Ricardo Responds

Ricardo Responds!

I have had many comments and queries left at the foot of my stories on this site. Of the comments, some have been rude and insulting but for the most part they have been encouraging or even flattering. I read every comment made, maybe not immediately, but I check through all my stories at least once every week or so. I try to respond to most of these comments, and indeed, have developed quite an on-going correspondence with some of my regular readers! I do tend to lose my temper with some of the rude and insulting comments and have, in some cases, written back with some rather vitriolic responses of my own!

I have no objection to criticism; on the contrary, I rather welcome it. If a reader doesn’t like my story he can either go away muttering about how awful/unrealistic/crap it was or he write a comment and tell me. If he chooses the latter course of action then he brings his comment into the public domain and I then have the right and the opportunity to respond and defend my story or accept the critiscism. If this is all conducted in a civilised manner and I can see that the critiscism is justified then I'll probably write back and tell my correspondent so; I may even re-issue the story in an amended version or make sure other stories are treated in the manner suggested. On the other hand, if the reader can see a development or sequel which might be brought into play at a later date, then I should welcome his or her views. If it seems a good idea and fits in with my style, then I’ll certainly use it. I’ll also credit any reader with the suggestion at the head of the story (see ‘Mother’s Girl 2’). If I receive a suggestion which doesn’t fit in with my style then I’ll tell you that as well. One reader is constantly suggesting events which could happen in future stories concerning some of my existing characters. Unfortunately, they are rather too blunt for me, but the guy certainly has a vivid imagination and I’ve suggested he should write the stories himself! I don’t mean this to sound rude. He has the ideas; why give them to someone else?!

At the head of this text, I spoke of comments and queries. By far the most common query has been from readers who would like to write their own stories, who have asked me how to write. It’s this aspect which has prompted me to compose this particular piece. I don’t suppose it is going to do much for my overall ‘score’ or indeed give this piece a starring role in the ‘best ever’ category, but I get so much enjoyment writing these stories (it’s a diversion from the writing I do in ‘my other life’ away from this site) that I would like to encourage others to ‘have a go!’

How do you start? Well, in general fiction, that might be difficult, but on this site, the content is already broadly defined for you isn’t it? You must have an interest in the subject because that’s why you are surfing here anyway! You feel the need to write erotic fiction and there’s probably one particular category that interests you more than others, so you start with that. In my case, I’ve always been turned on by Corporal Punishment (CP) so that’s what my early stories were all about. I have a very broad and erotic imagination and so ideas have never been a problem, but I’ll make a confession here which may be of use to you………….

CP readership is dedicated but limited. One day, I decided to research the site to see what the subject matter was for those stories which seem to really take off and so I read all those which were approaching, at the time, the 100,000 readership mark. I discovered that they were what I should categorise as ‘on the edge’ themes, and the most common of these seemed to be ‘incest’. I am more broadminded than most but a lot of those ‘edge’ themes are too much for me. I’d feel uneasy writing about such subjects and I decided to leave them well alone, but although the practice of incest is a crime, I for one, have felt turned on by close female members of my family from my teen years upwards as I suspect have most members of the human race! Surely it’s better to get it out of your system through fantasy? After all, our womenfolk are sexually mature members of our own species and as such are available as the objects of active male (or ...

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