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horny fox

Carissa is a freshman in college at SMU when I met her. Carissa is a twenty two year old freshman who had grown up in Texas. Carissa needed a job for spending money and for college tution in the fall, so she came to Dallas for an interview for the sales internship job. She seen me as she left the conference room, I stopped her and introduced myself to her. Carissa was surprised I was very polite, smooth and sophisticated. I said, " Carissa, please join me for a private lunch." Carissa laughed and said, " Yes sir!" With that, I took her in my arms and gave her a long passionate kiss. Carissa had her arms around me and our kiss is a open-mouthed French kiss. Carissa gasped stunned by my action. She tried to pull away, I held her arm. " Carissa, you want the intern job...then you will join me for lunch now." I said in a low voice. We went to my office and private suite on the top floor of the building.
" There you go, that's better, you're safe now I've got you " I said " Its very tricky to walk on slick floors with high heels and a tight skirt but you'll be alright now." She is worried about exposing herself so indecently it was scary as she climbed the stairs. She is acutely aware that her panties would be exposed, the gusset is stretched tight across her crotch and the outline of her open pussy would be all too clear. If she was groped in this position she is helpless to stop it and it needn't even stop at a quick goose. She certainly didn't want that and decided to change her mind and get down again. " Thank you, I need to leave." she said. " I think it would be better if I
waited for another time," and she tried to release my hand but I held her tight.

" Oh no, you can't turn down lunch with me...I've gone to a lot of trouble...You will enjoy lunch and you don't want to disappoint me." Standing behind her, I can see her short skirt had worked up around her waist. She's showing off the beautiful long legs with stockings, a suspender belt and tight white panties. She's a real sight for sore eyes.
Climbing up the stairs her legs are wide apart so she's putting on a show Carissa is a classy young woman with so much to show. Carissa has never done this before, she's showing everything. I can see the outline of her pussy
through her panties with some dark bush around it. I do believe there are a few curly hairs peeking at the edge of the elastic. Carissa is a sexy twenty two year old woman, so vulnerable and inviting. Her creamy soft flesh
between her stockings and her panties is beautiful. " I can't wait to get my hand up there to stroke your pussy and
then get into your panties. You're in a very awkward position Carissa, with your skirt riding up to show all
your panties and your legs wide apart like that. You are inviting a long slow grope; you're such a lovely sight I can watch all day. But it's a very vulnerable and dangerous position for you. Most men couldn't resist giving you a good feel. Lucky it's me and not some other guys or you would be in trouble. Any normal man would be tempted to take advantage of this need some help to get yourself out of trouble."

Panic swept over her with my words. Why had she been so foolish to get into this situation? If she hadn't been so desperate for the internship. " I'll be alright," she said as casually as possible." I can get lunch later on my own thank you. Just please may I leave." " Oh no I couldn't let you do that. I need to get to know you if your going to an intern here." Carissa is reluctant to stand with her legs wide apart so I can see the outline of her ass open wide and inviting. She is wearing my favorite lingerie, stockings and white panties. There's a beautiful strip of delicate soft white skin between the top of her stockings begging to be stroked and the leg of her panties and the gusset is stretched so wide I can see the outline of her pussy. I can even see the dark outline of a lovely hairy patch just visible through them. Those lovely little hollows on the inside of the top of a woman's legs. I've always found them irresistible. It's the way her panties leg elastic stretches across leaving a little gap at the center of the hollow that just invites a finger to slide up there to explore. I just can't resist a quick feel. I bet she responds like a goer. " Don't you dare touch me, just leave me alone!!" she screeched but to her horror she feels her skirt being
pushed further up and my hand grip the inside of her thigh just above the knee. It then begins to slide slowly upwards, scratchily up the inside of her nylon clad thigh and then onto the smooth flesh above her stockings. My hand stopped awhile and gently caressed her inner thigh.

She looks like a model in classy clothes and wearing such a posh perfume. I'm almost ashamed to grope her. Her skin
looks silky white, smooth and untouched -well it used to be and it's like a babies butt. " Oh no, stop it, leave me alone." My hand suddenly shot up to grip her firmly between her legs and then start to gently stroke along the gusset of her panties. Her white panties are so good to touch. There is a few wisps of hair creeping past the elastic leg of her panties as I press lightly I feel my fingers sliding up into that little crease. I'm sure she has never been touched there before, she is to tense and just needs a good long slow feel to get her in the mood. " Stop pretending that you have not been groped before." I said. I'm sure many guys must have tried and a few probably have gotten there. " Stop that at once, leave me alone, I'm not like that." "All women love it, you just need to be properly
handled. If you don't know what its like yet then you've not met the right sort of boyfriends-I find that hard to believe at your age and with your looks you're just made for it. You must attract men like honey and have their hands creeping up your skirt every day. I can't believe you've kept them all out, even if you were that good someone must have forced you to do it by now. If you have been done before then you know what a good time you're going to have. If you've really missed out before then you're in luck now."

" You're going know what its like to be a real woman when I've finished with you. Stand by for the thrill of
your life and if I am the first then lucky for me." Then I resumed my groping between her legs. In spite of herself and her terror of being molested like this she feels a shiver of response or fear. " Don't you dare touch me like that, I'll call the police!" " Your not calling the police." " Your just begging for a fuck." I can't resist getting my hand up there like this it's so warm, soft and moist. " Your ass is so wet, you must have been thinking of that boyfriend. Or expecting me; a real man that's what you need. I bet you really love it when you're touched up."
I'm caressing that lovely hollow now and can easily slip my fingers under the elastic and then -- wow -- I've got the crown jewels, her pussy is so soft and warm and moist and inviting," as I suddenly slide my fingers up under the elastic. Carissa screams and tries to squeeze her legs together to deny me access but with her legs spread her pussy lips are wide open. After stroking her pussy lips awhile and caressing that little hard bud, which shocked and dismayed her by sending an intense quiver of pleasure or fear deep inside her. Suddenly I thrust two fingers deep into her -producing a gasp of shock and then a loud scream. She just can't believe this is happening to her.
" Leave me alone, stop it you're disgusting!!" she wailed. " Oh Dear God, he's got his fingers in me and he won't stop." But it made no difference and she realized she is in desperate trouble and her worst nightmare is about to
come true.

I push my fingers deeper into her, working my fingers steadily, insistently and then pulling my face into the back of her buttocks, licking at the sensitive skin near her panties. The back of the hand with its fingers working in her pushing her panties aside then I suddenly bent forward, spun round to face her and pushed my head between her legs. I slipped my fingers out of her and gripped her buttocks with both hands, sliding one up her panties to squeeze the
compliant flesh. I nuzzled my face into her crotch and groaned. I ran my tongue along the join of her groin and then
up her pussy lips homing in on her firm little button. Immediately it swelled in response and begins to produce
little convulsions in her groin and belly. To her horror she feels the wetness of her vagina and I recognized the signal and the way my fingers are being gripped, I chuckled knowingly and triumphantly, I work my finger tips expertly, searching for her sensitive G-spot. My practiced expertise soon located it and is rewarded with a squirm and a gasp as I found it. She screams wildly at me, " D-don't you dare molest me anymore. The police will arrest you," as she wriggled and tried to kick out but her position is hopeless. I held her leg firmly in space and
wrapped my other arm around her thigh while curving my hand to grip her crotch and keep my fingers thrusting deep into her. I had pulled my face into her soft crotch to trap her more tightly and nibble at her flesh through her panties. " Don't fight it babe just relax and you'll get the thrill- you are going to get fucked anyway so you might
as well enjoy it. It will be harder and hurt more if you resist though I'll enjoy it as much. Nothing in this world can stop me having you now, not you."

" You just wait until you feel my prick deep in you and hard against your womb, My balls will be slapping your ass and you feel the hot spunk spurt up into your womb. You'll love it. They all do. The ones that say they don't want it are the best. And the posh snooty ones the best of all. I have yet to meet a woman I couldn't make cum and cum some more." " Oh Dear God!" she wailed as my fingers work away in her and probe her most intimate areas in a way she had never allowed anyone ever to do before. Not even her favorite boyfriends had got this far although she had often been sorely tempted as they kissed and petted her and tried to get their hands under her bra or pushed them up her skirt.
She had a very passionate temperament and her body had often demanded she should relax and fulfill her destiny as a woman but she had been brought up to keep herself for her future husband had always kept herself and her
boyfriends under strict control. " I knew you were going to be a hot one," I said as I feel the moistness starting to become a slippery flood and feel my fingers being gripped and pulled deeper into her, She's really ready for it whatever she says. It's your moment to become a real woman sweetheart and my good fortune to do it. I twisted my hand so as to force the gusset of her panties further aside and then leaned forward and ran my tongue around her pussy lips. " Aaah she smells and tastes like nectar, I can't resist it," I said and then moved on to run my tongue lightly around the very tip of her clit. I ran my tongue over it again gently, circled round it and suddenly gripped it gently between my teeth and sucked at it.

Her button swelled and hardened and spasms of intense pleasure speared up inside her and rhythmic convulsions
rippled up her vagina, squeezing and tugging on my fingers. She had never known such intense feelings. In
spite of herself she cannot prevent her breath quickening and started to pant interrupted by little moans. " Stop it, stop it leave me alone" she objected but the stimulation went on inexorably and her stomach and vaginal muscles begin to convulse rhythmically. Her face flushed and she begins to pant and mew while trying to gasp " NO." I responded to
her obvious excitement by gripping her hair and leaning down to kiss her, slobbering and drooling and thrusting
my tongue down her throat until she choked. I forced her onto her back, I force both knees apart and dropped my weight on top of her keeping her knees apart with mine. " This is the position I like," I said. I raised myself on my knees and she feels me fumble at my belt to release it and heard the noise of my zipper undoing. I wriggled to get my trousers to my knees, pulling her skirt up and out of the way and then settled heavily on her. I breathed a huge sigh of satisfaction and she screams feeling the warm hard flesh of my cock pressing on her sensitive skin at the top of her thighs next to the leg elastic of her panties. " You must stop!!" she shrieked in panic. " I'm still a virgin, I've never been a slut, I believe in keeping myself for marriage."

" That's difficult to believe these days, a looker like you. Still I'm counting on it now, it's one hundred
times as good if so and we will soon find out if it's true. My cock is desperate to get up inside you." To her rising panic and horror she realized that she has been fooled. She cannot stop me and that I'm to strong for her to dislodge. She feels my cock pushing hard against her panties and thrusting her lips aside even through the thin
cloth. She realized that cannot protect her for long. I move my hand from her breast forcing it down
between our bodies and pulling aside the obstruction of her bunched skirt. I slip my fingers under the top of her panties and down across the smooth flesh of her stomach. My hand paused to savor the deep satisfaction of this position spreading my fingers to massage her belly before continuing slowly to meander through the downy tangle
of soft hair around her cunt. " I just love this moment when I've got her helpless and can handle the goods and take my time to think about what I've got coming. I used to love it when a girlfriend let me get this far and I suddenly realized I was in luck but I was fooled a few times by a last minute no before I realized that they were too late to
save themselves when I insisted. Then I discovered it's so much better when you have them when they don't want

After ...

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