Qualified Quagmire of Quantum Quandary

Part One: The Quandary Qualified

Detective Scott Lansing filled his first cup of coffee of the day and sat in the creaky chair behind his desk. He sipped the hot bitter brew eyeing the stack of reports all in that special red folder. A detective for the past 11 of his 28 years on the force, he has worked just about all the cases a large metropolitan police department normally took in.

His latest assignment, head of Q-Squad, was known by the rest of the department as the “quack squad” with Lansing being the “quack” investigator. This was supposed to be the career wind down to coast into retirement but it was the most frustrating of all.

His squad of two uniformed cops, misfits who for one reason or another walked the fine line between suspension and termination, were responsible for complaints that bordered between the bizarre or had no evidence of a crime but needed some resolution. The majority of these were easy, a man calls about aliens listening to his phone conversations, and 8 out of 10 times Lansing determined the individual needs mental health counseling – case solved.

Then there is the red folder. Lansing feared this was one case but not one complaint; Lansing had pieced together almost 14 complaints that all sounded similar but impossible. The red folder contained 14 reported cases of suspected rape by some ghost or phantom.
Suspected because none of the women in the complaint could say for sure they were raped. They were not drugged or kidnapped, they were in public and surrounded by people, yet….they all suspected they were raped. None of them could offer a reasonable explanation. Neither could Lansing.

Certainly one or two could be dismissed. However, now he had 14 women all with a similar story.

Cindy Macafoy age 22, she is attending the University and was on her way to cheerleading practice when she stopped at Java Express at mid-day. She was waiting in line, when in a split second she went from feeling cheerful from feeling like she was abused. Feeling disjointed she stumbled out of line and took a nearby seat. Her vagina felt throbbing and wet, she then noticed her pantyhose had some stretch and tears that weren’t there before. She immediately called 911 and the sex crimes unit then forwarded the case to Q-squad.

Lansing had 14 cases all with similar stories, waitresses, store clerks, students, all in public places. The women all met the same profile, ages between 18 and 30, all slim and good looking. He had little evidence to go on. Nine of the 14 women agreed to a rape kit and were examined by a doctor. They had all had sex, but there was nothing to suggest it was not consensual, and no DNA, the rapist…if there was one, probably used a condom. Some of the women reported their clothing was somehow reversed or not buttoned correctly.

Some of the other officers offered their opinion that it is some new stunt and that these women for some unknown reason (a gag or political statement), are conspiring together to conjure up this phantom rapist.
Lansing couldn't believe that all 14 women could come up with a logical reason to pull off such a stunt. In his interviews, he found them all too sincere and all too convincing. In fact, Lansing suspected that there were probably twice or even three times as many victims that did not file a police complaint. Maybe they couldn't believe it themselves.

Lansing worked out some possible theories which he posted on his wall:

1. The perp is able to conduct some sort of mass hypnosis on a group and raped the woman in front of everyone.
2. The perp drugged the woman, walked to a secluded spot, raped her and walked her back to where she was.
3. The perp is able to freeze everyone without them being conscious and then unfreeze them after he has done his deed.
4. The women have conspired together for some motive, perhaps as a political message about rape to back some new legislation.

All of these seemed implausible, yet once everything else is eliminated, whatever is left must be true.

Today Lansing was going to interview a rape suspect who was arrested a couple of days ago. This was normal procedure even though he didn't think this was going to solve anything. He walked into the interrogation cell where Kim Jang was handcuffed to the table. Lansing sat across from him reading from the police report.

“So Mr. Jang, you raped the daughter of the woman in the next apartment… very neighborly of you.” Lansing didn't look up from the report.

“She wanted it, she was always flirting and teasing me… she wanted me too.” Jang blurted out.

“I also understand you have quite the pornography collection in your home, about a 100 adult DVD’s I see, guess you don’t like regular TV much eh?”

“Yes, me like.” Jang gave a perverted smile and a wink.

Lansing questioned Jang if he associated with other rapists, if he had raped anyone else but it was a dead end. Lansing asked him about his fantasies, and then he learned something new.

Jang went on to describe several Japanese porn DVDs he owned where the man had a magical stop watch. The person would walk into a public place and press the stop watch, stopping time and being able to do whatever he wanted. In the storyline of the porno’s he had sex with several of the women while time was stopped. Jang had fantasied about obtaining a stop watch like that for him to use.

Lansing went to the property room, checked out some of Jang’s DVDs and watched them. It was exactly as Jang described. Could such a device actually exist? It would explain every one of these cases. Stopping time, is it possible? Lansing decided to head to the University and find an expert that could answer that question.

Part Two: The Quantum Quagmire:

Peter Nahin was walking around the mall sipping his Java Express coffee, he needed to be back at campus for a meeting, but he walked slowly with all the time in the world, just checking out any females he thought attractive.

He paused in front of Victoria Secret and looked at the ad pictures of the models in their bra and panties. “If only one of them were here right now” he thought.

His bar of what he deemed attractive has certainly increased over the past six months. He had lost count of how many women he had, at first it was three or four a day, but he paced himself to at least one a day. In fact, there were a handful of days; he didn't have sex at all. Now he no longer needed to settle for a woman who was just a few pounds overweight or breasts that were too small or too tall or tall short. He could have any female he wanted.
Like that one!

She was beautiful, sexy Latina and walking with an older man, father or perhaps a gold digger. Peter didn't care; he was going to have her here and now.
He reached his hand in his pocket, found the cube and pressed the button.

Peter was now accustomed to the familiar eerie effects of having the world stand still. He went to her purse and pulled out her driver license, her name was Silvia DeCassis, just two days from her 23rd birthday. According to the man’s wallet, this was Umberto DeCassis, obviously her father.

Peter was highly intelligent and methodical in his lab work and in his sexual escapades. He took out a pencil and lightly traced her foot prints, picked her up by the waist and moved her a few paces to an open area near the malls benches. He examined her arms positions and her clothing. It took a few times to develop and hone his technique so that when he released the quantum field the woman was back in her original clothes and position. He also always used a rubber so as not to leave any evidence behind.

Once Silvia was naked he fondled her firm breasts, a full 36DD the tag on the bra indicated. He moved his hands up and down her smooth skin and licked her nipples. Everything he did was for his own pleasure, for the woman, everything done to her would feel like only a second had passed. His licking, his kissing, his fucking, would feel like a quick gust of drafty cold air. Woman would feel a pressure left behind in their vagina, but people go all day with little aches and pains that come and go as quick.

Silvia had a sensational round ass, and Peter knew from the first look he wanted to fuck her “doggie style.” He bent her from the waist and moved her arms to support her upper torso on top of the lap of an older man who was sitting on the nearby bench. He then slightly moved her legs apart and started licking her pussy. He wanted to make sure his saliva was lubricating her enough and he was now at full erection. He also removed his clothes. Sometimes he would sweat too much, so he always carried a towel in his backpack.

She was bent over in the perfect position as he guided his hard cock into her pussy. The only sounds were his grunting and the slapping of his balls as he repeatedly fucked her openly in the middle of the mall. His hands firmly placed on her hips he thrust in and out, occasionally reaching around and squeezing her tits. He was pleased she wasn't a virgin; there was always a mess to clean up afterwards.

He grabbed her tits with both hands as he pounded into her; he glanced at the old man sitting on the bench who was just inches from her face. “yeah old man, bet you would like some of this hot stuff yourself eh?” Peter laughed and then tightened up as his seed filled the condom.

Peter slowly dropped himself to the floor smiling and exhausted. He took a few minutes then threw away the condom, cleaned himself off with the towel and dressed himself then her. It always took time to redress and re-position the women, occasionally he had to redo their hair a bit but time just wasn't a problem anymore.

Usually, he liked to stay around and watch the reaction afterwards. Some women stumbled and put a hand to their head, feeling light headed. Some looked around bewildered and flushed then continued on. But today he was anxious to get back to the University, so he kept the field up and walked the mile. On the way back he thought about how it all started.

As an undergraduate Peter was still a virgin. It wasn't till entering the doctorate program and working with Dr. Coveny in the theoretical physics lab that a whole new sexual world opened up to him and all by accident.

That evening when he was alone and cleaning up the lab, he wheeled a portable work bench, into the particle array chamber so he could mop. Cleaning and mopping the floor, he went to pull out the bench when he slipped on the wet floor and hit some buttons next to the chamber.

Bright flashes of green light, and loud whirring noises prevented him from trying to pull the abort switch, but after several minutes it dissipated and stopped on its own. He put everything back the way it was and soon discovered that a battery prototype sitting on the bench, now held an unusual charge. The battery was a new design; shaped like a three inch cube it had only one small terminal, a small blue button. The prototype was to replace bulky car batteries but the project never got off the ground and it was put aside.

Peter discovered the battery now did something else. When he pushed the button the battery emitted a strong quantum field over his body. At first it looked like time had stopped. However, he quickly calculated that this was not the case. All his cells and molecules moved at tremendous speed, he was moving so fast that the rest of the world looked like it had stopped. Everything was still.

Dorothy, who was another graduate student, was his first victim. Peter thought her attractive and never had the nerve to actually socialize with her. After pressing the button and engaging the field, he found he could move her arms and legs easily. He undressed her and looked over her naked body as if examining a new microbe.

He bent her knees and opened her mouth. Aroused, he unzipped his cock and put it into her mouth. He kept adjusting the width and shape of her mouth, but it just wasn’t giving him the friction he wanted. Taking hold of her shoulders he laid her down on the lab floor and spread her legs. He removed her panties, hiked up her skirt and attempted to push his cock into her pussy. But it didn't go in.

Peter went to the small fridge in the lab and took out a small tub of butter, coating his penis and her pussy he was now able to slide his cock into her. As he fucked her he looked down into her open but vacant eyes. He then felt the cum build up inside his cock and let it rush deep inside her pussy.

It wasn't till he rested and looked down at her that he realized his mistake. She’s was going to come to - one moment she is working on the laptop and the next she is laying on the floor, her panties off and her pussy filled with cum. Peter thought the problem through. He got some paper towels and washed and dried her pussy the best he could. He pulled up her panties, straightened out her clothing and stood her up by the laptop.

Now he opened the laptop, made some minor adjustments and just when he pressed the button on the cube to release the field, in that split moment the laptop sparked with a bang, flash and smoke. Dorothy leaped back gasping and clutching herself. She murmured “oh jeez I think I wet myself” and ran out.

Peter dodged that one, but there have been 20 or so that for one reason or another he had been sloppy with. All in all, he was pleased with his precautions and never had reason to suspect that any of the women were the wiser.

Part Three: From Quagmire to Quandary

“Peter over here” gestured Dr. Coveny.

Peter had been at the lab for just 30 minutes when he saw a visitor come in and talk with Dr. Coveny. Peter gave him a quick glance, but continued looking over the complex equations on the monitor in front of him. Hearing his name he slowly rose from his stool and walked over to the two men.

“Peter, this is Detective Lansing of the police department.” Smiled Dr. Coveny graciously.

“A detective?” Peter raised his right arm slowly, he tried a smile but he was both too confused and scared to pull it off.

“Scott. Scott Lansing, doctor…?” Lansing grasped his hand and shook it giving an open smile.

“No doctor, err... Peter Nahin. I am still working on my thesis, just another graduate student.” He stammered.

“Peter here is too modest; he is one of our brightest physicists here and has even done some work on quantum mechanics, he might be able to help you out.” Dr. Coveny then shook both their hands and left the lab.

Lansing asked Peter if it were possible to stop time. Immediately Peter thought this was trap, that Lansing somehow knew what he was doing to these women.

“Stop time? That’s impossible, that would be stopping the Earth from spinning causing gravity to cease. Why do you ask?” Peter tried to keep the nervousness out from his voice.

“I am just trying to rule out some theories. I read that in quantum mechanics there was the possibility of time travel, so I thought I would come out here and seek an out expert.”

Peter was relieved, he was not a suspect. Yet it bothered him that somehow his activities had attracted the police. He decided the best way to proceed was to befriend detective Lansing and find out just what he knows.

Peter suggested they walk over to a local pub and Lansing readily agreed. Over a couple of beers Peter talked about quantum mechanics and the physicist Igor Dmitriyevich Novikov and the theories of David Deutsch who came up with a proposal for the time evolution equations. Lansing realized this was way over his head. He then opened up a bit about the several cases of mysterious rape.

As Lansing was talking, Peter was shocked to discover just how sloppy he had been. This might have been less than 10% of his activity, but to be sitting across from a police detective, one small slip up, just one look of guilt and he would be the number one suspect…the only suspect.

Peter ended the discussion adding that he would give this problem some considerable thought and that he would call Lansing in the morning.

On the way home it all came rushing on to him, everything he had done for his own amusement, not thinking that these women were affected in some way. That everything he worked for, his years of study could be meaningless if he were arrested and thrown into a dark prison cell.

Walking along the river, Peter took out the cube and held it in his hands. The endless pleasure of endless time had no meaning for him now. He tossed the cube into the river and it was swept downstream.

The cube did not sink.

The cube traveled the winding river ending up two states away until it washed up on a river bed when it was found by 16 year old Eddy Lloyd. But that’s another story.

Part One: The Quandary Qualified

Detective Scott Lansing filled his first cup of coffee of the day and sat in the creaky chair behind his desk. ...

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