Romancing Daddy

Danielle Conti had been looking forward to this summer for a long time. As long as she could remember she'd wanted to learn the language of her ancestors and see the country that her family had left a few generations earlier. Now she was 18, a high school graduate and heading off to college in September. Her parents had finally decided that it was time for her to go.

It had been a stressful spring. Danielle's parents had decided to divorce after 18 years' marriage when it turned out that Danielle's dad wasn't her biological father. Danielle still felt guilty about it.

She'd had a routine blood test and when she brought the paperwork home to show her parents, her dad exploded in a rage as she couldn't possibly be his daughter with that blood group. Her mother had broken down and said that she'd had an affair with a boy in after the summer when they got engaged and Danielle was his daughter.

Daddy had been missing from her life these last few months. He took her younger brothers and moved out. He'd showed up at her graduation, but the closeness that had existed between them when they still thought he was her biological dad had been replaced by a weird tension.

It was a relief to come to Italy. Even though she wasn't biologically related to the Conti family, her mother had some Italian blood in her, and she'd told Danielle that her biological father also had Italian ancestors.

She'd been here for three weeks now and she was starting to feel at home. She'd known very little Italian when she arrived, but she was already starting to feel more confident. She could order her food and ask for directions now, and shopping in the market had become second nature.

By the time her 8 weeks were up she'd be well prepared for Italian studies at college. But first she was hoping to learn some more. She'd been flirting with an Italian bartender for two weeks. He was the perfect Italian stallion. She knew that he wanted her and she wanted a sexy guy like him to liberate her from her virginity.

Nick Conti walked down the familiar streets of Rome. His parents had emigrated from here before he was born, but frequent visits as a child, and biannual business trips as an adult meant that this was like home to him. He'd never taken his family here. Out of his children it was only Danielle who'd shown any interest in coming here, and his wife had been completely opposed to any overseas travel. The fat cow was so lazy she wouldn't consider any travel that didn't involve packing the whole house into a mobile home and then park it at some lake where the kids could play and she could continue watching TV.

Thinking about his ex-wife still made him mad. He'd proposed to her so that she'd part her legs for him, then she'd passed some other guy's bastard child onto him for 18 years. He loved Danielle with all his heart, but her conception had been the start of 18 years of hell for him and now it had turned out that he needn't have gone through it.

He was still very bitter and he realised that he'd taken it out on his poor little girl. That was why he'd timed this trip to coincide with her language course. He needed to meet with her in a neutral place and talk things through. They had to decide where to go from here. He couldn't stand the thought of not being part of her life anymore.

It was funny how the mind worked. Danielle looked nothing like him or his ex-wife, but he'd always attributed her vibrantly red hair and seductively feminine curves to the genes passed down from his very own grandmother, who by all accounts had been a real beauty in her day. Maybe subconsciously he'd always known that Danielle wasn't his daughter. He thought about all the mistresses he'd had through the years and the majority of them had been very similar to Danielle. Now that she wasn't his daughter anymore, he'd let his fantasies drive him wild.

He'd almost reached Danielle's school when hoards of students started coming out through the doors. He soon saw a group of pretty young girls, half of whom he'd gladly fuck right then and there if they'd let him, and in the middle was his own Danielle.

"Dani!" he called out and was pleased to see a smile on her face.

"Daddy!" she exclaimed and ran up to hug him.

"I couldn't come to Rome and not show my favourite girl a good time," he joked with her.

"I'm so happy you're here," she smiled back, and they both knew the depth of that statement. "Let me introduce you to my friends. This is Elke, Anja, Dorthe, Francine and Bridget."

After he introduced himself to Danielle's friends he asked them to excuse him for ruining their weekend plans as he wanted to spend some time with his daughter. The girls had planned on going out to the beach and Danielle told them to go without her.

"I have a suite at the hotel," he said to Danielle. "Why don't you pack a weekend bag and you can stay with me."

Back at her student accommodation Danielle was ecstatic. Daddy had come to see her and the awkwardness that existed between them back home, with mother present, was all gone. They were going to be alright. She smiled to herself when she remembered how the other girls had looked at daddy. He sure was good looking. At 38 his hair was still jet black and his chin looked as though it had been chiselled out of stone. There was not an ounce of fat on his 6 foot body, but plenty of muscles, a testament to his strict nutritional regime and hours in the pool and at the gym. It had always been a mystery to her how her sloppy, fat mother had caught someone like him and now she knew.

She packed some of her nicest outfits as she was sure that daddy was going to take her to some fancy restaurants. She was a little concerned about not having a nightgown. She slept in the nude and had only brought a sexy babydoll nightie with her in case she managed to be seduced by some Italian stallion. The thought of daddy seeing her in that outfit made her pussy tingle in an unfamiliar way.

Later that afternoon Danielle and her dad walked past all the famous landmarks in Rome. Danielle could see the looks in the eyes of the girls and women who saw them and she knew that they were jealous of her being with such a handsome man.

Nick wanted to kill all the young men who were eying up Danielle. Any one of them would willingly take her to bed if she'd let them. He let his own eyes wander across her body. She sure was hot. She was wearing a white dress that was held up with two straps that were tied across her shoulders. He wondered if the dress would simply fall on the floor if he pulled them. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath it, and for the first time he realised just how big her tits were. They must be at least c-cups, but young and pert. He felt an ache in his groin.

Daddy treated her to some wine with dinner and, not being used to alcohol, Danielle was feeling a bit tipsy as they walked back to the hotel. As he closed the door behind them daddy smiled at her.

"You're so beautiful tonight, Dani," he smiled and brushed his lips across her.

"You make me feel beautiful," replied Danielle.

"There's something I've been wanting to do all afternoon," he continued and caressed her arm.

"What's that?"

"This." Nick pulled the straps of Danielle's dress and it fell soundlessly to the ground. He took in the sight of her body. She'd obviously been doing some topless sunbathing since she arrived in Italy. Her firm, young tits were crowned by dark and erect nipples. He caressed a nipple with his thumb as his gaze went lower, past her bellybutton, and the ring that his ex-wife had opposed, but that he'd let her get anyway. It was sexy as hell. She was wearing minimal undies. He wondered what type of hair was under the material. He hated the really bushy ones, but Danielle wasn't bushy. He could see the outline of her pussy lips.

"Do you like what you see, daddy?" Danielle asked, turned on by the feeling of daddy's hand on her tit.

"I'd like it even more if you were completely naked, baby."

Danielle smiled at her dad. She'd been getting increasingly intimate with boys lately, but she'd never felt this safe with any of them. It felt good to strip for daddy. She pulled off her last garment and revealed a neatly trimmed strip of red hair above her pussy. Daddy's hand moved down her stomach and came to a rest on her silky bush.

"You're so pretty, Dani," he smiled. "Many times more than I ever dared fantasise."

"You fantasised about me, daddy?" she asked incredulously.

"All the time, baby," he smiled. "All the time. But I couldn't let myself do anything while you were still my daughter."

"Aren't I your baby girl anymore?" Danielle sobbed.

"Oh yes, you are. And I'll always be your daddy. But I wanted to fuck you, and if I fucked you you could get pregnant. And that would be far too risky."

"And now?"

"I still want to fuck you. And now there's nothing to be afraid of. How about it, baby? Do you want to feel your old man's fuck meat?"

"Show it to me, daddy," Danielle smiled nervously, not knowing what lay ahead, but feeling hornier by the minute.

He kicked off his shoes and then pulled off his pants and shorts. The sight of the sexy, naked girl in front of him had already made his cock semi-erect. Danielle gasped at the size of him.

"You're so big, daddy," she said in shock when she measured him to be at least 7 inches in her head.

"And my cock will feel really good in your tight little cunt. Are you still a virgin, sweetie?" He deliberately withheld the fact that his cock, fully erect, was 9 inches and a lot thicker than this.

"I've never fucked," she admitted. "But I've sucked guys and held their cocks and none of them were as big as yours."

"That's because they're boys. I'm a man. And I'm glad that I'm going to be your first. You should learn to fuck from a real man. Now, come with me, honey, and show me how you suck cock."

He led her over to the sofas next to the balcony. He threw off his t-shirt so that he was naked, showing a chest of fine, dark curls that went all the way to wear his shaft stood proud from his hips. He sat down and parted his legs, motioning for Danielle to sit between them. She did as she was instructed and sucked his cock straight into her mouth.

Her youthful enthusiasm made up for her lack of technique. She had plenty of time to learn. Her head started bopping up and down as she tried to suck him deeper and deeper. Her tongue moves all over his shaft, showing that she was a natural cock tease. He grabbed hold of her head and forced it down on him, making her take him in her throat. She nearly panicked and he could feel her throat contracting around him. It was a glorious feeling. He soon let go again and smiled as he saw his daughter's red face and swollen lips.

"You're wonderful, baby. You'll soon learn to enjoy deep throating. Now lie down next to me with one leg on the floor and your other leg on the back of the sofa. I'm thirsty and I know where to get a tasty drink."

Danielle did as she was instructed and when her legs parted he could see her pussy lips separating, opening her wet, pink folds like a rose covered in morning dew. He wished he'd had a camera there. There was something special about this invitation, offered only once in a lifetime by a virgin. He looked down at the tight brown hole of her ass and wondered if she'd ever let him take that too. But first things first.

He dove in, his five o'clock shadow against Danielle's soft and wet pussy. He could hear her gasping for breath as his lips found her clit and closed around it, letting him flick it with his tongue. He sucked it for a long time and just as he thought that Danielle might get an orgasm he let go. Her hole was dripping by now. Slowly he licked up all the escaped juices from her crack and then he entered her virgin fuck hole with his tongue. She tasted so good. Her pussy juices were delicious. He drank them like a man who hadn't had a drink for months.

Then he started tongue fucking her. With his nose against her clit, his finger teasing her asshole, he started shoving his long tongue in and out of her sweet cunt. Then he felt her legs locking around his neck, quickly followed by a surprised yell from his daughter as her body gave in to her first all-consuming orgasm.

"Oh yes, daddy!" she cried out as he kept circling his tongue in her cunt.

He moved up and kissed her deeply, letting her taste herself on him. "Did you like that, princess?"

"I loved it, daddy."

"What do we do now, then?"

"Can we fuck?"

"I want to hear you say it."

"Fuck me, daddy."

"Say it again, baby."

"Fuck me, daddy! Fuck your virgin daughter!"

He smiled at her. She wanted him as badly as he wanted her. His cock was now fully erect and gasping for the warm, wet hole before him. No need for lube, she was wet enough already. He placed his hands on either side of her head and lowered himself enough for his big, fat cock to be resting against Danielle's wide open slit. It looked so beautiful. His pulsating cock with its dark veins against her pink folds. He rocked his hips slightly, covering his shaft with Danielle's sweet juices. She was so horny for him. He'd already felt how tight she was and he couldn't wait to feel her walls cramp up around his fuck meat.

"Look at us, Dani," he commanded his daughter who had a dazed look on her face. "Look at your daddy's fat cock on your pussy."

"Yes, daddy," she looked in awe, slightly intimidated by the size of him.

"Soon I'm going to impale you with my shaft. I'm going to own your tight little virgin cunt."

"I know, daddy."

"I'm going to release all my cum inside you, fill you with my cream. You're going to be daddy's little cum bucket."

Danielle smiled at him with devotion in her eyes.

"Place your legs over my shoulder's baby, I'm going to go deep!"

Danielle did as told and he nearly came right then from the wonderful feeling of his cock being slightly squeezed between her soft thighs. He moved his hips back a little and then started lowering himself into her wet hole. Danielle gasped as his fat cock head split her tight hole apart.

"Daddy," she panted, "I'm not big enough, it's not going to work."

"Just relax, honey. Your cunt has been made to take a big cock. You will enjoy it."

Danielle relaxed a little. Immediately daddy pushed a little bit more of himself inside her. Her cunt was pulsating around his shaft. Daddy pushed her legs ...

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