raja in england

I am Raja, a guy working in London, happily married for 3 years now. I am an above average guy about 5’10″ and I do know how to satisfy a lady for sure. I am very popular with the ladies because of my sense of humor. Well enough of me coming to the true incident I did my masters in London. I have a friend who studied along with me. We were roomates and he was a very shy guy.

He loved money and never used to spend a penny for anything. When we had finished our masters he went to India and got married and he came back alone.

After arriving here he was looking for a house to rent. Because the rents were very high he decided to rent a 2 bed house so that he can rent out one of the rooms to someone else so as to save some money. Because I was very close to him he asked me to join him in house but I refused politely as I would not be comfortable living with a couple.

One day his wife arrived in London. We picked her up from the airport. She is a real beauty I said to myself when I first say her, of course I had already seen her in their marriage photos but then she was even more beautiful in the jeans and top. To be fair I had no bad intentions at that point as she was my friend’s wife. She is a real beauty for sure.

Very fair lady, about 5’5″ or so in height and beautiful boobs quiet big and her ass is even more beautiful. Well I used to visit them now and then and we used to have a good time i their house and so the time passed. Few months later my friend told me that he could not find his wife any jobs and hence it was getting very difficult for him to manage his finances he request me again to share his house. I agreed and moved in to his house.

I was working night shifts and he used to work normal day shifts. So when I used to come back from work around 8 in the morning he was already gone to work. His wife would usually be awake by the time I was home and we used to have tea and breakfast together. She never used to let me cook or even make coffee or tea. Then I would sit on my laptop for a while and go to bed. She then used to wake me up in the afternoon and we used to have lunch together. Gradually we got very close to each other.

My friend used to do 6 days a week job and usually 12 or more hours per day. We hardly used to get to meet as he was at work when I finish and when he used to finish I was gone. She and I then started going shopping and other paces. When we became closer we stated talking abt families and other stuff she then slowly started to open up and used to tell me about her mother in law being so dominant in their lives.

She said that she was not enjoying the married life as she rarely gets time to spend with the husband. She said he was so tight on money that he never even bought her ice cream which she was very frond of. He never used to take her out. I took pity on the poor lady and decided to help her out. So I used to buy her ice cream some times, cakes and other items. I also made an agreement with her that I will make her tea every day.

We used to share the house hold work together. Time passed by and it was all normal but then I saw she was not her usual self. She started behaving stangely all of a sudden. To be honest we used to very rarely touch each other even if we did it was by accident. One had she called me in to her room and asked me to look at her laptop as it was hanging up a lot.

So I sat on the carpet and started working on the laptop and she got me some coffee. I tried everything for abt an hour or so and finally desided to give up. I told her it is better to format the laptop and hence she will have to save the entire important file in to a hard disk. She said she will do it during the day and will let me know when it’s finished. I was abt to leave but bcos I was sitting for a long time one of my legs got number and I collapsed on the carpet.

She screamed and tred to hold me but could support my weight. She almost hugged me from behind and I did feel her boobs on my back. That was the 1st time I had felt like that abt her. She asked me if I was alrifht and I said abt my let and then we laughed abt it and I went to my room. I sorted her laptop and she thanked me for the help. 3 days later she wanted to clean my room and I told her not to do it but she insisted on doing as I had helped her a lot.

She always used to wear a dupatta over her chududar but tat day she did not have one. When she started to clean the house she had to bend down and the sight was unbelievable. I could almost see half of her boobs, they were hanging out of her dress. And then when she turned back her ass was abt 4 or 5 feet away from where i was sitting and that was a sight to remember. But then I said to myself it was not right as she was my friend’s wife.

But these incidents become more frequent now. One day she wanted to show me some pictures they had taken recently and we were going through the pics when she said u r the only freind I have here so I need to tell u something. I told her not to worry abt anything and talk to me frankly. She said she was very fond of western dresses and the other day when she went for shopping she had put on a dress and took a picture of it in the mirror.

He wanted me to see it tell me how it was so that she could ask my friend to buy it. I saw the pic and oh my god it was a pure western out fit where nearly half of her cleave was visible but not only that it was a short top and her navel was uncovered. What a navel it was huge and very deep. I was stunned and surprised and was just watching at it saying nothing.

She then put her hand on my shoulder and asked how do I look, sorry sorry does the dress suit me. Will my husband like it? Knowing how old fashioned my firend was I thaougt no way is he going to agree to buy it. Then I said but where is the dress, sorry for saying but I can only see the inner garments in the pic. For that she said hey and gave me a slight on the back of my head. I said your husband no way the she said I knew that but wat abt you. Me I dont think it will suit me it looks much better on you.

Then she laughed and said you idiot not on you how do u like it on me? I said I was your husban I will buy it and give it to you even before you ask me. She said well that’s the difference I think. We had a laugh and then had dinner that was it for the day. Two days alter she was showing me her shoping and she told me that she had brought the dress. I was surprised to hear that and asked her did he agree. She said he went absolutelty mad and shouted at me.

That’s why I desided to buy it. She also bought some lingrie as I was going through the shopping she went to get some juice for me. I saw the lingerie and was shocked to see such sexy underwear. She has brought a couple of thongs (underwear with just thin straps and and a little black cloth in the shape of a diamond to cover the pussy. The bra had white furr like material over the outer edges, they were absolutely stunning.

I quickly put them back and was waiting for her to come in. I told her i was feeling sleepy and left the room. It was the 1st time I imagined her and masturbated. Days went by and things these things stared to happen more frequently and I started to think more and more of her and masturbate. Finally the day came when I fucked her. It was a Tuesday and I was sleeping when she woke me up and asked me to have breakfast.

It was a festival on that day so she wished me with a smile and asked me to have a bath so we can pray to god and have breakfast later.

I did so and when we finished offering our prayers to god she told me to wait for a second. Went to the room and brought me a gift and gave it to me and said thanks for being such a good friend for me. She said can I ask you fro something and I told her that since you just called me a good friend so why do you worry, then she said can you pls give me hug.

I was like that’s not a problem, I gave her a hug and she hugged me thightly for about few seconds. When she let me go I saw tears in her eyes I asked wat happend and she said she was missing her parents. I asked her ...

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