Predator in Suburbia


The last of the movers left and Carl was left alone in his new furnished home. The few boxes of personal effects they allowed him to keep have been stacked neatly in the living room. Carl looked over the room before moving into the kitchen; it was bright yellow with warm orange accents. Warm like everything else in Arizona. Carl realized that in his 34 years of living, it was the past two years that drastically changed his life.

He was busted back then by a combined federal task force of the DEA and FBI. He was facing 20 years of hard time for drug possession, weapon charges, procuring for prostitution and of course the catchall, racketeering. Carl then did what he does best, he wheeled and dealed.

Carl gave the feds Tony Leprani, his boss, and the rest of the Leprani family, one of the largest mob families in the state. His reward was a new name and life courtesy of the Federal Witness Protection Program. Now he was no longer Carl Pertrani of Atlantic City, Little Italy New York and one of the largest pimps in the east coast. He was Richard Anderson of Pleasant Hills, a suburban community outside of Tempe, Arizona.

Two years of assassination attempts during the long trial started to wear on him and feds tried to keep him from backing out of the deal by offering him a glimpse of a new life. They bought him this three bedroom furnished home, offered him an annual stipend of $60,000 a year for 10 years and taught him a new skill, designing web sites. His only obligation besides his testimony and evidence was he had to agree to random check ups on his life style - no more drugs and no criminal activity whatsoever.

Carl was attempting to do something he had never done before, live a normal suburban life without crime. In his former life, Carl was the best at what he did. He seduced beautiful young girls, with his good looks and charm, and then hooked them with drugs, money or both. Then he would have them work as call girls, strippers or drug mules for his ex-boss Laprani.

The only life Carl had known was gone.

Sort of. The feds just took a wolf, wrapped him in sheep's clothing and put him in the middle of the flock called Pleasant Hills.

DAY 15:

Carl seemed to settle into his new environment but longed for his old life. He arranged for pick up and delivery of a special package he stashed away two years ago. It was a combination of drugs he found very effective in eliminating a subjects... resistance. Similar to Ecstasy and Rophyenol it was his own special formula he nicknamed sextacy. He found a hiding spot near the septic tank that even the drug dogs wouldn't locate, should the feds bring any. Along with the two pounds of tablets were several discs of pictures and videos of "his girls". Carl had learned his lessons on computing well, he set up his own web site through a couple of backdoor channels and dummy corporations which charged a membership for downloading these pictures. The business was thriving and he knew eventually he would need more pictures and video. But he had to be careful. There was still a contract out on his life and the mob knew his habits.

Carl, known now as Richard Brady, got to know his neighbors on the street. Next door were the Mannings, Howard worked for the power company, he and his wife Robin had two kids, Artie was a senior at the high school and his sister Erica a freshman at Arizona State was a cheerleader for the Sun Devils. Carl eyed Erica as the type of girl he would have gone after right away in his former life, she would have brought in a lot of money especially in her yellow and red short cheerleader skirt.

On the other side of him was his a kid he liked, Perry Wade. He just turned 18 and was in his last year of high school. His mother Monica was 17 years old when she was married and at 37 she was the number one MILF in the community. Her husband, an investor, was recently imprisoned for some kind of securities fraud and sentenced for 18 months. Carl took a liking to Perry and paid him to managed his lawn and wash his car.

Across the street was a retired couple, Mike and Doris Rivers. They seemed quite concerned about his eating habits, always bringing by food. Next to them was Luke and Sarah McNab, a young couple in there twenties with two small children. They ran a Christian bookshop and were very active in various church goings on. The first question they asked him when them met out on the street was which church he belonged to. Carl smiled, looked at her pert 34B breasts and wondered if she ever gave her husband a blow job while Luke reminded him of a male prostitute that used to service some of Laprani's gay clientele.

"Well Mrs. McNab I just moved here from New Hampshire, my doctor said it would be better for my health"

"Oh please call me Sarah, you really must join our church we have many activities and Reverend Fiedler has beautiful powerful sermons on Sundays.

"Well Sarah, as soon as I am settled I would love to check out your... church"

DAY 63:

Perry and Artie made a habit of coming by Richard Brady's home after school. Artie was on the High School football team and Perry was in the band. Friday was the only day that neither had practice. Carl enjoyed the company of the boys and they talked about computing, football, music and girls. Carl had won the trust of the boys. He found out that Perry realized that most of his "so called friends" came over because they wanted to catch glimpses of his mother. She seemed to enjoy the attention too. She was always wearing tight daisy duke shorts and didn't seem to own a blouse or t-shirt that wasn't showing off her ample cleavage. In fact last year the boys dared each other to take covert pictures, Perry of his mom and Artie of his sister. They succeeded in taking some semi nude shots and swapped them with each other.

Carl went to church with Sarah and Luke. Sarah would sit between the two men and Carl always listened intently to what she had to say. During the sermon he clasped her hand when the reverend slammed his bible on the pulpit. She blushed and lightly tapped his hand, which was now resting, comfortably in her lap. Luke was unaware. Carl could tell she was attracted to him, most weak or sheltered women were and he knew how to get under their skin. At the right moment all he had to do was whisper to her "tomorrow my house, 10 AM"

She left Luke at the store telling him she had to do some errands around the house. It took her several minutes standing at the front of his door before she lightly knocked on the door. She wondered "what she was doing? She had to leave, this was..." but when the door opened and she looked into his eyes, the word sinful, faded away.

She had planned a little speech about how this relationship could not get started, but she couldn't say anything with his tongue down her mouth. He peeled away all her clothing still standing in the foyer. She groped for his robe and pulled down his silk boxers. He picked her up and placed her on the living room couch where the lighting for his hidden digital camera was optimum.

He dove for her thick hairy pussy and teased her licking and gently sucking on her clit. She immediately had an orgasm, "probably her first oral one" Carl smugly thought. He was right. Luke and Sarah were relatively unimaginative in sex. Sarah tried to pull him to her, she wanted him to fuck her. Carl wanted her lips. He put his large cock on her lips, she was hesitant having never taken a cock in her mouth before. Carl encouraged her and as she slowly opened her mouth he forced his cock in pulling her head in and out. He thought about cumming in her mouth, but like her ass, he would save that for another day. Sarah couldn't imagine that she felt pleasure in sucking his cock and when he pulled out she was a little disappointed, until he climbed on her and filled her pussy with his staff.

"Sarah tell me you want it"

"I do" she murmured while he was thrusting his cock in and out.

"No. Tell me you want me to fuck you"

"Yes. Yes fuck me"

"More. Come on bitch, tell me you want it you know you do" the stern voice and coarse language turned her on more so"

"Yesss. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Give me your cock"

Carl fucked her hard and filled her pussy with cum. He then put on his boxers and poured him self a coke. He looked at his watch.

"What time did you tell Luke you would be back?"

"Oh my goodness" Sarah was enjoying the tingling after effect of finally being well fucked but she jumped off the couch and got dressed. She had to run home and shower. Luckily most of the neighbors were not home as she left his house and looked up and down the street. Carl then downloaded the pictures and video, making sure to blur his face on the computer.

Carl found out that Perry had plans to go to the movies Saturday night with his friends so he thought it would be the perfect time to invite Monica and Perry over for dinner. Once Perry left, he would have an opportunity to be alone with Monica. Carl prepared veal marsala, angel hair pasta, his special sauce and broke out a tablet of his special sextacy for desert.

Carl new timing was everything he served the spiked wine for Monica so that it would take effect just before Perry had to leave. After dinner Monica felt giddy. Perry thought they would be going home together before he left for the movies, but Carl urged him to go because they had to finish the dessert.

"Monica, you've got a great kid there"

"Yeah, Perry has been my rock since his father... went away" She giggled "gee I must be getting drunk already ha ha ha"

Monica couldn't think straight. She was enjoying the feeling, she was giddy and also a little horny "no make that very horny" she smiled to herself". She eyed the tall handsome young man she knew as Richard. Carl could feel her eyes on her and asked her to help put the pitcher of ice tea in the fridge. As she approached she bumped into him and he "accidentally" spilled the water on both of them. They laughed and he pulled off his t- shirt. Monica stared at his muscular chest and pulled off her t-shirt as well. They kissed and Monica felt a burning desire like none she ever had. He swept her off her feet and carried her to his bedroom.

Her body was magnificent and she reminded Carl of Shania Twain. She pulled off her clothes and pushed Carl back on the bed where she engulfed his penis. She sucked him off eagerly drinking all his cum. She then turned around and while he licked her cunt she sucked his cock back to life. Soon it was hard again and he flipped her over and fucked her from behind. They then showered and fucked again. Carl finally was exhausted and walked her next door to her home. Monica went to bed she was tired and went right to sleep. Carl downloaded the video and pictures and prepared them for posting on his web site.

DAY 79:

Carl had a small dinner party. He invited Sarah, Luke and Monica but the real guest was the sextacy punch he served. The orgy lasted the entire night and Sarah and Luke were now roaming adds looking for more swapping swingers.

DAY 84:

One weekend Artie and his sister Erica came over to Carl's home. Erica was staying at her sorority so she only spent the weekend's home. She had a computer project to do and Artie suggested that Carl would be the one to talk to about it. As Erica talked about her project Carl guessed she tits were a 38C with a 22-inch waist and nice round ass that would make this 19-year-old blonde a star on his web site. Besides which he couldn't wait to fuck her.

Erica flirted with him a little. He was older handsome man, like one of coaching assistants she liked. She knew older men fantasized about young nubile co-eds and her sorority sister taught her how to flirt and twist them around her finger. She imagined she could probably get him to do the entire project for her just by a little wiggle of her ass. But she had never met anyone like Carl before. He was a predator not the prey. He told her to come back later in the evening and he would help her.

When Carl answered the door Erica walked in followed by Perry and Artie. Carl figured that maybe she wasn't so self assured and brought some protection. Perry was eager to spend anytime with Erica. They worked in ...

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