Plain Jane Got Pretty

Fbailey story number 670

Plain Jane Got Pretty

Billy was my best friend for as long as I could remember. My mother told me that Billy, his sister, and his mother moved in when Billy and I were two years old. Then a couple of years later Billy’s mother got knocked up. The guy must have been ugly because Jane was no prize. Billy and I would do almost anything to avoid playing with her. When we turned thirteen Jane was nine. She would let us see her naked and let us feel her up. She realized that that was the only way that we paid any attention to her.

As time went on Jane hit puberty, she got her breasts, she got her periods, and she started to look better to us.

When she was almost thirteen, Billy and I were seventeen. That’s when things got much better. At first neither one of us realized what had happened. Jane became a woman before our eyes. She dressed sexy and what’s more important she looked sexy. She started talking sexier too, if you can understand that.

One day she stepped into Billy’s bedroom and said, “If you guys show me your cocks, I’ll show you my tits and cunt. Remove your clothes and let me see you for a full minute and then I’ll remove my clothes and let you see me. I’ll even spread my legs and open my pussy up for you if I can suck your cocks.”

We were naked in a flash. My cock grew as hard as I’ve ever seen it, so did Billy’s cock. After a full minute Jane sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. It was incredible. Jane’s mouth felt warm and wet and she sucked so nicely. I warned her that I was going to cum but she just held onto my ass and sucked harder. I fired my first shot into her throat and she just swallowed it and wanted more, which I gladly gave her. When I was done she licked my cock clean and kissed it saying, “Thank you.” It was me that needed to thank her. Billy got his cock right in her face and she just kissed the head and said, “You’re my brother. That’s all you get.”

Then Jane undressed keeping our full attention. She took forever to get naked. Then she sat on Billy’s bed, leaned back and spread her legs, and then she opened her pussy up for us. I looked right inside her and it was wonderful, it was very pink, and it was really wet in there. I was close enough to smell her aroma, she was sexually excited and we all knew it. Without any warning I just leaned in closer and kissed her opening then I stuck my tongue in her sweet pussy. I knew what I was doing even though I had never tried it before. Jane loved it and begged me not to stop. After her orgasm I kept it up and she begged me to stop. I took my time but I did stop and pull back. Billy leaned in and kissed her pussy but that was it, Jane pushed him away and said, “You’re my brother. That’s all you get.”

After that first day we got to play with her about once a week. Then one week she said no. When I questioned her she said that she was having her period. I told her that I wanted to see it. She took me into her bedroom but made Billy leave and then we undressed. She lay back on her bed and showed me a string sticking out of her pussy. She tugged on the string and a cotton plug started to come out. There wasn’t much blood on it. Jane looked at it and asked, “Would you fuck me? You can’t tell Billy though. It has to be our secret. You see, a girl can’t get pregnant if she is bleeding. Mom doesn’t trust me to put me on birth control. She knows that I’d let you fuck me and get ...

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