Saturday Job - Part 2

Tommy’s Mother had dragged him into town to buy him some shoes. Tommy hated shopping and the shoes bought Tommy was hanging around outside when Kaye Appleby came along. She saw him before he saw her.

“Hi Tom, how are you?”

Tommy was in an instant panic. After he’d forced himself on her he’d sat at home for a week expecting the police to come and arrest him. He hadn’t been back to her house since.

“I’m fine.” He managed.

“Good, good. Can I expect to see you soon to finish off that pear tree?”

Tommy was in a blind panic now. “I er..”

His mother appeared. “Hello Kaye, how are you?”

“I’m fine thanks how are you?”

“Well thanks.”

“Good. Do you think I could borrow your son today? I’ve got a little job that needs finishing.”

“Sure take him, he does nothing but play on his computer all day anyway.”

Kaye Appleby offered her keys to Tommy, “You can wait in my car if you want, I’ll only be 10 minutes.

In her car Tommy waited with some trepidation. He didn’t know what to think; he turned on the radio and tried not to worry.

Kaye Appleby sank into the driver’s seat. “You comfy?” Without waiting for a reply she started the car and they headed back to her house.

They drove in silence but as they got off the freeway Kaye asked Tommy a question. “How come you haven’t been around?”

It struck Tommy that she might have been too drunk to have remembered him fucking her. “I’ve been busy.”

“Oh. I thought you might have been worried about what happened?”

Tommy’s head spun. He said nothing.

“I hope you haven’t told anyone Tom, we could get in a lot of trouble. You haven’t have you?”

No, no I… I haven’t.”


At her house Kaye got out of the car. “We need to get that tree out today. Go get the tools and I’ll get changed.”

Half an hour later Kaye Appleby reappeared in tee-shirt and shorts carrying two glasses. “How’s it going?”

She could see that Tommy was avoiding her gaze. “Hey, we are still friends aren’t we?”

“Yeah of course we are, of course we are.”

“Do you like my new tee-shirt?” Kaye teased him. Tommy blushed. “Relax, “ she laughed, “you’re safe enough in the garden.”

Together they worked for hours digging and cutting roots, rocking the trunk back and forth loosening the trunk. It was hard work and Tommy was impressed with her effort and determination. She knew some good swear words too. When they did eventually pull the trunk over they were both exhausted.

Kaye wiped the sweat from her face, “I think we both deserve a drink.”

Tommy followed Kaye inside with his hard-on getting harder ...

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