Payback- Part three

Scott stared down the street. It was dark, and the rain meant it was difficult to see properly. He pulled his jacket close around his body and wrapped his arms around himself. He couldn’t see Isaac anywhere, so he started walking towards the beach, he didn’t know him very well, but he knew that Isaac would go the bridge if he needed to think. Scott pulled his hood tight around his face, the rain had already soaked every inch of him, it had soaked through his jacket and shirt. The smooth fabric of the shirt clung to his chest; he liked the feel of wet fabric brushing against his skin, his nipples becoming sensitive. Scott didn’t like his body, he found it quite unattractive and though he paraded himself as a confident person, he was quite shy and self-conscious about his looks. He had been treated badly in the past; the reason for the breakdown of his last relationship was rape. Plain and simple, Scott felt tears pricking his eyes; he remembered the night quite well.


Danny was high. Scott hadn’t realised he’d been snorting coke most of the day when he went round, but as soon as he walked through the door, it was clear what Danny had in mind for the evening. He pulled his boxers down and stroked his growing member. He called Scott’s name, walking back into the room, Scott shook his head “you’re high Dan, I’ve never had sex with you before, it’s not something I wanna do while you’re fucked” “Nah Scotty, you’re gonna be fucked” he said with cold eyes. Scott stared into his face, he whimpered as Danny stood up. Scott started walking backwards, Danny growled at him, “fucking stand still now bitch!!” Scott stopped, he was still whimpering, he stared at his feet as Danny stuck his tongue in his ear. He shuddered, as scared as he was, he felt that familiar twitch in his groin.

He shut his eyes as Danny ripped his shirt open, he carried on whimpering and felt a crack across his face, he shrieked in pain and tried to step backwards, but Danny had a firm hold of his arm and slapped him again. Tears began rolling down Scott’s cheek, he loved Danny, he’d always been gentle and took his time with him. Scott had only just turned 18, he was inexperienced. He’d given a few blowjobs, but never had sex. He’d blushed on his second date with Danny when he had to tell him he was a virgin, but Danny had took it all in his stride and told Scott they’d take it at the pace he wanted too. They’d been together a month and a half and Scott was still nervous, he could tell Danny was becoming inpatient.

Scott snapped back to reality as Danny put his hands on his shoulders and forced him to his knees. Scott relaxed, as much as the situation was scaring him, he could deal with a blow job. Danny pumped his dick a few times, then grabbed Scott’s hair and pulled him forwards. Scott grimaced in pain, he tried to push Danny off but he just tightened his grip and forced him forwards. Scott opened his mouth and took it into his mouth, he swirled his tongue around the head of Danny’s dick, he pressed his tongue into the slit and Danny groaned. He held his hair tighter and forced him to take more into his mouth, Scott gagged, although Danny was only 6 inches, he was thick and Scott was struggling to breath. His mouth was stretched wide, and saliva dribbled from the sides of his mouth and down his chin. Danny began to fuck his throat, Scott struggled to breathe as the head touched the back of his throat, as Danny pushed harder the head of his dick passed Scott’s gag reflex and went down his throat. Scott had never deep-throated before and tears streamed down his face as he struggled to breath, he clawed his hands down Danny’s thighs trying to get him to pull out. He was groaning and thrusting into Scott’s mouth, he looked down and the fear in Scott’s eyes made him want to cum there and then. Just as Scott began to see stars, Danny pulled out, he shoved Scott backwards. Scott landed awkwardly on his wrist, a crunching noise easily heard, but Scott was too busy coughing and choking to care about the pain. Danny laughed and sat down, “come ‘ere” Scott crouched lower and stayed where he was “HERE. NOW!” he dragged himself up and shuffled over to the bed. Danny patted the bed beside him and Scott pulled himself up. He grinned at him, Scott felt tears springing to his eyes again, “On your back ay” Scott whimpered, “Please Danny, I don’t wanna do this while your drunk! Tomorrow I promise!” Danny got bored of hearing his pleas and shoved him on his back. Scott led their silently as he lifted his legs up and propped them on his shoulders. “Now this’ll only hurt a lot yeah?”

“Danny please!!”

“Shut the fuck up”


Danny grabbed a pillow from behind Scott, and shoved it in Scott’s face “bite on that, don’t want you screaming the fucking place down” Scott covered his face with the pillow, “Nooo” Danny moaned “I said bite it, I wanna see your face!” Scott let out a sob but complied; he pulled the pillow down onto his chest and bit the side. Danny spat on his hand a few times and rubbed it over the head of his dick; he spat in his hand again and rubbed it over Scott’s hole. As the rough hand and spit scrapped across his arsehole, Scott began to cry uncontrollably, he loved Danny, but this wasn’t Danny doing this. He’d got violent a few times after taking drugs, but never this aggressive.

Danny grunted as he lined the head of his dick up with Scott’s arsehole. Scott whimpered, then bit down hard on the pillow, this wasn’t how he’d planned to lose his virginity.

Scott screamed as Danny pushed all the way into his arse, his balls slapped audibly against Scott’s cheeks, he sobbed and screamed as Danny began moving inside him. “Fuck your tight” he moaned “Can’t believe I waited this long, I got nearly two months of no sex under my belt Scotty, hope you’re ready for this” He pulled all the way out until just the head was inside him, then pushed straight back in, he carried on, picking up the pace until the room was filled with the sound of skin slapping against skin and Scott’s sobbing that had almost become a whimper. He tried fidgeting on the bed but Danny pinned his arms down, it felt like his insides were being pulled out, and he was being split in half. He hugged the pillow into his chest and sobbed into it, “Can’t. See. Your. Face” Danny grunted on each thrust, Scott hesitated for a second, and then pulled it down slightly, not wanting to piss Danny off anymore. “Better” he started thrusting harder, and faster. Scott began to feel light headed, but suddenly felt relieved as Danny pulled out. He grabbed Scott’s waist and turned him over, pushing his head into the mattress and lifting up his hips, Scott whimpered as he realised it wasn’t over, Danny pushed the head of his dick back against Scott’s hole, he pushed until the head was just inside, then thrust hard and bottomed out in Scott’s arse. Scott whimpered and grasped his pillow closer to him, Danny started thrusting harder again. He picked up the pace but Scott no longer tried struggling, he closed his eyes and lay still, waiting for the ordeal to end.

Danny started grunting louder and louder, he reached his hand round and grabbed Scott’s dick, “you not enjoying this Scotty?” he pulled Scott’s flaccid dick hard, he whimpered and bit harder on the pillow, willing it to be over. Danny moaned loudly, “Fuck Scotty, ...

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