Raggedy Andy

I was looking for an anonymous piece of ass and I was hoping that this was the right place for it. It was a Halloween party. Virtually everyone was in costume. There weren't a lot of people wearing masks but there were enough to make my own mask unremarkable. I wanted to be as anonymous as my next fuck. The reason is easy to explain. I was going to rape the lady of my choice.

I don't get frequent urges to rape. At least, not yet. I do have a normal side of life. I'm 19 years old and I attend a local community college. I live with my mother and a 16-year-old sister. My parents are divorced and we never see my father. I even have a regular girlfriend who's a willing sex partner. It's just I like a bit of variety. A little force is kind of exciting to me. It would take a mental health professional to explain so I won't try.

I was checking out prospects when I first saw her or them actually. They were a couple dressed up like Raggedy Ann and Andy. They were both petite. One look told me that Andy was a girl too. They looked kind of young even underneath all the makeup they were wearing. I wondered how they'd gotten into the party. This was supposed to be a college-age crowd. Well, the booze had been flowing for a while now and no one was paying much attention. I wasn't the host so why should I care?

Both Ann and Andy looked pretty good. I wouldn't mind if either one gave me the opportunity to get my rocks off. I had scouted out some locations inside and outside the house that seemed likely spots to take care of business. By necessity, it would have to be a quickie with a fast getaway. I kept my eye on both of them as well as a couple of other prospects.

Andy was the first who presented an opportunity. She wandered out by the swimming pool and into an unlighted area. I followed. I was about to make my move when I saw someone else approaching. I recognized him as Snow White's date. He was dressed like a pirate, Blackbeard I think. Andy and Blackbeard began making out. Shit! Blackbeard had sneaked away from Snow White to be with Raggedy Andy. I hadn't considered Snow White because she seemed to be sticking pretty close to her date. Not closely enough, apparently if he'd been able to talk Andy out behind the bushes with him. Hell! I hadn't even noticed it. Sneaky bastard!
It would serve him right if I now had the opportunity to rape Snow White. Too bad I wasn't dressed like one of the dwarfs. I watched them kissing for a few minutes and then started to leave. I began to wonder if Raggedy Ann was available.

I heard voices being raised behind me and I instinctively hid myself again. Andy came into view striding purposefully back to the house. Apparently Blackbeard had wanted to plunder her goodies a little too quickly for her tastes. Do you realize how ridiculous it looks for anyone dressed like Raggedy Andy to do anything purposefully? Just imagine it!

I was hiding behind a dollhouse. How appropriate! It was actually being used to camouflage pool machinery. As Andy walked by I acted on impulse. I reached a hand over Andy's mouth and another around her waist and dragged her behind the house. I chanced a look toward where Blackbeard would come out. He was probably still behind the bushes silently cursing his luck because I didn't see or hear him as I ducked out of sight with his lost prize.

Andy was doing a good bit of struggling and I wanted to subdue her before Blackbeard walked by. "Quiet!" I whispered. I pinched her nipple to enforce my order. Andy squeaked in pain but I had her mouth well covered. She struggled some more and I pinched the same nipple. There was another muffled squeak of pain but this time Andy stopped struggling. Blackbeard walked by less than a minute later. He was so close I was able to see his face. He didn't appear to be upset. He had taken a chance and lost. He still had Snow White to throw a leg over tonight. Good man! He wouldn't miss Andy at all.

As soon as Blackbeard was safely in the house I went to work. I wanted Andy to realize that she was completely at my mercy. There wasn't anyone else in the back yard. The music was loud inside. A scream wouldn't be heard and I could shut Andy up pretty quickly if she misbehaved. I released my hand from her mouth and she immediately began to whimper. I didn't mind that. I used both hands to feel her up. I couldn't do that for very long. I wasn't sure when Raggedy Ann would come looking for her partner. I didn't want to deal with two girls with a crowd nearby.

I unzipped myself and let my stiff prick out. It seemed to like the cool night air. My prick throbbed with anticipation of its imminent Halloween treat. I put a bit of lubricant on my prick. Quite often my victims are still dry when I penetrate them and the lubricant makes it easier for both of us. Andy started sobbing as I pulled down her pants and panties. She tensed as she felt my prick brush against her bare ass cheeks. "Please don't do this," she begged.

Shit! I'd recognize the voice anywhere. It belonged to my sister, Peggy. What the hell was Peggy doing here? If Peggy was Raggedy Andy, then Raggedy Ann had to be her friend, Liliana. Peggy was supposed to be spending overnight at Liliana's house. They were best buddies.

Apparently, Peggy and Liliana had both gone looking for excitement. Well, Peggy ...

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