Fbailey story number 255

Revenge Sex

Jennifer was one of my daughter’s closest friends. I had only met her three times before. She had accompanied my daughter to my father-in-law’s funeral services and she was about ready to pop with her third child at the time too. The second time was at my daughter’s wedding when she was a bride’s maid. The third time was when I dropped my wife off at her house for our daughter’s baby shower. Yes at age sixty-one I would become a grandfather for the very first time.

Each time I had seen Jennifer I had fallen in love with her all over again. She could easily become a model for young women’s jeans. She has the perfect body for a twelve-year-old. Although she must be in her thirties as my daughter is and she looks very good. Even after having given birth to three children she has a flat tummy, nice tight ass, and small breasts.

Then one afternoon Jennifer knocked on my door. Of course I let her in immediately and explained to her that my wife was spending the week with our daughter. She already knew that fact and apparently she had come to see me alone.

That was when Jennifer told me that her husband had been cheating on her and that she wanted “Revenge Sex.” Of all the guys that she could, pick she chose me. She explained that she knew that I liked her, that I loved my daughter and my wife, and that I would never tell another living soul what we were about to do. I confirmed what she had just said. Then she got a strange look on her face and asked me if even wanted to have sex with her. Of course I did, I had always wanted to have sex with her, and I would love the opportunity make love to her.

Jennifer told me that she had wanted to let me know how she felt while she was still completely sober but that she needed to have some wine in her before she could actually do “It.”

I smiled and offered her some wine. Jennifer followed me into the kitchen and picked out a pretty big glass to drink wine from. She saw my look and told me that she really wanted to follow through with the Revenge Sex but that she would need to drink that glass full of wine before taking her blouse off and then another full glass of wine before removing her jeans. She admitted to wearing the jeans for my benefit. I thanked her and suggested that her second glass of wine should get her to remove her bra for me and be topless in her jeans as I had so often imagined her. She smiled and almost drank that first glass down without taking a breath. Soon her blouse was off and she looked so adorable in her tiny bra. I smiled when I realized that it was a little girl’s bra and that it had a Disney Princess on it. Jennifer smiled at me and said that she had bought that bra and her matching panties just for me. She confessed to liking Snow White and was hoping that I would be her Prince Charming. Of course I told her that I adored Snow White. At that moment I would have told her anything that she wanted to hear.

That second glass of wine took considerably longer for her to drink down but just as soon as she swallowed that last mouthful she reached back, unhooked her bra, and handed it to me. She said that it was mine to keep if I had someplace special to keep it. I certainly did.

Then I asked her how mad she was at her husband and whether or not she would consider letting me take pictures of her. Well she was very pissed and yes, I could take all of the pictures of her that I wanted too. She had only posed for her husband a few times during their marriage but it had been nude pictures of another woman that had made her realize that he had been cheating on her.

She had met the ‘other woman’ at some of her husband’s company picnics. She was quite large, maybe even fat, and she had huge tits that she constantly showed off. The pictures were of the ‘other woman’ nude, sucking a cock, and with a cock in her cunt. In two of the pictures Jennifer could see her husband’s reflection in a picture frame and in a mirror. There was no doubt in her mind that he was cheating on her. She knew that he had always admired big-breasted women and thanks to my wife and daughter Jennifer knew that I had always admired small-breasted women.

Anyway I went and got my digital camera. I asked Jennifer to put her bra and blouse back on for pictures. She did and she posed in several places for me before taking her blouse off and posing again. Then when she removed her bra for the second time she confessed that her pussy was getting very wet. I told her that I could wait until she finished her third glass of wine and showed me the wet spot in her little girl panties. She liked that idea and took another big gulp.

Jennifer was certainly slowing down. It took quite awhile before she finished that third glass of wine but just as soon as she did she removed her jeans and posed for me. She smiled at me as she leaned back on the couch and opened up her legs so that I could see the wet crotch in her panties. I got closer to her to take some more pictures, to admire the picture of Snow White on her mound, and to smell her wonderful sexual arousal.

She confessed that she could not drink another glass of wine or she would pass out and that she really did not want to pass out on me. When I had taken enough pictures of Jennifer in her panties she removed them and gave them to me. She said that she had brought another set of underwear and another blouse to put on the following day when she went home. The following day! Yes, she knew that she would be too drunk to drive and had her mother take the kids. Besides she had counted on me wanting to make love to her more than once. Good!

I picked Jennifer up in my arms and carried her up to my bedroom. She really was a tiny little thing and weighed less than a hundred pounds. I kissed her as I carried her. Her arms were wrapped around my neck and her hip caressed the bulge in my pants. She smiled as I placed her in the middle of my bed and started to take more pictures of her.

Jennifer got a gleam in her eye and then started to play with her ...

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