Religious education

Religious education

I was 17 when it happened. I went to a grammar school in a neighbouring town. When I came into the class room with the others, our Re teacher Mrs. P. greeted us and asked us to sit down.
I sat next to my best friend in the first row. We both disliked the lessons because they were rather dull. I liked Mrs. P., but her teaching wasn’t very good.

Although she was always exact about everything and tried to help us, if we had any questions, her lessons were very boring. Her writing on the board was ferocious and it was difficult to read, which was annoying. On the other hand this meant that her ass wobbled with every word she wrote. Her ass was really the only reason I visited her lessons.

It was big and wonderfully shaped. Her trousers fitted perfectly and I could see the outline of her pussy when she bent over a little as she reached the bottom of the blackboard. I nearly always had a hard on in Re lessons, imagining fucking Mrs. P. Today my fantasy would come true.

Re was the last lesson, so I didn’t have to hurry. I hung back to ask Mrs. P. about a class test I missed and whether she wanted me to do it, or not. I suppose she was already 40 but she still looked good. It turned out, that she wanted to fuck me more than I did her. I hadn’t even finished my first sentence before she grabbed me and pulled me out of the room and into a side room, where school books are kept. Only teachers are allowed in and they too, only use it very seldom.

She locked the door behind us. My mind on the class test, I had no idea what this was all about.
>> Mrs. P.? What is going on? <<, I asked.
>> Shut up and get undressed! <<
>> What?!! <<
>> I said get undressed <<, she replied with additional force.
I said no, although I wanted to.
>> Oh, don’t be silly. <<, she said and started the action by pulling her sweater over her head and throwing it aside.

She unbuttoned her shirt and told me to do the same. I didn’t hesitate any longer and took my pullover and T-shirt off. As I looked up again I saw her taking her shirt off completely with her back to me. She didn’t have a bra on! She turned around and presented her tits. They were large, but as she was getting older they sagged slightly. Now her teaching methods came out.
>> Suck my nipples! <<, she commanded and I obeyed, wanting to fuck her silly.

I grabbed her breasts and weighed them in my hands. It was great. I massaged her tits and sucked on her nipples. She reached up and opened the bun she had tied her hair into. Her long blond hair fell down over her back. She unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. My rock hard cock was in need of freedom, so she pulled my shorts down, too.

>> Mmmhhhh….I’ve always wanted to do this! <<, she told me and bent down.
>> Me too. << I spluttered as she started licking my cock. She started to stroke it and I groaned in pleasure. Only a few seconds later I was about to cum, but she realised and stopped sucking my cock.
She stood up and bent over, her ass rubbing on my cock.
>> Pull my trousers down! <<
I did. Gripping her trousers at the top I pulled them over her ass. It was such a wonderful sight. Suddenly I came. ...

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