Peer Pressure: Melissa

Author's Note: I first posted this story on A.S.S in the summer of 1994. Now, as then, it is not politically correct and is a work of fiction. No identification with actual persons or places is intended.

Peer Pressure: Melissa
by Virtual Scott

Chapter 1

Sullivan College was going to be a big change from high school, Melissa realized. She watched the cab drive off, half wanting to call it back and have the cabby return her to the airport. A moment later, the comely brunette was completely on her own. Well, her parents had said going to an out-of-state school would build self-confidence, but it wasn't as easy to believe now as it had been in the comfort of her home.

She'd been known as a tomboy back in Minnesota. Melissa's childhood had been spent worshipping her three older brothers, following them whenever she could. They'd always called her a pest, but it was meant affectionately, and some of the best moments of her life had been spent in rough-and-tumble football games. "The Pest" had learned to throw a baseball as well as any of the boys, and wore the same old jeans and ratty sneakers they did.

Melissa had gotten hooked on computers early when John, her oldest brother, had gotten an Apple II one Christmas. She loved the disciplined creativity involved in programming and had gotten involved in the school's computer club when the other girls in her class lived to flirt with boys and shop at the mall. Later, the faceless machines provided a refuge when her changing body distanced the boys from the easy camaraderie of her younger days; she was no longer the androgynous playmate they felt comfortable with. Melissa still thought of herself as "the pest" and was convinced no boy would relate to her as a girl, even if she'd had the inclination or courage to try such an approach.

Self-consciously Melissa retrieved her glasses from her purse and put them on so she could read the campus map. The purse was an obnoxious reminder of her body's unwanted changes. Her favorite wallet no longer fit comfortably in her hip pocket, and slight farsightedness required her to lug a pair of glasses with her if she wanted to read.

Her friends back home said the thin metal frames looked good on her, but the introverted teen habitually discounted comments about the beauty she was convinced she didn't have. In fact, in the last years of high school her body had ripened into a knockout figure that was imprinted in the minds of many of her old male classmates. Only her attitude and loose, concealing clothing partially disguised this fact.

Brushing back a lock of the dark, frizzy hair that had escaped her ponytail, Melissa looked down the campus. She heaved a sigh of resignation, slung her carry bag over a shoulder, and hefted the oversized suitcase before starting a slow march towards the building she'd identified as Gridley Hall.

The three floors of the U-shaped residence hall wrapped around a central courtyard. When she came close enough to scan the room numbers on the doors ringing the court, Melissa was dismayed to find her room, 301, must be on the top floor. Gridley didn't look like a building that had elevators.

Melissa found the nearest stairway and started the difficult climb to the top floor. She had made it halfway when a tanned student in swimsuit and T-shirt graciously relieved her of the suitcase and carried it the remainder of the way up the stairs. She was too flustered by the parting look he gave her to remember his name. Thank God, she thought, the movers will carry up the steamer trunk when it arrives later in the week.

Tiredly, Melissa trudged to the very end of the hall. The door to room 301 was open, and sure enough, "Melissa T. Bednar" was neatly printed on a post-it note affixed below the room number. The room was occupied, Melissa realized as she lugged her suitcase through the door and unceremoniously dumped it on the floor. Another girl was hanging clothes in one of the closets, surrounded by opened boxes.

The stranger stopped her work and deftly maneuvered around the debris to meet Melissa. "Hello, my name is Janet Mueller."

Melissa immediately found herself wanting as she observed the other's tasteful clothing and unconscious grace. She put on her best face and replied, "I'm Melissa Bednar. Pleased to meet you, I guess we're roommates."

Janet laughed lightly and agreed, "It looks that way. Quick, take the sticker off the door before some other Melissa Bednar arrives!"

Melissa was reassured by the light humor and began to feel better about the thought of sharing a room with Janet. Perhaps a little of the other's grace would rub off on her; the thought reminded her of the glasses still adorning her face and she quickly removed them and laid them on the empty desk. The distraction caused her to miss the envious look as Janet made an informed guess about the body hidden beneath the oversize shirt and windblown hair.

Janet broke the silence with another question. "Is this all you have?"

Melissa was brave enough to try a small joke. "All? This stupid suitcase was almost too much. I think my right arm is stretched." Janet giggled as Melissa completed the explanation. "No, seriously, I have my mom's steamer trunk coming, but it was too big to take on the plane. It should be delivered tomorrow or the next day." Reassured, she felt secure enough to try a question of her own. "Surely you didn't bring all that on a plane?"

Janet followed the glance to the boxes and smiled. "No, 'private moving service.' My brother lives an hour from here -- he drove me up from home. I suppose I should finish unpacking them."

Melissa succeeded in stowing her clothes in the small closet and dresser provided before they succumbed to wrinkling -- not that she particularly cared, but Janet looked like the type who would notice. Deciding the small remainder of her belongings could wait, Melissa elected to investigate the rest of her new home. Janet gave up on arranging her CD collection and volunteered her services as tour guide, although she admitted she hadn't had much opportunity to explore. A glance sufficed to cover the room's furnishings: two single beds, two dressers, two desks with chairs, a recessed sink with a mirror and small cabinet along one wall beside the closets. The best feature was undoubtedly the window, which yielded a fine view of the campus.

Janet led Melissa to the door on the other side of the sink and the girls walked into the bathroom. A shower, curtain pulled back, filled half the bathroom -- Melissa wondered at its size relative to their quarters. On the other side, the toilet was somewhat screened by a partition. With a shrug, Janet opened the door facing them. "It's okay, the upperclassmen don't move in until this weekend."

They peered into a room that was as bare as theirs had been a few hours ago. The two turned to each other in shocked amazement as each realized the center of the room was filled by a single queen-sized bed instead of the two singles they had expected to see! Hurriedly the pair retreated while their minds grappled with the implications of the furnishings.

"Maybe it's just a mistake? Put there by accident?"

"That seems unlikely. But, Melissa, I heard some seniors can use these rooms as singles, if they do well enough in the room draw."

"Oh, why didn't I think of that? That makes much more sense..." Melissa's voice trailed off momentarily as her thoughts returned the horrible, but now discarded, alternatives.

By unspoken consent, the pair elected to head downstairs and see more of the campus. They exited the room and closed the door behind them, after each had tested her room key in the lock. Janet resumed her commentary as they headed for the stairs. "These are supposed to be the best rooms in the dorm. Good view, neighbors on only one side, and the rooms below are used for storage -- we shouldn't have any problems with noise from other students."

Melissa wryly agreed, "As long as you don't have anything too heavy to carry up the stairs!"

Janet concluded, "and hope our suitemate isn't some acid rock freak!" Melissa laughed uncertainly; the joke was too close to her worries to be very amusing.


Melissa and Janet met their new suitemate Saturday afternoon. Janet had been holding up her part of a largely one-sided conversation relating to the previous day's placement tests and the merits of their fellow classmates. Melissa flipped through the first chapters of her introductory programming text. Both looked up at the sound of an opening door in the next room and exchanged excited glances at the realization their neighbor had arrived.

Janet and the stranger opened the bathroom doors simultaneously, then paused to assess each other as Melissa moved to peer over her roommate's shoulder. She didn't know what to think. The vibrant woman facing her had a model's body and carriage, and even looked familiar, but the clothes... They seemed practically obscene. Did people really dress that way?

In contrast to their own shorts and blouses, the stranger was wearing a lightweight purple sweatshirt with the sleeves pushed up above her elbows, black leggings that looked painted on, and short boots. The sexpot pushed her reflective sunglasses up onto her windblown bronze mane as her face creased into a dazzling smile.

"Hi, I'm Jacqueline Barry. Call me Jacqui; everybody does. Really glad to meet you, you guys look like a major improvement over the losers we roomed with last year." She moved forward with hand outstretched; "You are?"

"Oh, right. I'm Janet Mueller, pleased to meet you, Jacqui." Janet shook the offered hand.

Melissa waved from behind Janet, "and I'm Melissa Bednar." In a wry voice, she added, "My friends call me Lissa." Cracking her own smile, she offered, "please come in and visit." Jacqui was only too pleased to accept and moved ahead as the freshmen gave way to her.

"Hey, nice," the beauty commented after a look around. "Can't chat much right now, I'm afraid, I've got more junk to bring up from storage, and I promised Anne I'd help bring up her stuff, too."

Janet rose to the bait and inquired, "Anne?"

Jacqui launched into her story. "Yeah, Anne Takasawa, she's my roommate. No way a lowly junior like me could pull a single in Gridley; Anne got a crappy number in the soph draw, but we doubled up and improved our position enough to get in."

The frosh's troubled expressions reflected the inevitable question.

"Oh, the bed . No, it's not what you think, we use it for partying. Look, two beds like you've got," she gestured at the furniture in question, "break up the room too much. Waste of space. The old queen works great, lots of people can sit on it, throw a cork board on top and you've got a great table for cards or whatever. Hell, this school doesn't give you any time to sleep anyway," she concluded.

It seemed reasonable enough, Melissa decided. Janet remained silent.

"Well, I gotta get back to work. Look, Anne and I will be here right after dinner. You can meet her, then we can go out, dancing or something, I can show you guys where the hot spots are around here. Sound like a plan?"

Janet relented; it would be good to escape one last time before classes really started. "Sounds like a plan," she agreed. Melissa, although slightly unsure about the thought of going bar hopping, nevertheless agreed to accompany her new friends. The three agreed to meet again at 7 PM, and Jacqui departed.


The older girls were a study in contrasts when they arrived. Anne, unsurprisingly, was a petite Oriental with straight, jet black hair. She spoke little beyond the initial introductions and obviously deferred to Jacqui. It was clear to Melissa who the leader of their group would be.

The quartet of young women departed Gridley hall at the appointed hour, and Jacqui led the group to her car. The frosh glanced enviously at the red Mustang convertible and complemented Jacqui on her fortune at owning such a great car when they were wondering when they'd have money to buy even a junker.

Soon they were headed down Fairport Drive with the wind blowing in their faces. Anne and Janet were squashed in the rear sets while Melissa, as tallest of the passengers, sat next to Jacqui. It was hard to tell what Jacqui was doing behind the reflective sunglasses, but Melissa got the impression she was being scrutinized. Uncomfortably, the brunette smoothed the skirt she now wore over her legs, and wished she'd foregone the pantyhose -- it was still brutally hot. Janet had chosen a dress for the occasion, elegant enough for a more formal affair. Anne had arrived wearing a denim skirt over a one-piece swimsuit, and Jacqui still wore her violet and black ensemble.

Over dinner, they learned more about each other. Janet was planning to become an attorney and ambivalent about a potential long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, Franklin. Melissa blushingly admitted she'd never had a boyfriend at home, but knew a lot about math and computers. In turn, the newcomers discovered Anne was an Engineering major. Jacqui was studying journalism, modeled part-time for a local department store chain, and planned to embark on a career as a photojournalist following her graduation.

Later, much cheered and relaxed, the foursome declared the evening a resounding success and vowed to repeat the experience. The young occupants of room 301 retired to their respective beds early Sunday morning to dream of the upcoming adventures of their freshman year of college.

Chapter 2

College life seemed to agree with them. Melissa was flattered to have been approached for a date several times during lunch, although she wasn't sure she was ready to accept more than just meeting for a meal at the cafeteria. Janet was loosening up a bit too. Fall break and, coincidentally, Melissa's birthday, were upon her almost before she realized it.

Sullivan College traditionally gave its students a four-day weekend during October to provide a break in the pressure of the fall semester. Janet had already made plans to return home to visit Franklin and her family before Melissa shyly admitted her 18th birthday fell on the Wednesday before the break. Miffed that Melissa hadn't mentioned the event earlier, Janet nonetheless charged her suitemates with properly celebrating their youngest member's passage into adulthood.

Jacqui solemnly promised to see Melissa had a good time.


The evening started in typical fashion, although this time the four were nearly a matched set -- Jacqui and Anne had outfitted themselves with sleek dresses in honor of the occasion. All four coeds drew admiring glances at during the evening, but there was no question the birthday girl and her bronze-haired companion were the chief heartbreakers.

They returned to the dorm early to bid a regretful good-bye to Janet, who was hitching a ride home with her brother. The party promptly resumed as Jacqui broke out her bottle of Scotch to celebrate Melissa's arrival at drinking age. While Anne made a joke of pretending to "card" Melissa, Jacqui served out the shots.

Several drinks, and an indeterminate amount of time later, the conversation had turned to Jacqui's modeling experiences.

"No, really, Lissa, I mean it!" Jacqui continued. "You're gorgeous! You've really never considered doing any posing?"

"Honestly, no." Glamour was probably, Melissa thought, one of the few things she had less experience with than drinking. Except maybe sex... Get your mind out of the gutter, Lissa! She tried to return her attention to the conversation. "I wouldn't know what to do. I don't know what looks good."

Jacqui laughed. "Actually you don't really need to do anything except show up, look good, and follow directions. Hey, I have a tape from my last assignment. Would you like to see it?"

The proposal was unanimously accepted. Jacqui located the tape and popped it into the VCR, and soon the three coeds were lying back on the bed, bolstered by another round of drinks.

Melissa gazed raptly at the unfolding scenes with amazement. Jacqui was modeling swim wear, but a number of the suits were incredibly skimpy and she sensed she should be shocked by some of the explicit stage directions used. However, her mind felt numbed and, reassured by the steady presence of her friends on either side of her, she took in the tape with a calm that would have surprised her parents. Some 30 minutes later, her only comment was, "Jeez, Jacqui, some of those suits are practically pornographic. Not to mention that director. I guess I don't need to bother going on a field trip down to the Pussycat theater now."

Anne piped up, "You want to see a X-rated movie? We have some tapes here. Do you think we should watch one? Would that be okay, Mistress Jacqueline?"

The strange form of address escaped Melissa, who giggled and replied, "Sure, why not? All part of a college education, right?"

Jacqui merely smiled as she gestured for Anne to comply with the request, and refilled their drinks. Soon the three coeds were sitting in a row at the head of the bed, Melissa in the center, and Jacqui started the film.

The movie was about a housewife taken captive by a gang of robbers and forced to have sex with each of them, any way they wanted it. Melissa soon found that her panties were soaking wet, and she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs to relieve the urge between her thighs. When the movie ended, the young virgin just sat there and stared at the blank television screen. Anne asked her how she liked the film, and Melissa could only nod her head.

Melissa felt Jacqui's hand on her knee. It wasn't long before the frosh's dress and slip were bunched up around her waist and Jacqui was gently rubbing Melissa's pussy through her panties. Melissa knew she should stop the model, but the feeling was so overpowering that she just sat back and enjoyed it.

Just as she was about to come, Jacqui stopped rubbing her and ordered, "Melissa, take off your panties." The confused teen hesitated for a moment and soon felt Anne's hands on her hips, pulling the offending panties down. Jacqui's fingers were quickly back on the brunette's cunt, and Melissa found herself squirming violently; she came with a pleasure that easily surpassed the self-induced climaxes to which she was accustomed.

Jacqui rolled off the bed onto her feet, then resumed control of the charged situation. "Anne, stop playing with yourself this minute. Lissa, stand over here in front of me and strip. Now." The aroused 18-year-old felt like she was in a trance, but did as she was instructed. Soon her dress, slip and bra lay on the floor next to her discarded panties. "Good. Now get back down on the bed, and spread your legs. Anne, eat her."

The Oriental's lips and tongue were soon working their way up her legs, and Melissa came when Anne brushed her pussy with her lips. Sweet juice ran from the trembling teenager's gash into Anne's mouth as she frantically licked Melissa's virginal slit. Melissa completely lost track of Jacqui.

Then Anne was gone and Jacqui had returned. Melissa started to regain her senses as Jacqui rolled her over onto her stomach. Soon Jacqui's lips were working their magic on the backs of her thighs, and Melissa could feel the warmth spreading through her body again.

Jacqui licked her bottom until it was wet with saliva and then spread Melissa's cheeks and shoved a finger into her ass. Soon the orgasms were tearing through the teen's body so fast that she just lay there trembling and screaming. Overcome at last, the drained beauty fell into a very deep sleep.


Melissa drifted into wakefulness and lay quietly as the previous night's experiences began to trickle into her consciousness. Her face felt scalded by the sudden blush that covered it as the last memories clicked into place, and she sat up abruptly. The teen realized she was lying naked in Jacqui's bed! Horror emerged full-force at the discovery of a choke chain encircling her neck and tying it to the wall, and Melissa screamed as she began a futile struggle to escape the trap.

Jacqui and a man Melissa didn't recognize burst through the bathroom door. "Shut up, bitch! Slaves don't scream," hissed Jacqui. "Steve, bind her hands and feet before she hurts herself."

She started a camcorder positioned on her desk, then the two stripped back the sheet. After a struggle, they secured Melissa's limbs with the thongs concealed at the corners of the bed. Melissa's frightened gaze darted from Steve's hand as he rubbed his crotch to Jacqui as she moved up to the side of the bed.

"That's right, screaming won't do you any good, slave," Jacqui crooned, before beginning to toy with Melissa's bush. "Definitely we should shave this one, Steve," she said. "It would look so much better. See? Like mine." The vicious model shucked her bathrobe, revealing her beautiful cunt, slick as a baby's ass.

She bent down to fondle and suck Melissa's nipples until they were swollen and hard. Steve had cupped his bulging crotch in one hand and was squeezing it rhythmically. Jacqui climbed up on the bend and, placing a knee on each side of Melissa's head, forced her cunt down on Melissa's face. "Eat me out. Suck my pussy, slave. Stick your tongue up inside my hole, and don't forget about my clit!"

Melissa screamed, "No! Janet, help! Anne!" Her hopes plummeted as she remembered Janet was gone and she caught sight of Anne at the side of the bed, furiously stroking her own shaved and dripping cunt.

"I'll teach you to refuse me, you bitch," Jacqui threatened. She moved off the bed and retrieved some shaving supplies from the cupboard below the sink.

Melissa could feel the creme being sprayed onto her bush and spread crotch. Sobbing, she pleaded with her captors, but no mercy was forthcoming.

"No way, slave. You are mine," Jacqui said as she cleaned the virgin's crotch with swift, controlled passes of the razor. Soon all three women had pubic areas as bare as the day they were born. Steve was growing uncomfortable with the pressure in his shorts, and pushed them to the floor.

His cock was large and very hard. After a glance from Jacqui, he went to Melissa and commanded, "Suck this, doll."

Melissa looked at it and pleaded, "No! No! Please don't!" Further complaints were silenced as Steve fed his cock into her mouth. Thoughts of biting were banished by Jacqui's hissed warning in her ear. It moved slowly back and forth, never quite triggering her gag reflex.

Even this submission wasn't enough. Encouraged by probing hands and verbal threats, Melissa began sucking his organ and running her tongue along its length until Steve shot his come down her throat. Coughing, with tears running down her face and mouth still plugged, she swallowed it. Then Jacqui mounted her and forced Melissa to eat her out. It was the most humiliating day in the young coed's life, and it barely had started.

"Slave Anne! You will continue working on this slave. You know what to do; don't screw up." Anne's naked, dripping folds quickly replaced Jacqui's atop Melissa's face. The taste was different, but again not unpleasant...

The thought was banished by the sensation of something large and hard pressing against her pussy. She tensed and screamed, but the sound was entirely muffled as Anne pressed more forcefully against her face. Then Jacqui's finger was stroking her clit and, shamefully, Melissa felt herself lubricating again.

The stimulation continued as Steve rammed himself into her and began thrusting vigorously. There was a burst of pain as he ruptured her hymen, and she felt uncomfortably stretched, but there was very little friction, and oh! that finger... Melissa wept tears of humiliation as she orgasmed under the relentless stimulation. The cock inside her began spasming again, and she could feel the jism squirting inside her before Steve withdrew and splattered her tummy with more of his warm scum.

Anne trembled with her own climax and climbed off. Melissa realized Jacqui was nowhere to be seen, and as her two remaining captors fumbled with her bonds, she hoped for a moment they might be releasing her. Instead she was repositioned, on her stomach this time, with her legs trailing towards the floor but still firmly fastened to something.

She jerked as the cheeks of her ass were parted and tried unsuccessfully to see what was happening. Fingers, too small to be Steve's, were stroking her and probing her holes. Something soft and velvety trailed down her crack and began teasing her sphincter. Anne was licking her ass! Melissa's initial disgust faded before the onslaught of sensation as Anne repeatedly penetrated her butt and withdrew again, wetting it well, and occasionally tickled her oozing slit.

Melissa was actually considering asking for her release in return for her cooperation when Anne moved away. The Oriental's gentle mouth was replaced by Steve's rigid prick. Even though it appeared to be coated with some sort of lubricant, the pain was incredible as the throbbing rod forced its way slowly into her asshole. Melissa struggled uselessly and soon Anne's bare mound was gagging her screams again. Again, there was a pause while fingers -- Steve's this time -- worked her body to unwilling excitement before her indoctrination continued.

Her trials did not end with that painful event. After coming in her bowels, Steve withdrew while Melissa reluctantly licked Anne to another orgasm. There was a short pause, then cycle resumed. Steve fucked her in the mouth and ass and cunt while Anne forced her to pleasure every inch of her demanding body including, eventually, her ass.

Nevertheless, they took care to maintain Melissa's level of excitement. Eventually the captive freshman was responding to the acts themselves without need of manual stimulation. She had no strength for argument when they began forcing her to beg for their attentions.

Although her captors took occasional breaks for food and drink, Melissa was soon worn out by their continuous demands. Nonetheless, they kept it up for most of the day.


Melissa was so tired she could barely think. She was kneeling on the floor while Anne held her "leash." The brutalized 18-year-old could feel the come leaking from her ass and cunt, and dripping from her mouth. For what seemed like the millionth time, Steve walked up to her and glanced down expectantly. She couldn't believe his stamina, but she knew what to do. Melissa took his cock into her mouth and sucked it without a word being spoken, and wondered at the sensations that passed through her body as he jetted into her again.

The next act was scripted, too. "Please Mistress Anne, let me lick your cunt. Please let suck out your come. I love your taste, oh please let me eat you." With a shock, Melissa realized she meant it, and felt a tingling when Anne assented. She crawled to the petite girl, who had a cruel streak she hadn't imagined, and began licking and nibbling on the folds of her slit, before sucking on her clitoris.

When Anne was satisfied, Melissa pulled back and realized that Jacqui was in the room again. The slave and her mistress traded a meaningful look that left Melissa's legs trembling and her cunt dripping. Evidently it had the same effect on Jacqui, who instructed, "Pay close attention, slave." She hiked up her skirt, revealing her naked butt, and bent over the bed, saying "Fuck me up the ass, Steve-O!" He readily complied, and Melissa, watching Jacqui's thrusting, twisting buns, wondered if she looked the same way when Steve was sodomizing her.

Soon the couple climaxed noisily and Steve withdrew. Jacqui looked over her shoulder and ordered, "Suck me out, Anne. Make sure you get all of Steve's come and clean me up good. Lissa, pay close attention; you'll have to serve me this way too. And Anne, save a mouthful to share." The look on Anne's face said she had expected to continue playing mistress, but she knelt behind Jacqui. She pulled the model's buns apart to reveal the loosened hole, then leaned forward to begin sucking the come from it. Melissa watched in fascination until Anne turned and pulled her close. A sloppy kiss transferred some of Steve's seed, this time with a new pungent flavor, to the teen's mouth. She savored the taste before swallowing it.

When Melissa opened her eyes, the hate in Anne's stare frightened her. Why, she thought, when I'm obeying her commands? We used to be friends. A glance at Jacqui revealed only a look of mingled arousal, amusement, and affection. Could it be Anne's jealous? But why?

The young coed, no longer a virgin in any sense of the term, puzzled over the emotions of herself and her friends. She neglected to note that her leash had been lying on the floor, unclaimed, while Anne serviced Jacqui. Jacqui's plan had succeeded.

"Up on the bed next to Jacqui, slave," Steve ordered, having grown bored. "Beg for it up your butt."

Melissa complied, moving to the bed as she moaned, "I crave to have you fuck me up the ass. It feels so good having my shithole filled, please ream me." Her cunt moistened in anticipation as she felt the head of Steve's relentless cock painfully force its way into her tight anus.

Chapter 3

Many long hours later, Melissa wasn't sure she still knew herself. She was almost positive it was Friday, but it was so hard to remember... At least she had earned a break from the ceaseless violations that filled her thoughts.

Those thoughts snapped back to the present as Anne stepped aside and allowed the spray from the showerhead to wash the soap, sweat and scum from Melissa's breasts. The frosh squirmed under the pleasurable sensation, ignoring the swaying cable that was locked to both her neck and the curtain rod. Then she was flailing for balance and cutting off a squeal of alarm as Anne turned her against the wall and spread her cheeks to clean them as well.

Apparently she now passed muster. Anne turned off the water and handed her a towel. Melissa dried herself clumsily, hampered by her chain, and was still working at it when Anne left the bathroom. She was mostly dry several minutes later, but still alone.

"Anne? Jacqui? Is anything wrong?" Reflexively, she clasped the towel across her chest as the door opened.

"You don't need that," Jacqui commented as she pulled the covering away and dropped it before stepping in to reach the padlock. "And inside these rooms, you will address me as 'Mistress Jacqueline,' understood?"

Melissa dropped her eyes as she replied, "yes, Mistress Jacqueline."

Lock unfastened, Jacqui led Melissa back to the bedroom, then paused to unfasten the padlock and release the other end of the cable. The lock was refastened, leaving the choke collar still in place around the teen's throat. "We won't need the leash any longer, will we, Lissa?"

Melissa knew the answer, and felt herself blush as she answered, "no, Mistress Jacqueline." Her eyes followed the key as Jacqui threaded it onto a thin silver chain and fastened it about her own elegant neck.

The next lesson began. "You enjoyed your 'birthday party' yesterday, didn't you? The truth, now."

Melissa attempted to sort through her conflicting thoughts, but the overriding emotion was clear. "Yes, Mistress Jacqueline, oh yes. B-But, Steve, his cock hurt me. And I think Anne--" Jacqui cut her off.

"You leave all thinking about these matters to me. Don't worry about Anne, I am aware of her problem. And we'll accustom your body to these new activities; only time is needed."

"Now, on to business. Are you wet?" Melissa felt lost at the sudden turn in conversation and tried to understand the question. Understanding dawned as Jacqui impatiently stepped closer and ran her hand over Melissa's bared mons; a finger darting briefly through her folds caused her to jump. The finger moved to Jacqui's mouth, and the mistress answered her own question. "Yes, I see you are, a bit. But you can do better than this." Remembering the previous day, Melissa knew that was true, but presently the junior clarified the issue.

"I require that you always be ready. When I think of 'hot and moist,' I want you to come to mind before Florida. Dripping. Understand?" Melissa was dazed by the thought, and could only nod. The next command was easier to interpret. "Bend over the bed and get your ass in the air." Melissa moved to obey, and Jacqui continued her dissertation. "I'm going to spank you now, Melissa, not to punish you, and not because I'm angry with you, but because I want to. But be sure you will be punished this way as the occasion demands. Is that clear?"

Melissa forced a response, "yes, Mistress Jacqueline." Her body ached enough as it was, but there was no way for her to evade the spurious punishment.

Jacqui's hand rose and fell with an even rhythm. At first there was pain, then Melissa felt a warmth spreading through her buttocks into her loins. She could no longer repress her tears, and she heard Jacqui ask, "Do you want to be spanked?"

Melissa shook her head, but the blows continued. Jacqui thrust a hand between the brunette's legs and began to massage Melissa's pussy, at the same time continuing the rhythmic slapping on her cheeks. Melissa began to gasp for breath, unable to control her spastic reactions, as moisture covered Jacqui's probing fingers.

When the hands abruptly fell away, the now-aroused frosh could not restrain a plea. "Please, Mistress Jacqueline, please, make me come. I need it so bad."

Her hope was damped by Jacqui's reply. "No, this was merely to get you properly prepared. My next requirement is that you will come only when I allow it. You will touch yourself only when I allow it. Disobedience will be punished. Now roll over." Melissa did so, attempting to focus on the instructions through her haze of arousal.

"Let's be clear. When you are in class, work for yourself. I'll allow you sufficient time for homework. At all other times, your only purpose is to serve me, as I desire. You will remain ready for me; no more shorts or slacks. I've picked out some skirts and dresses, you can buy others. Whenever I desire, you will demonstrate your readiness as we've discussed, and make yourself available as I require."

Melissa imagined a succession of days such as the one before, and could not hold back a shuddering moan. Reflecting mingled fear and desire, it was all the answer Jacqui needed.

Melissa watched as her mistress retrieved some supplies from the trunk in the closet. She was unable to make sense of the items as Jacqui lined them up along the edge of the bed. There were a number of different sized flared rods, what looked like tangled shoelaces, and a tube of some type of lotion. Jacqui answered the inquiring look.

"Your ass is too tight. You know it, Steve knows it, and I know it. These will correct that problem." She demonstrated by picking up the largest rod, an immense instrument which to Melissa's eyes dwarfed Steve's cock. While Melissa stared, Jacqui squirted some lubricant on the rod, polished it briefly with a rag, then bent slightly and inserted it completely up her own ass with scarcely a pause. "See? You'll be doing this in a couple weeks."

The slave felt faint as she watched her mistress piston the huge dildo in and out, and tried to dismiss the thought of that instrument tearing into her own anus. Jacqui evidently noticed, because she stopped and further clarified. "Don't look at me that way. You don't start with this, dummy. You'll work your way up a day at a time. Now stand up, so I can fit the harness."

Melissa rose to her feet, automatically adjusting her stance to spread her legs slightly. The "shoelaces" were revealed to be thin strips of supple leather. Jacqui worked quickly and confidently, and soon the procedure was completed. Melissa looked down at the thin belt that encircled her slender waist. In front at each side, a strip ran from the belt down to her crotch, passing to each side of her completely exposed lips. She knew they joined with the single cord that ran up the crack of her ass before emerging to attach to the belt behind her. The harness was very snug, although not inconveniently so, and Melissa could feel the snap where the rod would attach pressing against her sensitized sphincter muscle.

Jacqui picked up and lubricated the smallest of the rods. Melissa guessed it was about the size of her pinkie and wondered why it was necessary when she had been so brutally sodomized the day before. But she bent over the bed when Jacqui commanded, and felt the other's hands move the snap to one side before probing the exposed hole. The slick dildo smoothly penetrated her with only minor discomfort and Melissa heard a "snap" as it was securely fastened to the harness.

She could feel it moving slightly inside her as Jacqui pulled her back to her feet, and the unusual sensation added to the tingling in Melissa's loins. Her mistress stroked her ass lightly and stepped back. "Good. You will come to me each morning to be fitted, or if you must use the bathroom. Don't remove the harness; if I find you have done so, you will be severely punished."

Melissa had not thought before now that she would be permanently outfitted this way. What of the complications? "Mistress Jacqueline, how am I to explain this?"

Jacqui laughed lightly before replying. "What, modesty now ? Don't bother. Wear your usual clothing over it. Janet is the only person in a position to notice, and I'm sure you're clever enough to avoid drawing her attention. But if she should ask, you may refer her to me." There was a pause, and then Melissa learned more of Jacqui's plans for the day. "Now, you should go get yourself made up. We two will be going out, and your pretty hair's a mess after that shower. Come back when you're ready to dress and we'll pick out your clothes."

Melissa walked back through the bathroom, absently retrieving her towel on the way, and walked to stand in front of her mirror. The rod penetrating her ass and the sensation of her buttocks flexing against the leather strap distracted her, and she stared at her reflection in the mirror for several minutes. Mistress Jacqueline was right about the hair, she mused, I look like a drowned cat. Her gaze descended, past the collar encircling her neck, past her erect nipples, to the bizarre contrast of dark leather on pale, smooth flesh. Melissa's eyes locked on the blood-gorged lips of her swollen cunt. The teen had realized she was much sexier than the actress in the porno tape last night. Her hand, apparently of its own will, moved to touch the erect clitoris, but was thwarted as its owner returned from her thoughts and remembered Jacqui's stern injunction. With a conscious effort, Melissa lifted her eyes and picked up her hairbrush.


It was like playing with paper dolls again, Melissa thought, only she was being dressed instead of a cardboard figure. She'd never spent this much time dressing, even for her high school graduation. Of course, she admitted to herself, she would never have dressed like this before meeting Janet and Jacqui. Copying her mistress, Melissa finished rolling the patterned stockings up her legs and attached them to the satiny garter belt she wore around her waist over top of the leather harness.

Next came the bandeau bra. It seemed too delicate to provide much support, but that was a moot point because it appeared neither her own nor Jacqui's firm tits were actually in need of a bra. Melissa awkwardly fastened the front clasp and attempted to arrange the bra decorously, but Jacqui intervened. Brushing the younger girl's hands aside, she pushed Melissa's breasts up until the nipples were clearly visible through the filmy lace trim along the top. A moment devoted to rolling and pinching the nipples was sufficient to make them stiffen and thrust forward through the lace. "Much better. Still primed for action?" Jacqui asked rhetorically as she dropped a hand to inspect Melissa's crotch and found it dripping.

The frosh was beginning to understand the nature of her torture as sensations she could not ignore or respond to raced from her erogenous zones to warm her entire body. She wanted badly to come, but Jacqui's mind seemed to remain focused on business. The next piece of business seemed to be a pair of high-cut bikini panties. Melissa could feel them gliding against her cunt, which no longer had its accustomed buffer of kinky hair, as she pulled them into place. Her aroused sex responded by pumping more moisture into the pastel fabric, which rapidly darkened around the crotch as it filled with fragrant juices.

Embarrassed, Melissa looked at Jacqui and found the reassurance she sought. "Lissa, there's no shame in being ready. You're very beautiful and you're making your mistress very happy." The offending garment was soon covered by a slip and modest navy blue skirt, which nevertheless clung to Melissa's frame in an extremely attractive manner. The blooming sex toy noticed Jacqui did not bother with panties as she climbed into her dress. It was a tight-fitting sheath that the self-assured junior left unzipped deep into her cleavage on top, and halfway to her crotch below.

Finally, Melissa pulled her own peasant top over her head and tucked the bottom into her skirt. She turned to check her hair in the mirror, and Jacqui again rearranged the clothing. This time the top was pulled down over Melissa's shoulders until the bumps of her stiff nipples showed just below the top of the garment. Melissa noticed the outlines of her body and bra were clearly detectable through the cream-color top, but she decided she didn't care.

Soon the pair was walking towards to nearly deserted parking lot. Melissa listened to the click of their new high heels on the pavement, and the jingle of the choke collar encircling her neck. She tried, unsuccessfully, the ignore the sensations of the damp satin caressing her cunt and the subtle stroking of the dildo in her ass.

Jacqui's face glowed as she unlocked the car and said, "See? No problems. Welcome to the real world, Lissa. And for tonight, you can call me Jacqueline. How are you doing?"

Melissa considered, then answered honestly. "I need to come, Jacqueline. I want it worse than anything." Jacqui threw back her head and laughed as the car departed with a roar and the screech of burning rubber.


Melissa had never felt so sensual. Jacqui had led her from one club to another, all of them filled with young men and women on the make. At first the modest freshman had shied away from the frequent admiring gazes she attracted. A few drinks and Jacqui's protective presence bolstered Melissa's confidence to the point where she began to flaunt her hot body. That heat had been increased earlier in the evening when Jacqui had pulled her into a corner and quickly run a hand up her skirt and performed a "status check."

Now the pair was gyrating on a crowded dance floor. Melissa's loins were pulsing in time to the beat of the music as she perfected a series of sinuous movements that further stimulated the sensitive nerve endings of her most private parts. Jacqui's eyes found and held her own. Melissa watched the other beauty toy with the key on its necklace, then Jacqui slid a hand inside her dress and began to knead her own breast. When Jacqui ran the pointed tip of her tongue over her parted lips while maintaining the suggestive stare and self-abuse, Melissa climaxed in an orgasmic wave that left her knees weak. She wobbled forward and clasped her mistress to avoid falling.

A moment later, Melissa was sufficiently recovered to follow Jacqui off the floor. The vacated space was filled instantly by oblivious dancers. The two young women proceeded to the bathroom, where Jacqui quickly pulled the flushed brunette into a stall with her before latching the door.

"You like my tits, don't you, Lissa?" Jacqui whispered. "Here, taste them." She unzipped her dress to the navel and pulled one flap aside to reveal the rounded globe capped by a jutting nipple. Melissa leaned forward and licked the stiff tip as she pulled the bra down to completely expose Jacqui's orb. When Jacqui began running her hands through Melissa's curly hair and softly moaned, "suck it," the frosh pressed forward to envelop as much as possible of Jacqui's flesh in her warm mouth.

Soon, however, Jacqui pulled her away. "Ah, good. Now sit down there and eat me." Obediently, Melissa lowered the toilet seat and sat on it. She watched hungrily as Jacqui slid the lower zipper upwards until the slit reached to her crotch and moved forward. Soon the slave was serving her mistress as she had so many times the previous day. Jolts began shooting through Melissa's body as Jacqui pushed down the peasant top and began to painfully pinch and pull her suitemate's exposed nipples.

Melissa thought the interlude was over when Jacqui's climax sent a rush of feminine moisture into her sucking mouth. Jacqui's statement when she'd recovered her breath dispelled that notion. "You've been very pleasing and obedient tonight, Lissa. Because I'm in a good mood, I'll reward you. Spread your legs." Melissa did her best to comply, but her slip and skirt hampered her. "More than that, I have to be able to reach your cunt." Anxiously, the freshman hiked her skirt up her thighs and parted them until her knees nearly touched the walls of the stall.

Jacqui, meanwhile, had rearranged her own clothing before withdrawing a slim vibrator from her purse. Melissa, not recognizing the instrument for what it was, felt curiously disappointed at the size of the artificial cock. Still, her arousal increased as Jacqui continued, "You'll have to be quiet. Make a lot of noise, and somebody will want to know what's going on, and I'll have to stop. I'm sure you wouldn't want that." Jacqui knelt in front of her and reached between Melissa's quivering legs.

At the older coed's quirked eyebrow, Melissa suddenly realized her panties and slip were completely soaked, and the front panel of her skirt was very damp. "That's the nice thing about dark colors," Jacqui commented, "stains don't show. You've enjoyed tonight, haven't you?" Melissa's attempt at a nod degenerated into a shudder as she felt the cool plastic push around her underwear and into her grasping vagina.

Melissa was unable to stop the movement of her hips as she began to slide back and forth on the slim stick. She began to moan as she felt Jacqui fingering the shaft that penetrated her ass. She caught her breath as the vibrator withdrew and Jacqui reprimanded her, "Sssh! Now do you want me to continue, or not?"

Melissa focused her will on holding her voice to a whisper, as she replied, "Oh please, Mistress Jacqueline. I'll be good, I promise. Really quiet. Please let me come again."

The intrusion returned, moving in and out more quickly this time. Melissa clenched her lip between her teeth as her swollen clitoris was rolled between Jacqui's fingers, then the thrusting stopped. Suddenly, sensation blasted through her as Jacqui switched on the vibrator and pressed it to her clit. The low whirring of the electric toy was undetectable over the rustling of clothing as Melissa thrashed up and down before spasming. Her athletic thighs closed to hold Jacqui's hand firmly in place until the orgasm subsided.

The young coed, temporarily satiated, opened her eyes to meet Jacqui's approving look. She could taste the blood from where she'd bitten her lip, but she'd held back the scream that had wanted to force itself out of her. Melissa stood and smoothed her skirt back into place while Jacqui licked the vibrator clean. With a smile, she returned it to her purse. "Little slut, you taste delicious."

They exited the stall. Melissa held her head high as she ignored the shocked glances of the other patrons. Jacqueline is pleased with me, she makes me feel so good, the teen thought. I think I'm falling in love with her. Can that be possible? My parents would be horrified, they'd say it was perverted. But the look in her eyes when she looks at me, it makes me as wet as when I'm fucking. I think maybe she feels the same way about me.

Jacqui graciously opened the bathroom door for her, and Melissa took the courtesy as another sign of favor. Side by side, they headed for the front door. Gradually, the intense looks from other patrons and Jacqui's wide smile penetrated the beautiful brunette's introspection. Mentally tracking the stares, Melissa glanced down and was horrified to see she had forgotten to adjust her top! The lace trim lay where Jacqui had pushed it, three quarters of the way down her bust. It contrasted vividly with her bra, and the exposed inch-high band of midnight blue satin lace served only to draw the eye to the prominent nipples jutting proudly from her exposed tits.

Her face flushed in a beet-red blush that spread to Melissa's breasts. Even as she began to raise her hands to cover herself, Jacqui gripped her arm in an unbreakable hold and commented casually, "Leave it. Unless you want every guy in the place to see you like this, and not just the few who aren't drunk yet. Just act normal and keep walking."

Melissa fixed her eyes firmly upon the door, and struggled unobtrusively to speed their pace. The remaining fifty feet felt like fifty miles and she was sure, Jacqui's assertions notwithstanding, her tits were imprinted on the minds of every person in the club. Finally she reached the sanctuary of the door and the dark night outside, but still Jacqui refused to allow her to pull up the top.

Only when they reached the car did Jacqui turn her so they faced each other, before lifting the top the minimum amount necessary to cover Melissa's nipples. Jacqui looked into her eyes again before speaking in a voice throaty with emotion. "I love your innocence, Lissa. I love teaching you, and watching you master your lessons. You're all that I could ask for."

To Melissa's surprise, Jacqui pulled her into a deep, lingering kiss that turned the teen's legs to jelly. As their lithe bodies melted together, Jacqui's tongue pushed into Melissa's mouth to caress her own. Melissa wept tears of joy as they ran hands over each other's bodies and threaded fingers through their mingled hair, her own tight brunette curls contrasting with Jacqui's flowing, frosted bronze tresses. Melissa began to rub her pubic mound against Jacqui's hip and prayed the night would never end.

Chapter 4

The soothing sound of water running in the shower brought Melissa to gradual wakefulness, and she lay quietly in her bed for several minutes reviewing warm memories of the previous evening. Lazily, she rolled onto her side and gazed at Janet's empty bed. What would happen when her roommate returned? Janet considered all of them her friends, but acceptance of the unusual (to say the least!) relationship between herself and Jacqui would not come easily, if at all. Hopefully Jacqui would know what to do; she'd hinted as much yesterday.

When the shower cut off, Melissa decided she'd have to get up. She could use a shower herself, and Jacqui had told her to be ready for a morning run before it got too warm. The rest of the day was to be spent reviewing her wardrobe. The young brunette climbed from underneath the sheets and pulled her nightshirt over her head. Clad only in collar and harness, she padded to the bathroom door and opened it.

She'd been too quick; Anne was just exiting the shower after toweling off. Gesturing Melissa forward, the petite Oriental suddenly grabbed the collar and pulled her close before savagely mauling Melissa's breast and biting the nipple. Melissa blinked back tears, but her cry was muffled by the hand covering her mouth. Anne released her and stepped back, a feral grin daring Melissa to call Jacqui. A moment later, she turned and was gone.

Melissa rubbed her tit to soothe the pain, then realized Jacqui wouldn't like it. She stepped into the shower and relaxed under the spray while she tried to decide how to react. Was Anne acting on her own initiative? Did she, Melissa, have a right to complain? If she did, how would Jacqui respond? Finally she decided to play it by ear. After working around the unfamiliar leather harness straps and giving her bared mound a few strokes more with the washcloth than strictly were necessary, Melissa shut off the water. Soon she was dry, save for her damp hair wrapped in a towel. Gathering her resolve, she entered Jacqui's room.

Apparently Anne had already departed, and Jacqui seemed lost in thought as she blow-dried her hair. Melissa ventured a greeting: "Good morning, Mistress Jacqueline."

Jacqui turned and flashed a warm smile before turning off the dryer. "Good morning, Lissa. Is my nasty little girl ready for her new plug?" Melissa nodded nervously.

Jacqui sat on the end of the bed and pulled the new rod from the pocket of her robe. This one was about the size of her middle finger and slightly thicker. "Come lie across my lap, slave," came the order. Melissa climbed onto the bed and moved so she lay across Jacqui, one leg sprawling to the floor to keep her from rolling off. She felt a brief tug as the snap was unfastened, then Jacqui drew out the tiny plug and sniffed it before setting it aside.

Soon Melissa felt her sphincter spreading as she was penetrated again, more deeply than before, and a click confirmed her ass was now firmly filled. Without warning, Jacqui began to spank her, hard. Much as before, the blows inflamed her buttocks until she could no longer hold back her tears. Then Jacqui's other hand found her cunt. "Lissa, I'm disappointed in you. You aren't nearly wet enough." As the spanking continued, a hard frigging inflamed her clitoris and Melissa felt the tension building again in her body. When, inevitably, she came, Melissa's leg gave out and she rolled to the floor.

The naked coed lay panting on the carpeting while Jacqui stepped across her prone body and washed the previous day's artificial prick. "Okay slave, enough lying around for today. Go get dressed. Be back in 15 minutes for our run." Melissa rose to her feet and left quickly, aware she'd need most of that time to dry her own hair.


Melissa knew, when she returned, her sweatsuit didn't meet with Jacqui's approval. "I'm sorry, Mistress Jacqueline, this is all I have." Jacqui sighed and picked up a pair of scissors.

"Don't apologize. Just stand there and don't twitch -- I wouldn't want to have to find a replacement slave."

Melissa tried to minimize her shivers as Jacqui pulled off the sweat jacket and simply cut the pants from her legs. The oversized T-shirt was also sliced in half and removed.

A minute later, Melissa was clothed in only a sports bra, a pair of her new panties, ankle socks and her Nikes. Discarding the scissors, Jacqui pulled the scanty string bikini more firmly into place, then tossed a new T-shirt to Melissa. When she pulled it on, she realized it was small, nearly as tight across her breasts as the bra, and the cropped bottom flapped several inches above her navel. Across the front, in bold letters, was the word "SLUT ."

Jacqui eyed the effect approvingly, then chided her again. "Lissa, Lissa. You need to learn to obey instructions if you're to please me. Wet. Wet! WET!" Melissa jumped at the final shout, and jumped again as Jacqui pressed her hand against the panties and rolled the clitoris between her fingers and the fabric. Melissa felt her loins heat again, and soon the damp spot Jacqui was waiting for appeared on the pale blue material. Jacqui reinforced the lesson with a few hard slaps to her pupil's ass.

When Jacqui handed the next item to her, Melissa knew she must be holding her new running shorts, but she couldn't decide how to don the wraparound garment. "Mistress?"

Jacqui sighed again. "Watch closely, slave." The statuesque junior doffed her robe and picked up a similar pair of shorts. Dangling them in front of her like an apron, she tied two of the strings behind her, then reached between her legs to draw the shorts around her like a breech clout. The remaining ties looped around over her hips and tied in front to secure the shorts.

Melissa carefully donned her own shorts. They felt very loose, and her confidence was not improved when Jacqui instructed, "Make sure you get the ties over your hips and tight if you don't want to flash the other joggers!" By the time she was finished, Jacqui had completed dressing and wore a cropped T-shirt identical to Melissa's, except this one read "BITCH ." Melissa admired her mistress's body, realizing she herself was just as scantily clad, while Jacqui tied back her hair.

Finally, to Melissa's surprise, Jacqui unlocked and removed the chain from her throat. "Don't go getting ideas. I just don't want to have to carry you back here after you knock yourself unconscious with this lock flopping around. I'll have to find something better." Melissa glided her hand across the base of her neck, missing the weight that had grown so familiar over just the past day. The psychological difference added a spring to her step as she headed out into the morning sun.

Hopes of normalcy faded from Melissa's mind as she and Jacqui jogged easily down the campus. Each stride jostled the prick buried between her flexing buttocks, and the cool breeze wafting by her slim midriff would never have penetrated her old exercise gear. The frosh felt free and easy until her companion's route took them past the other dorms. This was much worse than the anonymity of the dance club. Melissa dropped her eyes, unable to meet the looks of her fellow students and classmates. She knew the heat radiating through her body was not due to her mild exertion.

Twenty minutes later they stopped for a breather beside the school's athletic field. Both were slightly winded, and both knew not all of the droplets beading the brunette's thighs were sweat. While the women braced themselves against the chain link fence and stretched, Jacqui openly sized up the football team practicing mid-field for the evening's game. Melissa was caught up in memories of childhood games, but Jacqui's crude comments drew her attention to the athletes.

"Look at the buns on those guys. Wouldn't you love to sink your nails into a couple of them while one of those studs nailed you? God, I get wet just thinking about it." A juicy squishing sound drew Melissa's attention to her side, where she found Jacqui had slid a hand through the loose leg opening of her shorts and was masturbating her easily accessible cunt. Jacqui met the pleading gaze with a wink; "Rank hath its privileges. Maybe later, if you're good."

The two were surprised by the football that rolled up to crash against the fence in front of them. It was followed closely by a grinning receiver who hustled to retrieve the misthrown pass. Melissa felt her mouth widen to form an "O;" the handsome black hunk was built like a god.

Her eyes jumped back to his face at his unexpected greeting. "Yo, bitch! Good to see you around again, who's the slut?" Melissa felt her cheeks flame and belatedly realized he was referring to their shirts. His smile turned to a leer, and he continued, "Not interrupting anything, am I?"

Jacqui was still abusing herself, in front of this man! Melissa nearly panicked; surely he'd tell someone, they'd be thrown in jail or expelled -- what would she tell her parents? As the conversation continued, some of the anxiety faded when it became evident the two were acquainted.

"Yo yourself, Darryl. The slut's my very good friend Melissa. Lissa, meet Darryl, world's greatest wide receiver. At least on this campus."

The shy freshman managed a quiet, "Hello Darryl," but could not bring herself to meet his eyes again.

"Any friend of Jacqui's is a friend of mine. Melissa, how about I run a few into your end zone sometime soon?" There was a pause while Melissa deciphered the meaning of this loaded phrase. She had barely begun to gasp a response when Jacqui cut her off.

"Sorry my man, gotta win a few more in the regular season before you get to the Super Bowl."

"Hey, I live for the sweet taste of victory."

"Yeah? Well it looks like your coach wants you back, but here's your taste for today."

Melissa watched silently as Jacqui pulled her dripping fingers from her shorts and thrust them through the fence. Darryl quickly sucked them into his mouth. "Ah, victory!" he exclaimed.

As the black stud ran to rejoin his waiting teammates, Jacqui got in the last word: "See you in the playoffs!"

Released from Darryl's penetrating gaze, Melissa found her voice again. "Jacqui! I mean, Mistress Jacqueline! Did he really mean?..."

Jacqui giggled, something the naive teen wasn't expecting. "Lissa, the man's cock is bigger than his ego. I'll never forget the playoff party Anne and I threw last year." Melissa, to her immense surprise, discovered she was envious of Anne. Her cunt creamed at the thought of a gigantic black prick stuffing it. As usual, the domineering junior read her thoughts perfectly and lifted Melissa's hopes with a quick comment. "Don't worry, I can tell Darryl really likes you. Usually he only promises the girls field goals."

Jacqui pushed their pace on the return trip, and finished with a fast sprint which Melissa won by a narrow margin. Following a shared laugh, Melissa turned for the dorm but pulled up when she realized Jacqui wasn't beside her. Instead, the bronze-haired siren had taken a few steps towards the cafeteria. "Come on, Lissa, let's get something to eat before breakfast closes."

Melissa thought of the other patrons, and of her skimpy sweat-soaked outfit, and her body, smelling of perspiration and sexual secretions. The last thing in the world she wanted was to walk into that building. Sensing the risks of outright refusal, she fastened on the first objection that came to mind. "I left my meal card back in the room."

Jacqui's eyes narrowed and the tone of her voice toughened. "You know they'll let you in if you give 'em your student number. Do I have to drag you in?"

That humiliation would be too much to bear. With a gulp, the chastened freshman joined the cocky junior and they joined the other students in the entrance line. Jacqui kept up a stream of inconsequential conversation that forced Melissa to keep talking. Melissa's terse replies faltered as she tried to close her ears to the barrage of wolf whistles which greeted the pair as they left the food line and entered the dining room.

Jacqui struck a dramatic pose, head up, breasts thrust out, weight shifted to one side, as she slowly scanned the room. Melissa nearly dropped her tray when Jacqui led her to a partially occupied table where a number of Melissa's classmates were sitting. Jacqui was already setting down her food and indicating a spot for Melissa when the junior asked, "May we join you?"

The hush ended when Pamela Atwood, who partnered with Melissa in their chemistry lab, greeted them. "Sure, Lissa. You're Lissa's suitemate, ah, Jacqui, right?" Melissa was too strung out to notice the reactions of the other diners at the table when Jacqui confirmed the guess and introduced herself. Melissa now picked up the conversation in an attempt to draw attention from their appearance.

The air of normalcy was fractured when Jacqui announced, "Oh, I love these pancakes, don't you?" All eyes were on her as she used her fingers to roll up one of the syrup-covered flapjacks and slowly push the dripping tube through her pursed lips. Several of the women at the table left when she began slowly licking the spilled syrup from her fingers. Melissa slumped at her seat under their disdaining looks, while the male contingent shifted in their seats.

Pam proved herself a friend and broke the tableau with a new question. "I didn't realize you were a jogger, Lissa."

Melissa perked up with gratitude and responded. "Well yes, sort of. I used to jog a lot at home, but it's a lot more fun with somebody, you know? Janet's into aerobics, but I couldn't stand that, cooped up in a room with no scenery. So I kinda vegged out, then Jacqui invited me to run with her."

The talk continued in this vein for several minutes. Finally the men, bored by the topic and having looked their fill at the women, departed to shoot a few rounds of pool in the campus center. Pam immediately changed the subject. "I just love your outfits. Where did you get them? I never knew you had clothes like that, Lissa, wow! Those guys are probably jacking off in the bathroom over the two of you right now. I can't believe you went jogging dressed like that, I'd die of embarrassment. But I'd love to wear something like that for Jeff. He's my boyfriend, he'd just cream his jeans if he saw me dressed like that."

Melissa forbore to admit how close to the mark those comments were. "Oh, Jacqui found them. She knows where all the good stores are." Melissa suddenly sat up as she felt Jacqui stroking her panty-covered cunt under the table.

While Melissa remained speechless and tried to act normally, Jacqui expanded on the reply. "Actually, I picked these up down at the mall. When the weather's hot like this, I like the really light stuff -- it breathes well and you can get so wet jogging, you know." Pamela nodded in agreement, missing the point, and missing the whitening of Melissa's fingers as they gripped her silverware.

"The shirts are custom, I mean the printing was done special. I just get so tired of 'have a nice day,' 'I love Sullivan College,' that kind of thing." And they're made of a special fabric, I forget the name, which lets you tan even under the material. Teasingly, Jacqui added, "and you have to admit, they match the look, right?" Her finger slowly pushed the fabric of Melissa's panty into her dripping slit while the aroused girl's clit pulsed as Jacqui's thumb continued to flick it.

Pam demurred with a laugh, "Maybe at first look. But Lissa's no slut, and I don't think you're a bitch. Just a little liberated." Melissa shuddered on the edge of an orgasm, but Jacqui's hand withdrew and left her unsatisfied and breathing heavily. Pam asked, "Are you okay, Lissa? You still look a little flushed."

The aroused brunette had to get out of the room. "No, I'm fine. Just winded, I forgot how quickly you get out of shape when you stop exercising. Hey, I need a shower in the worst way. See you in class on Monday, right?" Melissa rose as Pamela said good-bye, and walked quickly out of the room.

Chapter 5

The Salvation Army was going to make a killing. With Jacqui's assistance, Melissa had sorted through her clothing. Jeans, pants, and most of her shorts lay in the discard pile. Gone as well were her old cotton panties, pantyhose and demure swimsuit, and some of her bras. In their place, she had a new stock of bikinis like the pair clinging wetly to her cunt and a few lacy half bras. She had the garter belt and stockings for dressing up. A small selection of skirts and dresses now hung in the closet, and Jacqui had hinted they'd be joined by others "on special occasions." The scissors had been working overtime altering a number of "marginal" casual outfits, typically by lowering the neckline and cropping the arms and bottoms.

As Melissa sat back after bagging the last of the rejects, she realized the pressure in her ass had increased and was becoming uncomfortable. "Uh, Mistress Jacqueline? I need to use the bathroom."

Jacqui appeared to take this statement in stride and responded matter-of-factly. "Drop your panties, and come stand in front of me. That's right, now face away from me. Spread a bit more." Melissa complied, and shivered as she felt the junior's hands gliding over her buns. The harness was soon unfastened, and the straps slid down her legs as the dildo was slowly drawn from her ass.

"Go ahead, Lissa. Then into my room afterward." Melissa ran to the toilet and sighed with relief as her sphincter stretched again, this time in the normal fashion. She ducked her head as Jacqui walked through, taking a good look at the frosh in her embarrassing position. The water was running in the sink outside; apparently Jacqui was cleaning up again.

It was clear that was not the case when Melissa emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later. A large water-filled bag hung from the eyebolt at the head of the bed. A tube exited the bag and led to the long nozzle in Jacqui's hand. "Come over here and lie down on your stomach, Lissa. We want to get your nasty ass squeaky clean." Oh God, Melissa thought. An enema. And Jacqui wasn't taking no for an answer.

Soon Melissa's ass was filled again. This time, however, warm soapy water began gushing into her bowels. Jacqui was lecturing again. "It's not enough to teach your ass how to be loose. You need to maintain that muscle control, to be able to grip and release when you choose." Melissa felt as if she'd lost control of her own body when the invading fingers coaxed more liquid from her cunt while the spurting nozzle was shifted in and out.

Suddenly the flow cut off and the enema nozzle was withdrawn. Melissa clamped down fiercely as she felt a trickle of water escape and heard Jacqui's reprimand. "That's what we don't want. Now get to your feet."

Melissa climbed gingerly to her feet and looked toward the bathroom, but it appeared her escape was not to be so easy. Janet had retrieved the slim vibrator from her purse and now turned it on before sliding it into Melissa's oozing slit.

"You may now walk slowly to the bathroom, keeping your hands at your sides. If you allow the vibrator to fall out, you must re-insert it. If you spill another drop from your ass, you'll be licking it off the floor."

It was horrible . Melissa started across the room with tiny mincing steps. The vibrator had her shuddering on the edge of orgasm; half-way to the door her control slipped, as did the vibrator. She gasped for breath and looked down at it lying on the floor.

Jacqui shifted with impatience. "Don't just stand there -- pick it up and get going again."

Carefully, ever so carefully, the frosh knelt to pick up the humming instrument. Her buttocks flexed and a bead of moisture appeared between them. She chewed on her lip and fought to clamp down on the pressure while standing up as quickly as she dared. The relief passed quickly as she pushed the vibrator back into herself, further than Jacqui had inserted it.

Melissa's entire body was trembling with effort, but finally she reached the toilet and was able to release the water. She sighed as it rushed out of her into the bowl and luxuriated in the feel of the battery-induced vibrations rippling through her slit.


The now-cleaned brunette was again on her knees across Jacqui's lap when the door opened and Anne walked in. Melissa looked up in dismay and her heart nearly stopped when Anne stepped aside and other students were clearly visible across the dorm courtyard. She would be equally exposed if any of them chanced to look through the open door. The rod thrust home in her ass and she gasped.

Jacqui saved her. "Anne, close that door now." With a lazy shrug that evidently did not please her mistress, Anne complied and Melissa was safe from discovery. That pleasure was slightly diminished when Jacqui reattached the collar and padlock.

"You allowed the vibrator to fall out, slave, and you pushed it back too deeply afterwards. I also saw a leak, although you did avoid wetting the floor. You will need to be punished, but I believe we'll attend to your disciplining a little later." Jacqui gave her a quick slap on the buns and pushed her to her feet.

"Lissa, go get dressed. You, slut," meaning Anne, "over here. I think it's past time to remind you why I don't approve of jeans. Although I must admit they look good on you when they're so tight."

When Melissa returned, dressed in one of her ad-hoc off-the-shoulder tops and a skirt, Anne was bent over the bed with her jeans and underwear pulled down to expose her buttocks. The enema tube was thrust between them. Melissa watched Jacqui collar Anne and attach a cable to the collar while the bag slowly emptied. "Lissa, come over here." Uncertain of what was being asked of her, she moved closer.

It seemed like Anne had taken much more water into her small frame than Melissa had held before Jacqui relented and removed the nozzle. The dominatrix then hoisted Anne to her feet and instructed Melissa, "Hold her hands and balance her for me." As she grabbed the smaller girl's wrists, Melissa saw the shame warring with concentration on Anne's face. Jacqui pulled up Anne's panties, then raised and closed her jeans as well, reaching around Anne's waist to fasten the buttons and close the zipper.

Melissa was beginning to wonder how Anne would use the toilet when Jacqui produced a traditional oval bike lock and looped it through the front belt loops of Anne's jeans before clicking it home. Anne wouldn't be able to get her jeans down! With a smile, Jacqui picked up the loose end of the cable and marched to the bathroom. "If you like your jeans so well, you can just live in them, slut." Once in the bathroom, she attached the cable to the curtain rod in the shower.

Her curiosity abated by disgust, Melissa started to turn away only to be stopped by Jacqui's command. "No, you watch, Lissa. Anne's being punished for violating the dress code. Think about it whenever you're deciding what to wear." Melissa had no choice but to watch as Jacqui leaned the Oriental against the shower wall and began to spank her. Anne cried for mercy and began squirming in an effort to evade the blows, but the spanking continued until she could no longer control herself. She grunted as a rush of dirty water soaked her crotch and ran down her legs, but managed to avoid a total loss of control.

Jacqui stepped back and Anne sank to the floor of the shower and cried. "Serves her right, don't you think?" asked Jacqui.

Melissa couldn't think of a suitable answer and replied with a question of her own as they returned to the bedroom. "Mistress Jacqueline, when will you let her out?"

The reply convinced Melissa never, ever to go near a pair of jeans. "Oh, she'll come out when she's ready to. I shoved the keys up her ass before I gave her the enema. Of course, with jeans that tight it might take her awhile to get them out, but that's life." Jacqui caught sight of Anne's spilled purse on the bed while Melissa floundered. She picked up the paper scrap on top. "Hey, you want pizza for dinner tonight? Here's a coupon."


Anne must have been starving; she re-entered the room, albeit dripping and wrapped in a towel, just as the pizza arrived. Melissa tried not consider if that was a result of flexibility or familiarity with Jacqui's discipline -- certainly she couldn't have escaped the fiendish confinement in the shower so quickly.

Her musings were quickly side-tracked by the aroma of tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni wafting from the door. The apparently shameless Anne relayed the booty from the delivery boy and paid him while Melissa angled for a good spot on the bed.

Jacqui had a distant look on her face, but when Anne joined them, saying "Hey, I'm hungry! Let's eat while the pizza's still hot!" the girls grabbed for the steaming slices without hesitation. It seemed Jacqui's ministrations generated healthy appetites.


Melissa awakened on Sunday morning with a sense of urgency. She smiled and relaxed after she realized her subconscious was still used to attending church, even after months at school. Probably she should look around and join a local congregation, but it was nice to have another morning to sleep in. Jacqui hadn't said anything about jogging, so Melissa decided to just lie and enjoy the quiet awhile longer.

Last night had been pretty crazy. They'd put on another porno tape and watched it while devouring the pizza. After that, Jacqui had pulled out quite a collection of dildos and vibrators and demonstrated most of them for her. Melissa felt a warm glow as she remembered the culmination of the evening, when Jacqui had embraced her, exchanging wet kisses and delicate touches while Anne sucked and fingered their dripping pussies. Jacqui had even allowed her to come, a privilege denied to the out-of-grace sophomore.

Languorously, Melissa pulled the hem of her sleep shirt to her waist. Her panties had dried during the night, something Jacqui would probably spank her for. If she got herself off, it would feel so good, and Jacqui would never know. The sexy brunette slid a finger underneath the pale pink lace and began to explore her slit. Melissa's left hand crept up beneath the shirt to pluck her right nipple, which quickly stiffened.

Her arousal increased and Melissa felt her hips lift from the mattress when she inserted two fingers into herself. When she heard Jacqui's voice, Melissa went limp and her hands flew to her side.

"Oh, Lissa. I'm very disappointed in you. You know I haven't given you permission to play with yourself like that." The frosh looked over to see Jacqui had been lying unnoticed on Janet's bed.

The older girl rolled to her feet and walked over to look down at the embarrassed teen, who was trying to unobtrusively pull down the bottom of her sleeping garment. "Obviously we'll need to go jogging every day, you just have too much energy. Besides, it'll keep you in shape. Let's go." Melissa was hauled to her feet and half dragged to the other room.

Anne was tied spread-eagle on the bed with clamps adorning her nipples and pubic lips. However, there was still room at the foot for Jacqui to sit down and pull Melissa over her lap. The freshman did not resist as a new dildo the size of a small cigar replaced the previous day's butt plug. Again, she was masturbated to the point of orgasm while Jacqui spanked her reddened buttocks, then rolled to the floor before obtaining relief. "Now go get dressed, I expect you can do it yourself this time. Five minutes, slave."

Melissa blinked back tears of pain and did as she was told. She chose the least objectionable of the sanctioned shirts, a pink crop top with "Sex Vixen " in purple, and donned the running shorts. When she sat on the bed to tie her shoes, the butt plug shifted inside her; it was noticeably longer than the others and was causing some minor discomfort. Melissa walked back next door and found Jacqui ready.

The dominatrix leaned over the bed and removed the clamps from Anne's squirming body. After a moment's consideration, she spoke. "Lissa, you've been a bad girl this morning, and I think Anne needs a reward for her service last night. Let's see if you remember your lessons. Eat her!"

Melissa moved reluctantly to the bed and looked at the bared mound before her. Anne's lips were inflamed where the clamps had been attached, but Melissa was surprised to see the Oriental's petite vulva was very wet. She extended her tongue to probe the crevice and tasted the tangy juices she remembered from her initiation. More energetically, Melissa began lapping up the secretions and sucking the exposed clitoris while cupping Anne's buns in her hands. The body beneath her thrashed and soon Anne's shuddering cries announced her climax.

Jacqui pulled Melissa back before releasing Anne's hands. "Okay, Anne, I hope you've learned something. Both of you now, on your best behavior. We don't know when Janet's coming back. Melissa, let's go." The two left on what would soon become their customary exercise circuit.


Melissa was breathing heavily again, this time as a result of simple physical exertion rather than arousal, by the time they returned to the dorm. She crossed through the bathroom to her own room, trying to push her hair out of her face again, only to stop short as she realized Janet was there. "Janet! You're back early."

Janet simply stared at her. So did the man sitting on the bed. "Hello, I'm Todd Mueller, Janet's brother. Janet's told me a lot about you." He had the most curious expression on his face, Melissa decided.

"Todd. I'm really glad to meet you. Um, sorry about the clothes, I wasn't planning on entertaining." Melissa glanced in Janet's direction, and saw she'd have some explaining to do later. It was much easier to face Todd's approving smile. When his gaze shifted, she knew Jacqui had joined them.

"Well hello there, stud. Janet never told us there were any at home like you. I'm Jacqui Barry, and you can drive me home anytime." Jacqui surreptitiously squeezed Melissa's right cheek as she pushed further into the room.

Apparently it was more than Todd was prepared for. They traded a few more inconsequential comments, but then it was time for good-byes and he was gone. Jacqui broke the ensuing silence.

"Welcome back. How was your trip?"

Janet flopped back on her bed. "Oh, not so great. I broke up with Franklin." Then she gave into her curiosity. "But forget about my trip. What happened here? Lissa, my God, you actually went out in public dressed like that? What have you been doing since I left?"

Melissa struggled to come up with an acceptable answer. "Well, we went jogging, and..." Jacqui cut in with a more polished rationalization.

"And shopping. Come on Janet, we've all been working on Lissa to try out some new outfits. Her birthday seemed like a good excuse to start. So we did the casual stuff, I've got a good eye for that. I think you'll have to take her out yourself and find her some nice outfits, we didn't have much luck there."

The junior's conviction appeared sufficient to placate Janet. "It's just you surprised me so much. You walked in and I thought maybe I'd stopped in a brothel by mistake." Neither of the joggers saw fit to correct this impression. "Well, it's good to be back. So what's new besides the jogging and the clothing?" The resulting answers bore only a passing resemblance to the truth.

Chapter 6

The following week passed quickly as the four women plunged back into their studies. Melissa fell into a familiar routine; each morning she would wake early and head into the bathroom while Janet continued to sleep. Her ass would be stretched by a new plug; although the length of the rods had stabilized at about six inches, the diameter was increasing steadily. The spanking and masturbation inevitably followed, after which Melissa and Jacqui would jog a five-mile course. They would then shower together, with the junior further exciting her. Melissa would be dressed by the time Janet finally roused herself.

Classes would occupy her time until mid-afternoon. At five, Janet customarily departed to attend an aerobics workout before dinner. Melissa used this time to release the harness and cleanse herself with an enema administered by Jacqui, followed by muscular control training. Evenings were spent studying or watching television. Melissa had always been shy, so it was not difficult to avoid changing into her sleeping shirt where Janet might be able to see the incriminating harness or her bared, swollen sex.

Indeed, Melissa increasingly found herself already wet as she bent over Jacqui's lap, and grew accustomed to the stinging of her buttocks after the spankings. She also discovered additional incentives for academic excellence when Jacqui brought her to multiple screaming orgasms one afternoon after Melissa aced a midterm examination.

Melissa overheard many whispers from other students as they shared gossip about Jacqui, Anne and herself that was a pale imitation of the reality she knew. Never having had many friends, Melissa didn't mind the isolation that increased until Pamela Atwood was the only person outside of her suitemates who regularly spent time with her.


Friday night at dinner the foursome planned their weekend. Melissa had finally agreed to her suitemates' demands that she "do something" with her hair and scheduled an appointment at a salon Jacqui recommended. They agreed the remainder of Saturday would be spent shopping for "real" clothes at the Galleria.


Melissa was awakened unexpectedly by Anne late that night. Her mind engaged slowly as she heard the junior's low whisper in her ear. "Sssh. Mistress Jacqueline wants you next door now. Go quietly, don't wake Janet. Do you understand?"

She nodded, then rose silently and padded through the bathroom, trying not to trip over anything. Melissa heard Anne close the bathroom door behind her. She moved carefully through the darkened room until her shins bumped the edge of the bed. "I'm here, Mistress Jacqueline." There was no answer, so Melissa repeated herself, more loudly.

Finally, Jacqui answered, groggily. "What are you doing here, Lissa?"

"Anne told me you sent her to fetch me." The lamp snapped on over the bed, and Melissa squinted to protect her eyes from the light. She could hear Jacqui, who had obviously been asleep, sitting up.

"I did no such thing. Anne..." They realized almost simultaneously that Anne was not in the room with them. Jacqui padded past her to the bathroom door, muttering under her breath, and almost wrenched her arm when the door did not open as expected.

"Shit, she's locked the door. What did she say to you, Lissa?"

Melissa was beginning to get a bad feeling about the situation as she replied, "Just that you wanted me right away, and to go quietly so I wouldn't wake Janet." She gasped at the thought and met Jacqui's concerned look with one of her own. At that moment, Janet's muffled scream sounded through the door.

Jacqui pulled again at the door in frustration. "Damn her! It looks like Anne's been making plans for Janet. I don't suppose you have your room key with you?"

Melissa remembered the look she'd seen in Anne's face, and felt fear for her friend's sake. "No. What do you mean, 'plans?'"

The reply was not at all reassuring. "That little bitch has been waiting all summer to move up the food chain. She's been real disappointed I've kept you mostly to myself. Now it looks like she couldn't wait for us to introduce Janet to our games." Jacqui started pacing. "Frankly, I'm worried for Janet. I don't think Anne has my patience or finesse." Melissa was appalled -- her own initiation had not been subtle and she hardly wanted to think about what could be worse.

They could hear more shouting and pounding coming from the next room. Melissa was now desperate with worry. "Isn't there anything you can do? Can't we call campus security?"

Jacqui laughed sourly. "Sorry, we didn't pick these rooms by accident; they're pretty isolated. Both doors are locked. Nobody'll show up if we don't call, and I don't think we could stand the scrutiny if security did show. Damn! That slant-eyed bitch has had it when I get my hands on her!"

Melissa had a sudden brainstorm. "The door! We can take it off the hinges!" Jacqui glanced at her with surprised approval as the freshman shouted, "A screwdriver! Where's a screwdriver?" Jacqui dug through her desk, noting the absence of a number of her toys. Finally she came up with a large flat-blade screwdriver.

The two could hear Janet crying, "You bitch! You bitch!" as they set to work on the door. Melissa went wild with frustration as she realized that up close she couldn't see well enough to get the blade in the slot below the top of the hinge pin. Her glasses sat beside her bed in the next room.

Jacqui attempted to calm her as she continued working alone. "Sssh, Lissa, calm down. It'll be okay, it shouldn't take too long to get in. Hey, grab the hammer out of the toolbox, would you?"

Soon the screwdriver, driven by the hammer, had pushed the two pins well up. Each coed began wrestling a pin the remainder of the way out. When Melissa finally pulled the last pin completely free, she jumped back, but was disappointed when the door remained in place. "Damn door," Jacqui cursed, and began levering at the edge of the door with the screwdriver, ignoring the marred wood and jam. In a minute there was sufficient clearance for fingers.

Both girls grabbed the door and pulled; it suddenly came free with a crackle of splinters as the deadbolt broke out of the door under the pressure. They dropped it, not watching to see it land against the bed, and Melissa leaped into the bathroom. She nearly brained herself when the knob of the opposite door spun without releasing the latch and she slammed into the door. It was ominously quiet on the other side of the partition. Melissa looked in vain for the hinges; they were hidden on the opposite side, and inaccessible. "Janet! Janet! Hang on, we're coming!"

"Come on Lissa, don't lose it now. We're on a roll, now just step aside." She pressed into the shower to make room for Jacqui, who advanced to the door and tried the knob herself. Anne had been borrowing her tricks, the junior thought as she studied the door. They never would have made it this far if Melissa hadn't thought of the hinges. Well, this wouldn't hold up long. The knob came off in her hand when she yanked hard; she tossed it to the floor behind her. A swift jab with the screwdriver poked out the handle on the other side.

Carefully, Jacqui reached into the hole and pulled back the latch manually. The door opened easily when she leaned against it, then continued swinging until it stood wide open. Side by side in their shared eagerness to enter, Jacqui and Melissa pushed through the doorway into room 301.

Melissa was outraged as she took in the sight of the struggling bodies lying atop her bed. Anne had Janet pinned beneath her and appeared to be thrusting herself against the writhing freshman. The brunette tripped over a bag sitting on the floor by the door and fell behind Jacqui, who strode forward and roughly pulled the Oriental up before throwing her to the other bed. As the bodies came apart, Melissa caught sight of the gigantic cock that came free of Anne's cunt but remained thrust into Janet's pubic patch.

Crying herself, she pulled the evil instrument free and dropped it to the floor. Over two thirds of its length had been planted in Janet's vagina, and blood tinted its shining length. Melissa gathered her shuddering roommate into her arms and began rocking her lightly, whispering, "Sssh, Janet, it's okay now." Janet leaned into the comforting embrace, then started to chew on Melissa's breast through the thin nightshirt while her arms came up to trap the surprised brunette. "Janet, no! What are you doing?"

Anne gleefully responded to the question from across the room. "She's a slut now, just like the rest of us. Doesn't it feel good to make love to your roommate, Lissa? I know Janet has a craving for you. Of course, right now she's got a craving for everyone! Did I do a good job, Mistress Jacqueline? Isn't she a good slave? Better than Lissa, don't you think?"

Melissa broke loose and backpedaled to the sink. Leaning against it, Janet's true condition finally became apparent. The heavy breasts with their wide areolae, sagging only slightly, she'd seen glimpses of before. But the huge nipples had never been poking out like this. Even as she watched, Janet began working herself with a hand. The dark fur between her legs was nearly lathered with the moisture running through it. And Melissa saw that her roommate's tears had distracted her from the curious vacancy of her face.

Overcome with fury, Jacqui snatched the dripping dildo from the floor and pushed Anne back onto her face. "You've overstepped your bounds this time, slut." Wielding the rubber appliance like a thick whip, she began brutally lashing the Oriental's ass, back, and thighs.

Janet slowly focused on the whip, and began staggering forward. Melissa's heart sank as she heard her roommate moan, "Fuck me. Oh, fuck me good. I've got such an itch." Jacqui heard, too, and stopped the beating.

"Lissa, I don't know what's going on -- yet -- but it looks to me like Janet's been drugged. I'm taking this shit next door. You keep Janet here, calm her down, but mostly stay in control. I don't think she has any. Do whatever it takes, understand?"

Melissa nodded slowly. "Go on. I can handle it." She'd fantasized about being with Janet, once or twice, but not like this. Reluctantly, Melissa moved to intercept Janet as Jacqui dragged Anne from the room and closed the bathroom door behind her. Good, Melissa figured, Janet was probably too spaced to be able to open the door by herself. That thought was quickly forgotten as Janet, with a power that surprised her, forcefully pulled her down until a long pink nipple was poking Melissa in the face.

Not quite against her will, Melissa responded to the familiar stimulus and parted her lips to suck the breast into her warm mouth. Janet's jerks and urgent moans soon engendered a similar response from Melissa, who felt her panties dampening. Soon Janet spasmed and dropped back onto the bed as her legs lost their tension. Melissa wasted no time in stripping her underwear to the floor and pulling the sleep shirt over her head. She couldn't tell from Janet's look if her friend even noticed her nakedness, her bared cunt, or the leather straps which framed it.

When Janet resumed her chant, moaning "Fuck me, fuck me," and started struggling to her feet, Melissa realized she could be in for a long night. She pushed Janet back onto the bed, then knelt between her thighs and started licking while her hands returned to those unbelievable tits. The body beneath her bucked violently and Melissa thought she was going to drown in the come pouring from the inflamed pussy. Almost absently, she decided she much preferred eating a bald cunt.

That thought turned her attention to her own aching twat. Rising quickly, she turned and lowered herself over Janet's face. She'd never been eaten, and it didn't look like Janet would mind. Melissa spread her knees until her slit pressed onto Janet's mouth, then lowered her head and resumed her own feast. The flexible tongue that traced her lips before probing her vulva excited Melissa as no cock or dildo had. Her hips rotated and she ground herself onto Janet's face when soft lips encircled her clit and started sucking. Soon both women were lost in their orgasms.

This night Janet was insatiable. She and Melissa had climaxed repeatedly, and still the spaced-out freshman dripped and cried out for a fucking. At her wit's end, Melissa looked up and noticed the bag of sex toys that had spilled onto the floor when she'd tripped over it earlier. Among the other objects, she recognized the vibrator Jacqui had introduced her to a week ago. Melissa climbed off Janet and walked to the door to retrieve the prize.

After a moment's thought, she detoured to turn out the light burning by Janet's empty bed. Melissa climbed into her own bed, and grabbed Janet before she could escape. It took her a minute to activate the vibrator, a task complicated by the need to restrain her roommate's squirming body, but soon the small device was buzzing. Melissa positioned herself so both girls were on their sides, with Janet in front, then firmly pulled the sleek bodies together. One hand, trapped beneath Janet's body, held her tight and caressed a tight breast. The other trailed over their hips to work the vibrator into the blonde's hungry pussy.

Moonlight fell across the soft curves of the two women, one quiet and contained, the other still moving restlessly. Some time later, the vibrator fell free to lie humming on the sheets. Janet continued twitching for a longer time, restrained by Melissa's reflexive grip, but eventually subsided. Finally, both of the exhausted coeds fell into a deep sleep. The vibrator's buzzing dimmed as its batteries discharged, and at last the room was quiet.

Chapter 7

Melissa awakened when she felt Janet push her arm aside and pull away. Judging by the sun streaming in the window, it was well into mid-morning, but Melissa still felt tired. Drowsily, she rubbed her eyes and watched Janet cover herself with a flannel robe and stagger to the sink. Apparently the blonde wasn't feeling well, for she popped a couple aspirin before sitting on the end of her bed and cradling her head in both hands.

"I think I'm going to be sick. God, it was so disgusting. I'm so ashamed." Janet started to weep, prompting Melissa to rise and go to her to offer consolation. A bloodshot stare stopped the brunette halfway there. "It's true, isn't it, what Anne said last night. Look at yourself, Lissa, you're as sick as they are! How could you? I thought you were my friend!" The crying intensified into heaving sobs of shame and betrayal.

Melissa realized her taut body was fully on display, including the damning evidence of her missing bush and the kinky harness. She managed a faint blush. Her nightshirt lay on the floor beside her where it had dropped the previous night, so she quickly pulled it on.

"Janet, no! I am your friend! Jacqui and I had nothing to do with last night! Look! We had to break through both bathroom doors to get in. Jacqui hauled Anne off, I had to stay with you. You were out of control, you needed me." Melissa sat beside her distraught roommate and gingerly hugged her. "Everything will be okay now."

Janet pulled away, but remained on the bed. "Don't touch me! Just leave me alone. Go away, go play your sex games with your pervert friends." After a pause, she continued, "Oh, God, I feel so unclean. I couldn't help myself, I wanted it. What's wrong with me?"

Swallowing a curse borne of frustration, Melissa laid her hands in her lap and continued to talk soothingly. "Okay, I won't touch you. I'll just sit here beside you. Janet, listen, it wasn't your fault . Anne drugged you. Anybody would have done what you did, there's no need to be ashamed." She resisted the temptation to add that, at the end, she'd enjoyed the feel of Janet's body clasped against her own; that would not be a useful comment at this point.

Gradually Janet quieted, calmed by Melissa's supportive presence in spite of the words she'd spoken a few minutes earlier. Eventually she turned her head to look at Melissa. "I'm sorry, Lissa. Thanks for helping. I just feel so strange still. Was it like this for you, last weekend? I was stupid not to have seen it right when I returned. Why haven't you called the police?"

Melissa replied carefully. "Sort of. No drugs, just a few extra shots of Scotch. I had a really bad hangover the next morning." She could not avoid a deep blush as she considered how to answer the second question. "Jacqui's different. She makes me feel good; no, more than that, even when she hurts me. And sometimes..." Her voiced trailed off uncertainly before she concluded, "I like being with Jacqui, doing things with her." Melissa couldn't meet Janet's eyes.

Janet couldn't believe her ears. "She orders you around like a slave, makes you go out in public practically naked, beats you like she did Anne last night, and you like it? Lissa, I thought I knew you. How could you have changed so much?"

Melissa felt horribly embarrassed discussing this with Janet, but again fluid was beginning to leak from her slit. She tried again to explain. "No, it's not like that. I've never seen her so upset, I think she was worried about you too. Jacqui's never really hurt me, lots of times she's so gentle it's like I'm a baby. But she makes me do things, things I wouldn't have the courage to do myself, and it's so exciting, I could almost burst."

It was clear Janet was unconvinced, but she offered a truce anyway. "Look, just don't get me involved in any of your games. We're still roommates, we can try to still be friends." Her voice tightened with emotion and she continued, "But tell your friends to keep their distance. And if Anne ever sets a foot inside this room again, or I think you're being hurt, I'll call the police faster than you can say '9-1-1'. Got it?"

Both of them jumped at the knock on the bathroom door that sounded immediately following Janet's ultimatum. Melissa grinned when she heard Jacqui's voice proclaiming, "Jacqui's home repair. I hear you need some work done. May I come in?"

Janet drew her robe more tightly around herself, but nodded at Melissa's inquiring look. The brunette answered for them. "Come on in, Mistress Jacqueline." That earned her another sharp look from Janet.

Jacqui tripped the latch and entered. She was dressed for her morning run, and the sweat marks indicated she'd gone out already. As usual, she came directly to her point. "Good morning, sleepyheads. Doing okay, Janet? You look like shit."

Melissa winced, but Janet responded calmly. "I feel that way too, but it's getting a little better. I took some aspirin, and Lissa's been talking to me."

Melissa could tell Jacqui was wondering about the results of that conversation. That curiosity was somewhat satisfied by Janet's next statement. "Lissa's told me everything. I know it wasn't your fault. And I'll keep quiet for now, for her sake and my own. But if you or Anne try to push me around, I'll blow the whistle and you'll spend the rest of your life rotting in prison. Mistress Jacqueline. "

This was as good as Jacqui had dared to hope for, Melissa realized from the relief that crossed the junior's expression. "'Jacqui' is fine. Thank you, Janet. I won't abuse your trust," she replied. Her sardonic humor reasserted itself. "Now I think your room could stand a little housekeeping service. You two are such slobs, just look at the place."

All three began sorting the debris scattered on the floor. Soon Jacqui was reassembling the bathroom door hardware while Melissa collected the sex toys Anne had left behind the previous night. Janet couldn't bring herself to handle the dildos, and settled on a search for the phone cord. In surprisingly little time, the room had returned to its usual condition, although the scent of feminine excitement still filled the air.

Melissa had just added the discharged vibrator from her bed to the bag of dildos when Jacqui recalled her mind to their forgotten morning ritual. "Janet, if you don't mind, I need to see Lissa next door."

The answer surprised all of them. "You're going to do it to her, aren't you? Stay here. I want to see it."

Melissa couldn't think of a thing to say; Jacqui raised an eyebrow and departed with an "I'll be right back, then."

After a struggle, Melissa found her voice, although it was weak. "Janet, are you sure about this? You said you didn't want to have anything to do with her." Also, Melissa didn't think she wanted her roommate to be watching while she submitted to Jacqui's ministrations.

"You said you liked it, that she doesn't hurt you. I just want to be sure. It can't be worse than last night."

Before Melissa could attempt a rebuttal, Jacqui had returned. Taking on the air of a professor lecturing a class, Jacqui began a commentary for Janet, interspersed with a few commands. "Lissa, take off your shirt, we're all friends here." Melissa felt like her entire body was blushing as she bared herself for their inspection.

"Now that she isn't hiding it, you'll see Lissa has a fine body. Great tits and a hard ass, not that we won't tighten it up a bit more with the jogging. We've removed the hair around her cunt to make it easier to tell what her body's 'thinking.' -- a little stubble, about time for a cleanup job, though. See, the lips have spread open a bit, Lissa knows what to expect, although she isn't really excited yet. We've been working on that, too. Okay, Lissa, turn around."

Melissa faced away from Janet's unreadable expression, and Jacqui resumed. "Fine, now spread your cheeks. Good. You have to understand, Janet, she really likes taking things up the ass, but it was a bit painful for her. So we're working on limbering it up. The harness holds a cock like this one inside her butt, gets the old muscles used to stretching. She gets a new one each day, bigger than before. See, here's the one we'll use next; this snap here attaches to the strap, and the flare at the base here keeps it from going up inside her; that would be uncomfortable. Would you like to hold this?"

With her face still turned away, Melissa couldn't interpret Janet's soft, monotone "No." Being displayed like this for Janet was definitely stimulating her; the lithe brunette could feel her nipples hardening and knew her pussy lips were spreading wider. She turned around at Jacqui's call and found her mistress seated on the bed as usual, while Janet stood in the corner near the door.

"Lie down here Lissa, that's a good girl. Why don't you move over here, Janet? I'm sure you can't see a thing from where you are." Slowly, Janet slid along the wall until she stood near the sink, pulling her robe more tightly about her. "Okay, now we take out yesterday's plug." Melissa felt her hips rise involuntarily at the delicious sensation as the intruder was slowly drawn from her sucking rectum, but Jacqui's hand planted on the small of her back held her in place.

"Notice we're working on width now instead of length. I think Lissa could take a longer cock, but sometimes it can be uncomfortable if you're walking or sitting, and she wears these all day. Besides, her sphincter is what we're conditioning."

Janet interjected with a question that betrayed her curiosity. "How does she use the toilet with that thing in her?"

Melissa thought she'd die when she understood Jacqui's response. "Oh, she gets an enema. You know what that is, right? Usually on afternoons when you're in aerobics, but I'm sure we both would be happy to pick a different time if you'd like to watch."

Luckily, Janet didn't seem to be interested. "How gross, that's really disgusting. Thanks, but no thanks."

When Jacqui began inserting the new dildo, Melissa kept her head turned away from her roommate. How would Janet feel, seeing Melissa's body react as her own had last night, but without the benefit of drugs? Jacqui, naturally, didn't allow the reaction to go unnoticed. "Here goes the new plug." It slid slowly forward, occasionally stopping and retreating slightly before continuing. "Look, Janet, you can tell she likes it -- watch her pushing back when I pull it out a bit."

Melissa was breathing heavily by the time the dildo had completely filled her anus and been snapped in place. She tightened her buttocks in anticipation of the slaps that soon would be striking home. "Now a good spanking to finish things up. This won't be anything like what Anne got last night, I'll just be using my hand. Lissa really likes this."

The blows began falling, and only the lightest touch of Jacqui's fingers on her clitoris was needed before Melissa was pumping her ass up and down in time with the spanking. Losing control, she began moaning and felt the involuntary tears appear in her eyes.

Janet, who had moved so as to be able to watch Melissa's face, noted them and objected. "Jacqui, stop it! You're hurting Lissa, can't you hear her crying?"

Jacqui laughed and kept pounding away. "Of course, but she loves it. Tell her, Lissa. Tell Janet how much you like being spanked."

The heat rose in Melissa's face and loins as she looked up into the eyes of her concerned roommate. Her speech was broken by the grunts accompanying each blow. "Janet... It's okay... I feel... so... hot... I'm... going to... come!"

A final stroke accompanied by a thrust up her cunt send Melissa over the edge into a gigantic orgasm made all the more overpowering by its unexpectedness. She had expected Jacqui to stop short of release. As her eyes rolled up in her head, Melissa's last sight was of Janet whirling away from the charged scene.

After Melissa had recovered sufficiently to stand on her own, Jacqui prepared to depart. "Here she is, Janet, good as new. Lissa, don't worry about making up the run this morning. You both should get cleaned up, and we can make that shopping trip right after lunch."

Melissa answered "Yes" for them both, since it appeared Janet was thrown off by the rapid change in subject. In truth, both of the freshmen had forgotten the plans they'd made over dinner the previous evening.

Janet slowly turned to look at the sated brunette. Melissa's quivering nipples and the feminine discharge wetting her thighs provided ample evidence to support Jacqui's claims. "You're sure you're all right, Lissa?"

A long sigh prefaced the answer, "She makes me come so hard, it just takes awhile to catch my breath. I'm okay, are you? You didn't have to watch that, you know."

"I know. I just wanted to know for sure." Janet's mood had improved enough for her to joke a bit. "You know, you should be one of the subjects in my psychology lab. Great, what would my parents think if they knew I was rooming with a masochistic lesbian? Why don't you shower first? You're already undressed." Melissa nodded her agreement and moved into the bathroom, to find Jacqui waiting for her there.


Melissa's determined good spirits finally communicated themselves to her companions as the shopping expedition got underway. The three coeds munched on fries from the local drive-through and chattered about what they should be looking for while the red Mustang raced toward the Galleria. By the time they were cruising the parking lot, Melissa had also convinced Janet and Jacqui they should look for Halloween costumes as well. The holiday fell on the following Saturday and they would not have another good opportunity to prepare for it.

The first stop, however, was the salon. Melissa was soon seated and endured intense scrutiny from her companions and the stylist. The decisions were made for her; "More modern, yes?" "Shorter, easier to take care of." "Yes, something elegant, she has such a long neck, it's a shame to hide it." "Ah, perhaps like this? We have only to sharpen the effect then, perhaps a little more curl." It sounded like the change would be dramatic, whatever it was; Melissa could not remember the last time her hair hadn't reached well down her back -- when it wasn't tangled or flying about.

Strands of dark hair drifted to Melissa's lap and the floor around her. Soon she could feel air wafting against the back of her neck, which was now bared. Janet and Jacqui wore grins but refused to let Melissa get a view of herself in the mirrors. The discarded strands were brushed away while she received a thorough shampooing and a perm. Finally, her hair was carefully dried and the job was pronounced done. Laughing, the other two hustled Melissa out of the salon before she could catch more than a glimpse of herself. She resigned herself to ignorance, deciding it couldn't be too bad if both Janet and Jacqui liked it, and they addressed themselves to the hunt for clothes.

The resulting free-spirited conversation surely confused the hapless sales clerks. Considerations of suit styling and fabric combined haphazardly with bizarre suggestions for comically improbable party outfits. Janet had nearly regained her normal equilibrium, but could not miss the intense looks passing between Melissa and Jacqui as their progress took them into the dressing rooms.

Melissa enjoyed being the center of attention. She wasn't really sure what use she'd have for a business suit, but the shopping was fun and her two friends seemed to be getting along. Jacqui remained on her best behavior in front of Janet and kept her hands to herself. Still, the young brunette could not help becoming slightly aroused as she paraded, nearly naked, before them between costume changes. Her panties were damp by the time the trio had finished making their selections.

Their final stop was in the ladies' department at Nordstrom. After mutual consultation, Melissa tried on a very elegant gray pinstripe outfit. The double-breasted suit jacket had a sharply darted waist, caught in a single pleat behind, and padded shoulders that emphasized the long lapels crossing well below her bust line. Jacqui successfully convinced Janet they should go with the shorter skirt, which came barely halfway to Melissa's knees. A slit in back rose several inches to provide sufficient freedom of movement for her long legs.

Both Janet and Jacqui pronounced themselves extremely satisfied with the result, so Melissa knew the effect would be something special. Even so, she could not believe she was seeing herself when she turned to look, finally, in a mirror. Her 'fashion consultants' teased her gently when they caught sight of her awe-struck expression.

Melissa ignored them and stared at the knockout beauty looking back from the mirror. Gee, she thought, if only my high school friends could see me now... Her frizzy, chaotic tresses had been tamed into disciplined curls that ended high up her neck and framed her face beautifully. The suit was basically conservative but drew the eye to the swell of her breasts, her trim waist, the curve of her hips, and the lean lines of her graceful neck and muscular legs. This woman would not have looked out of place in "Vogue."

While Melissa stood nervously in the fitting area and hoped the clerk measuring the suit for alterations wouldn't smell her arousal, Janet and Jacqui disappeared. By the time the fitting was completed, they had returned with additional booty. Janet had located a marvelous dusky rose blouse that would perfectly complement the colors in the suit. Jacqui, bless her sick little mind, had found a pair of sexy patterned hose that had little red roses embroidered in back just above the heels. Janet frowned slightly when she read the package and noted the hose would require either garters or a garter belt, but held her silence.

Melissa held her breath at the final price on the register, but Jacqui handed the clerk her own card without hesitation. "My treat. Every girl should own at least one nice suit, you never know when you might need it. Happy birthday, Lissa."

She was flying high as a kite when they left the store, and Janet had to steer Melissa into the restaurant after Jacqui. There, they began a more serious discussion of their Halloween plans over a set of rich milkshakes.

A sudden exclamation from Jacqui snapped Melissa back from her idle fantasies. "That's it! We can be Orion slave girls!"

Janet, who had been offering suggestions more along the lines of astronauts, or perhaps costumes from "Cats," was nonplused. "Jacqui, can't you leave this domination thing alone for a bit?"

Since it appeared her roommate hadn't recognized the reference to the TV series, Melissa tried to clarify the suggestion, which she considered interesting but improbable. "No, Janet, they're dancing girls from Star Trek. They're all green, like the Jolly Green Giant." Janet relaxed, apparently deciding that anything wholesome enough to make it on television in the 60's couldn't be that bad. Melissa decided to air her own objections. "How in the world would you get the green color? You and Janet have the wrong color hair, anyway."

Jacqui remained undeterred. "No problem, we just get green body paint, like they did for the series. And it would be easy to dye our hair. Best part is, we'd really stand out and make an impression. That's what I like about the idea, it's different."

Clearly Janet didn't share this opinion. "Count me out. There's no way I'm going to paint myself green and dye my hair black for any party."

Melissa decided the idea was interesting. A science fiction theme was workable, anyway; maybe they could think of something else for Janet. "Well, maybe some other alien race. Probably not a Deltan, then you'd have to shave your head!" Several alternatives were tossed back and forth, but nothing really seemed to jell.

The excited junior continued lobbying for a matched trio. "Look, Janet, trust me on this. I know this theatrical supply place, I get makeup for some of my sessions there. I absolutely guarantee everything will wash out in the shower. Come on, let's go with this. You think of anything better, that's fine with me."

Reluctantly, Janet gave in. "Okay, Jacqui, I surrender. But I swear, if this doesn't work like you say, you'll look like a 'Deltan' the next day!"

Agreed, the three returned to the car. The bemused salesman at the theatrical studio sold them enough green paint to cover Jacqui's car, and the two blondes also purchased some dark hair dye to match Melissa's curls. Then they were off to a costume store to look for appropriate clothing. The place was packed with other last-minute Halloween shoppers, so they had time to flip through a catalog while they waited in line.

Melissa and Jacqui decided the barbarian costumes came closest to what they remembered from Star Trek. A look at the stock confirmed that the bikinis, covered with pieces of artificial fur, would do reasonably well. There was a noticeable silence from her companions when Jacqui reserved four of the outfits. "I know," she explained, "Anne's on my shit-list right now, too. But the reservation's a small price to pay in case I happen to be in a better mood next week." Conversation was subdued during the trip home.


The next week passed quickly for Melissa. She had a number of midterms, most of which she felt she did well on, but the pressure she'd been experiencing in the dorm dropped significantly. Anne had been remarkably subdued and had stayed well away from both frosh. More importantly, Melissa no longer worried about hiding her leisure activities from Janet.

They had not completely returned to the easy camaraderie of the first month of school. Her roommate studiously ignored the regular visits Melissa made to Jacqui's room, as well as the harness now on display during the time they spent in their rooms. The loss of their previous closeness grieved Melissa, but it was partially compensated for when Pamela began joining her for the morning run. And the teen could not bring herself to sacrifice her deepening submission to Jacqui.

That relationship had changed subtly. Jacqui still exerted nearly total control over her, but they most often called each other "Lissa" and "Jacqui" rather than the previous "slave" and "Mistress Jacqueline." Melissa also sensed a softening in the junior, although this did not extend to the training. The brunette was now taking dildos the size of small cucumbers up her rectum, and Jacqui had hinted the time for the harness was nearly past. Melissa wondered if her asshole would always feel as loose as it did during the brief intervals when it was empty, but she had not spilled a drop during her enemas for over a week.

Rather, it was her pussy that leaked almost constantly. The stimulation in her ass and the feel of her bare mons were with Melissa constantly. There were unpredictable times when her path would cross with Jacqui's, often resulting in a quick feel if it would not be observed. More intense sessions excited her in the mornings and afternoons, when Jacqui would work her more diligently. There was also the delicious feeling that coursed through her when she would catch Janet looking at her, before the other would turn away. And she thrilled to the looks of other students admiring her body, and the thought of their reactions if her true condition should be discovered.

All combined in her mind, her most erogenous zone, so that Melissa found herself looking forward to these times. The thought of these situations was becoming sufficient to engender aroused expectation. Melissa couldn't wait for Jacqui to teach her more, make her do more.

Chapter 8

Saturday began on a good note for Melissa. As usual, a few minutes after waking she was creaming while she stretched face down over Jacqui's lap. The fat artificial cock filling her was slowly drawn out, but the ritual did not conclude in the expected manner. Instead of inserting a new dildo, Jacqui unfastened the straps of the harness and drew them down the brunette's sleek legs.

When Melissa turned to look questioningly at her, Jacqui replied, "That's it, Lissa. You pass this course." Smiling, she held up still-glistening phallus. Melissa was shocked to see it was the giant dildo that had so frightened her several weeks before; it had slid into her so easily yesterday she hadn't realized its true size. "You don't need the harness any longer, and from now on we'll save the enemas for special occasions only. I don't know that I'll keep spanking you each morning, either. But this morning's not over yet."

With that, Jacqui rolled her back to face down, and began the spanking. But this time, instead of the light fingering that had grown sporadic of late, Melissa felt the artificial cock pressing back into her anus. Jacqui began pumping the phallus in and out, in time with the blows on Melissa's buttocks, and soon the freshman shuddered into a screaming climax.

She was surprised again a moment later when Jacqui did not immediately dismiss her to get dressed. "Now, Lissa, I have a special graduation present for you." Jacqui handed her the butt plug. "I want you to bring me off the same way I just did you." To Melissa's great amazement, Jacqui opened her robe and dropped it to the floor. She caught sight of a slick, blood-gorged cunt much like her own before Jacqui turned, then dropped to her knees and bent over the bed. "Do me, Lissa. Fuck me up the ass with your hard dick. Spank me hard, I've been a bad little girl."

Melissa felt a shock of excitement and dropped to one knee behind Jacqui. Gingerly, she pressed the dildo between Jacqui's cheeks and watched the tip sink out of sight. As she leaned into it, Jacqui's anus expanded to engulf the rod that slowly pushed into it. "Harder, fuck me harder!" Melissa pushed and abruptly the giant rod disappeared up the base. She pulled back until the phallus was completely exposed again; Jacqui had such a grip that this was more difficult than the insertion had been.

More confidently, Melissa began working the dildo in and out of Jacqui's gyrating butt. The kinky junior wanted more. "Slap me! Oh, spank me, Lissa!" Halfheartedly, Melissa complied and stared at the red hand print she left on one tight buttock. "Yes, more! Beat me, I've been so nasty!" It was difficult to work around the dildo, but Melissa began striking more often and harder as she continued to piston the cock.

Her excitement was growing by leaps and bounds as Melissa became mesmerized by the twitching body before her. Was this what Jacqui had seen each morning for the past weeks? Melissa could feel her loins heating as she remembered the feel of Jacqui's hand on her. She imagined that the flexing ass under her hand was her own, that some anonymous third person was administering the punishment. When she saw Jacqui begin to masturbate herself, Melissa felt herself near the edge again.

Finally Jacqui's fingers blurred and her body began to shake violently as she came. The sight was too much for Melissa, who rammed the dildo home one last time before starting to frig herself. She was so keyed up that only the briefest touch was necessary before her orgasm overtook her and she fell forward to embrace Jacqui.

Jacqui rolled beneath her and they shared a long, wet kiss. Melissa could feel the other girl's nipples rubbing against her own as Jacqui pulled the dildo free and set it aside. "Thank you, Lissa. You're the best student a girl could ask for. I hope you'll appreciate now the enjoyment I get from disciplining you." She glanced at the clock and continued, "We'd better get dressed. Pam should be along any time now."

Melissa floated back to her room. She felt incredibly light, buoyed by her emotions and the strange feeling of emptiness in her ass. She pirouetted and answered Janet's curious look with an exuberant "I made it! My butt's graduated! It feels so good!" Her spirits damped only slightly when Janet abruptly pulled the covers over her head.

That morning's circuit was covered in record time. Jacqui met Pam's breathless query with a knowing smile as the energized brunette easily outdistanced them both.


Melissa was surprised to hear Todd Mueller's voice on the line when she answered the phone. She listened curiously to Janet's half of the conversation, and deduced that Todd was going to make a return visit that evening. That could be fun; Todd was kind of cute and perhaps his presence would help bring Janet out of her funk. When Janet broke up laughing while trying to describe the alleged purple gorilla outfit to Melissa, the perky brunette decided the omens were good for that night.

The time-consuming preparations for the evening started mid-afternoon. Jacqui and Janet suffered through the messy and smelly process of dying their hair. Melissa, to her pleasant surprise, was entrusted with Jacqui's keys and the task of picking up their costumes. When she returned, she was surprised to see the difference in appearance caused by the hair coloring.

After an early snack that would serve in place of dinner, the four gathered to start work on the most interesting part of their costuming. Jacqui prefaced the demonstration with a brief explanation. "I've used this stuff before, in a different color of course. It's great for covering tan lines, faking tans, or even changing hue if you wanted to look like, say, an Indian. It washes off with soap and water. So don't get put off by the fact that it's green today."

She then stripped and opened a bottle. With no sign of self-consciousness, Jacqui began rubbing the color onto her breasts and stomach with a rag. "You put it on like a cross between staining wood and waxing a car, okay? Not too much at once, rub firmly in small circles till you get it blended nicely, like this. Make sure you get it rubbed in good, or it can flake off after it dries." The junior's belly was now a vibrant forest green. "I'll show you how to touch up around your eyes and such in a bit. This is non-toxic, so don't worry about that, but it tastes really bad." Tactfully, Jacqui took the open bottle and Anne next door, leaving the freshmen alone.

Melissa had completely disrobed and started on herself before she noticed Janet, still dressed, was watching her nervously. "Janet, what's wrong?"

Janet looked everywhere but at her as she replied, "Do we have to do it, you know, all over?" Oh, so that was the problem.

"Well, maybe not, but it's hard to tell how much the bikinis are going to cover. We don't want to get any of this stuff slopped on them with the amount of deposit we had to put down."

At the reminder of the costumes they'd be wearing, Janet's uncertainty increased. "Maybe I'll just stay here," she began.

That thought was nipped firmly in the bud. "Nonsense. We've both been looking forward to this all week, you can't back out now. Come on, nobody else'll see." Reluctantly, Janet slipped off her nightgown and began to dab at herself.

Melissa forced her eyes away from her roommate's body and tried to concentrate on the job at hand. She was not surprised when, as she rubbed the green into her breasts, she felt them tighten and the nipples hardened. A glance at Janet suggested that, at the present rate, she'd end up looking like the mottled victim of some bizarre disease. With a sigh, she decided to offer some assistance.

"Here, Janet, I don't think you're rubbing it in enough. Let me work on your arm." It seemed the safest place to start. Melissa grabbed hold of the hand holding the rag, and started working the color into it. Janet tensed, then gradually relaxed. Melissa finished the forearm, then removed the rag from Janet's grip and started on the hand, trying to get all of the crevices filled. "Darn it! Janet, you'll have to do your hand; I can't see well enough without my glasses to tell if I got everything."

Janet started working on the offending fingers while Melissa moved back up the arm and continued on to her roommate's back. She could feel the muscles gradually relaxing under the impromptu massage, and the two varicolored women worked quietly for several minutes. Melissa had just started to work on the firmly rounded curves of Janet's tight ass when Janet pulled away. "Lissa! You don't have to rub that everywhere!"

Melissa chose to disagree. "But you look funny this way! Your butt looks like mine after Jacqui spanks me, only in the wrong colors."

This was an unfortunate but accurate assessment, as Janet realized after a look in the mirror. "Okay, but I can do it myself. You'd better get working on yourself, Lissa."

Actually, Janet did look pretty good. She'd carefully redone her stomach and gotten most of her front while Melissa did the back; only Janet's face, upper neck, and legs remained uncolored. Melissa was secretly disappointed to see her roommate's exotic nipples remained nearly invisible, even when Janet finished rubbing the green into her buttocks and into the edges of her dark pubic hair.

Soon it was time for Melissa to turn away so her back could be painted by Janet. It felt very good, good enough that her hips began to rotate involuntarily as the stroking and rubbing moved lower. Unfortunately, it was enough to make Janet back off, and Melissa had to finish the job herself. They worked on touching up their necks and faces then, until continuing glances in the mirror convinced them the effect really would work.

The knock on the door sent them both scurrying for the fur-covered swimsuits. Janet broke into giggles when she opened the door to reveal a large gorilla which began jumping up and down, crying "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" at the sight of them.

"Todd, you ass, stop that and come in here. You remember Lissa?"

Melissa shivered as she felt the warmth of his look from behind the mask.

"Sure. Hi, Melissa, you look great in green -- you cut your hair, didn't you? It looks fantastic." As he entered, Todd continued, "I was just making like the other screaming crazies outside. Do they always do that around here?"

Now that he mentioned it, the noise was audible. Melissa realized what the cause must be. "Oh, that must mean the football team won today's game. We're in the playoffs a third straight year." The phrase tickled a thought in the back of Melissa's mind, but she couldn't capture it. "Some division, eh? No real team would know it'd made it to post-season in October..."

Todd had removed the mask and was fanning himself to keep from overheating when Jacqui and Anne made their appearance. The four girls looked surprisingly alike, their white faces surrounded by dark hair and green bodies immodestly clad in scraps of fake fur. It made the white of their smiles even more vibrant.

"Hey Todd, long time no see. This is my roommate Anne Takasawa. Anne, Todd Mueller."

He was too busy looking at the new arrivals to see the chill in his sister's demeanor.

"Todd, you won't mind if we finish putting on our faces," Jacqui quipped, "we need to be colorful enough to keep up with you." She displayed a small washcloth. "This is like washing your face, except you don't reuse the washcloth." The junior splashed some paint into the cloth, then closed her eyes and rubbed it thoroughly over her face while she held her hair back with the other hand. It took several passes, to get the stain evenly up to the roots of her hair and around her eyes and ears.

"Now I'll just wait a few minutes to make sure it's dry around my eyes before I open them," Jacqui mumbled. "But you guys can get started yourselves -- just keep your lips sealed unless you want green teeth. So Todd, what brings you slumming around here?" Jacqui's self-assurance and poise as she carried on the conversation with her eyes closed would have been sufficient for Todd to guess at her modeling experience even if Janet hadn't mentioned it earlier.

The conversation continued easily, with everyone in good spirits, as the staining procedure wrapped up. Jacqui completed the coloring process by touching up lips, nostrils, and ears with a Q-tip. Todd, who recognized an Orion when he saw one, was convinced these four extraterrestrials looked even better than the originals. As a final touch, Jacqui produced some dark green eyeliner, mascara and nail polish. The junior then donned her only piece of jewelry, a fine silver chain with her room key strung on it.

Jacqui was done when she let her hair down and ran her fingers through it to give it the proper tousled look. The others followed suit and the effect was complete.

When she saw Todd looking at them with his tongue nearly hanging out of his mouth, Melissa blushed and couldn't keep herself from tweaking her bikini back up over the curve of her hip. Her blush was hidden by the green stain as effectively as his raging hard-on was concealed by the gorilla suit.

Anne dashed next door to retrieve her and Jacqui's student ID cards. Jacqui was just getting antsy when Anne returned with the cards. Taking hers, the junior smiled at Todd while she slid the laminated card down the front of her bikini bottoms. Todd nearly fell off his chair. Anne followed her roommate's lead, and after a long moment, so did Melissa. Janet held her breath and counted to ten, then handed her own card and room key to her brother to carry with his wallet.

Todd rose and donned the gorilla head. By unspoken agreement, they all filed out the door and toward the stairs. The Halloween that would live in school lore as The Night Of The Space Women had begun.

Chapter 9

The four green vixens and their large purple guardian were a huge success. At party after party they were met with screams and cheers as word of their coming ran before them. It was impossible not to have a good time, buoyed by the energetic compliments and noisy adulation; even Janet was soon laughing and smiling continuously.


They were talking over drinks during a break in the music when Janet announced, "Hey, this has been a really great night, but it's past midnight and I'm getting tired. I think I'm going to call it quits. But don't you all leave on my account."

Melissa was on the verge of volunteering to head back too when a quick nudge from Jacqui silenced her. No such restraint existed for Todd, whose reluctant familial duty outweighed his desire to keep Melissa and Jacqui company. Besides, he had her ID and key. "I'll take you back, Janet. I've got a drive ahead of me anyway, I shouldn't leave it until too late. Bye, ladies, it's been great!"

Everybody was surprised when Anne chimed in, "I think I'll head back too. I feel kinda wasted, and Janet can let me in through her room." She did appear to be slightly unsteady on her feet.


Melissa noticed Jacqui had disappeared a few minutes after the others, but she was basking in the center of a very appreciative circle of admirers. Unconsciously, she tugged up the sagging bikini again, but noted the dipping gazes of the audience. I think I enjoy this, she thought, but it would be nice if one of these guys was interested in more than just my body; I didn't have this problem before.

She didn't have much opportunity for self-pity, for Jacqui soon returned and pulled her aside. "Come on, Lissa, we have another special party to attend."

Curious, the teen made her good-byes and followed her suitemate out the back of the dorm. "'Special?' Where are we going now? Too bad you didn't say anything earlier, maybe Janet and Todd and Anne would've changed their minds about going home."

Jacqui's answer made her tingle. "No, it's special just for us, Lissa. I was wondering how I was going to get us alone, I'm glad Janet got tired." Melissa was about to prod for more details, when Jacqui turned to watch a black limo glide up to the curb below them. "Ah, it looks like our ride has arrived. Shall we?"

It looked like this party was indeed going to be 'special.' Melissa gaped, then skipped down the steps to catch up with Jacqui. "My God! This is a limo! It's really for us? This is great, better than my prom date! How did he know when to arrive?" The chauffeur opened the door for them and graciously assisted them with the step in, acting as if he saw half-naked green college girls all the time.

The magic was in no way diminished when Jacqui revealed the secret; "I called from the dorm a few minutes ago."

They pulled smoothly away from the curve, and Jacqui pulled her into a lingering French kiss. "You were a virgin when you came here, weren't you?" the junior whispered.

Melissa managed a faint "Yes." The embrace grew tighter, and she could feel Jacqui's hand inside her top, cupping and stroking a breast.

"Remember Darryl? At the stadium? He and a few friends are having a celebration party and they've invited us. I know we're going to have a good time and you'll make me very proud of you."

This was almost too much for Melissa, but she remembered her earlier desire to experiment more. And Jacqui was depending on her. With a sigh, she relaxed into the passionate embrace. "Where are we going?"

Jacqui turned coy. "Just relax. It's a surprise. Now, are you wet?" Melissa resisted the temptation to observe that she'd been dripping all evening, and silently raised a knee to allow access to her pussy.

"Mmm, I guess so. Well, I suppose one come won't take the edge off." They kissed again and Melissa moaned into Jacqui's mouth as a probing finger delicately teased her to orgasm.

When Melissa recovered sufficiently to peer out through the tinted glass, she could see they were nearly downtown. Jacqui had located a bottle of champagne in the small refrigerator and poured a glass for each of them. Before Melissa could lift her glass, she felt Jacqui press a pill into her hand; the freshman, remembering Janet's experiences, looked at it cautiously. "What's this for?"

"Morning-after pill," was the succinct reply. "They work good now too, and then we don't have to worry about remembering tomorrow. But we'll get you started with a birth control prescription, it's still safer." Jacqui tossed back another of the pills and followed it with a champagne chaser.

Melissa followed suit and drained her glass, realizing the kind of party they would be attending. A stray thought chilled her. "Uh, Jacqui, when Steve, ah, fucked me..."

Jacqui saved her from having to complete the question. "Don't worry," she laughed while refilling their glasses. Melissa didn't appreciate the humor of the situation. "He had a vasectomy three years ago by court order." Oh. Well, Jacqui certainly had interesting friends.

"We're here." At that statement, Melissa looked and realized they had pulled up to the front door of the downtown Hilton. She quickly tugged her clothing back into place, finishing just as the doorman opened the door and leaned in to help them out. He had a warm smile for Melissa, who couldn't believe they were going to stroll right into the Hilton wearing only bikinis.

The two exotic girls walked into a lobby filled with other costumed guests, and Melissa calmed as she realized they didn't really stand out as much as she had feared. Apparently a number of other parties were still in progress here. Most of the partygoers seemed to be departing, so they had an elevator to themselves on the ride up to the fifteenth floor.

Jacqui gave her a final pep talk. "Remember, we're here to have fun. I wouldn't have brought you if I didn't think you were ready for this, Lissa. Enjoy yourself, because it'll be 'back to school' for you next week!" The trembling frosh remembered the occasional glimpses of the handsome wide receiver and felt herself creaming into her swimsuit.

Melissa followed Jacqui down the hall to a door that stood ajar, propped open by a shoe. Loud music and cheerful conversation spilled out into the corridor. Jacqui shoved the door open and beckoned Melissa into the room, then followed behind and kicked the shoe clear. The teen stopped dead in her tracks as she realized the entire varsity football team was partying in the large suite.

The talk died away as the men realized their guests had arrived. Under the force of two dozen silent, penetrating looks, Melissa felt herself retreating toward the entrance, but she backed into Jacqui after only a step. Jacqui embraced her from behind and greeted the crowd.

"Happy Halloween, and congratulations on making the playoffs again. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Jacqui Barry. This is my very good friend, Lissa Bednar." Jacqui unfastened the brunette's top and pushed it to the floor, displaying Melissa's swollen tits to the very attentive crowd. As she stripped the embarrassed girl's bottom down her legs, Jacqui added, in her most seductive voice, "Trick or treat."

Melissa felt she was about to burst, from embarrassment or arousal, she wasn't sure. Her feet felt like they were fixed to the floor until she saw Darryl push through the crowd and come to her. Firmly, he pulled her from Jacqui's grasp and toward one of the beds as the men closed in around the two women.

The attendees began discarding their clothes and Jacqui removed her own costume. Melissa noticed none of this as Darryl kissed her and massaged her breasts. "Yo Melissa, you sure got one fine body." Another of the players knelt between her spread legs and began to eat her. She squirmed excitedly under the probing tongues investigating her mouth and pussy.

Darryl moved back momentarily to strip off his shirt and pants. Melissa looked around the room; Jacqui was already moaning under the assault of Doug Williams, the burly offensive tackle who was thrusting into her slick cunt. The erotic view was blocked as another lineman walked up to Melissa, his semi-erect penis dangling in front of him. His organ brushed her cheek, and automatically she turned her head and sucked him into her mouth.

Most of the evening passed in a blur. Only a few moments remained vivid in Melissa's mind. The first was when Darryl rode her to a violent climax. His gleaming ebony phallus was unbelievably long. When it finally filled her, the tip dilating her cervix before his wiry pubic hair ground into her mons, Melissa wrapped her legs around Darryl's waist and pumped furiously. After he had jetted deep into her, his laughing teammates had to physically pull her legs away from him before Darryl could step aside for the next participant.

Another time she and Jacqui lay side by side, Frenching and playing with each other's tits, while they were sodomized repeatedly by eager men. Melissa felt no pain at all, only waves of orgasmic pleasure, as one cock after another raped her well-trained rectum and filled it with warm come. Others, impatiently waiting their turn, jerked off and sprayed their sticky loads over the writhing coeds.

And finally, Darryl had "run one into her end zone." Jacqui had pulled Melissa from a tangle of bodies and led her to where Kevin Anderson, the team's quarterback, lay on his back with his fat prick jutting in the air. Melissa knew Kevin was engaged to Susan Mustacato, Captain of the women's varsity volleyball team; she'd seen Susan showing the ring to friends and boasting of her "catch." But now it was Melissa, not Susan, who was squatting onto Kevin's cock, taking it deep inside herself and leaning forward to share a wet kiss.

Melissa felt hands spreading her buns, and then Darryl's thin manhood was sliding into her lubricated butt. It penetrated slowly, fitting easily but moving deeper than the other cocks, deeper even than the largest of Jacqui's dildos. When the men began their slow, synchronized pumping, Melissa couldn't hold back a long shuddering moan, and threw back her head as her back arched involuntarily. The gap between the pursed lips, still a deep green, was quickly plugged by another cock.

She rocked back and forth, lost in ecstasy as she serviced the three hung studs. Then Melissa felt the delicate touch that could only be Jacqui's, caressing and plucking her nipples, and whispering in her ear. "Lissa, my sweet beauty. All these men are hard for you. They're coming for you. For months, maybe years, when they fuck their girlfriends and wives, it'll be you they see in their minds. And I'll teach you more, more than you could imagine. Lissa, my obedient slut, I love you."

The penis in Melissa's mouth jerked and erupted, spilling another creamy load down her throat. The hairy prick and balls pulled away and were replaced with a smooth, sleek body smelling of the feminine musk she knew so well. Jacqui settled herself over Kevin's face until his nose was pressed into the sweaty furrow of her buttocks and he began to rim her.

Still excited nearly beyond control by the two cocks pistoning in and out of her loins, Melissa could manage only a brief, "Oh yes, Jacqui! I'd do anything for you!" The young coed affirmed her devotion by pushing herself into Jacqui and cleaning the swollen cunt of the thick spew which coated it and continued to leak from the parted pubic lips.

Kevin and Darryl spent themselves in her, nearly simultaneously, sending Melissa into a series of shuddering climaxes as she felt their seed squirting up her vagina and anus. But even when they slowly withdrew, she kept Jacqui clasped to her face, and it was in that position that she fell asleep.

She stirred restlessly when Jacqui rose to bid the men farewell as they trickled from the room by ones and twos. The drained brunette quieted as Jacqui rejoined her and pulled her into a close embrace that lulled both women into a deep, dreamless sleep.


The sweet scent of semen filled Melissa's nose when she awakened. Grudgingly leaving the warmth generated by Jacqui's nearby body, the freshman rose and made her way toward the bathroom. The room was chilly and the cool air quickly hardened her nipples. Her body was covered with dried come that itched. Melissa could feel more jism, still fluid, escaping from her cunt to run down her legs as she strode across the room. And she felt almost as if she'd received another of Jacqui's enemas when she released the thick cream filling her bowels.

Jacqui was awake and lay in bed watching her when Melissa returned. Silently, Melissa slid back into the warm spot she'd recently vacated and pressed up against the other girl. They looked at each other, and simultaneously said, "You smell like come." Both laughed at their timing, as well as the truth of the statement.

"Do you like fucking men, Lissa?" Jacqui inquired.

The young brunette lay back, thinking of Darryl's ebony shaft piercing her pale skin, and answered affirmatively. In retrospect, even Steve didn't seem so bad. "Oh yes. You were right about Darryl, and Kevin, and... Oh, they feel so much different than a vibrator or dildo. And the rush when they shoot off inside you, I'm getting hot just talking about it."

"I'm glad. But you were such a nasty slut last night, taking Darryl up your ass like that, and fucking Kevin when you know he's engaged. I think you need a spanking right now. Roll over on your tummy."

Melissa willingly turned onto her stomach and arched her buns into the air. Jacqui didn't bother changing position; she merely reached out and began slapping the exposed buttocks until Melissa was moaning into her pillow. "There, there. Don't make a scene. I think it's time for a long, hot shower, don't you? I'm tired of this shade of green and I'm tired of this brand of perfume." Melissa giggled then jumped out of bed to follow Jacqui into the shower.

An hour later they looked and smelled like normal humans, albeit still dressed in revealing swimwear. Jacqui completed a video checkout on the television and soon they were on their way down the elevator and across the lobby to the entrance. Melissa noted nervously they were attracting a great deal more attention than they had the previous evening, and hitched up her bikini again.

They rode back to Sullivan College in a cab, where Jacqui paid the driver with $20 bills peeled off a wad of cash Melissa knew she hadn't had the night before. "Gee, where'd you find the money, Jacqui?"

The junior flashed a grin and started towards the stairway. "It's a small token of appreciation from the boys. It helps to cover clothing, other expenses, you know."

Melissa didn't know, but nodded agreement anyway. The concept was a little frightening. She'd had sex with the entire varsity football squad, and they'd paid Jacqui. God, that made her a prostitute. But Melissa hadn't done it for the money; at first, it had been to please Jacqui, then later, for herself. Well then, she'd consider it a hobby. But maybe they could spend the money on more clothes; shopping with Jacqui and Janet was a lot more fun than when Melissa had gone shopping at home.

Jacqui let them in through her room and Melissa went next door to change into some more appropriate clothes. Or at least, she decided after hitching up the bikini for the last time, something that fits better than this abominable 'one-size-fits-all' excuse for a swimsuit. Melissa was surprised to find Todd still there and Janet sleeping. Todd mumbled something about having to leave and Janet not feeling well, and departed quickly.

Something about the conversation, and his expression, seemed out of kilter but Melissa couldn't identify it. With a shrug, she donned a cropped sweatshirt and tied on her running shorts -- no jogging today, but they were comfortable. Melissa glanced again at her sleeping roommate, then regretfully decided the time could be spent catching up on her assigned reading.

Chapter 10

Janet struggled through classes that Monday and didn't feel up to attending aerobics that afternoon. Melissa was also concerned by her roommate's uncharacteristic depression, but Janet wouldn't talk about it and Melissa chalked the mood up to a bad time of the month. She'd thought Janet's period wasn't due yet, but the spotted panties convinced her otherwise.

Melissa was neither unduly excited or concerned when Jacqui called her next door for their usual pre-dinner session. But, as Jacqui had promised, they were ready to move on to new subjects. "Lock the bathroom door, Lissa; we don't want to be disturbed today. Now strip." The young brunette complied, feeling the familiar excitement harden her nipples and cause her pubic lips to flower open.

"Very good," Jacqui continued, "I see you're ready. Come, sit beside me." This was unusual. Melissa did as she was told and wondered what Jacqui would do today. The lesson plan came quickly. "You've been learning to control your body, Lissa. You're still not perfect, but you've done very well learning to stay wet, like this, and to use your ass. This weekend you got to experience fucking a bunch of different guys. You told me you liked it, right?"

Melissa couldn't disagree. "Yes, Jacqui. I liked it very much." Jacqui acknowledged this statement with a brief nod before continuing. "Well, you'll be getting much more practice. See, it's important for your partner to enjoy a fuck, too. You don't want to think of just yourself."

Jacqui began to stroke her gently, not coming near her tits or the area between her thighs, but the feeling was delicious anyway. "Each time you fuck, I want you to concentrate on making your partner come as soon as possible. You can learn to use your muscles, know the right thing to say, there are all kinds of tricks -- that's what practicing is for. It'll take time, don't worry, but always ask yourself, 'How can I bring this person to orgasm right now?' Is that clear?"

"Yes, I think so." It didn't sound very clear to Melissa, but she grasped the objective and remembered the feel of come squirting inside her. Doing that again would be nice. She returned her attention to Jacqui.

"Now you know you're not to come yourself unless I allow it. That rule remains. If you're excited, your partner will be excited. For that reason, I also don't want you just lying there. We've been working on keeping you ready for sex, now we'll start on the next step. I don't want you just ready, I want you ready to orgasm. From now on, when I ask you to, you'll come as quickly as possible. Just let yourself go over the edge, masturbate, I don't care as long as you orgasm. And I'll be able to tell if you're faking. Got it?"

This sounded slightly more difficult, but it would have seemed impossible a few months ago. "Yes, Jacqui, I'll try."

"That's a good girl. So remember two things: make your partner come as quickly as you can, and come when, and only when, I order you to. I won't hesitate to punish you if you don't make the grade, and I'll reward you for doing well." The instructions were punctuated by a sharp knock on the door. "Ah, good, right on time. Lissa, please welcome our guest."

She was shocked. "Like this?" Melissa asked, gesturing at her naked body.

Jacqui shrugged. "Why not? He's going to be doing a lot more than just looking at you in a few minutes. Go on." She pulled Melissa to her feet, and a quick slap on the ass propelled the frosh to the door.

Melissa cracked the door and peered around it. Darryl was standing expectantly outside. "Oh! Darryl, please come in." She opened the door and allowed him to enter while shielding herself from outside view.

The varsity receiver sauntered into the room and raked her with his gaze. "Oooh, babe! Melissa, you look even better to these eyes in flesh than you did in green. This homeboy's just gotta have a piece of your fine white ass."

Jacqui laughed at the statement and Melissa's delightful answering blush. "Okay, stud, you know the score. You go ahead and jump her bones. You come first, you pay $50. If Lissa climaxes before you do, you win $50. No holds barred, it's a draw if you both survive for 30 minutes. And have pity on the poor girl, she's just learning."

The brunette could only gape at the announcement. Darryl started stripping off his clothes and the sight of his long black prick made Melissa juicy. It was going to be difficult to please Jacqui; it would be difficult just to not lose herself in Darryl's strong arms. The match was on when he dropped to his knees and pulled Melissa onto his face, then began lapping her gash.

Her hips were already starting to rotate when Jacqui pulled them apart. "Shame on you, Darryl, you know off the bed's out of bounds. Control yourself, man." Melissa got a quick pep talk, too. "Remember, Lissa: strong offense, come when I want you to." The pair, one light, one dark, climbed onto the bed, and Darryl grabbed her again and resumed the oral assault.

Jacqui slapped her tits roughly to draw Melissa's attention. "Slut! Snap out of it, Lissa! Blow him, start working on him!" Remembering her orders, the girl twisted into the 69 position and took the end of his cock into her mouth. He was too long for her to swallow entirely, but she caressed the head with her tongue while jacking the lower part of the ebony shaft in her hand.

Darryl was feeling it, Melissa could feel his breath coming faster, but he started sucking on her clit and she could feel herself nearing the edge. She remembered her experiences of the weekend and slid a long finger into his anus, circling it and pumping it in and out. Dimly she could hear Jacqui shouting, "Yes! Tickle his prostate, good girl, Lissa!" Whatever a prostate was, it had Darryl's sphincter contracting around her finger, and then he pulled away.

"Yo, Jacqui," he panted, "I thought you said Melissa was just learning this stuff. Ain't no freshman gonna beat me, girl. Prepare to have your brains fucked out." Melissa was looking forward to the feel of his cock inside her, and spread her thighs wide as he moved into position. Darryl pushed just the first few inches into her lips, then slowly worked himself in and out, teasing her.

Melissa wanted, needed, to feel all of him. Ruthlessly she reached up with arms and legs and pulled him into her. Darryl followed her lead and began pumping hard, held in place by the pale white heels digging into the gleaming ebony of his ass. When he bent and began chewing on her right nipple while squeezing the breast, Melissa could feel herself going over the brink. The tension of trying to hold back from her climax intensified it when finally she lost control, and both Jacqui and Darryl recognized the cause of the screams.

"Damn!" Jacqui interjected. "Okay, Darryl, you win -- finish it." The sweating senior pumped a few more times into Melissa's now quiescent body and withdrew to shoot his creamy load over her tits and stomach. He jacked the last drops out onto her swollen cunt.

Darryl looked triumphantly at Jacqui. "Easy, like I told you. You so hot, wanna go double or nothing? Of course, I have an advantage, I take even longer the second time."

Melissa knew the challenge was accepted when Jacqui removed her own shorts and top. "I pity you, Darryl. Lissa, make sure you pay attention." The junior climbed onto the bed and pushed Darryl onto his back. In one smooth squat, she took him completely inside her. The coed began rocking slowly back and forth on the phallus that was impaling her, and Darryl reached up to begin fondling her tits.

"It's all in the muscles," Jacqui told Melissa. "Here, give me your hand." Taking the astonished freshman's wrist, she placed Melissa's hand flat against the taut flesh of her lower abdomen. Melissa could feel Jacqui's muscles tightening and relaxing, rhythmically massaging the intruding flesh trapped inside.

Jacqui started teasing Darryl. "What isn't in the muscles is in the mind. Yeah, stud, you know you love this. Sliding that long, black cock of yours into beautiful white chicks like us. Like Melissa here. She's from Minnesota, probably seen maybe five Negroes in her life before moving here, and she's creaming her shorts two minutes after seeing you for the first time. You've had daddy's little girl, porked her up the butt, now she's a complete slut, lying here with your come dripping from her body."

The pace picked up slightly. "Now I'm riding you, my tits are swelling for you, feel how hard my nipples are. Soon I'll be coming, your big cock will be spewing its hot load inside me, I get so hot just thinking about it. Melissa is waiting for your come to spill out of me so she can lick our bodies clean, oh you want it too, I know it."

It was too much for Darryl, whose face twisted into a grimace before he unloaded into Jacqui. Melissa could feel the cock pulsing inside her suitemate's body. Jacqui lifted herself off the phallus and lowered herself onto the brunette's face, hissing, "Eat me, Lissa. Suck up those juices." It didn't take much of Melissa's licking to bring Jacqui to her own orgasm.

By the time the girls had rolled apart, Darryl had finished dressing. He calmly peeled two $50 bills off a wad of cash in his pocket and tossed them to the bed. "You win, Jacqui. Again. I should know better. You're gonna be good, Melissa, this boy can pick 'em." On that note, he let himself out of the room.

The two young women looked at each other, then rolled off the bed. Melissa was wiping the sticky semen from her body and licking her fingers when Jacqui spoke up. "You tried, Lissa, but you came before Darryl did. Stand by the bed, spread your legs, and bend over." Melissa was trembling as she followed her mentor's instructions.

The ritual spanking commenced, harder than Melissa remembered. But still the finger was there to work her, mingling pleasure with the painful blows to her buttocks. She was shuddering and gasping before Jacqui relented. Jacqui left her then and started dressing for dinner. Since nothing further seemed to be planned, Melissa began cleaning herself with a washcloth. She had put on her clothes and was preparing to go next door when Jacqui said, "Come."

Melissa wasn't sure she'd heard correctly. "What?"

With a quick stride, Jacqui crossed the room to her. "I said, come. I want you to orgasm for me." Melissa felt Jacqui push her up against the door, then her stinging ass was slapped again, hard, although the skirt muffled the blow. Jacqui grabbed her hand and thrust it up under the skirt. Melissa was still wired after the earlier punishment and needed no further encouragement to begin masturbating herself. Jacqui's hand was working her too, and it was only a moment before the freshman thrashed and spilled her juices over the probing fingers.

Jacqui released Melissa, then licked her own fingers. Melissa sucked her fingers into her mouth, enjoying the taste of herself, then said, "I'm sorry, Jacqui. I'll do better next time, I promise."

The look on Jacqui's face made Melissa wet all over again. "Yes, I know you will."


Melissa expected more of the same the following day, but an unexpected distraction presented itself. Or, more properly, "herself." She'd hurried into her room just before 5:00, wanting not to be late for Jacqui's lesson.

It was all she could do to keep from staring at Janet. Her roommate, most uncharacteristically, was dressed to kill in an entrancing lacy camisole and tap shorts. The front of the cami was laced so loosely at the top that the edges of Janet's areolae peeked through the gap. Her nipples, semi-hardened and shriveled like large raisins, pressed visibly against the thin fabric.

Unnerved, the brunette expressed her pleasure when Janet announced she was feeling better. She lingered only long enough to dump her books on the foot of the bed and kick off her shoes before going next door.

Melissa had gotten in the habit of sneaking looks at Janet whenever she could get away with it, but today had been an eye-opener. She'd wanted to bury her face between Janet's rounded globes, to snake a finger inside the sexy bottoms, but instead maintained a disinterested facade to avoid making her roommate feel threatened.

She didn't know what was on Janet's mind; Janet had never dressed like this before, but then she'd been acting weird since Sunday. Melissa was on fire by the time she could escape to Jacqui's room.


Melissa squirmed in her seat during dinner. She'd been unable to get thoughts of Janet out of her mind and had orgasmed quickly under the stranger in Jacqui's room. The freshman's reddened ass reflected Jacqui's displeasure at the blatant loss of self-control. Moreover, Melissa was starting to think that maybe Janet was making overtures to her.

The unfamiliar signals from her roommate and fear of misinterpreting them made Melissa increasingly edgy as the evening progressed. She was also getting wound up by the aching of her burning buns and the titillating thought of making Janet... Although Jacqui wouldn't like it if Melissa came "unsupervised."

Finally Melissa decided to escape the situation by abandoning her reading and going to sleep early. "I'm feeling pretty tired today, Janet. I think I'm going to turn in early." She stripped and pulled the nightshirt over her head, then jumped onto her bed. "Don't worry about the lights, just turn them out when you go to bed."

She lay on the bed, drifting on the edge of sleep, lulled by the now-familiar sounds of Janet moving about the room. After some unknowable period of time, Melissa heard the toilet flush, then Janet closed the bathroom door and turned out the lights. Melissa relaxed and was ready to let her consciousness fade when she felt someone sit beside her on the bed.

Surprised, she rolled over and opened her eyes; the diffused light filtering through the window revealed Janet's naked body leaning over her. Melissa felt her pulse suddenly speed as she asked, "Janet, what is it?"

Janet whispered her reply into the brunette's ear. "I'm tired of being alone. I want to feel it again. Make love to me, Lissa."

Melissa could feel, acutely, Janet's soft breath on her cheek. Surely it wouldn't interfere that much with her lessons to sleep with Janet tonight. Besides, she wanted to re-experience that special feeling she'd had in Janet's arms before. "We'll have to be quiet, we can't wake Jacqui."

She heard Janet say, "Don't worry. I locked the bathroom door," and then a pair of soft lips was pressing against hers and the two coeds melted into each other.

Soon Melissa could feel Janet's breasts pressing against her own while their hands ran excitedly over each other's body. Gradually Janet slid lower until her exploring hands were running up Melissa's legs, pushing the nightshirt upwards and spreading the lean thighs. Melissa sat up long enough to pull her garment free of her body, then fell back again as Janet reached her glistening sex.

First Janet pressed her nose into the slit, blowing gently on it and watching the engorged clit stiffen. Then she inhaled the fragrant scent of Melissa's arousal. Delicately, she began to slide her tongue along the outer lips, tasting the moisture spilling from them. Melissa couldn't hold back a series of quiet sighs and moans, and her hips began to buck as she quickly came to full readiness.

Melissa decided she should treat this as another training session; holding back seemed to make her orgasms more intense anyway. She pulled Janet out of her crotch and kissed her again, tasting her own juices on the other girl's mouth. Eager to reciprocate, Melissa rolled Janet back onto the bed and moved to begin licking and sucking the nipples that so attracted her. Each nipple protruded more fully, drawing the wide areola taut around it, as it was teased by the sucking brunette's agile tongue.

When Melissa noticed that Janet was finger-fucking herself, she left the tits behind and turned to bring their bodies into a 69 position. The dark fur beneath her probing fingers was already wet, so Melissa parted the hairs and began lapping at the creaming gash hidden underneath. She felt Janet's hands grab her buns and pull her own exposed slit down for renewed attention.

The room was quiet except for the squishy sound of cunts being eaten. Eventually, their bodies began to flop about on the bed, like beached fish, as Melissa succumbed to her own climax and muffled her screams between Janet's thighs. The young brunette intensified her own efforts, slipping a finger into Janet's vagina while sucking on her clitoris, but release eluded the quivering blonde.

"I know what I need," Janet decided. She broke free and walked to the medicine cabinet while Melissa wondered what was going on. Surely Janet didn't own a vibrator? At first, that was exactly what the slim object looked like, but then Janet pressed it to her arm and sighed as she held it there.

Horrified, Melissa realized Janet was taking some drug. "Janet! What are you doing?" she hissed from the bed.

As she pulled the now-empty syringe from her arm, Janet replied, "Just a little something to make me feel better. It makes my orgasms so much more exciting. You should try some."

Melissa was sickened by the thought. "How can you do that to yourself? What if you get addicted?"

Janet shrugged off the concern. "Oh, it's okay. I can control it now."

Melissa didn't have a chance to reply, for Janet had returned quickly to the bed and pressed her sex into Melissa's face. Janet's breathing quickened as the drug moved into her system and her nipples became almost painfully hard. The blonde mauled her own tits and writhed on the other girl's tongue; she orgasmed quickly.

Drowned in sensation, Janet pulled Melissa firmly against her and cried for her to continue licking. The young brunette struggled briefly, but her excitement and Jacqui's training won out and she obediently darted her tongue further into Janet. Soon Janet was spasming again, but the burning in her loins had not subsided.

A few minutes later they had returned to a 69. This time Janet began working her fingers into Melissa's ass, which easily expanded to accept them. Melissa returned the favor, and Janet shook violently as the long finger pressed into her tight sphincter. When Melissa noticed the blood on her finger, she assumed her fingernail had scratched Janet's rectum; apologetically she withdrew it and tried to comfort Janet. But her roommate was uncaring of the minor pain and cried for more.

Hours later, Melissa was exhausted. She could only lie tiredly on the bed and watch with concern as Janet frantically brought herself off again and again. Janet might think she was in control, but it was obvious nothing could be further from the truth. This was painfully similar to the night Anne had raped Janet, and Melissa suspected the same drug was involved.

How Janet had sunk to the point of taking it willingly, Melissa was unsure, but she'd be sure to ask Jacqui about it in the morning. In the meantime, nothing would be served by waking her now. She'd just have to wait for Janet to come down from her rush. Hopefully there was no more of that filth in the room; Melissa thought of checking the medicine cabinet immediately, but decided to wait until she could do it without attracting Janet's attention. Melissa spent a sleepless night wondering how she could resolve the ugly situation.

Chapter 11

The next morning Melissa disengaged herself from Janet's twitching body and performed her usual morning ritual. She picked up the pieces of her jogging outfit and took them next door to present them, and herself, for Jacqui's inspection. There, a quick spanking left her gasping and wet, although she felt distinctly uncomfortable under Anne's inscrutable gaze.

Next Melissa donned her jogging bra. She'd complained of the growing chill in the mornings, so next came a thin white body stocking to provide a little warmth. It covered her completely except for the deep scoops front and back, and it was crotchless. Following Jacqui's lead, Melissa tied on the nylon shorts, leaving her slit covered but easily accessible. Another of the ubiquitous crop tops provided some additional coverage and the word of the day -- this time it was "nympho." It took only a moment to lace her shoes, and they were off.

Melissa recounted the previous night's experiences to Jacqui as they jogged down the campus to meet Pam. The effect was not what the freshman had expected; they had just reached Case Hall when Jacqui pulled her into the laundry room and closed the door. Soon Melissa was bent over a washer with her shorts on the floor while Jacqui slapped her buttocks and reprimanded her for engaging in unsupervised sexual activity. Upon further questioning, she was also forced to admit she had climaxed before Janet. Jacqui beat her again until the brunette was sobbing, but did not allow her to achieve satisfaction.

They exited to the courtyard just before Pamela appeared, then resumed their exercise as if nothing unusual had happened. Their pace slowed somewhat as Melissa tried to ease the chafing of the body stocking on her raw buns. She was silent, afraid to bring up the subject again, until Jacqui started asking more questions about the encounter. Melissa confided her fears then, passing over the sexual aspects for Pam's benefit, and the friends struggled to find a solution to the problem.

By the time they returned to their rooms the three had agreed Janet could not be allowed to use any more of the drug, whatever it was. Melissa would stick with her as much as possible, with assistance from Pam, who also shared classes with Janet. Between the two of them, they could cover most of Janet's day without breaking their customary schedules. Jacqui would shadow Anne, to ensure she did not manage to supply Janet with any additional quantities of the drug.


The effort was wearing on all parties involved. Melissa watched helplessly as Janet's condition deteriorated again, more rapidly than before. Jacqui resumed intensive disciplining of Anne, and noted some of the same symptoms in the Oriental as Melissa had described.

When, on Saturday morning, a sweating and dizzy Janet could barely drag herself out of bed, Melissa could hardly restrain her anxiety. She nearly shouted in relief when Janet finally admitted it would be a good idea to visit the campus medical center.


Melissa tried to distract herself with a magazine for what seemed like an eternity. When she looked at the clock on the wall behind the receptionist, she realized it had been over an hour since Janet had gone in for her examination. Concerned, she stepped up to the counter and inquired about her roommate's condition. It was a confused five minutes before they found a nurse who remembered seeing somebody like Janet leaving -- some time ago.

The trail was long cold by the time Melissa dashed out the back door of the medical center. Lacking any obvious alternatives, she headed back to the dorm, although she could think of no good reason why Janet would have ducked her this way. The sinking feeling in Melissa's stomach increased when she arrived to find Pam knocking on her door.

"Pam! Have you seen Janet today?"

The cute blonde whirled at the voice coming from an unexpected direction. "Oh, Lissa, there you are. No, I haven't seen anybody this morning. I just came over to touch bases since you and Jacqui didn't show for the run this morning. Is everything all right?"

Melissa shook her head glumly as she opened the door and they entered the room. "No. I took Janet down to the medical center this morning, she was looking really bad, but she ducked out the back and left me sitting there. I was hoping maybe she'd come back here, but it doesn't look like it." A quick look around the room showed no obvious changes since she'd left. "I wonder if Jacqui or Anne are in?"

The bathroom doors were both slightly ajar, so Melissa gave the far one only a perfunctory knock before pushing it open. Jacqui was in, but not the way the brunette had expected. The slim model was face down on the bed, naked, with her wrists and ankles secured by the straps at the corners. A familiar collar was locked around her neck and attached to the wall above the bed. Her ass was filled by what looked to Melissa to be the largest of the butt plugs.

She rushed forward as Pam, even less prepared for the bizarre sight, gasped and turned away. "Jacqui, what happened?" Melissa cried, discovering the junior had been gagged with a sock stuffed into her mouth and tied in place with a pair of hose.

Jacqui could only grunt until the gag was removed, then answered. "It was Anne, damnit. I turned my back on her, that bitch, and she conked me over the head with something. Next thing I remember, I'm lying here like this."

Melissa untied Jacqui's legs and right arm, then went to the desk to get the keys while Jacqui untied the remaining wrist. The chained beauty withdrew the plastic prong from her stuffed rectum and rolled over, saying, "Lissa, I don't think she put the keys back in the usual..." Her voice cut off suddenly. Melissa, confirming that, looked back to see what had captured her suitemate's attention.

Both of them saw Pam, still standing in the doorway, taking in Jacqui's bare cunt, the huge dildo still in the junior's hand, and Melissa's matter-of-fact manner. "You-you've done this before, haven't you?" the perky blonde stuttered. "The chains and things, and Lissa, you knew where to look for the keys... What they say about you is true, isn't it? You two really are perverts, dressing like sluts isn't just an act for you, is it?" She turned and fled the room before either of the accused could utter a word.

Melissa started to follow Pam, to try and explain, but the slamming door and the recollection of Jacqui's condition stopped her. "Well," said Jacqui in an effort to cheer up the freshman, "she's right, after all."

Trying to shake off this latest disaster, Melissa responded, "You're right, too. The keys aren't here. What do we do now?"

"That's the least of our problems," Jacqui asserted. "The other set of keys is in an old peanut can under the sink. Come on, don't break up on me now, Lissa; surely Pam's suspected things before this. What's bothering you?"

The freshman recounted her story again as she located the spare keys and unlocked the chain around Jacqui's neck. She was nearly in tears by the time she concluded, "and now Anne's gone, too! I just know something horrible is going to happen to Janet. Where could she be?"

Jacqui drew Melissa into her arms and hugged her, letting the younger girl cry out her anxiety and fear. When Melissa quieted, Jacqui asked, "Don't worry, Janet's a big girl, she can take care of herself. She's been out before, she'll come back or we'll find her. Are you feeling better now?"

"Yes. Thanks, Jacqui." Melissa essayed a weak smile and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

"Good," Jacqui added, returning to business, "because I got really hot lying there getting reamed and not being able to move." The embrace relaxed, and changed to a firm downward pressure on Melissa's shoulders that forced her to the floor. "Eat me," the junior ordered, and Melissa was pulled into the wet gash before her eyes.

She wasn't in the mood for this, but obediently Melissa began licking the sweet syrup from between Jacqui's legs, then began probing the folds of the bald cunt with her tongue. Despite herself, the familiar musky scent and taste, and Jacqui's twitching and moaning, began to excite Melissa and she increased her efforts. When Jacqui pushed her away, they were both breathing heavily.

"Pull up your skirt," Jacqui demanded, pulling Melissa back to her feet. She ran a hand over Melissa's crotch, finding it wet as expected, but she was displeased to see the light stubble covering it. Shaving just didn't produce the results she wanted; something would have to be done about it. Returning to the task at hand, Jacqui pinned the girl by pressing three fingers up her cunt, then recovered the butt plug and twisted it into Melissa's ass, which readily opened to receive it.

Pleased, Jacqui removed her hands. "You may continue licking me. Make sure you get both holes clean, and work that cock back and forth while you do. And don't you dare come before I do." Melissa dropped back to her knees, feeling her bowels fight to expel the foreign intruder. Jacqui lay back on the bed and parted her legs, and soon Melissa was working back and forth from one opening to the other while pistoning the dildo into herself.

Melissa was in danger of loosing her balance and had slowed the strokes of her hand in order to keep control of herself. When finally Jacqui spasmed and released a flood of fragrant juice from her slit, Melissa fell back and resumed a violent reaming with the plug while working her clit with the other hand. Jacqui barely had time to lean forward and smile at the erotic sight before the brunette reached her own release, her throbbing sphincter clasping and releasing the hard rod piercing it.

Before Melissa could recover sufficiently to remember her concern for Janet, Jacqui had already planned the next diversion. "Time to get decent, Lissa. Get those hands out of your crotch and flip that skirt back down, we're going on a trip."

As she complied, then moved to the sink to wash the plastic dork, Melissa wondered where they were going. "Are we going to look for Janet? Where do you think she is?" Her hopes were dashed.

"No, I think we'll give Janet a chance to return by herself. We're going to go do something about your cunt."

Whatever that means, Melissa thought, I'm sure it will be an interesting experience.


Melissa sank onto her bed, limp with relief that the ordeal was over; her nerves still vibrated with the residual pain that enveloped her sleek body. Jacqui had taken her back to the beauty salon, but this time it had been for more than a simple haircut. They had arranged for a private room, and the freshman learned she was to have her pubic hair removed.

She had been very embarrassed when Sara, the stylist, had asked Melissa to remove her skirt and blouse before sitting down. Melissa had nearly broken and run, but Jacqui's firm look had been enough to ensure compliance. The young coed remembered how she'd felt sitting there facing their clinical detachment, her legs spread wide and held in stirrups, ...

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