phone buzzed She opened it and Hello this is doctor Neil Kelly I am resident here and I would briefly want to talk to you Pam about the fist symptoms you noticed in Kevin as his fianc?Just take the elevator to the fifth floor and turn right and the neurology a department is there and just ask for me at the reception desk.

In the elevator Pam removed her ring and put it back in the box in her purse and unbuttoned her blouse seductively. Pam was turned on by his voice. Pam walked to the reception desk and asked for Dr. Neil Kelly who wanted to talk to her. Dr. Kelly opened the door and led her to his office and Pam went in noticing this doctor is taller than her on these heels. He pulled out the chair on the front of his desk and seated Pam. He walked around and said, “I want you to know I think you are stunningly beautiful Pam.” Pam said, “Thank you Dr Kelly” “Do you remember when the first symptoms appeared in Kevin.” Pam said, Dr, Kelly I was having a conversation with Kevin and he was normal when he asked me about something and suddenly I became scared of him he suddenly began calling me a “fucking whore.” His face showed anger as he continued to call me a fucking whore. I told him my name is Pam and I am your fianc?He said, “I would never marry a fucking whore like you.” “He slapped me hard in the face and told me he would kill me if I did not walk away now because your are a worthless fucking whore. I walked to another room to see a roommate and said I am done with Kevin now. I did not know what was wrong with him but it was a profound change that came about in a heartbeat. The Kevin I remembered very rarely used any word like that and he was perfect for me before he suddenly changed. Before he left he went to the kitchen and stabbed two women who are in this hospital my mother and sister before getting in his car and driving to emergency room here shouting obscenities at people. He passed away last night.

“I want to remember Kevin as the man who proposed to me and not the man who was affected by the aneurysm in his brain.” “Kevin carried a card saying he would ...

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