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The next day I woke up with Harvey laying next to me Harvey looks so cute when he is asleep so I laid there and watched him sleep for about 10 minutes. Harvey did'nt even have to open his eyes to say "Baby your watching me sleep that's kinda weird" I laughed and said "Why is that weird. Your my hustband" so Harvey opened his eyes and said "What are you doing to day gorgous?" I said "I was thinking we could have a lazy day" Harvey looked at me and said "Don't you have things to do? you always have things to do" "Yes of course I have things to do. For 1 I have are dry cleaning to pick up, 2 I have a wax appointment at 3PM, 3 I have to go see my parents at 5 and 4 I've arranged to have coffee with Carla" "Wow babe you have a busy day like usual" I laughed and said "Don't I always but I was thinking I could spend the hole morning with my prince charming" Harvey got out of bed and said "Get up then and you can make me breakfast but I think im going to help you shower first" and he laughed after saying that.

So me and Harvey walked into the bathroom I smiled and said "O by the way my boxers look nice on you" Harvey walked upto me and said "Want me to take them off?" I laughed and said "Well you would be a little over dressed for the shower if you kept them on" So me and Harvey had a shower and got dressed. I went into the kitchen and made some French toast and put a on try of fresh fruit on the table when Harvey came into the kitchen he said "Baby you know I love you don't you" I smiled at Harvey and said "Yes I do know. Why are you asking that?" Harvey walked upto me and said "I'm just telling you that because I haven't really had the time to show you it" "AWWW baby come give me a kiss" So me and Harvey kissed and we had some breakfast and we went and watched one of my favourt films (Pearl Harbour) half way though the film there was a knock on the apartment door so Harvey went and answered it.

When Harvey came back into the living room he was not alone he was with my friend from China . I was still watching the film when I said to harvey "Who was at the door babe?" "I was at the door Leon" so I turned around to see Nila stood next to harvey. I got up from my seat and gave her a hug and and said "Hēi Nǐ zài zhèlǐ zuò shénme" ((hey what are you doing here)) "Me and my family are here on holiday and we have come to say hello to the Spencers" so we sat down and catched up and I opened the pressent she had brought me and then Nila said "Who is this" pointing to Harvey I said "that's my hustband Harvey" ...

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