Pam the wonderwoman 2

Pam and Kristy after winning the marathon striped naked after coming home and inserted Neil’s pleasure spheres in each other and facing each other holding the metal sphere on their clitoris turned on the vibrator and gasped with pleasure finally screaming out with a powerful orgasm in less than two minutes. They did this again and again with powerful orgasm each time until they were almost unable to move. The now resorted to some lesbian sex for more gentle pleasure and gave each other orgasms before kissing passionately. Both Dennis and Neil were gone and they could not wait for them. The press had them as good friends and they were very close and loved each other. Kristy turned on the 11:00 news that the top story was their victory at the marathon after winning 5 races from 100meters to marathon The picture used was the two of them running next to each other. The picture changed to close up of Pam that Neil supplied showing Pam’s beautiful face as the winner of all these footraces. They were both famous for being faster than others at 100 meters, 400 meters, 1500 meters, 5000 meters and 26.2 miles. Any athlete before had never done this athletic accomplishment. Pam and Kristy shown loved each other secretly. Amy, Kris, Nancy, Angie, Christine and Lyn came to congratulate them for their newfound fame.

Kristy and Pam sat naked with their legs spread as Amy and Nancy were using their tongue and fingers to give each more orgasms replaced by Kris and Lyn as a reward for doing so well. Angie and Christine then came up and place some pleasure spheres inside the two girls each of them holding the metal over their clitoris and counted down and hit the vibrate switch and Pam and Kristy screamed with pleasure until the first powerful orgasm and then one orgasm after another until Pam and Kristy nearly died from the pleasure. After this they needed to help to again walk. Pam said, “I were to die I want to be this way” “It is almost worth sacrificing my life.” Kristy said, “I really think it is possible to get too much of this and I got close.” “It is like taking too many pleasure pills and suffering the overdose side effects making me temporally paralyzed.” Kristy said, “I head from the coach that Pam and I will be invited to the Olympic tryouts if we stay with the track team even only at home.” Our qualifying events will be all the running events” Pam got within 4/100 of one second the world record for women in the 5000 meters and I was only 2/100 of one second behind her.

Kris was tied up and the lunches were late from watching the coverage of Pam and Kristy’s marathon victories and welcome them home. She was very proud of Pam and Kristy and the fame they now had. The prospect of them being Olympic athletes was something only dream about. Pam was so beautiful and intelligent and now had a chance at making the Olympics as an athlete too. She was only 17 and would get better and faster with more time. Neil was so lucky to have her heart. Pam loved him so much. She knew of no girl with so much talent as so many things and being so beautiful as well as Pam.

Lunch was an hour late but all the naked ladies were seated eating the sandwiches Kris prepared for them. Pam had her hair in a ponytail and no make up and she had so much natural beauty. Her eyebrows were as blond as her hair and contours of her face could not be improved on with her high cheeks, a gently turned up nose and sky blue eyes and a wonderful smile with perfect teeth. Pam had long dense eyelashes that could not be improve upon.

Her breasts were high and firm and her ribs barely showed with a vertical navel and long tapered legs. Pam’s muscular butt cheeks had little fat the powerful muscle there that could propel her legs into longer strides and made her running very efficient and very fast. Her strong quick abdominal muscles could raise her legs for the next stride. Pam’s skin was smooth and flawless from her face to her legs that has thin layer of fat hiding the strong and quick muscles in her sexy feminine legs. She was pale white from staying out of the sun as much as possible. The morning running gave her excellent endurance for the marathon and 5000, and 1500-meter race. She had a body that could run very fast for short distances and very far for longer races. The times she recorded were sometimes faster then male runners yesterday and today. She still had a beautiful smooth skin all over her body that did not indicate her strength but screamed out at her reproductive capacity. In this house she was able to show it all. Kristy was a little more muscular all over with less fat to hide it. She still looked very sexy and she too stayed out of the sun to preserve her good looks. They were great friends and lived under the same roof and both did something never done before.

Neil got home and was very excited about Pam doing so well athletically. “One nurse went to the local Kmart to meet her boyfriend and she noticed her noticed about a hundred people glued to the televisions there watching you and Kristy running the marathon. It reminded me of some older people saying that about the moon shot in 1969. When I could I turned on my TV and they had pictures of you two girls from a helicopter running at the front of pack of other runners. Two male runners came out and passed you near the end and you both left them in your dust. Pam said, “We had to give them some blood to test to make sure we were not on any drugs.” “We had to do that before coming home.” “There are certain drugs that may make you faster but nothing I know of to improve your endurance.” “That is all about training.” “If we had to pee in cup we would still be there.” Neil said, “Pam your skin is so smooth and sexy I never dreamed you were a superior athlete.” “I can only imagine the amount of estrogen circulating in the blood females here” “It forms your body to give your body look like more for reproduction and hide your muscles.” “You are so beautiful Pam and so intelligent and now you are a superior athlete.” “You as close as any woman at truly being a super woman.” Pam said, “Neil thank you saying this to me.” “Please make love to me now.”

Pam helped Neil undress and he was hard and needed some relief but he first used his fingers and tongue to give her some orgasms. Pam got up and kissed him passionately. Pam next pushed him face up on the bed and sucked on his penis for couple of minutes before climbing on him and putting his penis in her vagina. Now facing him she pumped him to give herself another orgasm and with some continued pumping he ejaculated inside her. Neil looked up and said, “You are perfect in every way Pam.” “You are incredibly sexy.” “I love every molecule in your body” “I feel so lucky to have you here” Pam was still on top of him and leaned over and kissed Neil passionately.

Pam was still kissing Neil when Amy came in and said, “Kristy is having a seizure”
Neil still naked came out just as she progressed to being unconscious. She still had a pulse. He got dressed quickly and said, “She will wake shortly” He went to his bag and got out small sample bottle of Phenytoin Sodium Extended and opened it.

When Kristy finally became conscious she saw Neil over her and put three tablets in her hand and said, Take these and drink this water to wash them down. “Kristy you just had grand mal seizure.” Kristy said, “I am little confused” She took the tablets and water still looking confused. Neil checked her head for any injuries but found none. Kristy was now able to stand. Neil said, “The law says I have to inform the DMV of this and you should not drive until we are sure this is controlled.” “I will give you a prescription for this that you can get at any pharmacy.” “You should take some sugar pills with your water tomorrow when you out running.” “Your sugar level is probably low from the marathon” and that made you more apt to have this seizure.” Kris got up and got her some fruit juice to drink and took it to her. “There is not much sugar in a ham sandwich.” Kristy drank the fruit juice. She said, “Thank you Doctor Kelly” “I was unaware of having a seizure but I knew something was wrong from my confusion.” “This may have happened before when I was alone because I woke up on the floor not knowing how I got there.” Neil said, “Kristy a seizure like you had is from sort of a short circuit in you brain that spreads making your body stiff and falling down and moving around.” “You are not breathing during this and it ends when your oxygen level drops.” “You begin to breath again when you are unconscious and when you wake up your confusion is due to that short ...

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